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stolen sweet heart episode 33 & 34

{ Teach Me To LÔve}

CHAPTER 33 & 34

By Melody.



The whole crowd gave a complete silence as the rehearsal started.

The [email protected] for the first role started their play and everyone was watching excitedly.

Alec walked up to poppy, he was already dressed in his Elf costume.

” Poppy. I think you should go dress up before it our time” He said.

” Alec. I feel so nervous” She giggled, holding his arm.

” Why?”

” Cos I’ve never acted in front of so many people and now I’ll have to klzz. it’s awkward for me right?” She asked.

Alec half smiled and rubbed her hair.

” Just think about it like we’re the only one on stage, I’m sure you’ll get over the stage freight” He said.

She palmed her hands and let a swoosh of air [email protected] through her l!ps.

” I can do this!” She said and Alec nudged her body to move away.

” Quickly. Go change” He said and she ran away.

Poppy was really excited to perform on stage but her excitement was just to make a fun of storm.

She quickly ran to the backstage to go dress up but she arrived with the shock of her life.

Her dress had been torn into halves and it was laying on the w€t floor.

” Oh my God!!” She screamed off her head. ” Oh no who did this to my dress!” She panicked.

She remembered the director’s caution. ‘ Loose your dress, loose the role’

She sat on a chair and started crying, palming her face with the dress.

” I can’t act the play any longer with my dress looking like this. Worse is, it’s in the next twenty minute. My dress is ruined, what am I supposed to do!” She said and started sobbing.

Soon a footstep got close to her and she looked up to find Storm.

” Hey chubby cheeks. What’s up with the tears?” Storm approached her holding her waist [email protected]

” What are you doing in the backstage. You are not even acting” Poppy snorted, sniffing really [email protected]

” I was hearing a loud, loud cry. So I came to check up on the crybaby” She smiled and stared at the dress with her.

” Oh my Goodness. What happened to your dress?” She asked.

” Someone ruined it” Poppy said, throwing it aside and Storm started to laugh.

Of course, poppy knew she was behind it.

” Oh my Goodness. A princess without a royal dress. Haha. So hilarious” Storm said and wore up her dragon dress.

She turned to face poppy.

” It seems Alec’s orange won’t participate with him any longer. And since I still have my own princess gown, I’ll just go for it” She smiled.

” You dare not if you don’t want your hair to get bald!!” Poppy said, her eye’s getting red.

” You can’t possibly go out there wearing your uniform.”

” I don’t care. Afterall, this is not the real show!” She replied stubbornly

” The director will s£nd you away from the stage and everyone will laugh at you including Alec so it better you just give up now and let me do it” She said.

Poppy stood up and pushed her back.

” I am the one acting the role. Don’t get me fed up or I do something worse to you!” She raised her voice.

” Go ahead and face fire and hell, poppy. it seems you are not scared of getting expelled from minions and that will be a very sad goodbye” She said and Poppy fisted her palm.

” ACT 5!. ACT 5, report to stage” The director called.

” Oh hell no. That’s me and Alec!” Storm said.

” No!. It’s Alec and I !!” Poppy said and the two of them rushed out of the backstage together running towards Alec.

Everyone raised their head to see the drama that was about to portray.

They stood there and Poppy held Alec’s waist from behind while storm was holding Alec’s wrist.

” Take me as your princess and let me klzz you and be my prince charming” They both said at the same time.

Everyone stood up looking as baffled as Alec.

The one in princess dress and the one still on uniform, Everyone was confused on who was the real princess.

The director finally stood up.

” Poppy. Where’s your outfit?” The director said and Poppy left hold of Alec walking out to face the audience.

” I went there- to the backstage, and i found out that it was torn at a side and very w€t” She said innocently.

” I have my dress on already. I can switch in for the Act” Storm said and the director turned to poppy.

” Poppy. I’m afraid but you can’t do the act any longer. Storm will possibly fit in” He said and Poppy slowly nodded.

She started to walk out of the stage slowly with her hands behind her back, with tears on her cheeks and Storm faced Alec.

