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stuck with an obsessed girlfriend episode 1

???????? STUCK WITH AN

(His Headache ????, Her Add!¢tion ????)

By,Asabi O.

GENRE: Romance.

THEME:Love Or lvst.

TAGS: College, Love Triangle, Jealousy,One sided love,Obsession,Comedy,Hatred, Unrequited love, Suspense.



Being the only Child and Daughter Mr Micheal and Mrs Sophia Robert, The owner of Robert Corporate ,the most Famous and am Richest In Florida.

If Brat was a person itself,she will be name that instead of her name,her mum made it by always on her wishes and desires.

As a child her mum spoilt her with gifts and pres£nts, birthday’s or not she get them almost everyday, she lives in luxury,She gets whatever she wasn’t within a tickle of an eye ,All she has to is to name it,and it’s already hers.

She fell in love with a good friend and Business Partner of Esmeralda Son,they met in highschool and now they both attend the same college.

Not like the collect the college thing was a coincidence,she actually follows him there,she literally follow him around.

She was so much obssessed with him,that she can’t stand any girl new him,,she freak out like crazy.

She force her parents into being betronned to him as his fiance,her dad was adamant about it,,if not for her mother who is always benting to her request and Felix Mum too who was always after money.

Will you blame her,it was a surprise to all that The Great Bianca Robert fall in love,,can we blame her,Felix Anderson is a Demi-God,,he was given the name because of his appearance, girl lose there breath whenever they saw him,some went far as pa-ssing out.

Unfortunately for Bianca, Her Prince Charming hate her to the core,not because she doesn’t like her ,of course who wouldn’t like Bianca,the word beauty itself,she is literally the Queen of Hearts College.

But he can’t stand her Ruthless behavior and Bad Character,no matter how much she showered him Love and Affection,he never look at her.

He has a girlfriend,he love her so much with all his hearts,Making Bianca feel so worthless and unlove,her world revolves around him that she suddenly felt this urge to end her own to if he can won’t be hers.

*Will Felix eventually give in to her and reciprocate her love.

*Are they gonna end up together?

Let’s find out!!!

Fasten your belt coz this is going to be a long ride!!!

???????? STUCK WITH AN

(His Headache ????, Her Add!¢tion ????)

By,Asabi O.


EPISODE 1 ????.



Bianca strang up from the bed as she wake up to see the time,it 8pm in the money.

“F*ck Bee,how could you sleep for so long,felix will be in school with that b*tch by now, and mum didn’t even think of waking me up.This is so ridiculous,utterly rediculous”She hissed at no one in particularly.

She reluctantly stood up and went to the bathroom,few minutes she is done.

She get dressed and left the room.

She met her mum and dad at the dinner table having breakfast,
Jenna beside them,her personal maid.

“Mum,why didn’t you wake me up,you know how much I hate it when I get to school late”She take her sit.

“I am so sorry Darling,it’s skip my mind , honestly it’s skip my mind”Sophia pleaded.

“It’s okay mum,you know how much I love you “Bianca Said and they peck each other like lovers.

Michael rou-ghhis hair frustratedly watching them, sometimes he just wonder how he became the husband and dad to these fools her was staring at.

“Can you stop the nons£nse now and eat”He said.

Bianca roll her eyes at him.

“Are you nuts,I told you never to roll your eyes or hissed at me again,if you ever try that again,I swear on my life is either I seized you credit card or your car”Micheal said seriously.

“That’s reminds me,my car is faulty”Bianca said.


“Dad,get me another car,I can’t resumes another semester with that old version car,it’s our last year in school,I have to look good “Bianca said.

“So because you resume another semester you want to get another one and threw the old one away is that it”Micheal scoffs.

“Mum,help me out”Bianca face her mum like a two years old kid.

“Micheal!!!”Sophia snapped.

“Stop screaming or else you will gonna die heart attack”Micheal said.

“She is our only daughter Micheal,she wouldn’t ask for it if she don’t need it”Sophia said.

“She is not getting another one and that’s final,don’t even think of getting it for her coz I am not gonna let you use it”Micheal said.

“Who cares,i am not leaving here anyway,i am going back to my unit tommorrow,mum will get it for me,right mum”Bianca face Sophia and she nodded simply so Micheal wouldn’t see her.

Micheal look at her hand shake his head pitifully.

“Where is my food mum,I am running late already I don’t want Courtney to get to school before I do”She said.

“Jenna where is my Baby Food”Sophia yelled at ……….

“Here it is Ma’am”Jenna Said her hand trembling.

“And my coffee”Bianca yelled.

“Here”Jenna hand’s tremble again and the Coffee Sli-p from her hand.

All the content pout all over Bianca’s Body.

