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on my master’s bed episode 83 & 84

???? ON MY


{Billionaire kid’s nanny…}

By, [email protected] N.A






Pearl descended the stairs majestically, staring at something on her phone. She smiled heartily and off the screen of the phone, going into the living room.

She met her dad reading some magazines there, and she ignored him, going into the kitchen for water.

She came out of the kitchen, gulping down the water and made to get the stairs but her dad’s voice stopped her.

“Pearl” he called, putting the magazine aside.

“Yes Dad” she replied and faced him.

Even though they weren’t on good terms, she respected him a lot and that was what Mr. Beckett liked about her.

So respectful.

“Come, come to daddy” he said, unusually calm which got Pearl confused.

What was up with him? Or does he has a request for her?

Pushing the thought aside, she walked over to him and sat beside him.

“Baby” he called tenderly, adjusting himself to face her.

She but her inner cheek nervously as this was the first time he was being so calm with her.

“I love you so much, and you know that?” He began.

“No, I never knew you loved me” she mumbled to herself but he heard, anyways.

“Then you know today. I love you so so much that I can’t think of ever loosing you” he said emotionally and Pearl furrowed her brows.

“I don’t get you dad, where are you driving to?” She asked and he sighed.

“When you were a kid, barely two years, you were diagnosed with heart cancer…” he said and she [email protected]

“H.. heart..cancer?”

“Yes baby, that was when I had nothing. Your mom and I were penniless, and we needed to fend money for your treatment. At that time, Royal was also a kid, a toddler to be precise.

Since we didn’t have money, he was not well fed, malnourished because we had to use all the money for your treatment.

He started begging – house to house, but got no help. One day on my way back from work, I met this handsome young man.

I didn’t know why but he decided to help me. He gave me his card that I should meet him in his company the next day.

I was surprised, I came home and discussed it with your mom and together, we agreed that I’ll meet him.

So the next day, I met up with him in his big company. He asked me of my name and other stuffs and I explained everything to him – including your illness and my inability to fend money for treatment.

He had pity on me and gave me a job, not only that, he gave me millions of dollars for your treatment.

I was so happy that day. Even if I worked my whole life, I wouldn’t have gotten that money. I was a carpenter then.

He had a son then and I promised him that I would give my daughter to his son to marry when they grow up as a payment for the money.

At first he didn’t accept it but I insisted. I used the money for your treatment and also, he gave me a huge sum of money to start up a business.

That was how I became rich. I built companies in your name – I mean, you and Royalty – because I didn’t want you guys to grow and become needy.

Trust me, I don’t hate you, and I will never hate you. You’re my baby girl” Mr. Beckett narrated and Pearl couldn’t help but shedd tears.

“Dad.., is that man Kingston’s father?” She asked in a broken voice.

“Yes, he is. He was the one who helped us. He’s an angel, that’s why I couldn’t cancel your betrothment. I don’t hate you darling. I love you more that you can imagine” he said and she hugged him tightly.

She never knew…. Her dad went through a lot just for her. And she’s been living her life, hating him.

“Dad” she called, crying loudly.

“Darling, don’t cry. Do you know why I named you Pearl?” He asked and they broke the hug.


“It’s because, you’re as precious as your name. You’re to precious to your mum and I” he smiled, pulling her cheeks.

“Awwn dad, I love you and I’m sorry for judging you wrongly” she hugged him again, more tears gesturing out of her eyes.

“Love you more, baby girl”

“Hmm, what am I missing?” Diane came into view and Pearl rushed to her, hugging her tightly.

“I love you Mom” she muttered and Diane smiled, patting her back.

“I love you too baby” she said and they pulled away.

“I guess you guys made up already” Diane wiggled a brow.

“Yes” Pearl giggled, staring at her dad who winked at her.

“Gosh! This calls for party!!” Diane shouted, rushing into the kitchen.

Gilbert laughed and shook his head, taking back the magazine with a satisfied smile on his l!ps.


“Good morning, sleeping beauty” Lucas greeted immediately Ella opened her eyes.

“Good morning, Lucas” she replied but frowned immediately she remembered something.

Wait, she had a dream. And in her dream, she mated with Lucas. Was it really a dream? Or it was real?

