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the chosen empress episode 56 & 57

???? THE
( Heart Full Of Love… )


By, Summer Gold R.

★HER nau-ghty SIDE★


Queen Sofia was already sitting when the Shaman entered

“Good day my queen,I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it here yesterday” She apologized with a bow

“It’s fine,take a seat” Queen Sofia smiled and the shaman sat down

“I’m confused,that’s why I called for you” She said

“What is it my queen?? I feel some great energy when I entered the palace” The shaman smiled

“Really??” Queen Sofia asked

“Yes my queen,so greater than the last time I came here. I won’t be surprised if the king finally made a move on the chos£n One” The shaman smiled again and the queen was shocked

“What is it my queen? You’re disturbed” The shaman asked

“Actually…..recently the king told me he’s in love with a lady” She said

“Then that’s great news my queen”

“So…you mean she’s the future queen you were talking about?” Queen Sofia asked

“It’s obvious my queen,The deity really choose the right one”

Queen Sofia was speechless and shocked



Lisa and Carl’s laughter filled the air as they both threw Pillows at each other

Carl threw two at a time

“Hey,that’s cheating! You cheated!” Lisa shouted and moved closer to him,she tried hitting him but Carl grabbed her hand and she fell on the bed

Carl got on top and pressed his li-ps on her own softly,Lisa smiled

“Another one” She muttered and Carl pecked her again

“More more,don’t stop” She said

Carl ki-ssed her again,she immediately hold his face and de-epened the ki-ss.

“I love you” he muttered after the ki-ss

“I love you more” Lisa smiled

They were still in that position when they heard the knock on the door,they both turned at the same time

“Lisa?” They heard queen Sofia’s voice and their eyes wide-ned

Carl immediately got down from the bed and Lisa stood up too

“What do we do?” Carl asked

“Don’t say a word” Lisa whispers and grabbed his hand,she left the bedroom and walked into the dressing room.

“Stay here,she won’t come here” Lisa whispers and Carl nodded

Lisa closed the door immediately and rushed back


Lisa opened the door pretending to be sleepy

“Mother….what are you doing here? I was taking a nap” She faked a yawn

“Oh sorry” Queen Sofia smiled and dismissed her maids who tried coming in with her

She entered and Lisa closed the door again

They both sat down

“Why are you here?” Lisa asked

“That girl…..Adelaide. She’s your friend right?” Queen Sofia asked and Lisa nodded

“I want to know everything about her” she said and Lisa smiled

“Really mother? Are you finally interested?” She asked

“Tell me about her background” Queen Sofia said and Lisa thought for a while

“I really don’t know about her family,but I don’t think she have parents. I once met her step sisters and they seems like bad people….I don’t know more than that” Lisa answered

“That’s bad” Queen Sofia said

“You can s£nd Guan to find out about them,but if you wanna know how Adelaide is then I will tell you she’s just too sweet” Lisa smiled

The queen kept asking questions and finally she left,Lisa immediately locked the door again and ran into the dressing room.

“Carl” She called and Carl hug-ged her tightly

“I’m sorry” Lisa said

“I’m fine,trust me” Carl said and broke the hug

“I need to go” he said

Lisa nodded gently and in a minute,Carl was out of the suite

Lisa fell tiredly on the bed and sighed out.



“Amara?” The Minister,George called as he spoke with his daughters but Amara only kept quiet while sighing every second.

Amara looked up

“Yes father?” She muttered

“Are you okay? You’ve been quiet” Their mother,Amber said

“Oh,she’s probably thinking about her prince charming” Yasmin grinned and Amara shot her a glare

“Wow,And who is that? Is my daughter finally getting a man?” Amber asked ,smiling

“Don’t mind her mother” Amara said

“Hey sister,don’t pretend. Yasmin and I know what is wrong with you” Lucia scoffed

“So,who is he?” George asked looking interested

“He’s…..” Lucia wanted to say something but a guard came in,interrupting the moment.

“My Lord” He bowed and The minister looked up

“You have a visitor” The guard said

“Who?” George asked

“It’s a strange man,I don’t know him”

“Let him in” The minister said

The guard bowed and went out

“Who do you think it is?” Amber asked

“No idea”

“We will excuse you father” Yasmin said and got up,pulling Lucia with her

They were about leaving when the guard came in with Liam and Jimmy

Lucia and Yasmin [email protected] with wide eyes,Amara was also shocked.

“Your highness” George called and immediately stood up

“Wow,father recognize him” Yasmin muttered as they watched their father bowing for Liam

Liam and Amara’s eyes met and she immediately looked away nervously

“Wow,it’s such a great honour to have you here your highness” Amber said with a beautiful smile

Liam smiled and made to bow but George stopped him

“No you can’t do that,please take a seat” He said

“Thank you” Liam said and sat down while Jimmy stood.

“Get the maid to serve the prince something……..”

