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the chosen empress episode 54 & 55

???? THE
( Heart Full Of Love… )


By, Summer Gold R.


Matilda’s mo-ans made Lucian come back to his s£nse,he broke the ki-ss and his eyes wide-ned as if he was shocked.

“fuc-k ” he mumbled and immediately got off from her body

Matilda sat up on the bed looking confused about the sudden change

“My king…”

“Get out Matilda” Lucian snapped,cutting her off immediately


“Don’t make me repeat myself” He cut her off again

Matilda bite her li-ps and got down from the bed staring at Lucian who had guilt on his face as if he did something wrong,she knew it’s all because of Adelaide and her jealousy grew even wider.

Lucian rou-ghhis hair before facing her again

“What are you still waiting for? Leave and don’t ever come here without my permission,okay?” He said

Matilda stormed out of the room angrily,she returned to the lounge and grabbed her robe which was still lying on the floor

She haven’t put it on when the door opened and Adelaide came in,immediately the smile on her face disappeared when she saw Matilda. It grew worse when she saw what she was putting on,she could see her nak*dness right under the nightie.

Adelaide’s throat became dry as she kept staring at Matilda who finally let out a smirk

“You took so long” She muttered

Lucian also came into the Lounge unknowingly,he stopped immediately he saw Adelaide who turned to him to see him shirtless,her eyes wide-ned even more.

She bat her lashes to prevent her tears as she turned to go back

“Adelaide….” Lucian grabbed her hand

Matilda roll her eyes and put on her robe before walking out.

“Adelaide” King Lucian called again,holding her face trying to make her look at him but she kept avoiding his face

“Look at me please….” He said in a pleading tone

Adelaide looked up and tears rolled down her eyes

Lucian felt a [email protected] sting in his heart the moment he saw her tears

“I’m sorry…but believe me nothing happened. For a second I was out of my mind but I was able to control it.. Can you at least believe that?? Please” He said,wiping her tears

Adelaide’s tears kept falling without her saying a word


“Don’t call me that” she finally muttered

“I’m sorry,forgive me” King Lucian said

“You mean nothing really happened?” Adelaide asked and he nodded

She stared at his swollen li-ps due to the ki-ss and moved away from his embrace

“But you allowed her to ki-ss you??” She asked and Lucian sighed

“I’m sorry…..”

“You don’t have to be sorry,aren’t you the king? You’re free to do anything you want,I’m not in any position to question you…..”

“You can question me,you can scold me I don’t mind,but just forgive me this last time” King Lucian said

Adelaide wiped her tears

“I came back…..because…..I couldn’t sleep……I kept thinking about you. I had to leave Lisa when I couldn’t take it anymore….I regret coming back. You are here having fun when I was thinking about you. It really hurts” She broke into tears again

Lucian moved closer and tried touching her but she moved backward,wiping her tears

King Lucian hug-ged her forcefully even though she was struggling to get away from him

“I’m so sorry,it won’t happen again,I promise” he said and they stayed in that position for a while before he broke it

“My goddess,I’m sorry” he muttered,staring into Adelaide’s sad eyes

She sniffed and nodded slowly

He immediately tried ki-ssing her but Adelaide turned her face and he ki-ssed her cheek instead

Adelaide stared at his swollen li-ps once more before walking in,he followed her. Adelaide was already on the bed so he joined her and wrapped his arms around her from the back

Adelaide stood still,she remembered Matilda’s transparent nightie and she sighed sadly. She probably came here to sed-uce him and it’s kinda [email protected] to resist that,but she still wished Lucian had controlled himself more,she couldn’t get over the fact that they ki-ssed so [email protected] to the extent of him getting a red swollen li-ps.

She wanted to come here hoping to have some moments of make out with him,but he already did with someone else. She couldn’t even understand why she get more hurt each time she think about it. She sniffed secretly as she began tearing up again,the smirk she got from Matilda made it even worse.

‘What if she keep on seducing him? What if they have s-ex and she get pregnant again??’

Different silly thoughts kept ringing in her head before she eventually slept off.



Matilda was sitting down in front of the dressing mirror,she couldn’t stop thinking about the ki-ss she shared with the king and each time she remember,she would smile

She touched her li-ps while staring at herself in the mirror and her cheeks turned red

“Finally” she mumbled

“He’s so delicious,I want to do it again” She mumbled and bite her li-ps

“But then,why did he suddenly stop” She sighed but when she remembered Adelaide’s face she burst into laughter

“I’m sure she would cry,she can’t escape it” She said to herself and continue laughing.

