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only you episode 65

(Where theirs Love, theirs Pain)
By Tiana Isaac
Episode 65

???? “But dad I thought you will be happy for me,” Gemma said on phone when she called her dad later that afternoon.

????Am just concerned about you Gem. Lorenzo has been like a part of a family to us and I know he won’t hurt you intentionally but are you really sure he feels the same or he just said yes to you because he wants a companion and not really because he loves you and what about his ex, have they meet yet? What if things tend to turn around you’ll be left alone in pains, ”

???? ” you’re only concern about me and that’s why you’re talking out of point. Lorenzo loves me and this what I’ve been waiting for all these while. We will make it work dad, just be happy for me, ” she said then hanged up.

” Tonight will be so great. Lorenzo will make it official to the public about me being his girlfriend even right in front of his ex, ” The thought of that make Gemma to smile.

” I have to look beautiful, so beautiful that everyone will know am better than Lorenzo ex and even if he sees her today he won’t have his eyes on her anymore,” she smirked.

“He’s mine now and I will protect him,”

Gemma picked up her phone and she thought of the best dress to wear.

“I will just order it online,” she thought.
@ The Montes Mansion ????️
” Careful Lily.. you’re making it look rou-gh,” Eric said as he watched her draw the colors on the drawing she did.

“It isn’t as beautiful as mine,” Sharon smile as she picked up more crayons.

“I will use purple, I think,”

“It will look so dull you know. I think my dad is the best artist then. Til now I haven’t seen any drawing that surpas-shis own,” Eric smile.

” Your dad? Lily asked.

“Yes, my real dad actually. Mom has told me a lot about him,” he smile

” Isn’t he coming back? Sharon asked.

“I don’t think so,” Eric said sadly when he remembered what his mom told him that his dad is never going to come to them because he’s dead.

“Lily, Sharon you’ll be sleeping over tonight and since tomorrow is Saturday we will all go for shopping,” Julianna said trying to change the topic seeing the sad look on Eric’s face.

“Yay.. that will be so much fun grandma,”
“It’s so perfect now,” Ca-ssie smile when she was done making Nadine’s hair. Nadine smile as she look at herself in the mirror. Her hair was styled in a French plait, leaving few strand of the hair by the side.

“I know how to make different hair styles Nadine, all thanks to uncle Terri for teaching me that when I was working in his saloon. Am sure you’ll be the center of attraction in today’s party look at how beautiful you are..,” Ca-ssie giggle.

” Stop teasing me Ca-ssie,” Nadine let out a small laugh.

” And who knows if you’ll get to find a true love there,”

” Oh come on Ca-ssie that isn’t my goal. Am happy just this way with my son. He’s all I have now,” she said.

” You’re strong Nadine and if true love comes knocking at your door don’t hesitate to reciprocate back,”

” Am just so unlucky when it come to that,” Nadine stood up as she picked up her pause then walked downstairs.

“Mommy, you look so beautiful! are you going somewhere? Eric asked when she walked up to them.

“Yes sweetheart, I will be back in no time. You have grandma, Ca-ssie and your sisters around,”

” Can I follow you… Please just this once,” Eric insisted.

“It’s gonna be so dangerous out there Eric. We will all hang out tomorrow..

“It’s okay Mom. Take care,” Eric smile.

” Bye Ca-ssie, bye my Little twinnie, “. Nadine said to the Lily and Sharon.

” Bye aunt Nadine,” they chorused cutely while Nadine smile.

How cute it is to have twins and amazing girls like this.

Nadine walked out and meet her dad.

“Where’s Miguel?

” On his way to pick us,” Josie said.
@The Party..????????
Lots of cla-ssy tinted cars were seen tropping in. High dignitaries were ushered in. The whole place was decorated, everything there scream money, beautiful and well ordered..
Just then a car stopped by and The Montes came out from it.

Nadine, Miguel and their dad.

“The Montes! All cynosure of eyes was on them as the paparazzi rushed to their side taking enomorous pictures while some asking lots of questions especially to Nadine regarding her failed marriage. She ignore them and walked in with a smile on her face, looking so pretty in her sheath dress, which has a straight cut and is nipped at the waistline, it stops right on her knee revealing her gorgeous curves, with a matching stiletto, She was looking so elegance and sophisticated.
In a few minutes time, the party start with an opening speech from Mr Marcel Ronald.
Few minutes Later°°°
Nadine who was just coming from the rest room was surprised to see Austin.

“Austin! What are you doing here? She asked surprised to see him. It’s been long they last saw each other.

“Are you surprised? Or where you still expecting me to be where I was,” he smirked.