” Let’s get this done” She said and brought up her l!p forward.

Alec took a plastic wrapper and stapled her l!p rashly before walking towards Poppy.

” Poppy” He called and she stopped, turning towards him with those adorable w€t cheeks.

He came to her and klzzed the tears from her eyes and Poppy rubbed her dry eyes cutely.

” No one can fit in except you. You are my real princess, orange.” He said and held her hand, klzzing it gently.

” Would you grant my Christmas miracles to klzz you and be the next Elf prince ?” Alec said smiling at her with love in his eyes.

Poppy formed a shy, big old smile.

” Yes my Prince charming” She smiled and threw the script away, topping on her toe and grabbing Alec’s neck lovingly.

She stared at his eyes for a second, just admiring the beauty of having to be close to him.

And soon, their l!ps gently met, giving them that w€tness and pleasure of klzzing.

Their heart started to thump faster as the klzzed drew them closer, causing a sweet friction.

She klzzed him in a loving way and Alec held her petite body closer, klzzing her breathtakingly.

All the girls were drooling at them wishing they were in Poppy’s place.

In the midst of the crowd, Axel smirked evily as he chewed gum.

” I knew he loved her. He was only fighting his feelings” He said and stared at Oceana. She didn’t even care to look at him.

At the stage, Storm tried taking the plastic wrapper from her l!p but it was impossible.

She stopped and gawped at the two couple who were klzzing.

‘Look at how she’s enjoying every bit of it’ Storm subconscious mind yelled angrily.

She tried walking to them but she stepped on her dragon dress, she fell off and her dress slanted in half.

Her skin got exposed immediately and she got on her feet, covering herself shamefully.

Soon, Alec pulled Poppy up and she rolled her legs around him.

He swirled around in a circle and klzzed her lightly.

The crowds eyes got swelled in absolute shock.

???? Woahhhhh!!

???? Their klzz is off the play completely

???? I can get w€t just by watching them

They all started to murmur, getting marvelled.

” What’s happening here?” The director said taking off his eye lens as he stared at them.

” This was supposed to be a light peck not a Korean romance klzzing competition!!!” The director said but it seemed the couples were too lost.

Storm almost felt like her blood was drained out of her skin completely as she watched them.

” I can’t watch this shit any longer!” She screamed and took up her dress and ran towards the backstage.

Alec broke the klzz and stared at Poppy eyes.

” Nice work” He said.

” You are still the expert, moon” She smiled and Alec dropped her down gently.

The director finally stood up, wearing his [email protected] The crowd began to clap even before the director would talk.

When the noise died down, He faced them.

” The audience likes it but I do not tolerate such, Alec. This is a school, you can throw your relationship with her outside the school” He said and Alec sighed, holding Poppy’s hand.

The director faced everyone.

” Well that was a splendid act. Our next rehearsal will be until next week cos I’ll be busy for the rest of the week. Everyone taking part in their roles should learn their lines very well cos they won’t be using script on the D_Day” He said.

The bell was rung and everyone started to report to their morning [email protected]

Poppy glued on to Alec like a leach as they left the hall quickly.

Storm knocked into their midst, making them break their interlock.

” Sorry. I didn’t see you two. Seems she was invisible” She hissed hurtfully and walked away.

” She’s really something else” Alec smiled and Poppy gave a frown.

She quickly held his hand, looking up at him.

” Alec. Please can you stay away from her just my sake?” Poppy blinked cutely.

” Poppy. No matter how I try. I just can’t. She’s my [email protected] remember” He said and Poppy sighed, walking away to [email protected]


JUNIOR [email protected]

Poppy got into [email protected] and everyone started to talk about the klzz.

???? She’s now moving with the hottest guys

???? I couldn’t even watch the klzz scene

???? Gosh! the klzz was not meant for her

???? That stinky mouth she [email protected] brush

???? She would slowly infect everyone

Poppy could hear that mean Girl’s voice, Vera. She knew she was the queen of gossip.