“Oh Lucian” she mo-an-ed and run her f!ng£rs throu-ghher hair

“I’m going to remember this for such a long time,best moment of my life” She smiled and lic-k her bottom li-p before standing up

She fell on her bed and smiled widely again



Eleanor was busy cleaning when suddenly someone hug-ged her from the back,she let out a loud [email protected] and the cleaner dropped from her hand

Kai hug-ged her more tightly and rest his head on her shoulder

“Guess who?” He smiled

“Kai?” Eleanor called

“You got it right” Kai mumbled not letting her go

Eleanor swallowed

“What….are you doing? Someone might see us” she muttered

“I don’t care though” Kai replied and she bite her li-ps

He pressed his li-ps on her neck before releasing her,she immediately faced him

“You shouldn’t be doing this” she said

“Why?” Kai asked

“Because people might misunderstand…..”

“Misunderstand what? That I am dating you?” Kai asked

“Of course and that’s not…”

“I don’t care either” He cut her off and Eleanor looked at him,his eyes not leaving her own

She immediately smiled and hit his arm

“Are you kidding me? What are you up to” She chuckled,trying to change the topic but Kai didn’t stop staring at her

She started getting nervous

“What….is it?” She asked

“I have something to tell you Eleana” Kai muttered

“What is it?” Eleanor asked curiously

“Not now….Can we meet in the palace alley on the ball night?” Kai asked

“Is something wrong?” Eleanor asked

“I don’t know,but if you show up then everything will be fine” He said and ki-ssed her head before walking away

Eleanor turned immediately,staring at him until he was out of sight

She touched her racing heart

“What was that?” She muttered and sighed out loudly

“It’s nothing serious Elean,just meet with him like he said” She muttered to herself and turned to go

She let out a shocking [email protected] when she saw Jimmy right there

“I told you to stop acting like a ghost!!” She yelled and touched her heart again,breathing heavily

Jimmy chuckled and moved closer to her

“I’m sorry” he said

Eleanor calmed down and looked up

“Where have you been?” She asked

“I should be asking you that,I searched for you yesterday but it was fruitless,I needed someone to talk to” Jimmy muttered with a sad look

“Oh sorry…I was with Adelaide and the princess” Eleanor said

“Since you’re here,then come with me” Jimmy grabbed her hand before she could say more

“Where are we going?” She asked

“You will see” Jimmy replied

They continue walking until they entered an empty room,Jimmy closed the door and turned back to her

“What are we doing here?” Eleanor asked

Jimmy picked a bag on a table and stretched it to her

“What is this?” Eleanor asked,staring at the bag without taking it from him

Jimmy held her hand and pushed the bag on her f!ng£r

“A dress” he muttered and Eleanor’s eyes wide-ned


“I told you I want to see you in a dress before I leave,so it’s my responsibility to get it for you” Jimmy replied and Eleanor couldn’t believe her ears

It’s the first time she will be receiving a gift from a guy


“No but,you have to put this on. For me alone” Jimmy muttered and her heart started racing again

“Jimmy…. ”

He pulled her into a hug before she could say more

“Let’s meet right here during the ball,I will be waiting” He whispers into her ear and Eleanor’s eyes wide-ned

What’s going on? Why is her heart acting abnormally??

Jimmy broke the hug and his eyes went to her li-ps but he looked away

“Don’t keep me waiting,I will be leaving immediately after the ball” He said

“Immediately?” Eleanor asked and he nodded

She bite her bottom li-p sadly

“I will be here,I won’t keep you waiting,I promise” She said and Jimmy smiled before holding her hand

“Let’s go” he said and they both walked out of the room

“I will see you later” Jimmy let go of her hand and waved

Eleanor smiled and waved back before walking away.

Jimmy bite his li-ps,staring at her until she was out of sight.



The councils kept talking but king Lucian wasn’t listening to any of it,he couldn’t stop thinking about Adelaide and the fact that she’s obviously angry with him made him mad at himself. She had refused to talk to him even this morning and now he’s not himself anymore.

“Your Majesty” Carl called silently beside him when he noticed how lost he was

King Lucian looked up

“The councils” Carl muttered and King Lucian turned to them,they were all quiet now wondering what is wrong with the king

King Lucian suddenly stood up

“The meeting is dismissed,,let’s do this tomorrow” He said and without waiting he went out

Carl immediately followed him

The councils exchanged glances but none of them said a word,they started walking out one after the other.


“Your majesty” Carl called after Lucian

“Don’t worry about me Carl” King Lucian replied and Carl was quiet until they got to his chamber

“You can leave” King Lucian said to Carl before going in

The moment he entered,Adelaide who was sitting down looked up. Their eyes met and she slowly dropped the cup in her hand

“Are you okay?” She asked

Lucian snubbed the question and pulled her up into a tight hug, confusing her

“My King” She called

“I’m sorry” He muttered,hugging more tightly

“Please forgive me,,,I love you so much. I’m madly in love with you,I swear I’m never going to make that mistake again” He added

Adelaide smiled before hugging him back

“Promise?” She asked

“I promise” Lucian replied and broke the hug slowly

“Am I forgiven?” He asked

Adelaide nodded with a cute smile playing on her li-ps

Lucian pecked her cheek

“Why the cheek?” Adelaide muttered

“I thought…” Before he could finish,she already slammed her li-ps on his own

King Lucian quickly responded to the ki-ss hungrily.

