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she’s a demigod episode 93

She Is A Demigod ????????
(She’s a half witch, half vampire )????????

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Werewolf/Vampire/ suspense????✨

???? Chapter Ninety Three ????


Allison led her new friends to where her mother was. She was with the travel man.

“Mom?” She called out. Kylie turned and saw her daughter with some new faces.

“Hey?” She replied.

“It will happen in the next one hour” the travel man snapped.

“Yes, we’ll be expecting it then” she said and walked towards her daughter and her new friends.

“Mom, this is Jay and Vanessa” she said.

“Oh hi you both” she smiled.

Jay was speechless, she couldn’t believe she could talk to Kylie at all.

“I’m your biggest fan” she said softly, words by words.

“Me too… I’m so honoured to stand before you ma’am” Vanessa squealed happily.

Kylie gave a little laugh.
“I’m not a celebrity. I’m just like you both. Witch and… Vampire” she said.

“Wow, you’re right. I’m a witch and she’s a vampire. You can tell by looking at us. So cool…” Jay said again.

“Well you three should have fun already. I have work to do. I’m happy that you are finally making friends. I’m glad you are not like your father” she said and left.

Allison gave a mocking laugh and went with her new friends.

“There she is… I’ve been looking everywhere for you hunnie!”
Kylie stopped when she heard her husband’s voice.
She saw him with some guys.

“Oh good, why were you looking for me?” She asked and folded her hands.

“Meet my friends. Dave and Matt!” He said, placing his hands on their shoulders. They were both staring at her like they wanted something. She read their mind and chuckled.

“Dave and Matt you said…”

Jasper nodded.

“How long have you known them?” She asked.

“Ten years” he said and swallowed [email protected].

“Nice.. just nice” she nodded and walked towards Dave and Matt.

“What did he promise to give you if you act as his friends?”


“How did you know that?”
They both murmured.

Jasper sighed.
“I forgot you are my wife… You know a lot of things” he said and turned to his pretense friends.

“You’ve seen her and talk to her. You can leave now” he said to them. They smiled and walked away.

“Jasper, I think Allison took this particular gene from you. You find it so [email protected] to make friends” she said.

“Yeah, it is. How do you expect me to walk up to them, huh?” He asked.

“The same way you walked up to them to ask them to pretend. Just talk about random things”

“Like what?” He asked.

“Uh.. like their dresses and shoes. Oh, those are for ladies. You can ask about their job or mate” she said.

“Job or mate. Nice. I’ll be back then” he said and walked into the crowd.

Kylie shook her head and went to find something to do.
Gabriel was chilling out with some dudes. The potion Hazel gave him made him smell like a werewolf. He went to hang with some of the werewolves from different parks.

“What about your mate?” One of them asked. They were acting so cool.

“Huh?” He tried to act like he didn’t hear the question.

“He asked about your mate” another one said.

“Oh, I’m mated to.. uh Allison”

They scoffed.
“Who’s that? A witch?”

“She’s a hybrid. The demigod’s daughter” he said.

They all stared at each other and burst into laughter.
“You? Demigod’s daughter? Not a chance!” he said and started laughing again.
Gabriel saw that they didn’t believe him. He sighed and decided not to talk. He waited for them to finish laughing.

“Oh Gabriel. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. The crowd is just too much. I need you to a-ssist Lilly at the bar. Too much people are asking for drink. Even the waiters are mixed among the crowd. It’s difficult for them to get to the bar” she said and pulled Gabriel out of there.

He turned and saw the shock on their faces.
“See you guys later…” He winked.

“Did you just see the demigod?”

“I did… I.. just… Ah” he paused and fainted.

Kylie took Gabriel to the bar to help Lilly.
“He would help you. Let me just find Sean to a-ssist also” she said and left.

The people asking for drinks glared at her as she walked away. She checked her wristwatch already. She had less than fifteen minutes to make a speech.
She sighed and continued looking for her son.

“Isn’t that Kylie? She’s so beautiful”

“There’s she. I wish to be just like her. My sister showed me a selfie she took with her. She’s so beautiful”

Kylie just continue listening to their murmurs as she walked pas-sthem.

“Hey Aunt..” someone bumped into her.

“Oh Hazel, here you are. Have you seen Sean anywhere?” She asked.

“Yeah, he just came back from the other side of the forest”

“What? Why did he leave?” She shot her eyes wide open. She thought he wasn’t interested in the party.