She didn’t want to find anyone’s trouble and beat her to pulp like the other day.

She brought out her mathematics book and sat down, ignoring them completely.

Soon, The math teacher walked in and the [email protected] became calm.

” There will be no [email protected] today. I’d be hosting a math competition in [email protected] today. I just need two good contestants” The teacher said.

Everyone started staring at eachother until Vera raised her hand.

” Ma’am. I’ll manage to compete along with Poppy” She smirked.

” What! I didn’t say I was interested!” Poppy yelled at her.

” Or you’re scared of loosing cos you’re a big dullard?” She laughed and Poppy gripped her book tightly.

” Fine. I’m in. I’ll join the competition” She said and Vera smiled.

” It will be fun watching you fail, poppy. The winner gets to humiliate the looser in front of everyone.” Vera said

” Deal!!” Poppy said, glaring at her.

” Oh no. She’s playing with the queen of fire” One of Vera’s friend said and the [email protected] started to laugh.

Soon, Poppy lied to the teacher that she wanted to use the restroom so she used the opportunity to run to Alec’s [email protected]

She got into the noisy [email protected] and saw many faces difficult to look for him. She finally found him at the extreme end of the [email protected]

” Alec!” She waved and Alec took off his earphones.

” What are you doing here?” He asked.

” Come quickly. I need your help” She said and Alec left his seat, walking towards her.

” What’s the problem?” He leaned his arm, trapping her to the wall.

” Alec. Our [email protected] is hosting a math competition and I participated!!”

” Well…that’s good to hear” He raised his brows.

” No!. it’s not!. I don’t know math and I’m doing what I don’t like. I’ll fail!” She yelled and Alec sighed.

” So you need help. I should go into the competition for you?”

” No. Please help me look for a way to [email protected] the competition. Those mean Girls will humiliate me in front of the whole school. I can’t stand it, pleaseeee. please Alec!” She begged.

He sighed and leaned away from her.

” Fine. Come with me” He said and took her hands, pulling her away.



Poppy took her place in her seat and breathed in smoothly looking at Alec.

He adjusted something in his ear and Poppy did same as well.

He was standing at the window of her [email protected] and Poppy felt much secured.

The competition was getting started and Vera was getting all the praises from her friends.

She knew she was going to win being the smartest student in the [email protected]

She walked up to poppy.

” Poppy. Just know that after this, you’re going to get humiliated”

” That’s if only you win” She smiled and the teacher walked in.

” So Girls, boys. We have a math competition between Vera and Poppy. And I’ll like a complete silence while this is going on” She said and turned on the electronic board with a remote.

” It’s just five questions for both of you” She said and turned to poppy.

” Poppy. Answer the question on the board” She said and Poppy picked her pen.

Alec also picked his pen and started to solve while Poppy dwindled on her paper dumbly.

” The answer is 35, poppy” Alec whispered into the ear pod.

” 35!!” She answered immediately.

” Correct!” The teacher said and Poppy smiled widely at Alec. He cupped his cheeks staring at her wistfully.

” Well, four more questions to go for you” Vera snapped at her.

” Vera. This is your question” The teacher said, pointing at the board and Vera started to solve quickly.

When she was done, she looked up.

” The answer is 5 and a half” She said in a [email protected] way.

” That’s correct” The teacher said and the [email protected] gave a loud chattering for her.

” Geez. She’s really good. Anyways, Alec is here to help me so I should stop being baffled” Poppy said biting her l!p.

The teacher gave Poppy the second question and Alec gave the answer immediately.

” 2.90″ Poppy said sharply.

” Correct!” The teacher said.

” Wait. You are not solving” Vera snapped at her and Poppy heart skipped.

” Well…I…I.. know the answer just by seeing the questions” She quickly said and Vera snarled at her.

” I’m still better than you a thousand times” She hissed and took her face away.

Soon, Storm walked in to the [email protected] and saw Alec.

” Alec. What are you doing here. There is lesson going on in the [email protected]” She said.

