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living with the bad boy episode 2 & 3

BAD BOY ????
( Hearts Collision… )


By, Ca-ssie B.



Audrey barged into the room loudly, going to face Freya who was applying li-pstick on her li-ps.

“How dare you?!” Audrey yelled.

“What’s up to your sleeve?” Freya asked, picking a comb to brush her hair.

“You fuc-k ed Axel! How could you do that to me!” Audrey shouted.

Freya chuckled shortly before finally giving her attention.

“Was he yours in the first place?” She asked


“Chill, we both know Axel just want to get under our pan-ts so why making a fuss?”

“Are you being real right now? You knew I was fuc-k ing him and you went ahead to fuc-k him too?”

Freya rolled her eyes and started combing her hair.

“His dic-k is not yours to claim, so quit the act, it’s beginning to get me mad” she muttered, staring at herself in the mirror.

Freya picked her bag and stood up, she faced Audrey with a smile.

“Don’t worry, Best friend, I’m only going to fuc-k him that’s all” she leaned closer and pecked her cheek.

“I’ll be back soon, need to meet someone” she left the room.

Audrey scoffed out in disbelief.

“Can’t believe this right now,” she muttered.



Melanie’s face was buried to the ground in embarra-ssment, she couldn’t even stare at the person in front of her.

Axel continued staring at her with his hands across his chest.

“What the hell are you? A six years old?” He scoffed.

Slowly, Melanie raised her head to stare at him. Seeing the way he was dressed, she quickly averted her gaze.

Axel shook his head before going to his room.

“Phew!” Melanie breathed out in relief.

“He’s so scary” she hits her chest numerous times.

She stood up and went to the couch, she picked her phone and the bowl of popcorn.

“I might as well finish the rest in my room” she mumbled, walking to her room.



Axel sat on the bed, the mask was already removed from his face.

He brou-ght out his phone and almost immediately, a message came up on his phone.


“Bunch of liars” he mumbled, throwing his phone to the bed.

He brou-ght out a cigarette from his pocket, he lighted it before putting it in his mouth.

He stood up and removed the jacket and face cap, still smoking heavily.

His phone rang and he went to pick it.

“Hey buddy!” Aaron’s voice was heard.


“Heard the freshmen are having their party next week, wanna tag along?” Aaron asked.

Axel puffed out smokes from his mouth.

“As long as there are girls to fuc-k ” he said.

Aaron laughed over the phone.

“Of course they will, we can’t just go there in vain” he said.

“I’ll inform the rest”


“Have you gotten home?” Aaron asked.

“Yea, just now” Axel replied.

“Okay cool, let’s talk later” the call was disconnected.

Axel threw the phone to the bed and walked out of the room, a stick of cigarette in between his li-ps.

He went to the kitchen and brou-ght out a bottle of alcohol. He took a glas-scup and went back to his room without casting a glance at his roommate’s door.



“You mean you have a guy as your roommate?” Paisley, Melanie’s best friend asked. They were both on the phone.

“Yes. You need to see the way he dresses Paisley, it’s totally out of it” Melanie shook her head.

“Living with a guy in one house, that’s really cool” Paisley smiled.

“What’s cool there? I really hate it, I wonder how Ace is going to react when he finds out I’ll be living with a guy. He won’t get mad, would he?”

“Don’t worry he can’t, I’ll come over tomorrow” Paisley said.

“Okay. So, how are you doing?” Melanie asked.

There was a sudden silence and she could hear someone whispering from the background.

“Pais, are you okay? Who’s there with you?” Melanie asked.

“No one, let’s talk later. Bye!” The call ended abruptly.

Melanie stared at her phone.

“What’s wrong with her?” She mumbled.

She shrugged and stood up. She was about to go out of her room when she remembered the a-ssa-ssin was at home.

“What if he’s in the living room? I should just stay here” she sighed and went back to the bed.



Melanie walked to the clas-sand quickly took a seat by a corner, the clas-swas yet to start. She just decided to come early.

She brou-ght out a book from her bag when she felt someone beside her. She turned and a light ‘wow’ escaped her li-ps when she saw a girl beside her. She was looking cute and innocent.

“Hi, I’m Lauren” Lauren introduced.

“I’m Melanie, you’re beautiful by the way” Melanie complimented.

“Thank you. Are you offering this cla-ss?” Lauren asked.


“Same here. Do you mind being friends with me?” Lauren asked.

“Of course not, I’d love to” Melanie said.

They both smiled at each other.

“Melanie? I’m so sorry I came late. Actually I…” Paisley stopped talking when she saw Lauren beside her.

“It’s fine, you can join us too” Melanie smiled.

Paisley stared at Lauren before taking a seat with them.

“Lauren, meet my best friend, Paisley. Paisley, meet Lauren, my new friend” Melanie introduced.

“Hi” Lauren and Paisley chorused.

“By the way, have you seen Ace yet?” Paisley asked.

“Not yet. We can meet after the cla-ss” Melanie muttered

The lecturer entered and everywhere went silent.


“Gosh, that was tiring” Paisley stretched her body as they walked out of the cla-ss.

