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the billionaire’s surrogate episode 18

(SHE IS MINE ????)


★ CHAPTER 18 ★

*** Fatima ****

what is wrong with him ,I just want to thank him for the other day oooh .I murmured ”

no that’s a lie you want to see his face , and you miss his trouble .my mind fired .

whatever .

I stood up and decided to follow him to know what is wrong I wonder why he’s angry at me I haven’t seen him for months now and then he appeared and stop talking to me what exactly is his problem ,I thought with a scoff as I walk upstairs .

I saw the door and entered he was laying down on the bed and covered himself .

Trevor are you ok I asked as I walk near him but he ignored me I walk closer and stare at him for a while he looks so pale and sick to me what is wrong with him I guess it’s stress from work I stared at him again and touched his forehead he didn’t even blank he was just staring at me with an emotionless face I touched his neck I realized that is very very hot.

Jesus Christ I screamed what the hell is wrong with you you should call the doctor to treat you I said ”

but he was still staring.

I said call your doctor to come and attend to you or do you get some medicines on your way back ? I asked ”

what are you doing here Fatima he asked ”

what kind of question is that I’m here to see you of course the other day you came you ignored me I don’t know what is wrong we have a deal you said I have 10 things to do for you so that you can forgive me and maybe you let me go because of the scam I’m really very sorry about that and then you disappeared I haven’t seen you for a while I even went to your car company to get your number you came the other day and you ignored me after fighting for me in front of Evan and Emelia .

fine I don’t know the reason why you are angry but get a doctor to treat you first get a doctor to treat you first please .I pleaded ”

don’t worry there is no need to get a doctor I believe it’s stress from work he said throwing his face away from me.

he held my hand .

hey what are you doing I asked”

can you stay with me a little bit please I want to rest he pleaded”

of course sure why not I found myself saying Hmmm i sighed.

I sat beside him on the bed he held my hand Trevor can I ask you a question .I said ”

what do you want to ask me he said staring into my eyes

actually I want to know where you have been for a while now I haven’t seen you , are you ignoring me or avoiding me ? i heard when you said to Evan that he’s the one that s£nt those people to shoot at us the day I went to your house with you is it true how do you know Evan ? what’s your relationship with him are you guys enemies or what ? I snapped .

hmmmm you have really grown wings to ask me this kind of question talk more of coming closer to me like this,the fatima I know would have been crying and shivering by now but here she is sitting comfortably closer to me and even allow me to hold her arms ,to make it more confusing she has got the nerves to ask me questions . Trevor said

while I look at how close we are and try to shift back but he pulls me back and due to the force I landed on his chest .

Trevor .I called trying to free myself from him since he caged me but that’s impossible Because his hold was very strong .

You are cute .He muttered and I froze for a while before staring back at him .

pervert ! I muttered ”

I started struggling for him to let go of me but it’s as if I’m just stressing myself I decided to allow him hold me .

What are you doing here ,you haven’t answered my question . he smirked ”

I’m here to see you ofcourse ,I was worried about how you left the other day and I also want to thank you for fighting for me .I said .

hmmmm I see .I’m angry that’s all nothing much .He look away and throw a harsh glare making me to flinch but he pull me back .

I’m angry when I heard you said rape ,are you serious with the fact that Evan raped you ? how ? what’s your relationship with him ? or perhaps do you scammed him like you did to me .he bombard me with questions.

I….I shuttered as I look away feeling so sad

he was my boyfriend back then in school ,I never know he is rich ,I was doing a part time job when he came ,we both became friends from then it leads to something else .He said his an orphan I was surprised and feel like we both understand each other.

he invited me to his house but then he raped me .I concluded as tears roll down my cheeks .I look down on Trevor chest and hide my tears

Emm I want to pee .I managed to say without lifting my head up.

I know is a lie ,you are crying you don’t want to pee. you just don’t want me to see you cry .He said and rub my back gently while I smile inwardly .

rest with me for a while .I heard him murmur and close his eyes .

hmmmm. I sigh and rested my head properly on his chest .

***** THE NEXT DAY **** 8PM


where are rushing to ,Fatima ask Emelia who woked up early in the morning ,cook ,clean ,bath and feed the babies .

please Fatima take care of the kids ,go to the shop with them and take care of them okay I will be right back before you know it. Emelia said ”

Emelia I don’t understand what do you mean by that , fatima ask putting her hands under her bre-ast .

I’m coming please I will be back take care of my kids okay I will get you guys something good on my way back okay .Emelia muttered and rush out .

She closed the door and sigh ,I can’t believe fatima almost stopped me .Emelia murmured

she brou-ght out her phone as she work to the road ,She stare at the address before stopping a cab .


****** Thirty minutes later ********

*** EMELIA ***

The cab my stopped .

is this the place I ask ?

yes ma’am that’s the place according to the address you gave me I’m very sure is this place .the cab man insist.

okay then thank you .I said handing his payment over to him ,bye I said walking away .

ma your change ,he calls back.

keep the change okay .I muttered and walk away .

I walk closer to the big gigantic mansion there I knock at the gate.

the gate opened and a man came out .

Are you miss Emelia ? he ask raising his brows as he stare at me from up to down.

so rude ,I rolled my eyes mentally .yes I’m miss Emelia .

Okay .Then you can come inside .he said and shift back to make way for me ,I sigh and walk inside the mansion .

He leads the way to the sitting room .

Finally you are here . How have you been ? the person I visited ask.

I’m fine ,we are fine .I said with a smile .

I already told you what I heard back then ,so now it’s the help I need ,to do the needful because that’s yours I monito-red everything that happened that day .The person said ”

thank you I will really be glad ,I will make time to come every single day and do the needful .
I smiled which she returned back.

I know it would have been you ,but I did that to expose and do the right thing as business goes.

the mind forgot ,what it knows is that he lost his parents but the heart that loves never forgot. The person said .

I know that’s why I promise to do the needful ,that’s mostly important. I said .

Good anything you need consider it done ,that day know it deals with pretend okay .The person said ” while I nodded .

are you ready ? the person ask

this is not the time to think ,I muttered inwardly yes I’m ready , I’m fully ready besides is mine and that’s what I have to do .I said while she smile .

follow me then ,since you are ready to do the needful .the person said and walk upstairs while I follow ,

I’m so happy atleast I get to make it as I wish .I smile .

I feel my cheeks we-t ,I touch it and I realize that I’m crying .Tears of joy . I thought .


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