They broke the ki-ss

“Aren’t you busy?” Adelaide asked

“I was but not anymore,I’m going to spend all day with you,I won’t leave your side” King Lucian said and Adelaide smiled

“I have a surprise for you” Lucian smiled,playing with her hair

“Really? What Is it?” Adelaide immediately asked

“Come here” Lucian grabbed her hand and they both walked out of the chamber,two guards followed them as they walked until they got to the next suite.

The guards stopped at the entrance,Adelaide and the king went in

“Whoa” Adelaide muttered admirably staring all over

“Do you like it?” Lucian asked

“It’s so beautiful,whose suite is this? I never knew there’s one like this in the palace” She replied,still looking around

“It’s yours” King Lucian said and Adelaide turned to him in shock


“This is going to be yours from now” Lucian repeated

She [email protected] and immediately rushed to hug him

“I love it so much” she said excitedly

“I can’t wait to tell everyone that you’re mine,I can’t” King Lucian said,tightening the hug

“Me too” Adelaide muttered

They were still in that position when the door opened and three maids entered

Nadia,Melita and another girl

Their eyes wide-ned as they released a loud [email protected],the stuffs in Nadia’s hands fell on the floor instantly

King Lucian and Adelaide broke the hug and faced the maids

“Your Majesty” They all bowed at once

“Why are you here?” King Lucian asked

“We are… … finish the cleaning” Nadia stammered,unable to look at Adelaide

Lucian winked at Adelaide and Adelaide smiled

“Make sure it’s all done today,I can’t wait to come here” She said

The maids couldn’t believe their ears as they stared at Adelaide

“Why are you staring? Start working” Lucian said

“We are sorry your Majesty” They chorused

Adelaide grabbed Lucian’s hand

“Let’s go honey” She smiled as they walked out

“What?!! Honey???” Melita asked

Nadia was at the point of losing her breath

“So….Adelaide is the one we’ve been cleaning for?” The third girl asked

“Tell me this is a dream,somebody should wake me up!!” Nadia screamed breathlessly

“I’m sure she will throw us out of the palace soon” Melita broke into tears



Adelaide was walking throu-ghthe palace lobby,she was wishing the old deity would appear all of a sudden.

King Lucian suddenly got a very important work to attend to

She pa-ssed a young lady who was kinda strange but still looking beautiful,they both looked at each other as they pas-seach other

‘Is she the old deity?’ Adelaide thought suspiciously

‘But how come she’s so young?’ She thought again and turned to look at her but she was gone

‘Im right,it’s one of the deity, How come she’s looking young? Do they change bodies??’ She kept thinking

She was still walking when suddenly she saw Matilda and Esmeralda coming closer

She stopped knowing fully that Matilda won’t leave without stopping too.

“Here comes the so called king’s woman” Matilda gave her a mocking smirk and Esmeralda chuckled

Adelaide stood properly and fold her arms

“Thank you,King’s Ex Mistress” Adelaide smiled and Matilda frowned

“What do you mean by ex?? Seriously?? Do you know the king and I had a great time together yesterday??” She asked trying to annoy Adelaide

“Of course I know,he told me exactly what happened and congratulations for ki-ssing him. I’m sure it’s a farewell gift coz that will be the last time you will step into the king’s chamber,I will make sure of that lady Matilda” Adelaide smirked

“How dare you!! Who the fuc-k do you think you are!!” Matilda yelled angrily

“You said it yourself,I’m the King’s woman” Adelaide smiled and flaunt her hair

Immediately Matilda raised her hand to slap her but Adelaide caught her hand in the air

“Why do you love death so Much?” She asked and turned to Esmeralda

“Here,hold her for a second” She said and like a Spell,Esmeralda held Matilda’s hand

“Thank you” Adelaide smiled and immediately packed her hair into a bun before grabbing Matilda’s hand again

She looked around and her eyes landed on the nearest door,she started dragging Matilda with her

“What do you think you’re doing you witch!!!” Matilda kept screaming as Adelaide dragged her away,no matter how she tried pushing Adelaide away,she couldn’t.

Adelaide pushed her into the room and also entered with her before closing the door.

Outside,Esmeralda came back to reality as she started hearing Matilda’s scream,she tried to run to the door but something held her back and she couldn’t carry her legs

“What’s….what’s…happening?” She stammered as she tried walking but it was impossible

“Help!!!! Someone help!!!!” She started crying in fears

“Ahhhh!!!!! Help!!!!”

The third deity (deity of distruction) couldn’t hold her laughter anymore as she kept controlling Esmeralda with her eyes

“Hurry up chos£n one,I have just five minutes left,break her bones” She said with a smirk


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