She saw his c*ck in her dream, it was so big and heavy. What if it was real, can she really take in that thing?

Thank Goodness it wasn’t real.

She smacked her l!ps and stood up from the bed but fell again as she felt pain in-between her thighs.

Wait, what was happening? Was she on her period? Even if she was on her period, there shouldn’t be any burning s£nsation in her v!rgina.

She tried to stand up again but the duvet covering her fell, revealing her [email protected]£d body.

Her eyes widened. It wasn’t true, right? That thing didn’t enter her.

All these while, Lucas was staring at her like he’s watching his favorite movie.

What was wrong with her? Why the confused face? Or was she regretting having s*x with him?

“Hey” he called and she covered her body fast.

“What? Are you trying to hide what I’ve seen already?” He chuckled and her eyes widened more.

“Lucas… and I..we..uhm,..we …had s*x?” She asked, silently praying it wasn’t true.

“Yes, is…”

“Ahhh!!!!!” She shouted, cutting him off of his statement.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Lucas asked but she continued wailing.

“He’s killed my baby!! Ahhh!!!!” She wailed and Lucas was forced to laugh.

“Seriously? Kill your baby? With what?” He asked in-between laughter.

“Th.. that…monster in your [email protected]!” She glared, blushing fiercely.

“Oh! You’re unbelievable. But you enjoyed it anyways. You were shouting *”More Lucas! Faster!”* And I did just that” Lucas teased, making her crimson red.

“Shut the f*ck up! You’re corrupting my baby!” She snapped, placing a protective hands over her stomach.

“My Sugarplum is blushing” he continued teasing her.

“F*ck..ooops” she slapped her l!ps before she could end the word.

“Awwn, you were so sweet beneath me, just like I guessed”

“I said shut up!!!” She warned and Lucas burst into laughter.

“You’re so cute” he said and moved closer to her.

“Don’t come..ahh!” She squealed as he carried her unexpectedly.

“Drop me, Lucas! I said drop me! I’d scream!” She yelled, kicking her legs in the air.

“You can scream as loud as you can, no one would hear you. Sound proof is activated” he winked as he carried her into the bathroom.

“Jerk! I hate you!”

“Love you more Sugarplum”

“I’m serious” she frowned.

“I’m also serious” he grinned.


“I want to help you” he said and Ana’s eyes widened.

Did she hear him perfectly well? Help?

“ want to help?” She stuttered.

“Yes” the doctor nodded, staring intently at Sunny.

“Why?” That was all that could leave her mouth.

“I just want to help. Under my watchful eyes, my only daughter was killed, she was murdered in cold blood and I don’t want that to happen to you, because I know what it feels like” he said and Ana stared at Sunny.

Their voice were so low that if you’re even closer, you wouldn’t hear a word.

*Did he really clear her memory?* She thought, her gaze still fixed on Sunny.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t inject her with the propranolol” he said like he was reading her mind.

“What’s that?”

“It’s a medicine for clearing memories” he said and Ana’s mouth opened in shock.

He didn’t? Then what was that he shot into her?

“Then what did you injected her with?”

“Sedatives” he replied.

“Sedatives?” She repeated and he nodded.

“I felt bad for her. I’m a doctor, I save lives I don’t kill”

“Why did you give her sedatives and not another medicine?”

“No time for questions. She’ll wake up in an hour time and I’ll find a way for you to escape with her” he said and ransacked through his bag, bringing out some tickets.

“Have it. It’s a plane ticket to Italy. Take her away as this place is too dangerous for now” he said and forced the tickets into Ana’s hands.

She was shocked. Overly shocked.

Like, how long has he been planning this? Whatever be the case, she was grateful to him.

“I’m..I’ short of words..uh, you’re my guardian angel” she smiled and hugged him impromptu.

“It’s enough, I have to go before they suspect me” he said and pulled her away from himself.

He carried his box and cleared his throat before walking out.

A guard popped his head in to see if they were there before locking the door.


“Dad, Mom!” Pearl called, coming downstairs.

They were done with their so called party and everyone had returned to his or her business.

“Yes baby, what’s the matter?” Diane replied from the living room.

