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only you episode 53

(Where theirs Love, theirs Pain)
By Tiana Isaac
Episode 53
“You did nothing Stacy because you were just full of greed and selfishness, ” [email protected] raved as she walked out in anger.

” Stacy.. what are you doing here? Miguel asked.

“To see you of course. I love you Miguel, I really do and I promise to make it up to you this time around. Just give me one more chance to be a better person for you,” she pleaded

“You had your chance Stacy so can you just stop being a fool for once and stop pestering me or [email protected], leave her out of this she knows nothing, ”

” Is it about [email protected] now? Stacy fumed in anger.

“Don’t make it [email protected] on yourself because the next time you’ll step your foot here I will make sure the security won’t let you in. Now can you get out of here! He sneered glaring at her while Stacy fumed in anger, those [email protected] by were surprised to see the heated argument going on between them.

“Will you just get out,” Stacy yelled at them as she look at Miguel one at last time before leaving in anger
????”You don’t have to blame me for your son’s foolishness. We did as planned and he was just too dumb and not careful enough to escape. He’s not a child that I will look after…, ” Audrey bashed at Sonia on the phone.

????but he’s your husband..

???? Husband! Do you think I have a husband now .. Kamil was just making a fool out of me and I think this his punishment for that,”

????”So where exactly are you now? Sonia asked

????”Am not dumb enough to tell you that and don’t try to play smart with Audrey you know how dangerous she can be, ” she said and with that she cut off the call and sip from her [email protected] of drink.

She smirked as she stare at the huge mansion, one of her dad hidden old property, she was very sure no one will find her here.

“Enjoy yourself [email protected]… I won’t strike now, am enjoying my freedom here and when the right times comes I will destroy you all, ” she said to herself as she scrolled down the pictures online about ‘[email protected] and Miguel”
Stacy gulped down more drink as she thought of all the hurtful words Miguel said to her.

[email protected]…,”. She tighten her grip on the [email protected] cup.

“Stacy.. what are you doing here? Austin asked when he walked into the bar and saw her getting wasted.

“Stop being too [email protected] on yourself, that just Miguel for you,” he shrugged.

” I want Miguel and the only way to get him now is to take [email protected] away from him,” she smirked.

” So what are your plans?

“You should court [email protected], make her fall for you,”

“Do you even think that’s possible? Austin chuckle.

“I don’t know and I don’t care to know, just do anything possible you can,” she said while Austin nodded.

” Let see how it will goes… I think Miguel is over protective of that girl but like you said Austin always have his ways” he smirked.
” So how was work? Vicente asked.

“First day at work,” Terri smiled.

“It was so annoying dad. Starting from the nurses gossiping around then Stacy,” she said as she poured water into a jug and set the dining for them.

“Stacy? They asked in unison

” Yeah… She was Miguel’s ex so she keep bothering me around,” she sigh.

“Or maybe she thinks you and Miguel are already something,” Terri teased.

” That’s so dumb to think about. Miguel is actually nothing to me,”

“Are you sure about that?

“Just quit it uncle. Am serious here,” she said dishing out there meals.

And to think that Audrey is still out there to destroy us is disturbing and now Stacy want to add to that”

” Just be careful [email protected] that Stacy can do anything to get you out of the way,” he said.

” I will put her in her right place,”

” I don’t like that girl one bit maybe if you haven’t followed her to manila back then all these wouldn’t have happened,

” You know me too well uncle, I won’t let Stacy bother me again,”
” Thank you Tony,” [email protected] smile as she sip from her drink. Having a freshing moment with her friend Ann and her Tony was amazing that evening. Ann invite her to a date just her, [email protected] and Tony.

“You’ve made the right decision Ann. Am so happy for you and Tony atleast you two understood each other now,” she smile.

” Sure… I thought he will leave to Mexico and I will never get to see him again, that would have been my greatest regret but am glad he chose me,” Ann chuckle.

” Of course I will always do,” Tony smiled.

” I wanted to go back next week but with the sudden news of Audrey escape from the prison. We have to do all we can to atleast know where she is hiding” he sigh.

” It’s more complicated now, and ever since she escaped no one heard from her. And I think am her main target here,” [email protected] said.

” We just have to be extra careful at all times, the police are investigating some of her dad properties especially his mansion all over to see if she might be hiding in one of those places,” Tony said.

” I hope she will get caught soon, it taking long already,” Ann said..
@ The Montes-Tech????
Nadine walked to her office, it’s been a while and she felt happy going back to work, it was the whole stage of her pregnancy that stopped her but now that everything seems to be fine and Eric is doing well with the nanny she hired to look after him.

Nadine looked round the office and sighed, she missed here a lot.
°°°Few hours Later….

