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the chosen empress episode 60 & 61

???? THE
( Heart Full Of Love… )


By, Summer Gold R.


Even Adelaide was shocked the moment Lucian’s li-ps touched her own,is he really doing this right in front of everyone??

She didn’t get a chance to ki-ss him back before he broke it,he obviously did it intentionally. Adelaide could see the shock on the maids faces including the guards behind the king,only Carl isn’t shocked like others.

King Lucian faced the maids and they immediately focused their gazes on the ground

“The next time I get a report about you all gossiping,especially about the King’s woman. Prepare to leave this palace” He said

They all [email protected] and went on their knees immediately

“No your majesty,please have mercy on us” They all said at once

“Apologize to her,not me. Right now” King Lucian ordered

The maids turned to Adelaide while still on their knees

“Please forgive us”

Adelaide turned to Lucian and he smiled at her before she faced the maids again.

“It’s okay,you can get back to work and be mindful of your words” She said

“We are sorry”

Adelaide turned back to Lucian and he grabbed her hand,they started walking and the guards followed them.

“Commander,is she really the king’s woman? Seriously I think the king have such great eyes,she’s so beautiful” A guard said beside Carl,smiling while staring at Adelaide.

He was still smiling when he made to look at Carl only to find Carl glaring at him dangerously

He immediately moved away from Carl

“Do you gossip too? You want me to cut off your tongue?” Carl asked

“I’m sorry commander” The guard muttered

Carl scoffed and ignored him totally

The guards all stopped when they got to the king’s chamber,King Lucian and Adelaide went in.

Adelaide immediately hug-ged him

“Thank you” she muttered

Lucian wrapped his arms around her

“You don’t have to let them say those words to you,,I don’t really like soft people” Lucian said and Adelaide broke the hug

“You don’t like a drunkard,you don’t like soft people,what else?” Adelaide asked

“I don’t like it when you tie your hair” he said staring at Adelaide’s ponytail

“Oh,I had to do that while checking out my dress” she said and immediately removed hair band

“Let’s say that’s all for now” King Lucian said

“What about spiders?” Adelaide grinned teasingly and Lucian raised his brows

“It’s not right using the king’s weakness on him” He said and Adelaide laughed

“You should have seen the way you ran…..”

“I don’t like it when you tease me” King Lucian immediately said and Adelaide laughed more

“Fine I won’t do it again” She said and started walking toward the bedroom

“It’s a spider right beside you!!!” She suddenly screamed and Lucian ran after her

They both ended up laughing out loud

“That was so fun to watch,should I do it more often?” Adelaide asked

“That’s not funny Ella,you shouldn’t treat a king this way” King Lucian said

“No,I won’t do it again. I promise” Adelaide muttered

“But….are you done? I thought you’re going to be busy all day” Adelaide said

“I was in a meeting,but it’s over and I’m going to take a rest all day” Lucian said

“With me” Adelaide pouted

“What will I get in return?” King Lucian asked

“What do you want?” Adelaide asked

Lucian got on the bed and tap his right side,Adelaide smiled and immediately joined him. She rest her head on his chest while his hand enwrapped her waist

“Can I ask for something?” Adelaide asked

“Of course,anything for you” Lucian replied

“The maids……”

“Why? You want me to change them?” King Lucian cut in and Adelaide nodded

“I don’t want anyone from the palace” she muttered

“Don’t worry, Maggie will take care of that” King Lucian said and Adelaide smiled

“Thank you my king” she muttered



Adelaide was in her suite,she have been here all day watching as the maids arranged everywhere neatly and this time everything is finally done.

Her closet was filled up without different clothes that she wondered how they were able to get everything in such a short time,she turned to the cosmetics table and sat down in front of the mirror. She’s only waiting for the new Maids that will be introduced to her,the court lady got them for her like the king promised and she was hoping they aren’t the same as the palace maids.

She stared at her image in the mirror and smiled,she checked the time

“Where are they? I have just less than one hour” She mumbled and bite her li-ps

The ball will be starting by nine and the guests are arriving already.

Just then,there came a voice at the door.

“Come in” Adelaide replied and the door opened

Five girls entered,they are already in the maids uniform but it’s obvious they are the new maids

“Good evening my lady” they all chorused at a time and Adelaide looked at them one after the other

“Good evening” She finally smiled

The court lady also entered

“My lady,you said you wanted three,I got five so please choose three out of them” Lady Maggie said and Adelaide turned her face back to the girls

They all look so beautiful and young that she was confused on who to choose,but finally she choose three as expected.

