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she’s a demigod episode 94

She Is A Demigod ????????
(She’s a half witch, half vampire )????????

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Werewolf/Vampire/ suspense????✨

???? Chapter Ninety Four ????


Kylie was still staring at the star. She was still expected to give a last speech as the queen before the party ends.

She moved closer to the microphone and cleared her throat.
They all remained silent at once.

“Thank you” she said and continued.

“I don’t know anything about being a queen. I don’t know your demands and wants but all I know is that I will make you all proud. It’s now I realize that you don’t have to own a huge palace or beautiful crowns for one to become a queen. The first thing I’m going to do as a queen is to make a summer school”

They started murmuring, wondering what was that and why.

“I saw that some of you have no idea who the travel man is and it’s very bad. Some of you don’t know how to cast spells and do some other skills that are important. In this summer cla-ss, it would hold every year and the location won’t be in a particular place. We have to move to other countries so that you can learn one or two things in the country that you’ll be visiting. I’m still appreciative to everyone for showing up today. I hope everyone is in support of this idea of mine. Is there any objections?” She asked expecting no one to raise their hands.

Then she could see someone hands up. He was looking young, probably Sean’s age.

“Does it have any age limit?” He asked.

“It’s for everyone, as long as you are a witch, vampire or werewolf!” Kylie said.

Then he nodded and started clapping. Others soon join showing they liked the idea. They sure want to explore other countries.

A smile crept on Kylie’s face. She felt impressed herself. The travel man placed his hand on her shoulder, she turned and hug-ged him. Well, not too tight. She wouldn’t want to murder him.

“Let the dancing continue!!!” She yelled and the music started again.
Kylie got down from the podium and wandered around. Lina bumped into her.

“I’m sorry my queen” she said.
Kylie chuckled.

“Very funny Lina, I’m Kylie, just Kylie” she said, looking round for Madison.

“Yes, queen Kylie. I mean just Kylie” Lina said jokingly and walked away.
Kylie giggled and continued looking for Madison.

She sniffed in something and stopped.
She was trying to get what it was so she took a long sniff.

“Oh no, human” she murmured and started looking for who it was.

“Careful my queen”

“Hello my queen”

Some greeted as she walked pas-sthem. She was in a hurry so she just smiled at them. She sighted Allison as she made more friends. They sat together as they talked about random things, especially boys.

She saw her also and waved.

Kylie waved back. She could see the shock on her new friends face but that wasn’t the matter. She was looking for the human that was in the party.
She hoped nothing happens to him.

“Who is he and where am I going to find a human that is in a crowd of over four thousand people?” She murmured.

“Yeah, just like Gabriel” she heard someone said that as she walked pas-sthem. She stopped immediately.

“Gabriel… Jeez! The potion” she said loudly and quickly ran towards the bar. She wished there was no one on the way, she could have superspeed her way there.
She got to the bar again and saw that he wasn’t there. It was only Lilly and Sean who was just walking into the bar with a tray.

“Have you seen Gabriel?” She quickly asked.

“He went to distribute drinks in the crowd” Lilly replied and started filling Sean’s tray.

“What happened mom? You look so restless and disturbed” Sean said.

“I can perceive Gabriel’s human smell, the potion must have faded of” she said.

Sean took a long sniff.
“I can’t smell anything” he said.

“Yeah, me too” Lilly added and sniffed again.

“I smell more fast-er and dee-per. Now, Sean has to help me find him before it’s too late” she said and pulled him out of there.

“Good luck!” Lilly yelled. She really enjoyed Gabriel’s company even if it was a short time. He was an amazing person, she wished nothing happens to him.
“A drink?” Gabriel asked as he went among the crowds, looking for someone without a gla-ss.

He heard someone’s voice and turned. He saw someone wanted a drink. He held the tray careful not to break the gla-sses.

“What do you want sir..which one of them do you want sir?” He asked.

“Just wine” he replied staring at his phone.
He started sniffing in as Gabriel drew closer him.

“What are you?” He asked.

Gabriel looked confused. He wondered why he was asking that.

“I’m Gabriel?” He replied without certainty.

“I don’t care what your name is. What are you? I ask” the man grinned his teeth. It was evident that he was really desperate and angry.

“I’m.. I’m a werewolf” Gabriel shivered.

“I see… Show me some of your skills. You don’t look like one, you look more… Human” he said, showing Gabriel his red eyes.

He moved back a little. He was the alpha of his park.
Gabriel knew he was going to die that moment. He started thinking about what to say.

“I just got bitten so I don’t know how to control it” he lied.

The man smirked.
“I’m not going to believe that. Show me!!!” He yelled and raised his hands at him but Kylie intervened before his hands landed on him.