” I’m busy. I’ll be back soon” He said.

She looked at him closely and saw him solve something on a paper and she looked up and saw Poppy adjusting her ear pod.

‘ He’s teaching her?. That’s cheating!!’ Storm subconsciously said hatefully.

She walked up to poppy and mistakenly hit her shoulders and the ear pod fell off her ear.

” Oh I’m sorry” Storm smiled and walked out of the [email protected]

Poppy searched for her ear pod and saw it had sl!pped next to the teachers feet.

” Oh no!. I can’t get it anymore!” She panicked, almost breaking into a sob.

” Poppy. We are waiting for your answer, please” The teacher said and Poppy looked at Alec.

” Is Alec the answer to your question?” Vera snapped and Poppy swallowed very [email protected]

” answer……

” Ten seconds left, poppy. I know you can do this” The teacher said.

Poppy bit her l!ps as she dwindled on her paper.

She wasn’t even paying attention to the question so there was no way she could solve it.

” Um…my answer is um…25″ She said and Vera palmed her l!ps in mockery.

” Not even close!” She laughed.

” Oh. I’m sorry, poppy. That’s incorrect. Vera help her out”

” The answer Is 1″ Vera said proudly.

” Correct. That’s a bonus to vera” She said and Poppy pouted her l!p sadly.

Her whole body and mind was ready to quit this competition cos she knew failure was knocking at her door.

Vera answered her third question correctly and the teacher moved to Poppy.

Poppy picked her pen to solve her’s and she stylishly had to look at Alec.

Alec tried [email protected] to explain the answer without making a word but she kept getting him frustrated.

He even became a deaf translator but Poppy raised her brow not understanding a thing he said.

” Your time is up, poppy.” She said and Alec palmed his face horribly.

” The answer to that is None. Cos none of the digit get to give 16″ Vera said proudly.

” Correct!” The teacher said and the [email protected] jubilate.

” Poppy. You are so done with. You’ve lost twice” Vera said and Poppy bit her l!p sadly.

The competition ended and Poppy wasn’t able to get a single answer.

” We have known our winner for today’s math competition. Vera sirange ” The teacher clapped.

” Yeah, that’s me. Fire queen.” Vera said and stuck out her chew gum, placing it on Poppy nose.

The bell was rung and everyone started to leave the [email protected] for the next subject.

” See me at lunch.” Vera smirked and left the [email protected] quickly.

Poppy went over to the ear pod and stared at it carefully.

” I failed” She muttered.

” No you didn’t” Alec said from behind her and she turned around, raising her gaze to look at him.

He was wearing a bandana on his hair again making him look hot.

” I failed. Now the whole school will humiliate me” She said sadly.

” Mistakes is a better way to improve Poppy. I’m sure in the next competition you’ll participate and work [email protected]

” But I hate math. I hate it so much ,I don’t wanna even study it” She pouted.

” With me around,I bet it will be your best subject” He said, rubbing her cheeks with his thumb.

” You’ll help and teach Me right?”

” Of course, What are friends for. We’ll make the night our reading session.” He said and hugged her warmly.

After what seem like forever of peace, They dis£ngaged their union and left the [email protected] quickly.



Alec walked in and met miss cherry looking far lost into thin air.

He had actually come to ask why she missed their rehearsal practice.

” Miss cherry are you alright?” He asked finding the seat next to her.

” I’m…okay” She said, falling her face sadly.

” But you don’t look okay?. Is anything wrong?” He asked and she held his palm, knotting her f!ng£rs with him.

” Alec. I really need your help. I don’t think hiding this from everyone will solve it.” She sighed

” I’m ready to listen to whatever you have to say” He said, cupping his jaw while staring at her.

” Welllll, I have this friend of mine who’s been staying with me since her husband divorced her. I’ve been dating her husband unknowingly and when she knew about it, she left but her husband keeps needing my attention. What should I do, I’m just confused” She said.

” I think you should explain everything to her husband. Maybe you two can work things out from there”

” You mean I should tell him his Ex wife knows about our relationship and she’s mad at us?”