At this minutes, Jenna close her eyes and said her last prayer silently,she know she is dead already.

“How dare you ruined her prescious dress,did you know the amount of this dress can feed your whole generation,you lowlife fool”Sophia stood up angrily.

“Mummy,she ruined my dress,I just bought it,So ridiculous”Bianca stamped her foot on the floor faking a cry like a baby.

“Don’t worry darling,I will handle this”Sophia said and made to slap Jenna.

“If you dare lay your hand on her”Micheal said and Sophia stop.

“Seriously, Sophia are you in your right s£nse,is she a kid ,she is 22 for crying out loud,she doesn’t need a nanny anymore you are old enough to take care of yourself” Micheal said angrily.

“22 or not she is still a kid i need to look after,and like you said she doesn’t need a nanny….”

Bianca face her mum looking confused.

“You are fired,I will find someone better”Sophia added and Bianca smile.

Jenna went on her kneel immediately pleading.

“Madam Sophia please ,I will never try such again”she pleaded.

“You have know that before being so clumsy”Sophia said.

“Jenna get up and go back to what you were doing,she don’t have the right to sack you”Micheal said and Jenna run to the kitchen.

“You dare not,I am her employer I can sack her anytime I want “Sophia yelled.

Michael ignore her and stood up.

“Dad!!!”Bianca yelled.

“You may decide not to resume school coz of the dress,it’s your choice,now will you please excuse me”Micheal said and went to his room.

“I hate you dad!!, Unbelievably Ridiculous”Bianca yelled.

“It’s alright baby,I will get you another dress before you come back,go and change quickly and go to school,you don’t want other girl drooling over Felix before you get there”Sophia said.

“You are right mum,but Jenna,she has to pay for what she did”Bianca said.

“I know darling,I will take care of it,don’t you trust mummy ”

“I trust you mum”She said.

“Now,go get changed quickly”Sophia added.

Bianca stamped her foot on the floor as she walk to her room,she quickly get changed to something similar and went downstairs.

“Mum,the car “She said.

“It will be delivered to your unit tommorow”Sophia said.

“I love you mum”She peck her and rush out.

“I love you too baby”Sophia shouted.



“Here”Vera(Felix Mum) handed Felix a lunch pack.

“What is this?”Felix ask Coldly.

“What else,I prepare food for Bianca”Vera said.

Of course he already know what is it and who it is for,she gave him that everyday he never for once collect it, Vera will always give it to his driver to threw it away or eat it.

“Mum,don’t start with me again.I am late as it is already”Felix said walking out.

Vera ran after him and hand it over to his driver as usual.

“Make sure to give it to him”Vera said to Mike and he nodded.

He bow lightly before entering the car,and drove out of the house.

“Master,what should I do with it”Mike ask.

“Is that even a question,feed it to the pigs for all I care”Felix roll his eyes.

“I am sorry sir”Mike said.

“It’s okay,Just drive”Felix said and Almost immediately His phone rings.

He check the Caller ID and he hissed.


It’s Bianca.

He cut it and she call again,like almost 10 ten times ,he know if he didn’t pick it ,she won’t stop calling so he pick it.

“Have you never heard of the word Privacy”He said.

“Charm,I am sorry I am late ,I hope you are not mad at me already,my Car broke down just give me an hour I will be there…”

He didn’t allow her to finish he hang up on her and switch off his phone immidiately.

He rest his back on the chair and stare at space.

“Why is my life this complicated”He muttered.


“Dad,this is all your fault,this is all your fault,I hate you,So Ridiculous”Bianca stamped her foot on the main road.

She dail her mum’s line and she pick up immediately.

“Mum,the Ridiculous car broke down “She cried.

“I am sorry baby,don’t cry,you won’t want mummy to cry too,where are you”Sophia ask.

“Saint Patrick’s main road”Bianca sniffs.

“The car will be delivered to you right now”Sophia said and hang up.

“So Ridiculous,I will make sure I kick you out of my house today, Jenna”she fold her fist angrily.



????Queen of Beauty.

???? Demi-God Obsession.

????The word beauty itself.

????Her new car goes well with her dress.

????I love you Bee.

????Marry me Bianca.

Every student murmur as Bianca step out of the car elegantly,she ignore them and rush into the school.

She don’t think she will be able to breath another minute without getting the glimpse of Felix right now.

She wasn’t looking straight and she bump into Edward the only guy she talk to.

They have actually been friends since childhood,there family have business together that make them close.

Edward Holland,the son of the third rank of richest family in Florida.

“Bee,what up”he said simply.

“Hi Eddie,have you seen Char….I mean Felix around”She ask and Edward expression changed.

“No”he reply.

“I have to go look for him,see you later Eddie”She ran off.