“Hello” she said with a smile. She stood in front of the man. He was happy to see Kylie.

“Kylie ma’am” he said softly also staring at her.

Sean went behind his mother and secretly took Gabriel away.
Gabriel heaved a breath of relief. He was really grateful for Kylie and Sean for saving his a**.

“Thanks man” he said.

Sean smirked.
“Don’t mention dude. I think you should spray the potion often. Mom traced your smell” he said.

“Yes, yes… Thank you” he stammered and quickly brou-ght out the potion. He sprayed it all over his body and sli-pped it into
his pocket again.

“What about now?” He asked.

Sean sniffed in again and nodded his head.
“Juicy werewolf” she whispered to him. Gabriel laughed again. They saw Kylie walking towards them.

“How did it go?” Sean asked his mother.

“Great…. I think he has a crush on me” she said and burst out into laughter.

“So, what next?” Sean asked.

“The party would be over in an hour time” she replied.

“Fine then, it’s better I go back home. Mom would be waiting already” he said , walking with his back.

“Be here early to help clean up the forest” Kylie yelled.

“Sure ma’am” he gave her a ai ai captain salute and left.

“Come on, let’s go. We have work to do” she said and they all left.
Kylie went to her kids room to check on them once more before they sleep.
She got into Allison’s room and saw that she was on her phone.

Kylie cleared her throat to announce her pres£nce. She quickly face her mother and dropped her phone.

“Hey Mom”

“Who are you chatting with?” She asked.

“Uh…” Allison took a long time to answer.

“Let me guess, Gabriel?”

“No” she fummed with anger.
“I’m mad at him. He left the party without telling me” she pouted her li-ps like a child.

“It’s not his fault. He was almost killed by the alpha of a pack” she said.

Allison exclaimed.
“What?! He didn’t tell me that” she said. She felt bad already for the way she talked to him earlier. She realized that she was the one that didn’t want to listen to his explanations.

“I guess you have to fix it yourself then and I’m sure you can” Kylie said and ki-ssed her forehead goodbye.

“Good night sweetheart” she said and turned to leave.

“Thanks Mom. You are the best mother and… Queen” Allison teased.
She smirked as she left her room and went to Sean’s room.

She knocked the door waiting for a tiring reply.
He quickly grabbed the handle and turned it.

“Hello mom. Do you need someone, I mean something” He asked.

“Not really…” She said as she walked into his room.
Sean secretly rolled his eyes. He hoped his mother wouldn’t find out what he was hiding.

“Hazel, you can come out. I know you are in hear, no need for you to hide” she said.

Sean knew his mother would find out what he did at once.
Hazel slowly walked out of the wardrobe.

“Hello Queen Kylie” she said childishly.

“You don’t need to hide from me Hazel. This is your house also” she said.

“Thanks Kylie” Hazel said and threw herself on the bed.
She moved closer to her son and grabbed his shoulder.

“Be careful Sean. I don’t want to see an eighteen years old pregnant girl on television with my son responsible”

Sean gave a silent chuckle.
“Yes Mom. I will be…” He said.

He slowly left his room and head to Josh’s room. He was already asleep even before they came back from the party.

She went back to her room and saw that her husband was missing.
He drank a lot with his friends that he made in the party.

She sat on the bed and took off her robe.
“Jasper?” She slowly called out, careful not to wake the entire household.

“Did someone call my name?” He asked as he walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing his hot pan-ts.

Kylie held back her laugh but she don’t think she can hold it for long.
“What the heck are you wearing?” She asked.

“My pan-ts. If ladies wear pan-ts then so will we” he said and adjusted it.

Now was the right time for her to laugh. She laughed loudly and quickly stopped so that the kids won’t wake up.

“So, what are you going to do with your hot pan-ts?” She asked.

He moved closer to her and bent his wa-isttowards her.
“sed-uce my wife” he said.

Kylie shook her head.
“Really? Well I won’t fall for that” she said.

“But why? I’m trying to [email protected] to always remember me!” He yelled.

“Fine, okay. Keep your voice down, you are gonna wake Josh up. I’ll try fall for your seduction just don’t try too [email protected]” she said.

“Then it’s show time sweetie” he said and snapped his f!ng£r. A soft jazz started playing.
He stretched his hand to take Kylie hand which she accepted. They both started dancing to the slow jazz music.

“Are they going to wake up?” She whispered to him.

“No, they won’t” he replied and continued dancing. He brushed his hand to her wa-istand grabbed them. He pulled her body closer to his body, making her feel his [email protected] d!ck.

“I guess you are winning already but keeping trying”

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