” Yeah, and maybe stop the feelings you feel for him. Instead, you should try make them come back together” He shrugged and Miss cherry smiled heavenly.

” Thanks so much, Alec. You’re just so wonderful” She said and her phone rang again.

” It’s him.” She told Alec.

” Rather talk to him physically” He said and she texted him.





She kept the phone and smiled at him.

” Thanks for the advice once again” She said.



Oceana was just leaving the hospital crying out her whole eyes heavily.

She folded the pregnancy result sheet and threw it inside the waste bin as she folded her arms crying.

She didn’t even care at the stares she received, she was just really really hurt.

” How can I be pregnant!. What kind of doctors do we have this days. I thought I drank pills!. Why does bad luck catch up with me everytime!” She cried as she walked back to school.

School wasn’t far from the hospital so she was able to visit the place frequently.

” Now I’m two weeks pregnant, No one knows about it. Not even the father!!” She yelled and started crying loudly.

She got to school and it was already lunch time so she walked into the cafeteria with swollen.

She met Axel with a group of s£nior girls who were flirting on him and his two male friends, Draco and snow.

” He’s with those filthy girls again” She said sniffing her nose [email protected]

Axel tapped a girl’s butt and scoffed.

” Too [email protected] I don’t fuck [email protected] @ss” He said and his friends laughed.

” When are you going to get a new girlfriend, pussy king?” One of the girls asked.

” Relax girls,I can choose whoever I want, if your pussy is on fire, go jump into a lagoon” He said and everyone laughed again.

Oceana threw her bag on his table and Axel quickly looked up.

” Mrs fart is here” He laughed.

” Axel. I need to talk to you.” She said.

” Well say whatever trash you gotta say, here. I’m listening” He said.

” Okay fine!. I’m pregnant” She said and the whole student all heard it, looking at them.

” What the heck are you saying. You can’t be pregnant. I didn’t even touch you in your stay at my home” He scoffed.

” The doctor said the pills didn’t work on me, Okay!. They said, I’m pregnant for two weeks” She said sobbing.

“Oceana. I know you’re lying to me. The nurse told me we lost the baby”

” Or babies?”

” Wait. They were two?”

” Look. I can’t discuss this here. We need to leave so I can feel more comfortable.” She said and picked her bag, walking away.

She realised Axel wasn’t following her so she went back and dragged his jacket and pulled him outside.

They got outside at the school garden and Oceana crossed her arm.

” I threw the pregnancy result paper away cos I was mad”

” And you think I’d believe?!”

” Look. I’m not lying. I swear, I’m carrying our child. I saw the scan with my own eyes”

” Pst. Better go meet the guy you fvcked while I was not around” He hissed and Oceana stopped his wrist, sobbing again.

” Please don’t leave me in this alone, Axel. I swear, I never met guy. I never knew I was pregnant and the doctor said if I try aborting it again, I’ll die” She said.

” Look. I am not yet ready to cater for one nuisance baby you’re carrying there. I still need to…enjoy my teens and find a life”

” But I don’t know what to do, please Axel. Please don’t leave me. You are my fiancé remember. You are supposed to love me and support me in this” She said.

Axel sighed, running his f!ng£rs into his hair.

” What are we supposed to do now?” He asked.

” I might just keep the child. Please, help me tell your mom about it. I’ll call my parent and tell them about the baby too” She said.

” We can’t tell anyone. We need to find a way and get the shit out of your body, I’m not ready to be a father. They mustn’t hear about this, I’ll find a way to end the baby’s life”

” But I want to keep the baby” She said.

” You wanna keep a baby at seventeen!. Are you crazy?!”

” I’m not crazy, Axel. The same way your mother loves you, that’s same way I love the baby here. okay, the baby is staying!” She yelled and he walked away.

Oceana sat down on the breaches and started to cry to herself.

” I swear I’m not going to kill this baby. I know he survived by a miracle and I’m never gonna kill my baby” She sniffed, holding her shirt.

