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the chosen empress episode 48 & 49

???? THE
( Heart Full Of Love… )


By, Summer Gold R.



Adelaide opened her eyes and let out a silent yawn,her eyes went round the room and she bite her bottom li-p when she remembered last night. It was the most memorable night ever,she lost her vi-rginity and he almost finished her not minding if it was her first time,she blus-hed when she remembered that he actually came right inside her.

She was still thinking when the king showed up,he was totally dressed up,maybe he have an outing??

“Good morning,my king” Adelaide muttered as he walked closer to her,making her nervous again.

“Seriously? Are we back to that?” King Lucian asked,sitting beside her

“Huh?” Adelaide was confused

“You kept on screaming my name last night” King Lucian replied and Adelaide’s eyes grew wider

Without thinking twice,she covered her head up with the duvet making Lucian laugh

He removed the duvet from her face and his eyes met with her red cheeks

“Are you okay? I’m sorry for hurting you last night” He said

“I’m fine” Adelaide muttered shyly

“I’m going to help you take your bath” He suddenly said and Adelaide [email protected]

“No…….you don’t….” Before she could finish,King Lucian already uncover her nak*d body

Adelaide closed her eyes immediately,feeling totally embarra-ssed

King Lucian chuckled

“Are you shy?” He asked and Adelaide opened her eyes

“No I’m not” She shook her head

“Then why are you saying no?”

“Because…….” She stared at his outfit

“Are you not going out?” She asked

“That doesn’t stop me” Lucian said and carried her in his arms

Adelaide was surprised to see the bed spread neat

“Did you change it?” She asked

“I’m quite romantic”Lucian said and Adelaide chuckled as he made his way into the bathroom.

“You really don’t have to carry me this way” Adelaide muttered

“You really think you will be able to walk?” King Lucian asked

She smiled and moved closer and hug-ged his neck,

“You won’t start avoiding me after this right?” She asked and Lucian faced her

“Why would I do that?” He asked

“I don’t know,I just don’t want you to….” He cut her off with a ki-ss

“I’m not planning to let go of you,so don’t worry” King Lucian said and dropped her in the tub filled with warm water

Adelaide heaved out a sigh of relief immediately the water touched her body

“Thank you my king” She said

Minutes later,they are back in the room

Adelaide sat down on the bed

“Don’t leave this chamber until I’m back” he said and pecked her li-ps

“You must be hungry,you can eat my food in the dinning room”

“But what about you?? Let’s eat together” Adelaide said

“Don’t worry about me” he smiled

They both stopped when they heard Carl’s voice

“I need to go” Lucian said and ki-ssed her one last time before going out

Adelaide lic-k her li-ps and fell on the bed,once again she’s not going to leave this chamber but this time around,she can lie down on this bed

She chuckled and kept rolling on the bed like a child until her tummy made a loud

“I’m hungry” She muttered and touched her tummy

She stood up and she let out a tiny mo-an,she was so fuc-k ing sore between her legs.

She kept on walking slowly till she got to the dinning room,she sat down and started opening the meals

She let out a smile before she began to eat

“Wow,sweet” She mo-an-ed with her eyes closed



Matilda smiled lightly as she stared at herself in the mirror,the maids are busy with her hair and her nails. They all have smiles on their faces,since what happened,Matilda stopped them all from coming into her suite aside Esmeralda but she seems to have gotten over everything.

“What do you think my lady?” Eleanor asked,she’s the one who styles her hair

“I love it” Matilda smiled

“I know” Eleanor also smiled

“You look so beautiful my lady” One of the maids said

Matilda smiled again,her plan is to sed-uce the king again.

‘He will definitely want me again,’ she thought and another smile escape her li-ps

Esmeralda came in

“My lady I’m back” She said and Matilda turned back,they both spoke with their eyes

“You all can go,I want to be alone for now” Matilda said and immediately all the maids went out leaving just Esmeralda.

Eleanor gro-aned tiredly as she left Matilda’s suite,she suddenly stopped when she saw Jimmy walking and staring at something in his hand

“Jimmy!” She called and Jimmy looked up

She waved at him happily and he immediately hid whatever he was holding as she ran to him

“Hey” She smiled

“Where are you coming from? The mistress suite?” Jimmy asked and she nodded

“Yeah” Eleanor muttered and they started walking

“Are you going to dress up for the ball?” Jimmy suddenly asked

“Of course not” She scoffed and Jimmy sighed

“I want to see you in a dress before I leave” He muttered

“Leave? When are you leaving?” Eleanor immediately asked

“Immediately after the ball” Jimmy replied and she became sad instantly

“So,I won’t see you again?” She asked slowly

Jimmy smiled

“Are you going to miss me?” He asked and Eleanor nodded

“Oh my heart” He touched his chest and Eleanor hit him

“It’s not a joke,I’m serious” She scoffed

“I’m going to miss you too,I’m missing you already. So dress up for me…..please” Jimmy said

“I will get into trouble,the courtlady……”

“Don’t worry about that,I will be the only one to see you,just say yes and that’s all” Jimmy cut in

Eleanor shrugged before finally nodding

“Good!” Jimmy immediately hug-ged her quickly

“I need to go” Eleanor smiled after he released her

She waved at him one last time before running off.