“No,I’m fine” Liam immediately said

“Your highness,you can’t come here without eating something” Amber said

“No,I’m really fine” Liam declined again

“How about wine? That’s not food” Lucia immediately said and Yasmin nodded like a sheep beside her

“I will take that then” Liam smiled

Lucia and Yasmin immediately rushed out

Amara also left and Liam’s eyes followed her

“Hey sis,why did you leave?” Lucia asked behind her

“He’s here to see father not me,why should I stay there?” Amara asked

“What if he’s here to ask for your hand in marriage?” Yasmin asked and Amara’s eyes wide-ned

“Are you crazy? Why would he do that? I’m not even his girlfriend yet” Amara said

“Gosh,you’re too Naive to be the first child” Lucia said behind the maid carrying the wine

Amara and Yasmin exchanged glances

“Let’s eavesdrop” Yasmin whispers and Amara nodded

They placed their ears on the wall and lucky for them,they can hear them perfectly.

After the maid served Liam,Lucia also joined them to eavesdrop.


“Your highness,I wonder why you are here” George said

“I’m here for something important” Liam replied and Jimmy chuckled inwardly but kept a straight face still

“What is it your highness? Just tell me whatever you want and it’s yours” The Minister said

“Really?” Liam asked immediately

“Yes your highness,anything” Amber said

There was silence for a second before Liam spoke up

“I’m in love with your daughter” He broke the shell

George and Amber’s eyes went wide,the three sisters eavesdropping [email protected] and immediately covered their mouth to listen more

“You’re in love with one of my daughters?” Amber asked again and Liam nodded

“Which one of them?” George asked

“Amara” Liam replied

They kept quiet looking so shocked

“I really love her a lot” Liam said

“But,do you know her?” Amber asked and Liam nodded

Amber immediately turned to the maid behind them

“Get Amara”

“Yes my lady”


The girls immediately rushed into Amara’s room.

Yasmin started arranging Amara’s hair while Lucia rub a little bit of li-pstick on her li-ps

“Is this necessary? I’m not getting married” Amara muttered

“Stay still” Lucia snapped

They heard a knock on the door

“All done” Yasmin said and they pulled Amara up toward the door

They opened the door

“My lady……”

“She’s on her way” Yasmin cut the maid off as they pulled Amara out of the room.

They left her when she was about going into the living room

“Amara” Amber called with a smile when she showed up

Amara looked at Liam and he gave her a smile

“Yes mother” She said

“You didn’t tell me the prince charming you were talking about was the crown prince” Amber said and Amara bite her li-ps feeling embarra-ssed

“He’s here for you” George said with a smile too


“Do you love surprising people this way?” Amara asked as she walked out with Liam

“My surprises are always amazing” Liam chuckled and held her hand

“I couldn’t stop myself,I was scared you won’t talk to me again,so I had to do this. I’m really in love with you Amara” He said and Amara hug-ged him

“I love you too” she muttered with a smile

“You’re attending the ball right?” Liam asked after they broke the hug

Amara nodded

“You said you will be leaving after the ball,so you’re going to leave me all alone?” She muttered sadly

“I wish I can stay with you,but I can’t. I need to go” Liam said

“I’m going to miss you” Amara said

Liam held her face and placed a ki-ss on her li-ps,she smiled and also pressed her li-ps on his own. Liam de-epened the ki-ss and they both ki-ssed hungrily

Finally,Liam left and Amara returned to her room with red cheeks

“Ahhhh!!!! Sister!!! You’re such a good ki-sser!!!” Lucia screamed and Amara’s eyes grew wide

“Don’t tell me…..”

“We saw everything!!! Gosh sister I thought you are naive but you just proved me wrong,like what the…..” Yasmin gro-aned

“Get out,you two get out” Amara started pushing them out

“Sister please teach me how to ki-ss,,my prince charming is coming soon too” Yasmin said stubbornly

Amara succeeded in pushing them out and lock the door

She fell on her bed and sighed happily,she touched her li-ps when she remember the ki-ss.

She continue smiling and blus-hing



“Now what do we do? That witch will become a queen and I am sure she wouldn’t spare us” Melita said

“How did it even happen? Why would the king fall for her?” Nadia scoffed

“Because she’s pretty” Garam joined them and they looked up

“You promised to destroy her beauty but you haven’t done anything yet,can we even trust you? She’s going to become the queen” Melita said

Garam smirked and brou-ght out a small bottle from nowhere and placed it on Nadia’s palm

“What is this?” Nadia asked and Melita also checked it out

“Add it to her drink on the ball night,give her one hour and her beauty will be gone” Garam smiled

“Wow,really?” Nadia asked immediately and Garam nodded

“But,what if we get caught? She will know the maids who serve her” Melita said

“Oh come on,you don’t have to be the one to serve her. All you have to do is add it in her drink,another maid can be the server” Garam said

“You’re right….trust me on this” Nadia smiled

“I’m sure the king will chase her out once she becomes an ugly duck” Melita said and they laughed

“I can’t wait for the ball,it’s going to be a long night” Garam said inwardly and smirked



“Your majesty” Court lady Maggie came in with Carl and Lucian looked up

“Who are the maids in charge of giving out food to the widows?” King Lucian asked

“Oh……is there a problem your majesty?” Court lady asked

“An old woman came here just minutes ago crying that she have been starving for more than a week Maggie” King Lucian said and the court lady opened her mouth but couldn’t say a word

“You don’t have anything to say?” The king asked

“Your majesty,I’m very sure I always order the maids to do things right…..”

