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she’s not a Cinderella episode 34


????A Cinderella doesn’t have to be a princess????

✍️ Written By Precious Pinky✍️

????Chapter Thirty-Four [34]????

Theme: End of the road 2…????.

????Malcolm’s Pov????

I hurriedly went to her room I’m search of her but she was already gone.

Her clothes were no longer there again. Her bags…they were gone.

fu-ck, I can’t believe this is happening.

Hell, I never imagined a day like this would ever come.

Oh my God, I was worried.

I was so fu-cking worried.

And no, it wasn’t because of what’s going on… But i was rather worried about her.

How was she taking the whole situation right now?

Was she save?

Was she at the corner of somewhere…crying?

Were my fans hara-ssing her?

Damn! This was crazy.

I say down, helplessly on the edge of her bed and rested my forehead against my palm.

How can this be happening?

fu-ck, fu-ck, fu-ck!

I shouldn’t have forced her to go out with me on a date.

I shouldn’t have taken the secret relationship out there to the public.

This was all my fault.

I gro-aned in frustration…I should never have even asked her to be my girlfriend!

No, I wasn’t regretting now but I was rather feeling stupid. I should have broken up with Kara before asking Ruby out on a date.

I should have done everything normally instead of foolishly…

“When did you both started dating?” Johnny questioned, bringing me out of my trance.

He was shooting daggers at me now as he stood right in front of me.

The other guys were standing right behind him. All of them were waiting for answers.

“Two or three days after we arrived here.” I reply, looking up to each and every one of them.

Johnny eyes wide-ned in utmost shock. “You’ve got to be kidding me. But…but how the hell was that even possible? You never liked her.”

“I don’t know, okay? Everything just seem to have happened so fast!” I say, standing up to my feet.

“You are a fu-cking a-sshole, Malcolm. You know I had a crush on Ruby. You know I liked her and yet, you went behind my back and started ban-ging her!” He was glaring at me. If looks could kill then I would have been 6feet below right now. I’ve never seen Johnny this way before.

Hell, Johnny never gets angry. He was always the playful and funny one amongst us but right now…he was looking so different and quite intimidating, may I add.

“I love Ruby, okay!” I was getting angry and frustrated. The whole situation were doing nothing but making me go insane.

“love?” He scoffed. “Then, what about Kara? Geez, don’t you have any conscience at all, Malcolm? How the heck will you be dating two girls at the same time?!?”

“You know I never had any kind of feelings for Kara.”

“But that didn’t still stop you from f*cking her! Because she’s fu-cking pregnant now!”

“Kara isn’t pregnant for me! You all know she faked that news.” I say throu-ghgritted teeth as I tried my possible best to withheld my anger.

“Do we? Because we clearly didn’t know that you were also fu-cking Ruby while you fu-cked Kara!”

And that did the magic!

I didn’t even know how it happened or what even happened but all I did know was that my fist had already collided with Johnny’s jaw.

And before we knew it, we were already throwing punches at each other while the other guys came over to separate us.

“You fu-cking bastard!” Johnny yelled at the top of his voice as he struggled to come at me again but Elvis and Denise were preventing him from doing just that!

“Ruby is mask girl!” I blurted out and that was followed with silence.

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing as they turned to look at me.

Johnny had stopped talking and had also stopped trying to come at me.

He was staring at me with wide eyes alongside the rest of the guys.

“What?” Elvis breath out, breaking the silence.

“Ruby is mask girl.” I repeated again.

“Wait. Ruby is your Cinderella?” Johnny questioned, just to be sure he heard me currently.

“She’s not a Cinderella and yeah, she’s the one.”

He was going to say anything when the door to the house bursted open and an angry Joe towered towards us.

“Are you happy now, Malcolm? Didn’t I warn you not to do anything stupid?”

“You didn’t. And whatever i did was no one’s business. I love Ruby!”

“Love? If you loved her then you wouldn’t have done something as stupid as this!” He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Get prepared, all of you. We are going back to New York.” And with that said, he walked out of the house.


????Cherry’s Pov????

We had been trying Ruby’s number… okay, actually it was Malcolm’s number but no one was answering.

God, i hope Ruby was save wherever she was…

The whole people in New York have come to see the news. They are all mad at Ruby.

And currently they are out there waiting for her.

That’s one reason why I have been trying to reach out to her so I could tell her not to come home yet until everything was settled.

Hell, why the fu-ckdidn’t she tell me that she was dating Malcolm?

I was her best friend and best friend don’t keep things from each other!

But now wasn’t the right time for me to be mad at her or anything. Now is for me to stand with her and support her.

She needs me more than anything now.

“Try the number again.” Vincent say to me for the umpteenth today.

I nodded my head in agreement and tried calling the number. Again.

But this time around, the number wasn’t available.


“It isn’t available. Do you think she’s okay?”

“I hope she is.” That was his reply.

Tyson was fast asleep in his room.

Phew! Thank goodness for that.

James walked over to me and handed me a cup of water.

“Thanks.” I muttered under my breath as I collected the water from him.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me against his body.

“Everything will be fine.” He whispered in my hair.

I nodded my head and wrapped my arms around his waist.

I could see from the corner of my eyes at Vincent who was glaring at us.

But…. why was he glaring?


It’s 5:30 in the evening and those jobless paparazzi were still out there in front of our house!

Okay, maybe they weren’t jobless because hell, they were doing their job right now!

Suddenly, we heard the bell rung.

I quickly stood up to my feet and made my way to the door.

I opened the door without even asking who it was until I came face to face with….Jenny?

She was crying.

