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the chosen empress episode 58 & 59

???? THE
( Heart Full Of Love… )


By, Summer Gold R.



The third deity(deity of destruction) entered the house and met the second deity(the preserver) holding a bottle in her hand

“Sister” The third deity called

“Yes?” The second deity replied without looking up

“Is that the wine from seu leaves?” The third deity asked,staring at the bottle

“You’re right”

“I think I just found out what you’ve been preparing it for” The third deity said and moved closer

The second deity looked up

“Ubel is using a maid’s body in the palace called Garam,she just gave a poison portion to one of the maids who detest Adelaide,she lied to them about the portion being a beauty destroyer,but it’s actually a dark poison. She’s planning to kill the chos£n” The third deity explained

“That’s why she must not attend the ball” The second deity said

“You know that’s not possible,she have to attend the ball. The king will be announcing her as his woman during the ball” The third deity said

“And that’s why I made this” The second deity raised the bottle in her hand

“The poison will be given to her but once she drinks this,she won’t get hurt” The second deity said

“No,we shouldn’t wait until she drinks that,,I’m going to prevent her from drinking it” The third deity said

“That’s if it can be prevented sister,if you prevent that from happening,Ubel will surely look for another way…..”

“Then I will destroy Ubel,this might be the last help we would render to the chos£n,we have other people to protect too. So before we leave her,let’s protect her at all cost” The third deity said and the second deity nodded



Four men pushing a big cart filled with numbers of liquor pots stopped in front of the palace.

“The liquor is here!! Please open the gate!!” One of them called out loudly

In a second,the gate was opened and the court lady appeared with two maids behind her.

“Why are you coming by this time?” She asked

“We are sorry my lady,we have to make it special” One of them said with a bow

“Are you sure the liquor is distilled?” Court lady Maggie asked

“Very well my lady,you can have a taste” The man handed over a bottle from his bag

“No need,you can bring them in” Lady Maggie said and turned back immediately

“Let’s go in” The man said to the other three and they started pushing the cart into the palace



Matilda stared at her face in the mirror and she fold her fist angrily,thank goodness for Diana,the bruises aren’t that obvious anymore and they will be covered fully tomorrow with makeup during the ball.

“I swear,I will make sure you regret everything Adelaide. Enjoy while it last,I’m going to make sure you cry in bitterness. Just wait and see” she mumbled

She stopped when she heard the door

“Who?” She asked

The door opened and Esmeralda came in

“What are you doing here?” Matilda snapped even before Esmeralda could talk

She have been angry with her ever since the incident with Adelaide.

“My lady” Esmeralda fell on her knees

“Get out!!! I don’t need you again,get lost!!” Matilda yelled angrily and Esmeralda broke into tears

“I’m going to die without you my lady,can you just believe me?? I don’t even know what came over me my lady,I wanted to kill her so badly for doing that to you,I wanted to….”

“But you didn’t!! I was disgraced by that witch,you’re just useless Esmeralda,get lost. I will get someone to replace you” Matilda says

“My lady please,just one more chance,please let me prove my loyalty to you,please” Esmeralda cried while holding Matilda’s leg

Matilda roll her eyes and started adding the oil given to her by Diana to her face

Esmeralda kept on crying while holding unto her

“If you want to prove your loyalty,then look for a way to get rid of Adelaide,that’s the only way” Matilda said and Esmeralda immediately looked up

“You can count on me my lady,I will do it,anything for you” She said and immediately wiped her tears

“Them good,I will be waiting to take you back” Matilda said and stood up

“Thank you my lady,trust me on this” Esmeralda said

“You can go” Matilda ordered and she immediately went out

Matilda let out an evil smile



“So,you mean my brother didn’t scold you?” Lisa asked with a grin as she bite a huge portion of meat into her mouth,she sounds somehow drunk

“No he didn’t,I mean,why would he? I’m his woman” Adelaide also said drunkenly and they all laughed

“Cheers” Eleanor raised her cup and they clinked their cups together before gulping the liquor down

Lisa poured another cup for them

“I’m seriously……going crazy” Lisa laughed meaninglessly

Adelaide chuckled and lic-ks her f!ng£rs before biting from the meat too

“My own….my own problem… huge” Eleanor said and touched her chest,her two eyes closed like a living dead

“Is it….Kai….Or….Jimmy?” She asked and laughed

“Of course it’s Kai” Adelaide said and hit Eleanor’s shoulder [email protected]

“That….hurts” Eleanor mumbled,rubbing her shoulder in a slow motion

“How…..can you…choose Jimmy over Kai??…” Adelaide scoffed,gulping down the liquor again

“Seriously…..Jimmy’s head… quite big” Lisa said and they all laughed

“I…thought I’m the only one who noticed…..his head is …..really big” Eleanor said

“Carl’s…..head is big too” Lisa laughed

“I’m just getting it…..Lucian’s head……is the biggest!!” Adelaide said loudly and they laughed loudly before clinking their cups together and then gulp everything down again

Carl and Jimmy were outside,listening to everything.

Jimmy touched his head

“Is my head big?” He faced Carl but Carl was also busy checking his head out

He faced Jimmy

“This is weird…My head is not big” Carl said and Jimmy laughed

“But the King’s head……”

Carl removed his sword from the sheath before Jimmy could finish

“Calm down dude,the King’s woman said it with her own mouth” Jimmy said and they both burst into laughter.

“She’s dead for calling my head big” Carl suddenly said and Jimmy chuckled

“Punish her in the [email protected] way” he smirked and Carl shot him a glare

“Stop glaring at me okay? I’m leaving soon,you should be nice toward me” Jimmy scoffed

“You’re only going back to where you belong,you’re not dying” Carl also scoffed.



