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the billionaire’s surrogate episode 15

(SHE IS MINE ????)


★ CHAPTER 15 ★

*** back at the shop ***MEXICO

what are you doing here ! fatima yell angrily standing up to her feet .

common babe can’t I see my long time girlfriend ,Evan ask with a smirk

which fatima found so annoying and that agitated her more .

are you stupid ,you rapist you have the effontery ,the impetus to barge in here like a mad man you are to claim ownership of girlfriend are you stupid. Fatima cursed ”

don’t be so dramatic why do you normally overact you should be happy that a handsome ,Rich dude is standing here claiming that you are his girlfriend and you still got the nerves to deny that ? Evan ask staring kneely at Fatima who rolled her eyes and put both hands under her breast.

hey listen ,this is a shop and you don’t have any right to barge in here and start acting like a fool , stupid s£nseless holigan you are ,once you are done barking you leave because I’m outta of here. fatima said and try going inside but evan stopped her by holding her hand.

let me go are you stupid ,Fatima said trying to act bold .

Hmmm you are still not over me yet right ? you haven’t dated any guy for Long now have you ? you still love me . Evan said and laugh sarcastically .while Fatima keep trying her best to free herself from Him but his way stronger .

leave me alone evan or I’m gonna call police on you . Fatima threaten.

hahahaha , Evan laughed ” police ? no they are just like my government surbidonates ,they are not going to do anything to me .he said and smirk .

let me go ,fatima cried out as evan pull her more tighter hurting her arm.

leave her alone someone suddenly said making Evan and fatima to turn to the direction they heard the voice .

It turns out to be Trevor , evan let go of Fatima’s hand and face Trevor.

Trevor fatima called ” breathlessly and rush into his arms .while Trevor stood shocked as Fatima hug him so close.

please save me ,she muttered only to his hearing .

Trevor hugged her back and smile .
before facing Evan with a deadly glare .

how dare you son of a bitch hurt my woman , Trevor ask angrily .

oooh your woman my foot I should be asking you that question fool ,how dare you touch my thing ,my property .Evan ask .

Evan I’m warning you ,the other day you summon the attack because I took her home ,Now you…. but Trevor got interupted by ,Fatima who turn and face Evan with an emotionless face .

how dare you evan ,stay away from me , raping me is not enough now you want to kill me ,fatima blurted but quickly bite her l!ps when she realized Trevor was there .

Trevor eye turn red immediately he heard that ,he faced fatima .

what !!! he raped you ,He ask ”

while fatima bow shamefully and nod .

you are that @sshole ? I thought you are only dumb ,stupid s£nseless and shameless I never knew you would drag yourself so low to rape a lady ,is that how your mummy usually got raped by your dad in front of you ? Trevor yell angrily.

shut up , Just shut the fuck up ,you don’t know anything ,Evan said looking like someone who will crack up any minutes from now .

please Fatima I’m sorry about that time I was still young , please come with me and let me explain please , Evan said looking at Fatima who flinched and hide behind Trevor.

Leave her alone , woman raper, stay away from her @sshole . Trevor said angrily .

you….you mind your business I will deal with you if you aren’t careful. Evan said with bloodshot eyes.

ooh beautiful nones£nse cut that trash up ,you aren’t going to do anything to me ,you are nothing but an empty vessel who act without thinking ,is that absurd . Trevor muttered angrily.

Stay out of this ! Evan yell stressing the this.

why would I ? when you can’t leave my woman alone . Trevor fires back .

I’m warning you ,you are playing with fire and trust me you will get burnt . Evan said.

really I will then call fire extinguisher to stop the fire and then burn you too . Trevor scoffed .

I’m warning …..

What’s going here , Emelia ask , entering the shop alone because Jerry already left .

Emelia .Fatima called and rush to hug her , Emelia sighted Evan and then Trevor she understand what was happening immediately.

let me act ,Emelia wispered to Fatima and she stare at her while she dis£ngaged from the hug .

my dear friend ,I missed you ,you promised me a gift come here . Emelia said dramatically as she rush to Trevor and give him a heartwarming hug.

Trevor was surprised but decided to act back .

I’m really sorry ,I have been busy your sister my girlfriend didn’t tell you ? Trevor ask playing along .

Don’t worry ,I will spank her once we reach home .Emelia said with a smile dis£ngaging from the hug .

ooh fatima you didn’t tell me that ,We have a constumer here ,sorry sir what do you care for ? Emelia ask referring to Evan who was watching everything with anger .

Nothing I…

but Emelia interupted him with a glare

since you aren’t here to buy coffee leave ,my sister fatima here , husband came after a long time ,so we are closing for the day soon in other to chill out all work no play meant make me a full girl ,Emelia smiled ”

I want to ….

I said leave this is my shop ,I have the right to consider who stays or who leaves whether rich or poor. Emelia yell ”

Hmmm. Evan sigh and walk out angrily not without glaring daggers at Trevor who wouldn’t stop smirking .

Immediately Evan car zoomed off ,Fatima sigh.

I love your acting you are good you should sigh up for one. , Trevor recommend.

thank you ,I understand the situation that’s why I did that even though you haven’t paid me a bride price yet .

hahahaha ,they both laughed ”

I’m leaving , Trevor said b”

huh you don’t even even bcare for a cup of coffee ,Emelia ask

no I have something to do ,I just rushed here because I …. nevermind I will see you later I promise ., Trevor said rubbing Emelia hand while she nodded .

okay bye see you ,She wave as Trevor walk out with sparing fatima a glance.

Trevor , Fatima called but he ignored her and drove away .

Emelia quickly rush to her and hugged her , please stop crying okay , She said taking fatima in to the inner shop .

What !!! Emelia yell ,while fatima who was crying stare at the babies and chuckled ”

Christiana and christiane ,what the hell . Emelia murmured ”

They are kids . Fatima said , sitting down on a couch .

I know .Emelia nod .



Genevieve walk out fastly ,as doctor finn called her back .

slow down a bit , Genevieve you are going to get hurt ,even if she s£nt for you that doesn’t mean anything.

shut up , Genevieve yell while doctor finn bow and nodded ”

Just follow me okay ,that grandma is a no nones£nse woman , and once she try any nons£nse that means I will land in trouble because all the years I spent there would be waste , and again I need to see my baby . genevieve explained while doctor finn nodded ”

common d!¢k don’t be like that , okay say something . Genevieve said.

okay I understand I just want you to calm down ,maybe within two hours we would get to the airport and land there before morning ,is air anyway , Doctor finn explained b”

okay I understand now okay ,son she called while doctor finn scoff .

whatever let’s go , I don’t want us to be late ,thank your damn d!¢k that I pick the call that time ,if not maybe by tommorow that grandma would announce to the public that donald is single. Genevieve said and chuckled ” while doctor finn laughed

your jokes are really funny ,I don’t mind getting entertained by your jokes everyday. Doctor finn said.

whatever you don’t have to tease me ,she said and enter the car while doctor finn follows .

alright driver ,drive be fast or I’m gonna b!0w your skull , Genevieve said . while the driver nodded fearfully and drove out .

Calm down don’t scare the poor driver okay ,Besides isn’t it time that grandma pay a good visit to his husband , klzzing nthe earth good bye for that old woman isn’t bad at all she shouldn’t be too greedy ,Doctor finn said staring at Genevieve who scoff and look away .

Stop talking doctor finn ,d!¢k ,woman fucker .fuck fucker fuckest . genevieve yelled .

and you are you in anyway different very me ,wide hole , Doctor finn mocked back

silence ****


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