“Just give the work to someone else Maggie if they are not capable of working,what are they doing in the palace. Just withdraw them from the post and put more capable ones,the next time something like this happens,I will replace you too” King Lucian said angrily and Maggie immediately bowed

“I’m so sorry your majesty,it will never happen again I promise,please forgive me” She apologized

“Go and get the maids to do it right away before the day is over” King Lucian said

“Yes your majesty,right away” She bowed again and immediately went out.

“You don’t have to worry your majesty,she will do it” Carl said when he saw Lucian’s worried look

“Your majesty,Lady Matilda is here” They heard a guard from outside and Carl looked at Lucian who nodded

“Let her in” Carl spoke up

Almost immediately,The door opened and Matilda entered.

Carl almost laughed out when he saw her swollen face but he immediately moved behind the shelves

“Matilda?” Lucian called, looking shocked and confused to see Matilda’s disfigured face

Her face was so swollen and it’s [email protected] to even recognize her right now,Her li-ps also are swollen too and there are numbers of bruises all over her face

“What happened to your face?” King Lucian asked

“This is the work of Adelaide!!! That witch did this to me!!” Matilda shouted

“Adelaide??” Lucian asked looking shocked

“You won’t believe me? I said that girl is a witch!! She fuc-k ing destroyed my face!!” Matilda said in tears

“I’m sure she won’t do this without a reason,what happened exactly?” King Lucian asked calmly

“Seriously? My king nothing happened,I didn’t even hit her.I’m going to kill her!!” Matilda shouted and stormed out of the office angrily

Carl burst into laughter as soon as Matilda left and Lucian faced him

“Are you laughing?” He asked

“That was funny your majesty,gosh lady Adelaide is interesting” Carl said with a chuckle

“Call Adelaide” King Lucian said

“Yes your majesty” Carl bowed and walked out of the office

Minutes later,Adelaide entered, looking meek and innocent like a pure dove

“My King” She smiled and went to hug him

Lucian hug-ged her back tightly,he ki-ssed her neck and placed her on the table

“I saw Matilda’s face,what did you do to her?” Lucian asked gently

Adelaide gave him her innocent look and bite her bottom li-p

“Did she hurt you?” Lucian asked again

“She wanted to slap me and I lost my patience” Adelaide mumbled like a child being scolded

“So she didn’t get to slap you…but you did all that to her face? Why?” King Lucian asked

“Because I’m still angry about her ki-ssing you” Adelaide replied

“I already promised you that it’s never going to happen again,you don’t have to do that to her” Lucian said

“So are you angry with me now?” Adelaide asked with a cute pout

“Of course not” Lucian said and she smiled

She wrapped her arms around his neck and ki-ssed him de-eply which he immediately responded to.

Adelaide broke the ki-ss after a while

“Is the door locked?” She asked

“Don’t worry,nobody will come in without my order” King Lucian said and Adelaide smiled naughtily

She ki-ssed him again

“I want you” She whispers and Lucian looked at her

“Right here?” He asked and she nodded immediately

“Don’t worry,I will bring down my voice” She said

Lucian smiled and immediately slammed his li-ps on her already we-t li-ps

She quickly ki-ssed him back in a more crazy pace,their li-ps and tongues crashing against each other

Lucian immediately let loose of her zipper and pulled it down from her chest,they are still ki-ssing crazily,his hand cupped her bre-ast .

She mo-an-ed into his mouth longingly,he kept on cuddling her b**bs in his hand until he broke the ki-ss and finally captured the anxious n**ples waiting for him in his mouth

“Ahh…..hmm” Adelaide mo-an-ed silently and shut her eyes as the sweetness over shadowed her

He kept on su-cking her scrumptiously as if it was gonna produce a delicious milk,

“fuc-k Lucian…s**k me har-der ” Adelaide gro-aned

She was so fuc-k ing high in euphoria

Lucian’s hand sli-pped under her dress and messaged her drippily we-t p**sy

Adelaide [email protected] and shifted as his f!ng£rs found it’s way into her

Lucian immediately shoved two f!ng£rs inside her at the same time

“Oh yes” Adelaide mo-an-ed out

Lucian stopped s**king her and smashed his li-ps against her own

He started thru-sting the f!ng£rs in and out of her,her p**sy juice making some we-t and £r0ti¢ sounds each time he drives inside her

Adelaide kept moving on the table while mo-aning into Lucian’s mouth

Lucian suddenly added another f!ng£r and pushed them in more dee-per

“Ahh!” Adelaide broke the ki-ss

Lucian twisted his f!ng£rs inside her

She became wild and transported to the seventh heaven without a warning

“fuc-k ! fast-er Lucian, forget your f!ng£rs inside me!!” She screamed


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