Jimmy smiled and brou-ght out the golden necklace and bracelets he was hiding,He’s planning to confess his feelings to her during the ball.

“You can do this Jimmy” he muttered to himself and sighed out.

Kai was watching them all along from the balcony

“What are you thinking? The prince’s guard seems to like your crush” Colton said beside him

“Who cares? I’m going to ask her out soon” Kai scoffed

“Are you sure she doesn’t like him too? Isn’t it obvious?” Colton asked

“They are just friends,stop it Colton” Kai muttered



Amara entered and queen Sofia welcomed her with a smile

“Good afternoon your highness” Amara bowed

“Finally you’re here,I’ve been expecting you since I got the message that you will be coming” Queen Sofia said

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting my queen” Amara smiled

“You may sit”

Amara bowed shortly and sat down

“I’m just here to say hello my queen and I brou-ght you a gift” Amara said


“Yes my queen….come in!!” Amara said loudly and immediately three maids came in each holding a box in their hands

They bowed their heads and started dropping the boxes

“Please accept my little gift my queen,I really appreciate the invitation,it’s an honor” Amara said and Queen Sofia smiled

A guard suddenly entered

“My queen,the prince is here” He said

“Oh…let him in” Queen Sofia replied

The guard bowed again and went out,soon Prince Liam came in and Amara’s eyes wide-ned

“Liam?” She called still looking surprised

“Amara” Liam muttered

“Oh,you two know each other?” Queen Sofia asked



Liam and Amara answered simultaneously and Liam looked at her,she rolled her eyes at him and turned back to the queen

Liam sighed and sat down

“Get us a drink” Queen Sofia ordered a maid

“Yes my queen” she bowed.

Amara kept avoiding Liam gazes as they all talked


“Amara wait!” Liam ran after her but she ignored him and kept on walking

Liam caught up with her and grabbed her hand

“Leave me alone you liar!!” She yelled angrily


“Don’t call my name!” She yelled again

“I’m sorry Amara…..”

“Sorry?? Everything was a fuc-k ing Lie,you’ve been lying to me since the day we met Liam,you never told me you are a prince!” Amara snapped

“I was planning to tell you during the ball…..”

“Shut up and never show up in front of me again you liar” she said and turned to go

Liam grabbed her hand again

“Look Amara,I never meant to lie to you okay?? I just wanted you to be free with me,I know I might not get close to you if you knew I was a prince,I just wanted us to be friends rather than you giving me some silly respects I’m used to,I love how you’re free with me….”

“You should have at least told me the truth Liam,you made me believe your fake identity….you know what? Just let me go” She muttered and throw his hand off before walking away,her maids followed her

Liam sighed and rou-ghhis hair

“Wow,so it’s Lady Amara? Such a good taste” Lisa appeared beside him

“I know right? She got me,for real” Liam muttered

“Pervert” Lisa said and Liam chuckled

“Don’t worry,she will come around. She’s the second sweetest lady I know aside my Adelaide,so be calm and don’t give up” Lisa said

“I shouldn’t have lied and hide my identity” Liam murmured

“Wanna grab a drink with me?? To make you feel better” Lisa said

“Maybe I should” Liam said and Lisa grabbed his hand as they walked away



Queen Sofia walked toward the King’s chamber with her maids behind her,she was planning to talk to him since it’s being a while.

“Good evening queen mother” the guards all chorused with a bow

“Is the king inside?” Queen Sofia asked

“No,he’s not back in the palace” One of the guards answered

“Then I will wait for him” Queen Sofia said and the guards bowed again watching as she entered while her maids waited behind

“My King………….” Adelaide stopped when she turned only to find queen Sofia

‘Not again,first it was the mistress and now the queen?’ She said in her head

Queen Sofia immediately let out a frown as soon as she saw her,she stared at her from her head down to her legs

She wasn’t putting on the maids uniform,her long hair wasn’t tied as usual,she was looking like a total different person

“Good Evening my……..” Adelaide stopped when she remembered how Queen Sofia told her to stop calling her “my queen”

“Good Evening your highness” She muttered with a bow

“And why are you here In the King’s chamber dressed like that?” Queen Sofia asked

Adelaide bite her li-ps looking for the right answer,her heart began to race. What will she say? What if she order the guards to punish her again??

“Answer me!!! Who are you to my son!!” Queen Sofia yelled

“I’m his……”

“Mother” King Lucian entered interrupting Adelaide

Queen Sofia faced him angrily

“Can you at least tell me what’s going on?? Who is she to you??” She asked

Lucian and Adelaide exchanged glances and Adelaide wouldn’t deny the fact that she really wanted to hear what she is to the king,she was curious to know what she really meant to him.

To her surprise,king Lucian moved closer to her and held her hand

Queen Sofia raised her brows

“Why….why are you holding her??” She asked

“Because I’m in love with her” Lucian replied and Adelaide was shocked

“What?! In love with a….”

“Don’t finish it mother because starting from today…she’s no more a maid but the King’s woman” King Lucian said and Queen Sofia’s eyes wide-ned

Adelaide [email protected] and King Lucian smiled at her before ki-ssing the back of her hand

Maltida who was evesdropping by the door started [email protected] for breath

“Someone hold the mistress!!!!!” A guard screamed


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