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she’s not a Cinderella episode 22


????A Cinderella doesn’t have to be a princess????

✍️ Written By Precious Pinky✍️

????Chapter Twenty-Two [22]????

????Cherry’s Pov????

I was in the kitchen washing the dishes when I heard the sound of the door.

I stopped what I was doing and slowly turned around.

Wait, I thought I locked the door?

Is Tyson back from school?

Nah, he can’t be back yet. It was just half past one.

I picked the nearest thing on the counter and slowly made my way to the living room.

Who knows, maybe it was a thief. Or even worse, a serial killer!

“Ahhhh!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I attacked my attacker.

I kept hitting him with the bowl I had collected to use as a weapon to attack whoever it was that had barged into my house.

I kept hitting the person while screaming until I heard the person’s voice.

It sounded so much like….

I stopped hitting the person and pulled away to get a better view of the person’s face.


“Hey. That’s a pretty great way to welcome a visitor, Cheers.” He says as he straightened his suit and look up at me.

I stared at him awkwardly as I scratched the back of my neck.

“sorry?” That sounded like a question.

But come on, what was I suppose to do in this kind of situation?

I had attacked Vincent thinking he was either a thief or a serial killer.

Gosh, my thinking was probably those things.

“Why exactly did you attack me?” He ask as he walked further into the house.

“I thought you were a serial killer or a thief. I mean, I was only trying to defend and protect myself.” I say, defending my stupid behavior of earlier.

“With a bowl?” I could hear the teasing in his damn voice.

Wait, was he laughing my choice of weapon?

“Bowls are a better weapon.” I say.

He raised a questioning brow at me. “Really? A bowl? Let’s @ssume I was a serial killer, would you have really attacked me with a bowl?”

“What are you even doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the hospital taking care of your patients or opening their brains up?” I walked back into the kitchen while Vincent trailed from behind.

“I’m off early. And it’s not all the time that doctors like me open brains up.”

I threw my hands in the air in surrender. “Yes doc.”

A comfortable silence fell between us. I continued with my dishes while Vincent walked towards the fridge and opened it and collected a bottle of cold water.

“What about Ruby? Have been trying her number but it’s unavailable.”

“Her phone is damaged. it fell inside a closet.”

“Oh. really.” He shuts the fridge close and opened the bottle of water and poured some water into a [email protected] cup. “How did you know that? And where is she now? Did she even come back home last night?”

I turned to him surprised at his questions.

Really? Should I answer all those questions right now?

“And when did you quit becoming a doctor just to be a detective? Because your questions are doing nothing but making me piss right now.”

“Sorry. I’m just curious.”

I sighed as I rolled my eyes.

“First of all, Ruby left the country without telling any of us. I tried….”

“Wait, she left the country?”

“i just said that. Anyway, as I was saying…I tried calling her but her number wasn’t connecting. I was very worried and scared that something bad might have happened to her and also Tyson was also worried…so…”

He held up his hand indicating for me to stop talking which to my surprise, I stopped.

“Too many details. Just tell me the relevant parts.”

He was right. I was beating around the bush.

I shut my eyes close for some moment before opening them and staring straight at Vincent’s face.

He was staring right back at me.

“ She went to Boston for a concert with the five stars. Her phone got damaged so she used Mal’s phone to call me just to inform me about her whereabout and to tell me that she was doing okay.” I explained.

“Oh. when will she be coming home then?”

I shrugged. “Two weeks?”

“Two weeks? Two freaking weeks?” He half yelled.

“Well, yeah. And that was exactly my reaction also when she’d told me that.”

“You look excited.” He says after a long silence.

I nod still grinning like an idiot. “That’s because I am. I mean, she used Mal’s phone to call me…do you even know what that means?”

He crossed his arms over his chest. “You tell me.”

“I fucking have his number on my contact list! Look!” I took out my phone and clicked to my contact list and showed it to him.

I had saved Mal’s number as; #My number one crush????????.

“My number one crush?”

“With a heart emoji.” I added, still grinning.

Don’t mind me… it’s love.

He shook his head as his eyes flickered down to the number after Mal’s.

“And who is…Jerk doc?”

I had saved Vincent number as #Jerk doc????.

“with an angry emoji…you.” I say, putting my phone back into my [email protected] pocket.

“Me?” He questioned, walking closer towards me.

“Yup.” I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, Vincent was still trailing behind me.

“I need to also change the name I used to save your number on my contact list.” He say.


“Bowl.” He started laughing.