“Where’s dad?” Pearl asked, sitting by her mom.

“He was called for a meeting, is anything the problem?” Diane asked with a raised brow.

“Nope, actually, Ella is coming over. She’s coming to help me choose my wedding gown”

“Really? Awwn, I can’t wait to see that crazy daughter of mine” Diane giggled making Pearl roll her eyes.

Diane and Gilbert knew Ella, since she attended the same highschool and college with Pearl. She was actually like a family to them.

“I have to go get some magazines, yunno” Pearl winked.

“Hmm, why do I feel like you’re happy about this marriage?” Diane asked, making mockery face.

“Oh c’mon mom, it’s just your feelings. I’m just accepting the marriage because of you and dad, nothing else” Pearl scoffed.

“I never said you were rejecting the marriage” Diane shrugged and Pearl huffed.

“Whatever mom, you’re unbelievable” she muttered and went back upstairs.


“Must you leave already?” Lucas pouted sadly as he led Noella to the car.

She was ready to go to Pearl.

“Yes. She’s my friend and I have to help” Ella said.

“Can’t believe I’m missing you already” he pouted more, holding her waist.

“You’re spoilt” she chuckled and pinched his nose.

“For you, sugarplum” he muttered and klzzed her shortly.

“Be safe” he said after breaking the klzz and went on his knees.

He klzzed her baby bump and she shivered.

“Don’t stress mummy too much, baby. Love you” he said and klzzed it again before standing up.

“Bye” he klzzed her again and opened the car door for her.

“Bye. Love you” she blew him a klzz and entered, closing the door afterwards.

“Drive with care!” Lucas said scornfully to the driver who nodded and started the engine.

He drove out of the compound with Lucas still staring at the car till it was out of sight.

“Lover boy” Kathy giggled behind him and he released a sigh.

“Mom, let me take a day off from your teased” he shook his head and entered the living room.

“Of course, lover boy” she grinned and followed him in.


“What? You never told me that you were going to spend the night there” Lucas frowned as Ella told him over the phone that she wouldn’t be able to come home.

“Okay, but I’ll miss you” he muttered.

“Love you too” then he dropped the call.

Kathy came into the room, dressed in her nightie.

“Where’s Nonoi?” She asked.

“She’s not coming home tonight” Lucas sighed and poured a [email protected] of water.

“Oh, guess my lover boy is lonely” she chuckled.

“Anyways, I came to greet you guys goodnight” she added and pecked his forehead before walking out.

“Lonely” he mumbled and fell on the bed.


The door creaked open slowly and the doctor entered. He closed it behind him carefully after making sure no one saw him.

“It’s time, get ready. You’re leaving now” he whispered and Ana nodded anticipatingly.

She glanced at Sunny who was now awake and sitting on the bed with a gloomy face, then sighed.

“Where’s the tickets?” The doctor asked and Ana showed it to him.

“Good, follow my lead, make sure you don’t make noise. Carry her” he said and Ana carried Sunny.

He led them to an old ironic worn-out door which had cobwebs allover it. He’s been working with Xander for so long and so he knew every crook and nook of the place.

Slowly and gently, he pulled the old rusty door and it made a small squeaky sound which made Ana’s heart leap.

They stood at alert, waiting to see if someone would come and check where the noise was from but none.

Then as slower than before, he pulled the rusty door and it finally opened, making the bright light of moon shine directly on them.

Everywhere was dark and not even a single soul could be seen around.

“Have this cellphone, if you reach Italy, call the first number on the call log and a man would come and pick you up” the doctor said and extended a button phone to her.

She accepted it and adjusted Sunny in her arms, staring straight in the doctor’s eyes.

“Why are you helping us? You’re risking your life for us, why?” She asked, feeling confused as to why he was suddenly helping.

“Like I said, I know how it feels to see your child die before you but couldn’t help, now go, no time for questions” he said and pushed her.

“Thank you…I’ll surely repay you someday” she muttered and started run-walking with Sunny.

“I’m glad I could help. I promised you, Layla, that I’ll help others and that’s what I’m doing” he brought out a small photo of a young girl from his pocket, staring at it as a lone of tears escaped his eyes.