Why was she crying in front of the door.

Before I knew it, she pulled me into a very tight hug.

She started sobbing right in my arms.

Should I console her even though I didn’t exactly know why she was crying?

Or should I push her off me and slammed the door shut right in her face.

Nah, that would be mean.

Jennifer might be a bit-ch but that didn’t still change the fact that she was still Ruby’s sister.

“What’s wrong?” I finally asked after we had stepped back into the house.

“I’m so sorry for everything. I’ve hurt my sister more than I can ever imagine. Yes, I know I’ve been jealous of Ruby but trust me, I never wanted to hurt her. Yeah, I had tried to make her suffer but I wouldn’t dare hurt her!” She say, crying.

“How did you hurt her?” I ask.

She gulped.

“Jenny…what did you do?”

“I… i was the one who planned all this with Kara against Ruby!”


“Yes, I know. I’m a snitch! A bit-ch ! A witch! I’m so mean, wicked and heartless…i admit. At first, I never thought of myself as all those things but right now…I think I’m all those things.”

“God. Do you know the pain Ruby must be going throu-ghright now? Look out there…” I held her wrist and pulled her with me to the door. I opened it and we were welcomed by angry fans. “Those people aren’t here for us…they are here for Ruby. They hate her. Damn, they are willing to kill her! How can you do this to your own flesh and blood?”

“I want to make things right, Cherry. I have to make things right for my sister. For my family.”

“Sister? Ruby disowned you.”

“Yeah, she did. But I never disowned her.” And with that said, she left.


????Narrator’s Pov????

“What’s going on, Santiago?” Mr Dantes ask as he walked into Mr Santiago’s office.

“It’s just a girl who stole my daughter’s boyfriend and the whole world are going against her now.” He answered, standing up to his feet. “Please sit.” He offered.

Mr Dantes nodded his head and sat down.

“What about the concert?”

“It was cancelled.”

“Because a girl stole your daughter’s boyfriend?” Mr Dantes ask in surprise.

“Actually, the fans are angry and are chasing after the girl now. God, young girls of nowadays will do anything just to be rich.” Mr Santiago muttered under his breath.

“So…who is this girl?” Mr Dantes now asked.

After seeing his daughter after all this years…he was so fu-cking excited.

He has missed his family so much. And hell, he can still remember his daughter very well!

But after getting to discover about his wife’s death…he felt heartbroken.

He should never left them.

But he had no choice.

“Her name is…um…. what’s her name again….?….um…Ruby Darlings! You wouldn’t even know her because she’s nothing but a low clas-sbit-ch .”

“Wait. You said her name is…Ruby Darlings?” Mr Dantes questioned, just to be sure he heard Mr Santiago very well.

“Yes. Why?”

“Did you just call my daughter a low clas-sbit-ch ?” Mr Dantes rose to his feet in anger as he glared at Mr Santiago.

Mr Santiago knitted his brows at Mr Dantes in total confusion.

“Ruby Darlings is your daughter? Or am I missing something?”

“Ruby is my daughter! And what, young girls of this days would do anything to get riches? How dare say such a thing about my daughter!”

“I…i…I didn’t know she was your daughter.” Mr Santiago say, nervously.

“You didn’t know? No wonder she was in so much tears when I had saw her coming out of the concert hall… Tell me everything that had happened and i mean… everything or consider our deal off and you know what that means.”

????Ruby’s Pov????

Looking ahead of my house, I felt a smile tug at the side of my li-ps.

Yeah, I was finally back to New York and right now I was getting so close to home.

Home sweet home…

It’s the one place I could feel save.

I sighed as I look down at my feet.

Everything were happening so fast. One minute I was unemployed and the next I had a job and the next minute, i started dating a celebrity and the next minute, the whole worpd knows about our relationship and are all against us!

Why wasn’t I surprise about the whole situation…?

Oh, I think I know why…? It’s because I knew a day like this would come!

I dug my nails in my palm as those tears threatened to spill.

But I never imagined a day of seeing my father again after ten years would come.

I never even wished for it to come!

I was so stupid to have wished for a happy ever after.

Ruby Darlings can never have an ending like that!

I would probably end up like my mother!

In fact I ended up like there because I never get to be with him.

He was gone.

He wasn’t mine afterall.

I shouldn’t have expected too much.

“She’s here!” I suddenly heard, drawing me out of my trance and into the real world.

I look up only to find myself staring at some bunch of teenagers, shooting daggers at my way.

Suddenly, I started seeing flashes of light as the paparazzi started taking pictures of me.

I was wrong…

I wasn’t save here either.

I wasn’t save anywhere!

This was crazy.

“Are you really dating our Malcolm?” Shouts one person from the crowd.

“You are so disgusting, how can you date a man who has a pregnant girlfriend!” Another one shouts.

“You are nothing but a lowlife bit-ch !” Another one yelled out as well.

“You are a shameless an horrible person, go die.” Before I knew it, something [email protected] hit my forehead and knocked me off my feet as my as-slanded on the [email protected] floor.

“Die, you heartless psycho.” They kept chanting as they threw [email protected] things at me.

Those paparazzi did nothing to stop them as they hurt an innocent person.

How could they do this to a fellow human?

How could they be this mean and heartless?!?

They didn’t even know what exactly happened!

They don’t know any damn thing!

They threw drinks, water, eggs, stones and other things at me!

I was in pain.

My head were aching.

I was getting dizzy already.

Everything were becoming blurry.

And the only thing i heard was…“Oh my God, Ruby.” But soon, I hit the cold floor and everything went blank.

Darkness consumed me.





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