“He s£nsed some humans in the forest so he went to chase them out” she said.

Kylie heaved a breath of relief.
“So, where is he now?”

“Trying to calm some thirsty werewolves and vampires”

“What the… Take me to him now”

“Sure, right the way” Hazel said and lead her to the end where Sean was.

“What’s going on here?” Kylie quickly asked as she entered into the scene.

The thirsty species turned and face Kylie.
She saw the thirst in their eyes.

“Jeez” she murmured and walked towards Sean.

“They are so many” she murmured to him.

“They are just fifteen and we have to do something really quickly” he said.

“I guess that’s why I’m here” Diego said from behind. He was with some dead animals in a cart.

Kylie opened her mouth in surprise.
“Thank you Diego” she said and watched as they rushed to the meat.

“Seem like you didn’t add that to your list”

“Yeah, I didn’t” she smiled. “I don’t want them to feed on any human out there” she added.

“I understand. I hope I’m not late for the party”

“It’s just getting started”

Diego smirked and found his way into the crowd. His mate, Gabby was in the party already.

“Sean, you have to go to the bar to a-ssist Lilly” she said as she walked towards the stage.

“Yeah, where is that?” He asked.
Kylie stopped and pointed at a direction.

“There, just move forward” she said.

“Sure” he replied and head towards the spot she pointed at.
She stared at her wristwatch again and walked fast-er towards the small podium. The travel man was waiting for her already.

She got to the podium and checked the microphone.
“Good evening everyone!” She said. Everyone could hear her voice where they stood. Some moved towards the podium to take pictures of her and also see her clearly.

“I know the reunion was called on short quick notice. Some of us couldn’t make it here but we that are available, I want to say a big thank you for being pres£nt here today. It’s an honor to stand before you all but before I proceed, I would like to welcome the travel man to give some few words”

She was surprised to see the look on their faces. It was like they didn’t know who the travel man was at all.
Some of them that knew clapped their hands so the others joined them.

She a-ssisted him to the podium.
“Hello young ones. It’s nice to see you all gathered together once again. It’s been very long since I last saw this gathering, now all thanks to Kylie it’s now possible. She has done the impossible as everyone know. She united the three and also planned the killing of the Specie which was successful. She’s known Nationwide. But she’s not the talk of the day. I want to talk about someone who will rule the three!” He said and paused.

They all nodded. They needed a ruler.

“We have just ten minutes to make a vote. If the choice is right then there would be a clue that our ancestors agree with the choice” he said.

They all moved to a nearby vote counter and pressed one of the available names that are there.
They all voted.

Kylie walked towards the travel man with a crazy look on her face.
“I didn’t expect this from you”

“If this is the only way to get you to rule the three then so be it” he said and turned to stare at everyone as they rushed to the nearest vote counter to cast their votes.

Kylie saw the board. She was having the highest vote so far. No one had a vote at all. She secretly rolled her eyes and looked away.

“You just have to rule them Kylie. Even if you don’t want to, do it for your mate mother” he said.

Kylie stopped pacing around and pondered on what he just said. She wouldn’t let what happened to her mother happen to someone else.

She rolled her eyes again, snapping out of the thought.
After ten minutes, the vote was over. Some didn’t have the opportunity to vote.

“So,. we’ve come to the end of the voting. Our ruler is visible to all, all hail Queen Kylie!” He said.

Kylie shook her head in dismay. She couldn’t believe all this is happening. She saw Jasper laughing at her. She smirked.

“Hail Queen Kylie! Hail Queen Kylie!” They continued chanting.

The travel man left the podium for her, expecting her to fill the space.

She sighed and walked towards the mic. She raised her hand and they stopped.
A wow escaped her li-ps.

“I never expected this, I never wanted this, I also don’t deserve this. I really find it weird for me to rule my older ones and I have to idea where to start from or what to do. I’m honored to be your Queen and I promise not to let you down”

They all clapped their hands, cheering loudly.
“Go mom!”

Lilly and the other ladies also cheered.
Sean clapped his hands hearing his mother’s voice.

“Look at the sky!” Someone yelled. They all raised their head and saw some stars that were twinkling. They were so bright and big..

“That means the ancestors have come to an agreement!!!” The travel man cheered.

Everyone became happy that they made the right choice. Kylie still fixed her eyes on the stars. She couldn’t believe that all last she became the Queen.

“Unbelievable…” She murmured.

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