He wiped the tears and looked at the direction Ana took but he didn’t see her. She had disappeared into the dark.


It’s been a week since Ana and Sunny left for Italy and life was going on well for them.

Xander was so angry about their escape and shot every one in that place, even the doctor.

Lucas too has been preparing a surprise for Ella. He’s informed Kingston, Royal and his mom and they were all helping in preparation of the surprise.

Ella has been finding him suspicious but she decided not to think about it.

Today was the day, finally the day for Kingston and Pearl’s marriage and everyone was happy.


“Oh babe, you look so stunningly beautiful” Noella gushed as she stared at Pearl from behind.

Pearl smiled shortly and sighed. “Thanks”

She was adorned in a pure white wedding gown which had shining pearls scattered all over it. It was a bodyfitting gown which had poofs from her knee downwards.

It did well in bringing out her sexy body shape. Her hair was beautifully styled by Ella with shining cl!ps, holding the veil to it.

She had some shinning earrings on her ears, glistening bracelets which matched the bright engagement ring on her f!ng£r and some shiny necklace.

Her l!ps were painted in red l!pstick and her face was in a heavy yet beautiful makeups.

On her toes had a silver stilettos which matched the jewelries adorned on her.

In short, she looked so much like a princess.

“Wow! My baby girl looks so prettyful as always” Diane grinned as she entered the room.

“Thank you Mom” Pearl hugged her, feeling nervous.

It was her first time so, it’s cool if she gets nervous. Never had she thought of getting married at this age, talkless to an ex-playboy. Lol.

Yes, ex-playboy because the Kingston now isn’t the Kingston from before.

They pulled from the hug and smiled at each other.

“It’s your day, so cheer it up! Few hours to come, you’ll be a married woman…”

“Gosh, and I’m still single” Ella sighed dramatically and Pearl eyed her.

“What of Lucas?” She scorned.

“Uh..uh.. let’s go, you’ll be late for your marriage” Ella faked a cough and winked at her.

“Yh, let’s go” Diane nodded and held Pearl’s hands as they exited the room.

“With the power vested in me as a pastor, I pronounce you, Husband and wife. You may now klzz your bride” the Pastor said and the ovation shook with noise and applause.

Kingston faced Pearl with a smirk on his handsome face. He pulled her closer and held her slender waist.

“I’ve been waiting for this” he whispered and claimed her l!ps, making the hall shake with screams.
“Happy married life, babe” Noella hugged Pearl.

“Thank you” she smiled.

Many other people also wished her including Leslie and her other work mates.

“I can’t believe the world most popular playboy is married” Royal teased and Lucas laughed.

“Exaggeration” Kingston scoffed and gulped down the wine he was holding.

“Hey Lucas, what about your surprise?” Royal asked and Lucas glanced at Ella.

She was looking so beautiful in the red off-shoulder knee length gown she was wearing.

She looked more beautiful with the smile plastered on her face. He was lost in staring at her and Kingston had to snap his f!ng£rs in his face.

“Hey! Why staring at her like she’ll vanish. Do the needful” he said and Lucas nodded.

He signaled Royal and Royal went over to the DJ, whispering something in his eyes.

He started playing a slow romantic song and everyone started dancing with his or her partner.

“May I have a dance with you?” Lucas asked Ella with a smile on his l!ps.

“Yes, darling” she giggled and accepted his extended hands.

He led her to the dance floor just behind Pearl and Kingston as they engaged in a slow dance.

“Did I tell you that you’re beautiful?” Lucas asked, clasping his hands around her waist.


“Then you’re so beautiful, just like always” he said sweetly, making her blush.

“Thanks, you’re handsome too” she said and pecked his l!ps.

Lucas glanced at Royal and he gave him a thumbs up. He took his gaze to Kingston and Pearl and they smiled @ssuredly at him.

Then he glanced at his mom and she winked at him. It was as if they were keeping some kind of secret.

Almost immediately, the song stopped and all light went off, leaving a spotlight on Lucas and Noella.

Slowly, Lucas slid his hands from her and down..he went on his knees, bringing out a beautiful red ring box.

Ella [email protected] as her hands flew to her l!ps. What was happening?

“Marry me, Noella Ransford…”


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