” I’m keeping the child no matter what Axel says. I can’t let him mess with my life anymore!” She said.

Poppy walked outside and saw her crying alone.

” Oceana. Hi” Poppy waved sadly.

” Oh, hi” Oceana said wiping her cheeks.

” I heard about everything that’s why I’m here.” She said.

” Thanks but I’m fine. I don’t think I’m ready to talk to anyone yet, maybe next time” She said and stood up, walking away.

Poppy sighed [email protected] when she met Vera approaching her.

‘ Good. I’m doomed’ She said inwardly. Vera approached her and glared at her.

” So this is where you’ve been hiding, huh?”

” No I just__

” Remember the deal. I’ll get to humiliate you in front of the whole school” She said and stretched out her bag.

” You’re going to be my new maid for the rest of this week. You’ll do ANYTHING I say” She smiled.

” What?!”

” Do it or i change my mind for something more worse” She said and Poppy quickly picked her bag.

” Be referring to me as Poppy’s queen. Say it!”

” Yes, Poppy’s queen” Poppy said lazily and they left the garden together, with Poppy following her like a pet.



Poppy ran into the kitchen wearing a gray big shirt and she got close to the [email protected] carefully.

She wore the gloves bigger than her hand and took off the pot from the fire.

” Oh. Thank Godness the food didn’t burn!” She said and turned off the [email protected] quickly.

Soon, Alec came and wrapped his hands around her, resting his head at the crook of her neck lovingly.

” Orange. This cloth is driving me insane. Axel is around. yunno” He smiled.

Poppy got stiff for a while but she quickly shaked off his grip from her waist, turning to him.

” You drank alcohol?” She asked, slapping his face with the gloves.

” No poppy” He smiled dreamily and hugged her warmly again.

” Stop!. Stop! Have you forgotten the whole family is around” Poppy panicked and he left her.

” I care less, orange” He said and carried her up, making her sit on the table, leaning his forehead on her.

” Let’s klzz again” He said and her heart skipped.

” I don’t think we’re safe. What if mistress comes” She said, widening her round angelic eyes again.

” I brought my textbooks”

” How’s that gonna help?!” She yelled and Alec suddenly sulked her l!ps gently, klzzing her with so much love in his movements.

His hands moved to her chubby body moulds and he started to caress her as loving as he could.

Poppy quickly broke the klzz and stared at him.

” Alec. I’m scared”

” Everyone here knows I love you. I don’t think I can breath, hiding it from anyone any longer ” He said.

” But___

” Shhhhh. I think I should just tell you now” He said breathing in.

” Tell me what?”

He cupped her cheeks and stared at her eyes, smiling handsomely.

” Poppy. I want you to be my girl” He said and her heart skipped.

” Your girl?. No we can’t date. I’m not even your [email protected] Your parent would never dream of that”

” Please Poppy, Don’t be concerned about the negativity. I love you and I don’t think I can continue as friends any longer” He said and interlocked their f!ng£rs.

” Sharing this type of klzz and hugs, I don’t think friends do that. I want you to see through my eyes and understand my feelings cos i know you are perfect for me” He said and Poppy shifted her gaze shyly.

He cupped her cheeks again, making her look at him.

” I might not be able to fall in love again. I might not be able to date in the future. I want you to be the key to my heart, poppy. Teach me how to love, I know you know more than me” He said and Poppy smiled cutely.

She grabbed his face still with the gloves in her hand and klzzed him naively, breaking the klzz within second.

” I’ll be your girl, Alec. I love you so much too ” She smiled and Alec hugged her comfortably, going into her small mouth for a klzz.

The door suddenly opened and Alec quickly brought up his textbooks.

” Say after me, seven plus two is ten”

” Seven plus two is ten!” Poppy replied naively, shaking her head.

” Again,”

” Seven plus two is ten!!” She said and Alec looked at his mom at the door.

” We’ve been learning mathematics since 5 o clock” He said and Poppy bit her l!ps to avoid laughing.


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