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my crush episode 1 & 2

©Sir Zach


In a beautifully decorated room, a young man waiting for someone. He stood up when someone opened the door and entering the room.

“I have been waiting for you babe.” Young man said while approaching her.

“Sorry darling, I was stuck in traffic.” Young woman smiled

She [email protected] when she looked at the decorations of a room.

“Is it for me?.” Young woman asked

“Yes babe, everything is for you, only for you.” the young man said while hugging from behind

Young women blus-hed har-der and turned backside “Thank you for this.”

“Babe, you know how much I love you right?.” Young man asked

When young women nodded her head, then the young man took out a diamond ring from his pocket and kneeled down in front of her and about to say something but young women squealed in excitement “Yes, Yes I will marry you.”

Young man helplessly shook his head and said “This is wrong, I prepared a long speech for you. You ruined it, babe.”

Young women pouted her li-ps and said “I love you, babe.”

“I love you more.” after saying this, the young man wrapped his hands around her wa-istand clashed they’re together

“Ahhhh, I love you a lot.” Young woman squealed while opening her eyes

She hug-ged pillow beside her and said “I love you”

After hugging her favourite pillow for a while, she opened her eyes and pouted her li-ps when she saw her father Jack Miller staring at her holding a coffee mug.

“Decorated room? Proposal? Diamond ring?” Father Miller asked

When Amy nodded her head, Father Miller chuckled and asked “seriously Amy? How many times will you get this dream? Why can’t you propose him directly?”

“Dad, I will seriously propose him today,” Amy said while getting up from a bed

“You gotta kidding me, darling. You are saying exactly the same words for eighteen years. Aren’t you tried being JUST FRIEND with him?” Father Miller asked

“Dad, we are not just friends, I’m a-ssistant to him,” Amy said proudly

Father Miller rolled his eyes and said “you are unbelievable sometimes. Darling listen to me, just pick a rose from our garden and propose him directly.”

“Okay, dad,” Amy said while pinching his cheeks and rushed towards the washroom

*Dining area*

“Mamaaaaaa” Amy shouted while rushing towards dining area.

“Darling, Here is your breakfast.” Laura Miller said while placing breakfast on the table

“Mom, what happened? Why your face is so red? Out of anger or Out of —” cutting Amy off mother Miller said, “Why don’t you ask your dad instead of me?”

Amy looked at her pretentious busy father and raised her eyebrows

“What? I didn’t do anything.” Father Miller tried to cover up

He stuck his tongue out when Amy gave him ‘You can’t fool me look.’

He then sighed and said, “She called him again.”

“What’s wrong in calling a friend? It’s not like I’m running away from you. Why are you worrying about me?” Mother Miller snapped

“Look, she is taking his sides.” Father Miller said

“You —”

Cutting them off Amy closed her ears and shouted “Stop it both of you. You both are behaving like a kid.”

Looking at her dad Amy frowned and said “Seriously? What are you doing? You are forty-five years old but still, you are worried about your wife’s best friend?”

“He is not just best friend. He tried to propose to your mom.”

“So what’s wrong in that? I’m young and beautiful at that time, obviously anyone can droll at my beauty.” Mother Miller said proudly

“Babe, only I have the right to droll at you.” Father Miller said shamelessly

Amy helplessly shook her head at her parents who were fighting —In their point of view, it is a CUTE ARGUMENT.

After completing the breakfast, Amy left the house before writing a note I’M LEAVING TO SPEND TIME WITH MY PRINCE CHARMING.

Amy Miller is young and dynamic with brown soft hair elaborately arranged. She had prominently de-ep blue coloured eyes which made her always look fresh. The most remarkable thing about her is her mole on her upper li-p and her voice which is sweet as honey.. Her curves are exactly at the same place which can easily make anyone fall for her.
Should I ride on?

©Sir Zach


*Francis cooperations*

“Good morning sir.” Jackson greeted politely

“Why are you here? Where is Amy?” Andy Francis frowned and asked

Jackson gulped in fear and said “S—Sir, I don’t know about her.”

“What do you mean by you don’t know? I’m paying a hefty amount of salary to give this shit I don’t know.” Andy frowned dee-per and said

“Sir, I will contact her.”

After saying this Jackson rushed out of Ceo’s cabin

Jackson breathed a sigh of relief when he saw two ladies giggling and chatting together

“Ms Amy, boss is calling you,” Jackson said with heavy breath

“Mr Jackson, what happened to you? Why are you breathing so heavily? Did you saw any ghost?” Amy asked

“Yeah, he just saw Andy’s anger. Right Jackson?” Lisa chuckled and said

Amy let out a laugh and asked “why do you fear him the most?”

“He is very dangerous than burning fire,” Jackson said

“No, He is se-xy and handsome for Amy. Right, Amy?” Lisa said while wrapping her arms around Amy’s shoulder

“Yeah, He is se-xy. Did you ever saw his blue eyes, toned muscles and silky, soft hair? Did you ever saw his laugh which is perfect and make any women droll for him?” Amy started praising Andy

Jackson nodded his head and said “Yes, yes.” His boss is indeed a perfect man to girls.

“Do you ever saw him shirtless? He is super hot and se–” Amy stopped and lowered her head when she saw a particular person standing in front of them

“Super hot and what?” Jackson asked

Amy gulped and gestured him to shut up but Jackson who was busy thinking ‘super hot and what?’ didn’t concern her gestures and asked “why did you stop? He is super hot and—”

Cutting him off Amy tried to laugh and “yeah, That hero was super hot when he was shirtless.”

“Hero? But —”

Without letting him say any word Amy moved forward and asked “Boss, you called me?”

Jackson wide-ned his eyes, turned backwards and gulped in fear.

