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the billionaire’s favorite episode 17


(She’s mine????????…)

Genres: Romance

Tags: romance, love, betrayal and hatred

Location: America, other location would be added as the story progresses

By: Ghaniyah.M

Chapter 17



★ (Hurting Her) ★

8Pm At Clemson University ***

Sawyer was in the library, reading when she heard some voices, she stood up and glanced around but she didn’t see anyone. She shrugged and went to sit, she was busy reading when Alan and his guys entered the [email protected] Sawyer hissed and continued what she was doing, Alan walked towards her with a cigarette in his hands, he sat down on the table. He smiled and was about to touch her when she held his hand.

“What do you think you are doing?” She asked with a frown.

Alan glanced at his friend and they smiled, he puffed the cigarette smoke on Sawyer’s face, he yanked his hand away and he moved his l!ps closer to her ear then he whispered.

“Do you wanna know why I am here?”

Sawyer pushed him and stood up, she started parking her stuff, immediately Alan saw her packing her stuff, he gave one of his guys to lock the door. That was when Sawyer realised what he wanted to do. She was scared but she didn’t show it.

“Alan, tell your guys to open the door” She said and he burst out laughing.

“Do you think I am here to joke with you? Alan said with a frown.

He ordered his guards to strip her.

“What? Please don’t do this to me” Sawyer pleaded as she moved back.

The guys smiled at her and moved closer to her, tears streamed down on her face. One of the guys tore her clothes.

“Please don’t do this to me” She said in tears.

One of the guys was about to touch her when she held her hand and squeezed it, the guy screamed.

“Do you think I am scared of you guys?” She said and wiped the fake tears away.

Alan was shocked when he heard what she said, he stood and walked towards, he was about to hit her when they heard Rhett’s voice.

“Ohh, he is here” Alan said and ruffled his hair.

“What should we do now?” Ace asked.

“Alan, if you don’t open the door I am gonna break it” Rhett shouted as he bangs the door.

Few minutes later, Rhett hit the door with his legs and the door broke, he ran towards Alan. He hit him [email protected] on the face, he kept on hitting him until Sawyer told him to stop, Alan and his friends ran out, Rhett faced Sawyer.

“Are you okay? I hope they didn’t hurt you… ohh, your clothes are torn” He said and removed his jacket.

He covers her with it.

“They dare not hurt me” Sawyer said.

He smiled and pulled her in a hug then he muttered beneath his breath “I’m so happy you are okay, don’t come to library by this time again”

Sawyer raised her head, they stared into each other’s face for an hour, Sawyer pulled away and they left the library. When they got outside, they met a car parked in front of them.

“How did you know that Alan and his friends came to the library?” Sawyer asked.

“Karin told me… she was the one that s£nt them” He said and she frowned.

“Don’t hurt her, okay” Rhett said.

She nodded, he moved closer to her and removed the strands of her hair, he klzzed her forehead then he entered. He waved at her as the driver drove. Sawyer frowned immediately as the car left.

“I need to teach that bi**ch some lesson” She muttered as she walked into the girls hostel.

When she got inside, she met Mimi already asleep, she glanced at Piper and sighed out. She entered the bathroom to take a shower then Piper used that opportunity to take the jacket Rhett gave Sawyer, she hugged the jacket. She smiled and klzzed it.

“Why did he give her his jacket” she thought.

After some minutes Sawyer came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped on her body, she was shocked to see Piper klzzing the jacket, she called and Piper dropped the jacket immediately she saw her then she frowned.

“Do you like the jacket” She asked but Piper ignored her.

She shrugged and lay on the bed, she stared at the ceiling, her mind drifting to when Rhett hugged, she smiled as she hugged her pillow tightly. Piper glanced at her and scoffed

The Next Day***

Sawyer and her friends woke up early because they had a lecture this morning. Mimi glanced at Sawyer and Piper, she sighed heavily. Sawyer stood up and was about to leave with her friends when her phone buzzes. It was Rhett that s£nt her a message, she checked the message then smiled.

“Girls, I won’t be able to go to the [email protected] with you guys… Rhett is waiting for me at the restaurant” Saying this she exited the room and rushed to the restaurant.

While she was running on the way, she didn’t take notice of her shoes lace and stumbled.she didn’t expect herself to get bumped into a masculine body.

“I’m sorry” She said as she raised her head.

She flinched when she saw it was Rhett.

“Ohh, it’s me” Rhett said, gazing at her.

“I know it’s you but wait… you told me you are at the restaurant, how come you…”

She didn’t complete her statement when Rhett lay his hand on her l!ps.

“I have been waiting for you at the restaurant since,when I didn’t see you, I thought something happened to you” Rhett said.

“Ohh” She smiled and nodded her head.

“I hope you didn’t forget we are skipping [email protected] for today” Rhett asked.

“Ohh, I have forgotten” She said and smacked her head then Rhett chuckled.

“Let’s go” Rhett said and held her hand.

They ran towards the car smiling and staring at themselves when they got into the car, Rhett drove off.

Two hours later, they got to the mall and Rhett got down from the car, he opened the door for her then she stepped out of the car, gently. They entered the mall, holding each other’s hand.

“Hello, what do you want sir?” A lady as she walked towards them.

Rhett ignored her and walked towards a pink dress that was hanging. He glanced at Sawyer and at the dress.

“I think this is gonna be for her” He muttered.

He glanced around then he picked two tops with bum shorts. Sawyer was glancing when someone bumped into him.

“I’m sorry” Rocky said.

Sawyer frowned and as she raised her head, she was shocked to see Rocky.

“Wait… are you not the drunk guy that was [email protected] me at the club” Sawyer said, pointing her hand at him.

Rocky nodded and smiled at her.

“Sawyer” Rhett called as he walked towards them.

He was surprised to see Rocky.

“What are you doing?” Rhett asked with a frown.

Rocky told him to calm down and Rhett glared him.

“I’m Rocky… don’t forget Sawyer I will make you pay for what you did to me at the club” Rocky said and left.

“Don’t worry, I won’t allow him to do anything to you” Rhett @ssured.

She nodded.

Clemson University***

Alan waited for Karin to show up, he frowned immediately he saw her, he signalled his friends to leave then they left. He faced her.

“Why did you ask me to do the job when you know that you will inform Rhett” Alan said with a frown.

“Rhett, come but how… I didn’t tell him” Karin said.

Alan was shocked when he heard what she said.

“But Rhett told me that you were the one that told him… wait,did someone use the phone to call him” Alan said.

That was when Karin checked her phone, she was surprised to see Rhett’s number at the recent call, she frowned when she remembered that it was her and Naomi that were in the room.

“I’m sorry, it was Naomi that called him… I will deal with the b**h when I got to the hostel” Karin said and left angrily.

When she got inside, she saw Naomi sitting on the bed, she walked towards her and slapped then dragged her up with her hair, Naomi screamed in pain.

“Karin, what have I done to you” Naomi asked.

“You are still pretending as if you didn’t do anything” Karin said, angrily.

After an hour Karin left her and was about to leave the room when Susan and Monique came in. Karin hissed and left, Sudan called her as she ran after her but she didn’t answer. She sighed and entered the room.

“What happened between you guys, Naomi” Susan asked.

Naomi narrated everything to her.

“Oh shit, you ruined our plans” Susan said with a frown.

She left the room to search for Karin.


By: Ghaniyah.M

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