“You still haven’t changed Austin! You were the one that wronged us and you suppose to feel sorry about it because we’ve been friends since childhood but you betrayed that friendship especially to Miguel,” she scoffed.

” The world does not only revolve around you Nadine and it doesn’t revolve around the Montes-Tech too, soon you will all go down and come to seek for my help,”

” Not for once have I ever wished you bad Austin but indeed people change. Suit yourself loser! she said as she walked back in.
“What sort of disappointment is that! Now what are we gonna do? Where can we find a singer at this time, ” a woman said so frustrated to the man she was talking to.

“It’s just too late already,” the man sighed.

” It’s never too late while am here, ” Nadine said with a smile while they turn to her.

” Huh! Nadine Montes! They both chorused surprised to see her.

” Maybe I can fill in the gap for you,”

“You can sing? The woman asked.

” Sure! I know exactly how to entertain the guest,”

” Thank you. Please just come with me so you can sign on a paper and as soon after that you can get your pay,”

” No! Let me say am doing that for free tonight,” she smile.

” Thank you so much ma’am,” the man said feeling so relief.

Nadine walked back to her seat and just then her eyes meet with Leonard.

“Leonard again! She said with a frown wondering why she keep seeing ugly faces around.

“What is he doing here,”

She looked back at him with a smirked, it obvious he couldn’t get his eyes off her body.
“Mr Ethan Harris Oliveris is here already,” Mr. Marcel announced and there was loud ovation.

“The CEO of the E-Empire, Estates manager and a multimedia programmer, the owner of E-Tasty Restaurant in California and the founder of E- Foundation orphanage here in Manila…..

The party light changed and everyone stood up when Lorenzo walked in, there was a loud ovation. When he fully walked on the stage…

He was in an impeccable gold coloured suit with gilded bu-ttons to match, his shoes and everything about him scream wealth as he look so handsome as ever.


Nadine watched closely as she felt her heart beating a thousand beat, it as if her heart will explode anytime soon.

“Isn’t that Enzo,” she wondered as she turn and look at her dad who was shocked as well.

Leonard who was seating has to stand up and as he watched the whole all scenario in shocked. This is Ethan and not the Lorenzo he knew because he was definitely sure Lorenzo was dead.
“Thank you all for honouring my invitation and for coming here to celebrate me and my achievement. Before I continue I will like to call on the someone dear to me to share this spotlight with me. Miss Gemma Dante,” he called out while there was a loud ovation and many camera flashes from every angle.
Gemma stepped in elegantly dressed in long strapless gown, looking so se-xy and beautiful as she peck Lorenzo and stood beside.

“She’s the one dear to me and i want to make it official in front of the public to avoid any rumours,” Lorenzo said.
The look on Austin’s face was priceless when he saw Lorenzo. He wasn’t expecting that, or even someone who look like Lorenzo.

“Did Lorenzo have a brother somewhere? He asked himself trying to fix the puzzle because he was very sure Lorenzo was dead that night and there’s no way he could survived that fire.

“He looks so much like Lorenzo,” Austin keep a-ssuring himself…
“While growing up a lot of people never believed in me, alot of people hated, rejected and betrayed me,” Lorenzo started as he sighted Leonard. The look on his his face was something else.

“It looks like some people have just seen a ghost ,” he said while Austin’s heart skip a bit as he bend his head and quickly walk out.

“This can’t be true…,” He a-ssured himself.
“And even the one I thought will stand by me, never did, they all left. All thanks to the gift of men I have throu-ghmy late mom. And a special thanks to my love who never gave up on me but always loved me,” he said clasping his hands together with Gemma.

” I will give a brief history of the E-Empire and how it all started…,” He said.
Josie just stood there as he watched Lorenzo like a ghost. Wondering if this is really the Lorenzo he knew or someone who just looked like him.
After Lorenzo speech he got down the stage while Marcel came up the stage.

“Thank you so much Sir,” he said..
” Ma’am… Are you ready? The woman tapped Nadine jolting her out of her thought.

“Oh.. you’re crying? Are you okay? She asked so concerned wondering what’s making her shed those tears.

“Am fine,” Nadine quickly wiped her tears and let out a sad smile.

“Am really sorry Ma’am but I don’t think I can sing here again,” Nadine said.

