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the chosen empress episode 42 & 43

???? THE
( Heart Full Of Love… )


By, Summer Gold R.


Everyone [email protected] in total shock the moment they heard the sounds

Matilda couldn’t believe what just happened and Adelaide was still glaring at her angrily

“How dare you!!” Esmeralda yelled and rushed toward Adelaide immediately

“What’s going on here?” The Queen’s voice made her stop and she turned,breathing heavily

“Did you just slap me???!!!” Matilda shouted angrily and grabbed Adelaide’s hair

“Matilda,stop that” Queen Sofia snapped

Matilda released Adelaide and turned to the queen in anger

“Mother,,she slapped me!!” She said and Queen Sofia’s eyes grew wider

“What?” She looked at Adelaide

“Is that true?” She asked

“Yes mother,she really did. Do you think I’m lying?” Matilda broke into tears

“Speak up!” Queen Sofia yelled at Adelaide

“She slapped me first my queen….”

“So what?!!! You’re just a maid here!!! And you’re a murderer too!!” Matilda shouted

“Stop calling her a murderer,she killed no one” King Lucian and Carl showed up

Carl immediately dismissed all the maids watching,including Esmeralda

Adelaide looked up and her eyes met with the King’s own

“She killed my child!!” Matilda cried as she turned to King Lucian

“It was all her fault,how dare she even slap me?!!! How!!”

“Have you forgotten your position in this palace??” Queen Sofia asked Adelaide

“You’re just a maid,a mere…..”

“I will take care of it mother” King Lucian interrupted

“How will you take care of it? She dare slap Matilda? What guts and ordacity!,she’s going to leave this palace just the way she Came here!” Queen Sofia snapped

“Adelaide” King Lucian called and she looked up

“Yes my king” She muttered

“Why did you do that?” King Lucian asked

Matilda looked at him in shock,is he seriously still asking her that question?

“The mistress accused me and called me a murderer,I tried to tell her that it was a mistake and I’ve been punished severely for it but she slapped me instead” Adelaide explained

“So what gave you the gut to slap her back?” Queen Sofia asked angrily

“My queen…..”

“I’m not your queen!” She snapped and Adelaide kept quiet

“So you slapped her back??” King Lucian asked,still looking at Adelaide

“Stop asking her!! She slapped me twice!!” Matilda screamed

“What? Twice?!!” Queen Sofia’s eyes went wide again

“Adelaide” King Lucian called

“It’s true… king” Adelaide muttered,avoiding his eyes. She knew he wouldn’t take her side this time,not when the queen is right there

“She just crossed the line Lucian,you should judge it rightly this time” Queen Sofia said

Adelaide pressed her bottom l!p with her teeth expecting the King’s decision.

“You can go,your punishment will come later” King Lucian finally said after the long silent and everyone looked up unbelievably

“What?” Queen Sofia and Matilda asked at a time

Adelaide couldn’t believe it either,her eyes fell on King Lucian

“Go before I change my mind and punish you right now” Lucian said and Adelaide immediately walked away

“My king!!” Matilda cried out

“What are you doing?” Queen Sofia frowned

“What do you mean? I just said I am going to punish her later” King Lucian replied

“Why later and not now?” Queen Sofia asked

“Because I said so” King Lucian replied and walked away leaving the queen in shock

Matilda immediately ran after the king in tears

Queen Sofia fold her fist angrily and walked away

“Did you see that? Isn’t that weird?” Eleanor asked Jimmy

They have been watching and eavesdropping secretly and they heard everything

“Totally” Jimmy muttered

Eleanor faced Jimmy

“Do you think the king is having feelings for Adelaide?” She asked

“I dont like guessing” Jimmy chuckled and they left together

“But why will she slap my lady back? How did she get the courage to do that?” Eleanor muttered to herself

“Would you come out tonight? I want us to spend some time together” Jimmy said

“Really??” Eleanor smiled and Jimmy nodded

“What if it rains?” She asked

“Let’s enter the rain and meet in the palace hallway,okay?” Jimmy said

“Okay” Eleanor replied and Jimmy smiled


Matilda followed King Lucian into his chamber

“My king,why are you treating me this way?!! Just tell me why!” She shouted in tears

King Lucian faced her

“What are you talking about?” He asked

“Your maid dare to slap me,and that is all you could say?”

“I never said I wasn’t going to punish her Matilda…”

“I want to see her getting punished…..”

“And who are you to make that decision?” King Lucian snapped,getting pissed already

“My king……”

“You shouldn’t have slapped her In the first place,this isn’t the first time Matilda,I warned you the last time you slapped her. But you just did the same thing,what is going on with you?”

“She killed my child…. ”

“You f**king told me it was a mistake!!!” King Lucian yelled and Matilda froze

“You told me it was an accident,you told me you never wanted to get pregnant Matilda,why are you so angry about it?? Did you lied to me? Was it your intention to get pregnant even when you knew it shouldn’t have happened?!!! Answer me!!!”