I scowled at him but he kept on laughing clutching his stomach.

God, he look so adorable as he laughed.

He has such an amazing teeth set. His muscles were visible in the shirt he was putting on. He had taken off his suit jacket and was just on a white shirt now.

Why haven’t i noticed this cute side of Vincent before?

Why was I just seeing all this in him now?

He ran his hand through his hair as he stopped laughing.

Some locks of his hair fell to his face. I was tempted to push it out of his face and run my f!ng£rs through his hair.

“Do you like what you see?” He asked, making a sexy pose.

I tried my possible best not to blush.

The key word here….‘tried.’

I can’t believe I’m blushing because of Vincent.

I mean, this is Vincent we are talking about here!

I shouldn’t be attracted to him. He was no way near my type.

He might be cute, wealthy, intelligent, smart and funny but he was no way close to Malcolm.

Malcolm was like a god.

He was everything every lady wants in a man.

I was no exception.

“You wish! And if you dare save my name as Bowl…I will kill you.” I threatened, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Are you forgetting the fact that you are speaking to a doctor?”

“Doctors can’t treat themselves.” I point out.

“Wanna try it?” He had that challenging look on his face.

Oh boy, this guy just asked for it.

“Try it. I dare you.”

He brought out his phone and typed something on it before waving his phone in front of me.

Bowl girl????????.

He didn’t!

This guy just saved my number as Bowl girl.


He winked and started laughing.

“I’m going to kill you!”

I started chasing after him while he kept running away from me.

Come to think of it, this was actually the first time Vincent and I are having a alone time.

We were always in threesome or he was with Ruby. Or Tyson. But we’ve never spent a quality time together.

Just him and me.

And honestly, I have no regret in having this alone time with him right now.

If anything… I’m having so much fun with him.


????Ruby’s Pov????

We all walked into the house and fell flat on the couch.

Johnny and I fell flat on the floor while the other were on the couch aside from Kara.

She gave us the, you-guys-are-so-eww look.

“I will go have a refreshing shower now. I feel so disgusted. I also need to brush my teeth! I can’t believe I ate in a place like that.”

“No one forced you to eat it, Kara.” Denise rolled his eyes at her childish behavior.

She eyed him from head to toe but said nothing to him and turned her gaze to Mal.

“Wanna join me in the bathroom?” She winked.

“Nah. I’ll [email protected]

She shrugged. “Alright. Anyway. i should go now. I stink!” She turned from us and walked away.

“That girlfriend of yours is so annoying.” Denise says as soon as Kara was out of sight and earshot.

“Tell me about it.” Malcolm groaned

“You still don’t have feelings for her.” That wasn’t a question but a statement.

“He must still be waiting for that first love of his. Can’t you see, he can’t even take that necklace off.” Elvis says.

“What if she had moved on from her life, Mal? I think you should just forget about her.” Mason says.

Was Malcolm still waiting for Mask girl?

Was he still waiting for me?

He wants to be with me?

I look down at the necklace and my heart began to race…he chose to cherish the necklace because it takes the necklace as mask girl.

….As me.

But here was mask girl, pretending not to know. Acting to have moved on from that day at the store room when in reality, she was still stuck in there.

Mal gaze flickers to mine. He was holding my gaze and I could swear that he was pleading with me to speak up.

To tell him if I was mask girl or not.

I wanted to tell him.

I felt like telling him.

But then…Mr Joe had warned me not to for Malcolm’s safety and popularity.

I don’t want to hurt him.

I don’t want to be the cause of any problem.

I just want to protect him from afar.

As his personal @ssistant.

I look away, breaking the gaze in the process.

I stood up to my feet.

“Thanks a lot for today, guys. It really meant so much to me.” I say.

“It’s nothing, tiny girl.” Johnny say, waving me off.

He got up to his feet.

“Want me to help you in taking your bags to your room?”

I smiled. “Oh, please.”


It was already late at night.

I got up to my feet and walked down to the living room.

fuck, my throat itches. I need water!

Everyone were already asleep by now.

All thanks to Johnny, I’d arranged my clothes in the closet.

Although it would only be two weeks here but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have clothes.


I approached the kitchen and opened the fridge. I opened it and took out a bottle of water.

I poured the water in a [email protected] cup and gulped the water down to my throat.

I sighed in relief.

Now I felt so relieved.

I was about to walk back to my room when I saw someone standing right I’m front of me.

I was going to scream but the person placed their palm across my mouth to stop me from screaming.