Edward stare at her till she is out of his sight and sighed sadly.

He is actually in love with her that why he hate Felix so much,the feeling is mutual too coz Felix also hates him.

They are practically enemy.

Edward was about to enter the clas-swhen two guys suddenly wrap there hands around his neck.

Addy and Noah his friends.

“Heartbroken again”Addy said.

“What did you expect”Noah laugh.

“You else crush on the Demi-God obsession”Addy said and they both laugh.

“You guys should stay out of my business if you are not gonna help”he yank there hands off and glare at them.

“Why don’t you get a plastic surgery of Felix face”Noah said and they laugh again.

“I hate you both”Edward yelled.

“We love you too”Noah and Addy winked.

Edward hold his head and rush out of the cla-ss.


“.Charm,Charm”Bianca shout as she sight Felix coming out of the Boy’s restroom.

“Charm”she rush to hug him.

Felix pushed him off himself and she fell on her bu-tt.

“Bee”Edward rush to her.

“Are you alright”He ask touching her hand worriedly.

She didn’t reply,she stood to her feet and went to Felix.

“Charm I am sorry forgive me he don’t mean to,I know you are angry he I let him touch me,I am sorry please”Bianca pleadeed.

“Is your brain walking anti-clockwise ,do I look like her care”Felix said.

“I know you are angry you are just pretending not to”Bianca said.

“Skylight”A voice said from the back and Felix smiled.

It was Courtney,his girlfriend.

“Cherie”He reply and Bianca face turn red immediately.

Courtney get to them and give him a tight hug and a little ki-ss on his cheek.

Bianca felt the urge of punching her face badly but the last time she did,he don’t talk to her for weeks,she won’t imagine it happening again.

“Clas-shas started aren’t you going to cla-ss?”Courtney ask.

“I was waiting for you Cherie”Felix said.

“Let’s go then”Courtney held his hand and secretly stuck out her tougue at Bianca before finally leaving with him.

Bianca fold her fist angrily watching them.

Edward who was watching silently all along walk to her.

“Forget about him Bee,he doesn’t deserve you”Edward said.

“Get away from me ,it’s all your fault he is angry at me,you are so Ridiculous”she yank his hand off and run off crying.

She was about to enter clas-swhen two people call her at a time.

“Beauty Bee”

“Other half”

Charlotte and Scarlet called.

Her two best friends.

“What happened baby”Charlotte said when she notice her purffed eyes.

“Did you cry because of that…Anim….I mean Felix again”Scarlet said.

She wanted to him Animal before but she had to swallow it is she didn’t want to get into a flight with her.

“I am fine girls”Bianca mange to say.

“Your face says otherwise…”

They were interrupted by a lecturer who come in,they all rush to there sit.



School ended early and everyone went to there various house.

It’s ended early because it’s there first day resuming.

Bianca sighed sadly as she recollect what happened in school today.

*He must be really mad,he hate it when any other guy touch me*She said inwardly.

“Should I call him and apologize””she said.



Felix was in his bathroom, freshening up,he was so exhausted since he got back from school.

He heard a someone opening his door room entering.

“Who is that”he shouted from the bathroom.

“It’s me brother”Twinkle (His sister) said.

“What did you want”he said not coming out of the bathroom.

“My hair dryer is not working,I need yours,I will return it really quick”Twinkle said and pick the hair dryer on the table.

She turn to leave but this phone suddenly rings,she wanted to leave it but she saw the ID called and she hissed.

“Brother ,your Headache is calling”She shouted.

“Don’t pick it”Felix said.

She wanted to leave it but she decided to tease her a little.

She took his phone to pick it but it’s suddenly got disconnected.

She sat on his bed knowing fully well she will call again.

Not least that ten seconds,Bianca calls again and she pick it.

“Hello Charm,I am sorry honestly,I don’t know he was going to touch me,I know you are mad please forgive me charm,I am….”

“Who is this”Twinkle said changing her voice.

Bianca raise her brows immediately.

“Who are you and why are you with my Fiance’s phone”She yelled.

“He was taking a shower,so I picked it for him”Twinkle said.

“Shower,how,what is going on,who are you”

“Me?,Let’s just say the person who take shower first”Twinkle said.

“Shower?,where are you right now”

“I am on the bed,in his room”

“You are joking right,Charm won’t dare do this to me”

“Why don’t you come check for yourself”Twinkle said and hang up.

The moment she hang up,she started laughing [email protected] imagining her face right now.

Felix come out from the Bathroom.

“What are you doing with my phone and what is do funny”He ask.

“Brother,you will be expecting a visitor anytime from now”She said still laughing [email protected].

“What visitor”Felix said.

“How about we count,One…..two….three….Tada”

Slowly the door open revealing Bianca.


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