The other two left with the court lady

“Thank you for choosing us my lady” The first girl who seems to love talking a lot said with a bow

“Please introduce yourselves” Adelaide said

“I’m Ava” The first girl said,smiling

“Mia my lady” The second girl also bowed with a smile

“I’m Gemma,it’s nice meeting you my lady” The third girl who look younger than the other two said in her tiny voice. She seems like the quiet type

“I’m Adelaide” Adelaide said

“We know you my lady,you’re the king’s woman and it’s our duty to serve you. You have all my sincerity my lady” Ava said

“Me too my lady” Mia also said

“I promise to do everything you want” Gemma said

Adelaide nodded

“I’m running late” She mumbled,turning back to the mirror

“We will get you ready in a short minute” Ava immediately said and they moved closer

“I will do the make up and hair” Ava said

“I was planning to do that” Mia said

“But I said it first” Ava glared

“I don’t think it’s necessary to fight” Adelaide spoke up and Mia moved away from Ava

“Wow,my lady you have such a long hair. I wish my hair is as long” Ava said

“Thank you” Adelaide muttered



Princess Lisa kept welcoming the guests as they came in while the Royal Steward announces their arrivals

most guests are couples as expected.

Lisa was looking like a princess she is,so beautiful and breathtaking

Amara and her sisters came in

“Girls!!” Lisa waved at them immediately

“Oh my God,princess!” Yasmin and Lucia ran to her and Yasmin hug-ged her first before Lucia

“Thanks for coming” Lisa said as she also hug-ged Amara

“It’s such an honor to be here,you look so mad beautiful Lisa” Yasmin said

The minsters daughters are the only ones who aren’t royalties among the guests

“Oh,thank you. You also look beautiful” Lisa smiled

Yasmin and Lucia walked away,Lisa smiled at Amara who was looking around

“I’m sure the prince is still In his room,would you like to go there?” She asked

“Really? Can I?” Amara asked

Lisa immediately called a guard

“Take her to prince Liam’s room” She said

“Yes princess” The guard bowed and immediately led the way while Amara followed

“Such a good planner you are Lisa” She chuckled

“Lisa!!” She heard a loud scream again and she turned to see two princesses like herself too

“You came!!!” Lisa also screamed and immediately ran to them

She kept on greeting everyone calling her,they all seems to enjoy her company so much

She was still there when she saw queen Sofia coming in with prince Arthur,He’s the crown prince of a capital and as far as Lisa is concerned,her brother and Arthur never get along so why would the queen invite him?

“This is not good” She mumbled and immediately walked over to them

“Mother” She called and Arthur looked at her

“You’ve really grown to become a beautiful young lady” Arthur said with a smile which Lisa hates so much

“We need to talk mother” Lisa said and ignored Arthur completely before walking away

“She’s still a brat” Arthur scoffed when queen Sofia followed Lisa.

His guards led him to a table

“I can’t wait to see my long time enemy” Arthur chuckled as he sat down


“Mother,what is that person doing here? We both know brother won’t like it” Lisa said

“I didn’t invite her Lisa…. ”

“What do you mean? It was you who s£nt all the invitations” Lisa said

“I only invited the king,but he allowed Arthur repres£nt him because he wouldn’t make it. I wasn’t even informed until now that I’m seeing him” Queen Sofia said

“Darn it” Lisa cursed and bite her li-ps

“You don’t have to worry Lisa,I trust my son won’t even look at him” Queen Sofia a-ssured.

Soon,the event started. The hall was filled up this time around and a dancer was already performing on the stage,everyone was having fun.

The Steward announced the arrival of Prince Liam who came in with Amara while holding hands

All eyes were on them until they were taken to their table

*THE KING IS HERE WITH HIS LADY * The steward announced and immediately everyone got on their feet

Arthur was the last to get up,it was like a forceful one

King Lucian appeared with Adelaide beside him,she was looking like a total queen with the way she was dressed so beautifully.

Heads bowed,eyes followed them

Adelaide could feel her heart beat increasing,she still haven’t gotten used to the situation and it’s really weird right now that everyone will be aware about her relationship with the king

She sighed out loudly beside King Lucian as they walked and suddenly felt him holding her hand,she didn’t look at him but she let out a short smile and that calmed her down a little.

“She’s so beautiful” Lisa said,smiling as the king and Adelaide finally sat down

“She’s really going to become the future queen?” Lucia asked still looking confused

“Of course” Lisa smiled

Yasmin said no word as she sipped from her liquor

Matilda also came in and every eyes also followed her,of course,she’s everyone’s favorite.