I was going to bite the hand and scream out when I heard his voice.

“it’s me.”

it was Malcolm.

“Ihgthjnmmkh” I tried talking but couldn’t due to the palm across my mouth.

“Oh.” He takes his hand off my mouth. “were you going to scream?”

“why wouldn’t I? Do you know how frightened I am right now? You almost caused me an heart attack. What are you even doing down here?”

“i’m thirsty. What are you doing down here?”

“To quench my thirst.” I say.


“Here.” I handed him a bottle of water. it was the same bottle where I had taken water from.

He collects it from me and chugged down the whole water in one gulp. He emptied the bottle and placed it down on the counter.

“Thanks for today, Mal. I really appreciate you guys effort.” I say.

“If you are really grateful…then tell me the truth.” He says.


He suddenly started laughing. “Just kidding.”

“Oh. I should be going back to bed then.” I say.

I was about to walk [email protected] him when he said.

“Won’t you ask me?”

I stopped right on my track and turned to him.

“Ask you what?”

“Won’t you ask me about mask girl? Don’t you see me as a cheater? I mean, i have a girlfriend but yet I’m waiting for this one girl to show up in my life again.”

My heart were racing fast. It was going to explode any moment from now.

“Should I be curious about her? I’m talking about mask girl.”

“No. you shouldn’t. But you should be curious of why I mistook you to be her.” He say.

I shook my head. “That’s none of my business. Besides I’ve told you to stop calling me mask girl and I’m happy that you haven’t called me that ever since then. So I shouldn’t worry about that anymore.”

Why do i sound like a bitch now?

Why was I so mean to him whenever it involves mask girl?

God, I wish we had met in a different way.

I wish I could be with him with no fear of tarnishing his reputation.

But then again, he has a girlfriend.

Oh. now I see why I’m being a bitch right now.

I was jealous.

I was jealous that I couldn’t get to klzz him like the way that Kara of a girl does.

I was jealous that I can’t have him.

I was jealous that he wasn’t mine.

“You are right.” He sighed. “Good night then.” Before i could say any other word, he left.

I stared at his back until I could see them no more.

Tears streamed down to my face but I quickly wiped it off.

I shouldn’t be crying.

if fate doesn’t want us to be together then I shouldn’t force it.

I walked into my room and slammed the door shut.

I laid on my bed and stare up at the ceilings.

My life is as blank as that ceilings.


I walked towards Malcolm’s room the next morning and knocked gently at the door.

No one answered.

i knocked again.

still no answer.

why was it always so difficult for him to answer whenever there’s a knock at his door?

I was going to knock again but stopped mid air when the door was pushed open.

Malcolm was standing right in front of me.

He was shirtless but had his briefs on.

I guess he sleeps this way.

“What do you want?” He hiss, stepping out of the way so I could enter.

I took the invitation and walked into his room, slamming the door shut from behind.

He scratched his head and fell back on his bed.

“Um…good morning?” I wasn’t so sure if I should be greeting him now.

“Hmm. Why are you here this early?”

“I’m here to give this to you.” I say, stretching his shirt out for him.

He sat upright and stared at my hand. He sighed and fell right back on the bed. Again.

“You can keep it.” He say.

“But it’s yours.”

“And I want you to keep it. Besides it’s mine after all and I have every right to give it to whoever I want, right?”

“Hmm. Are you sure you want to give this to me?”

“If you don’t want it then trash it.”

“Trash it? No. i will have it then. Thanks.”

I turned to leave but was suddenly stopped as he caught a grip of my wrist.

I didn’t even know when he got out of the bed.

I turned to look at him. He was staring right into my soul.

This guy always have a way of staring into my soul.

“Do…do you need something?” I ask, nervously.


“I…I do… don’t know.” I stuttered again and ran my w€t tongue over my dried l!ps.

His gaze moved down to my l!ps.

Shit! Why did I do that? Why did I lick my l!ps?

He took some step closer to me while I took some step back away from him.

We kept doing that until my back came against the wall.

I was trapped in between him and the damn wall!

“You have beautiful l!ps.” He says.

What? He didn’t just say that.

I gulped down nervously.

He moved closer to me and there was no more space in between us.

He moved his face closer to mine as well, our faces were just inches away from each other.

My breath were held up.

Should I push him away?

But honestly, I really wanted this klzz.

“I want to really confirm something. I want to know if what you said to me last night is really true…If i klzz you now…I will find an answer to my question.” His gaze moved to my eyes. “i really want to klzz you, Ruby.”





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