“You really went to George’s house?” King Lucian asked

“I don’t have a choice” Liam said

“Wow….” Lucian clapped

“What,are you mocking me?” Liam frowned

“Mock? I envy you so much” Lucian said

“You didn’t tell me you’ve finally made your maid your woman” Liam grinned

“That’s because you went to your in law house and I couldn’t find you” Lucian scoffed and Liam chuckled

“Seriously? Finally my wish” He sighed out

“Your wish? How come that’s your wish?” Lucian raised his brows

Liam immediately stood up

“I’m going to sleep” He faked a yawn

“Hey,complete what you started” Lucian also stood up

“Goodnight” Liam smiled and immediately left

“Is he serious right now” Lucian let out a light laughter but was interrupted by Carl who came in with Adelaide in his arms

“Why are you carrying her?” King Lucian immediately asked

“I’m sorry your majesty but she’s totally wasted” Carl replied and adjusted Adelaide in his arms

“Stop adjusting her in your arms!” King Lucian yelled

“I’m sorry” Carl muttered

Lucian scoffed and moved closer

“I will take her in…..” Carl stopped when the king shot him a glare

King Lucian took Adelaide from him

“You can go” He said

“Goodnight your majesty” Carl bowed and went out

Lucian turned his face to Adelaide who was sleeping soundly

“You should stop drinking,I don’t like it” He muttered and started walking into the bedroom

He entered and dropped Adelaide on the bed

He covered her up with the duvet before walking into the bathroom



Adelaide opened her eyes and stretched her arms tiredly

‘How did I get here last night?’ She thought and brushed her hair to the back with her f!ng£rs

Just then,the door opened and King Lucian entered,he was dressed up and seems he’s going out

Their eyes met but he choose to ignore her,surprising Adelaide

“My King” She called when he tried going out again and Lucian faced her

“Are you angry with me?” She asked

“Do you remember how you end up here?” Lucian asked and Adelaide shook her head

“I thought I told you I don’t want you getting drunk again” King Lucian said and Adelaide bite her li-ps

“You can’t keep on doing anything you want,especially being drunk. You’ve got people watching you,I’m not going to make a drunkard the future queen…”

“I’m sorry” Adelaide immediately said

“I’m sure you will do it again,what’s the excess of apologizing?” King Lucian scoffed and went out

Adelaide gro-aned and fell on her back before letting out a loud sigh

‘But….he just said he can’t make a drunkard the queen….does that mean he really want me to become the queen like the deity said??’ Adelaide asked herself and a double excitement hit her,forgetting the fact that she just got scolded

She started laughing while hitting her legs on the bed

“My lady,the royal stylist is here” She heard a voice from outside and she sat up immediately

She’s supposed to be trying out her ball dress,the ball is finally tomorrow night.

“I will be there” She answered and walked into the bathroom.


“Wow,you really look beautiful” the stylist said as Adelaide stood in front of the mirror

It’s a red dress which touched the ground,the upper part was looking se-xier,laces was used at the back showing some little skin. It look totally hot on her

“I love it” Adelaide smiled

“Of course you would” The stylist smiled

Finally Adelaide took the dress off again

All of a sudden,the door opened and they both turned to see queen Sofia.

“My queen” The stylist immediately bowed,Adelaide’s heart started beating fast.

“You can excuse us” Queen Sofia said to the stylist who walked out immediately

“Good morning your highness” Adelaide bowed and to her surprise,Queen Sofia smiled at her.

“A hug would do” She said,shocking Adelaide more but she didn’t Waste time before running into the queen’s arms

Queen Sofia smiled,patting her back slowly until they dis£ngaged.

“I see the king choose the best suite for you” Queen Sofia said,looking around and Adelaide took her bottom li-p in

Queen Sofia faced her

“You don’t have to be confused,not like I have a choice than to accept whatever the king wants” She said

“You will really accept me?” Adelaide asked

“Of course,as long as my son is happy” Queen Sofia replied and a smile escape Adelaide’s li-ps

“Thank you queen mother” She bowed

“Just call me mother from now on” Queen Sofia said and Adelaide [email protected]

“I can?” She asked and the queen nodded

“Thank you mother,it’s my first time calling anyone mother” Adelaide muttered

Queen Sofia smiled

“Then use this opportunity well” She said

Adelaide smiled

“I will mother” She said,hugging the queen again

“I should go” Queen Sofia turned toward the door

“I will walk you back to your suite,mother” Adelaide said

“Then let’s go” Queen Sofia replied and they both left the suite together


Adelaide was on her way back from the queen’s suite,she was so overjoyed. Now seems her problem is slowly coming to an end.

She was still walking when she started hearing murmurs among the maids

???? Do you guys really believe the king will ever stoop so low to make someone like her his woman?

???? She will not become the queen tho

???? She must be feeling on top of the world now

???? I will never believe until I see them with my own eyes

???? I’ve never seen a maid becoming a queen,Hers won’t be different

Adelaide bite her bottom li-p [email protected],she couldn’t deny the fact that those words got her. The maids aren’t hiding it either,they knew she could hear them but they kept saying hurtful words

She didn’t know when a tear dropped from her eyes,she looked down and wiped the drop off.

She made to walk again but her head hit someone’s chest and immediately the maids became silent, she looked up only to find the king standing in front of her,Carl and some guards behind her.

“My king….”

“My name” King Lucian cut her off

“Lucian” Adelaide called lowly

Lucian pulled her closer to himself immediately and slammed his li-ps on her own right there.

Everyone [email protected] out in shock


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