Josie walked in and saw her busy on the system as her f!ng£rs moved expertly on the keyboard typing.

“Nadine,” he called then walk in and took a seat opposite to her. Nadine didn’t spare him a glance as she continued what she was doing.

“It’s lunch time already and I want us to have lunch together if you don’t mind,” he said while she looked at him.

Ever since she got to know about his ex lover and Kamil and ever since their last argument they weren’t getting along.

“Nadine… Are you still angry at me? He asked.

” Don’t you think you are disturbing me,” she seethed.

“I just want to set things right with my daughter,” he muttered.

” Set things right with your daughter! Do you now realised am your daughter. Am not only angry at you but am angry about how miserable my life turn out to be all because of you,” she yelled angrily as she stood up.

” You still have everything you need, the company, your son, husband and even us your parents Nadine,” he said.

” That isn’t how I planned my life to be at all and to think that you also had the same history back then. Can’t you see that history is repeating itself and with me…,” She raved trying to hold back her tears.

” Is there something you aren’t telling me? He asked

“Or is it about Lorenzo? He asked again while Nadine kept mute.

“Am sorry Nadine,” he said then stood up.

“I know it was never your wish to marry Leonard in the first place and I wasn’t even supportive to begin with, I know you hate me for that. I thought I was only doing the right thing for you.. am sorry if you’re still living with regrets but Leonard is a good man too and you can still make it up to each other,” he said..

” I just want to be alone dad,” she muttered then quickly walked out surprised to see Leonard at the door eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Nadine we need to talk,” he said.

“This not the right time,” she said as she hurried her steps and walk out in anger.

“Even at dead he’s still the center of discussion… “Lorenzo” I hate you,” Leonard seethed as he watch Nadine walked out on him in anger.
⏭️ [email protected] was surprised to see Miguel came to the house the next evening…
“Okay then.. goodnight,” [email protected] bid him goodbye after having dinner when he was about leaving.

“You don’t seems okay? Miguel asked after noticing how cold she was acting towards him.

“I just have a lot on my mind. Don’t you think is late already Stacy might be needing your attention, ” she said.

” And about the other day. I’ve warn Stacy to stay off..

“It just so annoying Miguel, starting with the gossips at work, the glares from the nurses and now Stacy.. if only you know how much I hate her,”

” She’ll never bother you again..”

” I thought she was responsible and someone nice and that’s what prompt me to follow her to manila back then not knowing she was just so bad. I wonder why I keep crossing paths with so many horrible people in my life.. all my life has been from one problem to another. I have had enough already and I don’t want anything to be added to my problems now. Am just so tired,” she said softly.

” I meet Stacy at one of the club when I was a bar dancer then, doing all it takes to get enough money to register for college, we’ve been living a live of bondage all because of the system there. My poor Dad was only a farmer and my uncle a hair dresser who works in his small saloon, I lost my mom at a young age and my grandma died when our farmlands were destroyed years ago by Kendall. Sometimes it makes me wonder if am just a bad luck and even after finishing college all I wanted was to get rich and help dad and uncle in any way I can and that’s why I had to follow Stacy and give it a try by being a model. I would have messed up my life if I keep staying with Stacy but I ran back home to my family where I can find peace and even after that I thought life has finally smile on me, I thought I have someone who truly cares and love me not knowing Kamil’s love was filled with deceit and lies, I was betrayed by the same person I called a true lover and I almost died so tell me now Miguel don’t I deserve to live a peaceful and happy life…
All I ever wanted was just a quiet life with my loved ones around but the universe is actually giving me the opposite,” she said quietly blinking back the tears in her eyes.

“All what you wished for will definitely come true [email protected] You [email protected] through all that because they’re your ladder to success,” he cooed pulling her into a hug.

” Everything will be fine, I believe that too,” she said then dis£ngaged from the hug and went back to her room.

“Poor [email protected]” Terri said as he went to Miguel.

“She’s so fragile and broken,” he said.

“What [email protected] need now is peace of mind and not anyone disturbing her especially that Stacy, she have Audrey to deal with and she can’t add up with Stacy’s constant nagging. Are you and Stacy back?Terri asked him

“What! No. I have warn her to stay off and this time she knows am damn serious about that,” Miguel chipped in

” It better be. [email protected] deserves to be happy but she keeps falling in the hands of wrong people always.. and till now she’s still finding it difficult to trust anyone. You’re her last hope Miguel.. you’re the only good friend she have around with Ann so please don’t sabotage your friendship,”

” I will never do anything to hurt [email protected] and I just wish she will forget about everything, the pains, betrayal, struggle and all…


“Because I love her. I love [email protected] and I want to start all over with her…..
Poor Nadine????
Miguel in love with [email protected]…????❤️

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