Matilda swallowed [email protected]

“You’re right,I told you it was an accident. But do you know how happy I was to carry your child?? It gave me such great joy anytime I think about it,I also want to become a mother!!!” She broke into tears

“Do you even know how I’m feeling right now?? I just can’t control my anger anytime I set my eyes on her!! You should be by my side,I’m in pain too!!” Matilda said,crying bitterly

“Then why can’t you just accept the fact that it was a mistake?? Please Matilda,just bring yourself together and stop this”

Matilda shook her head

“I want you my king,I badly need you. Can you just chase her out of the palace? She’s giving me headaches,I don’t want to keep on seeing her,please throw her out of the palace” She cried and hold Lucian’s hand

“I can’t do that Matilda” King Lucian said and Matilda raised her head

“Why?? Don’t tell me you have feelings for her….”

“Go back to your suite,you need rest” Lucian said

“No,I’m not leaving you…..”

“I said you should leave!!” King Lucian snapped

More tears rolled down Matilda’s eyes,she turned toward the door and ran out.

Lucian sighed and run his hand through his hair,all he could think of at that moment was Adelaide’s injuries and her red cheek he saw earlier as a result of Matilda’s slap.

He would have summoned her right away but he decided to do that later.


Matilda entered her suite and met Esmeralda waiting,she immediately rushed to Matilda

“My lady,are you okay?” She asked worriedly

“I’m going to make sure she regret coming into this palace” Matilda muttered in a mean voice,her eyes are looking so red and her hands are shaking so much

“I will make sure she pay for everything she did to me!!!” She shouted and pushed off all the cosmetics on the table,tears rolling down her eyes unstoppably. She’s not ready to believe that she lost the king to Adelaide

“Never!!!!!” She screamed and kept on scattering everything in the room

“My lady…..”

“Stay away from me!!!!” Matilda yelled

“The king is mine!!!!” She screamed

“Adelaide!!!!! I’m going kill you!!!! You will smell death,trust me!!!!”

She continue screaming and destroying things

After a while,she fell on the bed,breathing heavily. Her eyes still looking wide and red with anger and rage

“I don’t mind killing her and then kill myself,if I can’t have the king then she wouldn’t have him either. I will make her [email protected] through every single pain I am going through right now,I will make sure of that” She said



Lisa entered and met the maids giving the queen a [email protected]

“Mother” She called

“Why are you here? I can’t remember calling for you” Question Sofia said

“Are you still angry with me?” Lisa asked

“No I am not angry,but I don’t want to talk to you either since you prefer that Maid to your own mother,I don’t care about whatever again” Queen Sofia said

“Please forgive me mother,I never meant to go against you. I just hope you get to know the type of person Adelaide is,she’s the sweetest girl I’ve ever seen mother” Lisa said

“How sweet of her to slap Matilda,an ordinary maid date raise her hand to slap her? I can see how sweet she is already,you can go. As you can see,I am not In the mood to talk” Queen Sofia said


“Leave Lisa” she cut Lisa off

Lisa sighed and walked out

“Sweet indeed” Queen Sofia scoffed and even got more angry because the king will always support her no matter what,something just keep telling her that King Lucian is never going to punish Adelaide like he has said.

‘I wonder if that girl spelled him’ she said in her head and sighed


Lisa dragged Adelaide into her room and closed the door before facing her

“What the h*ll have you done again Adelaide” Lisa asked angrily and Adelaide was surprised

“What are you talking about?” She asked

“I just heard from mother that you slapped Matilda!!! Why are you always in trouble?!! Who the h*ll do you think you are to slap Matilda?? Just because my brother spared you the last time or because I stood by you doesn’t mean you can slap Matilda!” Lisa yelled at her

Adelaide bite her l!ps [email protected],the type of sadness which overtook her soul couldn’t be explained.

Scolding is painful,but the same scolding is simply breaking her heart into pieces because it’s coming From Lisa

Tears started rolling down her eyes

“I’m……I’m sorry” She said,shaking. Her face buried on the floor

Lisa suddenly burst into laughter and Adelaide looked up

“Seriously Adelaide,you think I’m ever going to say such mean words to you?” Lisa asked

“Huh?” Adelaide sniffed

“It’s a prank!” Lisa said and started laughing

Adelaide continue crying

“Oh Come on,I’m sorry” Lisa pulled her into a hug

“You don’t even know how happy I was when I heard from mother that you slapped Matilda” Lisa said

“Really?” Adelaide frowned

“Yes” Lisa laughed and immediately wiped Adelaide’s eyes

“I was scared,I thought you will also hate me. I don’t think I will be able to survive here if you hate me too Lisa” Adelaide said

“I’m never going to hate you,don’t ever have that thought. We are in this together,I’m sorry for making you cry” She muttered and they both sat down on the bed

“So,gist me. How was the slap? How does it sound? How come you always end up doing things I wanna do so badly,I wanted to spoil the pregnancy but you did it. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to slap her but now you did it!!!” Lisa started dancing and Adelaide laughed

“You’re making me feel bad already” Adelaide muttered

“What was my brother’s reaction?” Lisa asked and Adelaide sighed

“He’s mad at me,he said my punishment will come later” Adelaide mumbled sadly

She never thought she was going to get in the kings bad book so soon,what the h*ll was she thinking when she slapped Matilda??