Lisa’s glare followed Matilda who kept smiling as everyone was calling her name,she was dressed so beautifully too

She saw King Lucian and Adelaide together and she smiled before going to join other kings mistresses

“Hey Matilda,seems the king is getting a queen soon” One of them said

“Yes,obviously” Matilda smiled,taking a drink

“You don’t look bothered” Another one said

“Of course I’m not,why would I be bothered?” Matilda chuckled as she kept stealing glances from the king and Adelaide

Sitting beside the king wasn’t as easy as she had thought,she have to respond to countless of greetings from the princes and princess even kings who come to pay homage to king Lucian

Everyone of them giving her different looks,some were so happy to know her,some with no expression while others totally ignored her,especially the princesses,she could have sworn they are part of the girls who want Lucian with the way they look at her but she didn’t care,at least the king choose her and not them.

The bright mood went on and on for such a long time until Arthur came,Adelaide watched as Lucian’s mood changed immediately Arthur stood in front of him with a crazy smile

“What are you doing here?” King Lucian asked in a calm voice

“What do you mean? It’s a royal ball” Arthur smiled co-ckily before looking at Adelaide

“You really know how to get beautiful ladies” Arthur said

“Hi” he said,stretching his hand for a shake but Lucian hold Adelaide’s hand

“Go and sit down peacefully Arthur,don’t let us cause silly scene” King Lucian said

“Of course your majesty” Arthur smiled at Adelaide again before walking away

“Who is he? By what I’m seeing,you two are not good” Adelaide said

“Just stay away from him” King Lucian replied and she nodded

But that didn’t end there,Arthur continue giving her some weird looks that she started making sure their eyes never met

Adelaide sighed when she checked the time,she remembered what the third deity had said to her some minutes ago.


Even though she still wondered why but she will never disobey anything the deities said

“My lady” A maid came to her offering a drink

“Thank you” Adelaide said and took it

She sipped from it


Garam stopped in front of Nadia and she smiled

“So,Did you get to add the powder?” Garam asked

“Of course trust me and I gave it to someone else to deliver” Nadia replied with an evil smile



Eleanor walked into her room and walked to the closet,she took the bag Jimmy gave her. She took the dress from it and was surprised to find shoes and some jewelries too

“Seriously?” She chuckled and immediately put everything back in

She thought for a while thinking of
who to meet first,Kai or Jimmy


“I will meet Jimmy first” She muttered and immediately walked out of the room


Inside the hall,Adelaide was dancing with the king just as everyone else was dancing with their partners.

Kai and Jimmy are not in,,Crazily,Lisa and Carl danced together without any interruption. Everyone focused on their partners.

Adelaide suddenly got herself

‘I need to get out of here’ She said inwardly and dropped her hands from the king’s neck

“Are you okay?” King Lucian asked

“No….I need to go” Adelaide said and King Lucian looked at her in confusion

“I mean,I have to do something. I will be back my king,please let me go,please” She pleaded and immediately hurried out of the hall without waiting for the king’s response

“Why is she pleading to leave?” King Lucian wondered and almost followed her but Matilda came at that time

“May I have a dance at least?” She smiled and King Lucian faced her

She moved closer immediately and hold him

“Not now Matilda” King Lucian said and walked out of the hall

Matilda stood there folding her fist angrily as she stared at him leaving


Adelaide left the hall and started walking toward the alley where she’s supposed to meet the third deity as planned.

All of a sudden,Arthur appeared in front of her stopping her

Adelaide looked at him with a confused look

“You finally came out,I’ve been waiting for a chance” he smiled wistfully

Adelaide ignored him and made to leave but he grabbed her hand and pulled her against the wall causing a light [email protected] from her

“What are you doing? You don’t want to get into trouble with the king” Adelaide said as he brou-ght his head close

“Seriously,you think I’m scared of him?” Arthur chuckled

“Get your hands off her” King Lucian’s voice came from the back and Adelaide looked up to see him glaring at Arthur angrily

Arthur chuckled and released Adelaide

“Don’t be selfish man,you can’t have such beauty all alone” He said

‘I need to see the deity’ Adelaide said in her head

King Lucian scoffed

“Don’t make another mistake by touching her” He said

Arthur gave him a daring look and made to walk back to Adelaide

Carl removed his sword without thinking twice and place the sharp tip on Arthur’s throat

“You shouldn’t die young,you’re the crown prince remember?” Carl smirked at him and Arthur glared

Adelaide was beginning to feel some strange pains in her tummy,she held her stomach and gave a painful gro-an

Lucian turned to her immediately

“Adelaide” he called and moved closer to her quickly

Carl also turned and dropped his sword from Arthur’s neck

“Adelaide,are you okay?” King Lucian asked as he grabbed her

Adelaide shook her head in pain,she spew out blood and Lucian’s eyes wide-ned

“Adelaide!!!” He called out as she fell unconscious on his arms


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