“What are you talking about? ” Andy frowned and asked

“We are just discussing about new movie. Right Jackson?” Amy said

“Y–Yes, That movie where the hero is —”

Cutting him off Andy frowned and said: “Is this your home to discuss about movies and all?”

“And, it’s not his mistake” Andy lowered her head and said

Andy took a de-ep breath and said, “I’m giving you two minutes, explain to me about the meetings.”

After saying this Andy walked towards his cabin

Amy breathed a sigh of relief and quickly ran towards him

Lisa chuckled and said, “Jackson, you indeed have a good day.”

“Yes, I have to thank Amy for this help,” Jackson said

“You should.”

“Am I the only one thinking they were like Beast and Beauty?” Jackson asked

Lisa chuckled and said “Apparently you are not the only one”

“Oh, I forgot to ask you, why did you visit the office this early today?” Jackson asked

“I’m here to scare my dear boyfriend but it seems like he was scaring me with his [email protected] schedule.” Lisa said helplessly shooking her head

“second boss really have a tough schedule today,” Jackson said

“It’s okay. I will wait for him.” Lisa said while sitting on a chair

*Andy’s cabin*

“Sir, we have a formal meeting with Davis enterprise within half an hour. After that you have a lunch appointment with —”

Cutting her off “cancel lunch appointment” Andy said

“Okay, sir,” Amy said

“Arrange everything for meeting with Davis Enterprise,” Andy said

“Okay sir, anything else?” Amy asked

“Sit here and check this docu-ment,” Andy said while handing the docu-ment to her

Amy smiled and took the docu-ment and sat in front of him in a chair

While doing corrections in the docu-ment, Amy couldn’t help but steal glances from him. His perfect body, blue eyes, silky hair. Everything was perfect about him. She can’t say how many times she dreamed about his perfect figure? How badly she won’t touch them? She just want to droll all over him? Only she knew how difficult it was to her to stop from touching and ki-ssing him?

“Ms Shelton, the boss is waiting for you in his cabin,” The employee said

“Oh okay, Thank you,” Lisa said while getting up from a chair

*Ryan’s cabin*

When she entered the room, Ryan Francis was engrossed in his work

Lisa helplessly shook her head and shouted: “Are you a Robot?”

When Ryan heard most sweetest voice, He lifted his head and quickly approached her “Babe, I was waiting for you.”

When Lisa raised eyebrows Ryan sighed and said: “It is most important work darling, you know today Andy has a meeting with Davis enterprise and this meeting is most important for both the companies, so I’m trying to help Andy in this.”

“Okay, Do you want me to wait for some time?” Lisa asked

Ryan vigorously shook his head and pulled closer “How can I let you wait for some more time babe?”

Lisa pouted her li-ps and said “I was insecure about you sometimes”

Ryan smiled and said “I’m yours”

“I know but I feemmmmm—–” Lisa swallowed rest of her words when Ryan clashed their li-ps together

The ki-ss was so gentle yet pa-ssionate, Lisa wrapped her arms around him and left no space between them.

After ki-ssing her for a while, Ryan reluctantly broke the ki-ss and pressed their foreheads together and said “let’s take out your insecurities.”

“Ry, Behave yourself, we are still in your company,” Lisa said

“Babe, I think you forgot that no-one can enter my cabin without my permissions. so we can do our stuff” Ryan said trailing ki-sses all over the neck

“Ry, meeting—- woahhhh” Amy turned around and closed her eyes and said “I’m sorry”

wide-ned her eyes in shock Lisa pushed Ryan and fixed her clothes

“Seriously babe, why are you so concerned? she witnessed us doing many things. Right, Amy?” Ryan said

Amy chuckled and said, “Unfortunately, yes, but I never saw something like this in office.”

Lisa scratched her forehead and said “It is his fault ”

“But you loved it right?” Ryan asked giving peck on her li-ps

Amy rolled her eyes and said “Geez, get a room for yourself ”

After saying that, Amy took the docu-ments on the table and left the room leaving two love stuck fools behind

*Andy’s cabin*

“Sir, Here is the file you asked” Amy said while placing the docu-ment on the table

“where is Ryan?” Andy asked

“T–That, he was doing something important.” Amy tried to coverup

“Is Lisa with him?”

When Amy nodded her head, Andy helplessly shook his head “Inform to him to complete his so-called important thing and attend the meeting.”

He knows how Ryle who was workaholic can go crazy like love stuck fool within seconds when Lisa is around him. Though he don’t mind being clingy and romantic in public places but sometimes he has to warn Ryle not to cross their limits in public.

Amy chuckled and said, “Okay sir.”

Just then Amy received a phone call from reception

After attending the call, Amy sighed and said “sir, Mr Davis is busy in some work so instead of him Ms Davis is here for a meeting.”

“Bring her inside,” Andy said

Amy nodded her head and left. It was rare for her boss to meet any women. Though it was an official meeting he always steeped backwards from meetings with women but this time he seems different. usually, her boss will shout or at least frown when someone attends the meeting instead of others but this time it is totally different.

*Outside the office*

Amy frowned when she saw a young women wearing a mini black coloured skirt from which anyone can see her white s£nder thighs and golden coloured sleeveless top. Her hair was left free and she had heavy makeup on her face which made her look beautiful.

“who comes like this for a meeting?” Amy murmured

“Excuse me, Are you Ms Davis?” Amy asked politely.

young women took her sungla-sses, looked around and said “Do you think any women here can match Ms Davis except me?”

controlling her urge to roll her eyes at her, Amy looking up to bottom at her said “I’m sorry, I thought this an official meeting.”

Young women frowned and asked, “Are you Andy’s a-ssistant?”

when Amy nodded her head, Young women smirked and said: “Then why don’t you behave like that?”



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