“It’s okay,don’t think about it. My brother will never be so [email protected] on you” Lisa said

“I’m scared” Adelaide said

Lisa hugged her

“Stop thinking about it” She said



The rain was pouring heavily again,it was as if the heaven was planning to release something into the surface of the earth.

The wind b!0wing non stop and the rain doesn’t look like one which is ready to stop

“The awaited fate is starting already” The third deity said from the window,she have been watching the rain for a while

The second deity smiled

“It’s just getting started” She said,adding more heat to the seu leaves which was boiling

“You’ve been preparing this herb for days already,and you refused to tell us what is meant for” The third deity said

“You will understand later sister,I’m glad the chos£n is another step ahead with the king this night” She said

“Each step have it’s own risks and harms,I hope she will be able to hold it in until the last one” The third deity said

“Our sister is helping her as she should,but there will be a time where she will be left all alone to face her fate,I hope she gets stronger before that time comes” the second deity said

“I hope so too” The third deity agreed



Kai’s hand was stretched in the rain while it poured repeatedly on his palm,different thoughts filled up his mind as he stood there. It was so silent already,everyone was in but he couldn’t sleep.

He was just released from the training ground when the rain started

“I miss her” he muttered and sighed out

“Hey dummy” Eleanor suddenly joined him and be turned his face immediately

“Eleana” he called with a hint of excitement in his voice

“I missed you,haven’t seen you all day” She smiled

“You really missed me?” Kai asked

“Of course,why not?” She scoffed

Kai sighed

“I was missing you so badly while working,I knew you would have helped me. But Jimmy saved me today” Eleanor said and Kai fold his fist

“It’s a pity I wasn’t there” he muttered

“But don’t worry about me” Eleanor said

There was silence as they both stared at the rain pouring non stop

“I wish I can go into it” Eleanor said

“What’s stopping you?” Kai asked

“I can’t!” Eleanor snapped and Kai chuckled

“How come you’re here? I never expected you to come here during this time” Kai said

Eleanor’s eyes widened immediately,the main reason why she came here was because she wanted to meet with Jimmy

“Is there a problem?” Kai asked

Almost immediately,Jimmy showed up but stopped when he saw Kai and Eleanor

“Jimmy” Eleanor called and Kai also faced the direction before facing Eleanor again

“Don’t tell me,you came here to meet him” Kai said

“That’s right” Eleanor replied and turned to Jimmy again but then he turned and started walking away

“Jimmy wait!” Eleanor ran after him and blocked his way

“What” Jimmy muttered and looked away sadly

“I really came here because we promised to meet….”

“Then why is he here?” Jimmy asked

“I met him here,trust me” Eleanor replied

“Then go back to him,I can’t stand him and you know that. Let’s talk some other time,goodnight” Jimmy said and walked away

Eleanor bite her bottom l!p before walking back for Kai

“You two must have become so close” Kai let out a fake laughter

“I guess,He’s not that bad” Eleanor said

“Do you like him?” Kai asked

“Of course I like him,we are friends” Eleanor replied

“I hope you stay as friends,just friends” Kai mumbled

“What?” Eleanor asked

“Nothing,come here” Kai pulled her into a hug



The guard who went to call Adelaide dropped the umbrella from her head and urshered her in.

Adelaide was nervous as she walked in,she met King Lucian in the living room

‘Has he been waiting?’
‘Is he really going to punish me?’

“Good….evening my king” Adelaide said and Lucian got up

He started walking closer to her,Adelaide didn’t move but her heart beat was increasing with every step he takes until he stopped right in front of her

“How’s your back?” He asked and Adelaide was surprised

Is she not here for the punishment??

“The pains…..reduced” She mumbled

King Lucian noticed her nervousness

“Why are you nervous?” He asked,staring at her but she kept her gaze on the floor

“You said my punishment will come later…….are you going to punish me now?” Adelaide asked almost in a shaking voice and Lucian chuckled naughtily

“I think we will have to wait again” he said and Adelaide raised her head

“Why?” She asked

King Lucian moved closer to her

“Because of your injury” he replied

“What…..type of punishment is it?” Adelaide asked

“You really want to know?” King Lucian asked and Adelaide nodded

He smiled and lean closer to her ear

“Have you ever been f**ked or screwed?” He asked in a whisper and Adelaide froze on the spot


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