“Why! I thought you’ve agree to do that. Are you also gonna disappoint us at the dime minute, you shouldn’t have give us hope the ,” the woman scoffed feeling so disappointed already.
“We have a special guest in our midst and I will like to call her on the stage. In abs£nce of Jakes Roreen.. Miss Nadine Montes will sing for us tonight,” The MC said aloud while the was loud ovation.
“Are you just gonna disappoint us again. Mr Ethan will be angry with me and my team and might reduce my payment for this.. please just go on and do this for us,” the woman pleaded while Nadine walk to the stage.
” Nadine!

Lorenzo was surprised to see her on stage. He thought it was Jakes Roreen that supposed to sing tonight.

Gemma’s heart skip a bit when she saw Nadine on the stage, she looked at Lorenzo and saw all his attention was on her.

“Did you know she’s gonna sing tonight?”Gemma asked him.

Nadine eyes meet with Lorenzo’s but she quickly looked away. Her focus was on the guitar as she start to sing…
????Dance with me under the diamond
????See me like breath in the cold
????sleep with me here in the silence
????come ki-ss me, here and gold

????you say that I won’t lose you
????But you can’t predict the future..
????so, just hold on like you’ll never let go
????If you’ve ever moved on without me
???? I need to make sure you know that..
???? you.. are the only one I will ever love
????If it’s not you, it’s not anyone

???? forever is not enough time to love you.. the way that I want
???? Cause every morning I found you
????I fear the day that I don’t
????You say that I won’t lose you..
????but you can’t predict the future..
???? cause certain things are out of our control…
Nadine sing perfectly as she concentrate on every strings that she strims.
Everyone was amazed as the whole place was quiet listening to the melody.

Lorenzo stood up and went out..

“All these will end up sabotaging my newly relationship with Lorenzo, ” Gemma said so angry to herself as she looked at Nadine one last time before going after Lorenzo.
There was a loud ovation when Nadine was done singing, she quickly step down as she rushed outside to see if she can see Lorenzo.
She felt a hand pull her and she turn and saw Leonard.

“Are you looking for him? Leonard smirked while she slapped him and jerk his hands away from her.

“Don’t ever your lay filthy hands on me,” she warned.

“Stop acting tough Nadine, that isn’t Lorenzo,” he said.

“he is Lorenzo! She yelled back at him.

” Lorenzo is dead, you buried him yourself or have you now become so dumb to forget that it was only two people that died and that’s Lorenzo and Amber his bit-ch ,”

” You aren’t the one to tell me that!

“And where’s Eric? He asked.

” I will never allow you come near my son. Keep your distance Leon! She said as she hurriedly went out but bumped into Gemma outside.

“Are you looking for someone? Gemma asked.

” Yeah.. I just want to have a word with Mr Ethan,” Nadine said.

“Oh my boyfriend! He’s busy,” Gemma said.

” Please is that his real name? Nadine asked.

“Is there something.. that’s Ethan and that’s his real name and we all know he’s from California. You look so tensed up! anything wrong? Gemma asked pretending not to know anything.

“No..,” Nadine nodded while Gemma glare at her before leaving. Having a close look at Nadine made her feel intimidated. She really look more beautiful in real life than pictures, indeed people were right when they Nadine is an epitome of beauty and any man would fall for her beauty at first sight.

“The earlier we leave manila the better for me” Gemma thought.


After the party Nadine returned back home looking all moody and sad. She had a sleepless night thinking about what happened. No wonder everything about him looks so familiar to her even when she was in California. She wondered if that is truly Lorenzo or someone who looks like him but her heart keeps telling her it’s her Enzo no matter how [email protected] he pretend.
The next morning…????
“Isn’t that Lorenzo? Josie asked when they were having breakfast.

” He looks so much like him and I think he might be the one,” Ethan shrugged.

” The guy you meet? Julianna asked.

“You’ve seen Lorenzo.. after a very long time? Ca-ssie asked surprised to hear that too.

“Lorenzo! Is it my dad? Eric asked with a smile.

” You saw him yesterday mom? He asked looking so curious.

” Not really Eric. Just go back your room this adult discussion,” Julianna said to him while he nodded then walked back to his room.

“That means Lorenzo was alive all this while? Ca-ssie asked.

“Then who was the one I buried? Nadine asked as she stood up, her mind was occupied with lost of thoughts. She have so many questions to ask but no one can answer her except that Mr. Ethan or Lorenzo she wondered.

“Am going to see that Mr Ethan by all means today,” she said so determined.

” Are you sure about that? Josie asked her.

” Ever since I saw him yesterday my peace has seized. I need to know the truth, I deserve to know the truth even for the sake of Eric. I want to know the truth atleast for my sanity. And am finding that truth today,” Nadine said as she picked up her handbag then walked out…
Let see how it goes…
Austin and Leonard…????

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