“I must admit his clas-swas really boring” Melanie said.

“Seriously, I was almost sleeping in the cla-ss” Lauren said.

Melanie and Lauren both laughed except Paisley.

“Baby?” Melanie stopped walking when she heard the familiar voice.

She turned and a beautiful smile escaped her li-ps when she saw her boyfriend.

“Baby!” She screamed and rushed to his arms.

Ace chuckled and held her small body to his, he closed his eyes and rested his head on her shoulder.

“I miss you” she pouts.

“Me too” he whispered.

His eyes went to Paisley, they stared at each other for a while before he finally looked away.

Melanie broke the hug and touched his face softly.

“I really missed you” she muttered.

Ace smiled.

“Will you follow me to my new house?” Melanie asked.

“Sure, I will. I already promise to come” he said.

“Who’s he?” Lauren asked Paisley.

“Her boyfriend obviously” Paisley rolled her eyes.

“I know. I mean, does he attend this college too?” Lauren asked.


Melanie turned to Lauren and Paisley.

“Can you guys go alone without me?” She asked.

“Sure, we’ll see tomorrow then” Lauren smiled.

Melanie turned to Paisley who only nodded her head.

“Let’s go, baby” She held Ace’s hand.

Ace stared at Paisley for a while before walking away with Melanie.

“Let’s go” Lauren said to Paisley.

Paisley stared at Ace and Melanie’s retreating figure before leaving with Lauren.



“Where’s Ace?” Axel asked as they entered the house without Ace.

“He went to see his girlfriend” Aaron muttered, sitting on a couch.

“Girlfriend? With that ugly thing?” Axel scoffed.

“Ace would never date her, he just wants to get into her pan-ts, that’s all” Aiden said.

“He’s just like you” Aaron muttered.

“Me or us?” Axel raised a brow.

Aiden chuckled.

“We aren’t different from each other dude,” he said to Aaron.

“Yea, right” Aaron mumbled.

“So, when are you leaving?” Aiden asked Axel.


“You won’t even spend time with us anymore? This is seriously becoming annoying” Aaron frowned.

Axel ignored him and rested his head of the chair.

“We can always visit your new house, right?” Aiden asked.

“You’re always welcome” Axel said with his eyes closed.

“That’s settled then, we should be spending time at your place” Aiden said.

Aaron smiled.


“You look tensed, are you okay?” Melanie asked Ace.

They were in his car, on their way to her new house.

“I’m fine love” Ace said.

His phone beeped and he brou-ght it out of his pocket.

“Is anything wrong?” Melanie asked, noticing how he concentrated on his phone.

“Yea” Ace smiled and stared at his phone again

“I’d advise you to put that phone down and don’t get us into an accident” Melanie muttered, staring outside the window.

Ace chuckled and dropped his phone.

“Are you mad right now?” He asked.

“Why would I?”

“Melanie…” His phone rang before he could complete his s£ntence.

He checked his phone and looked away.

“Why aren’t you picking your call?” Melanie asked, glancing at him.

The car suddenly stopped and she raised a brow.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Baby, I’m so sorry. I don’t think I can make it to your house anymore, I have something to take care of” Ace said.

Melanie scoffed.

“More important than me?” She asked.


“It’s fine” she removed the seat belt from her phone and made to come down from the car when he held her hand.


“I’m sorry, it’s so sudden and I…”

“I’m sorry baby”

Melanie sighed.

“Why do I feel like you’re slowly changing towards me? Like, you don’t really have my time anymore, you’re slowly distancing yourself from me” she said.

“I’m not, love. I’ll never do that, I just need to go now, huh?”

He leaned closer to her and placed a short ki-ss on her li-ps.

“I love you” he whispered.

“Whatever” she alighted from the car.

“I’ll call you” he smiled and drove away.

Melanie scoffed, her eyes taking her surrounding.

“Where the hell is this place?” She mumbled.

The thunder strikes and her eyes wide-ned.

“Don’t tell me…” A droplet of water fell on her face.

“No please, don’t do this” the thunder strikes again and soon, rain started falling.

“What the hell? How do I go home? I don’t even know anywhere” Melanie mumbled. She looked around, trying to find a place for shelter but there was none.

“fuc-k you, Ace” she gritted. She was beginning to get we-t.

She started walking around, hugging herself.

The rain was pouring heavily by now, both her hair and clothes are already drenched .


“Why the hell will it be raining now?” Axel mumbled under his breath, staring outside the window.

The rain was very heavy and driving in that condition was really bad so he parked the car.

He removed the face cap and mask from his face before coming down from the car. He sighted an abandoned place not faraway from him and he rushed to it.

His clothes were already we-t since the rain was heavy.

“fuc-k ” he mumbled, dusting his clothes.

Melanie was already shivering, her clothes was dripping we-t by now, showing the shape of her bra.

To wors£n it all, Ace never called her. She was all alone.

Just when she was about to lose hope, she saw a figure not far from where she was.

“Finally,” she bit her trembling li-ps.

She hastened her step towards the figure, all that on her mind was to get out of the rain.

She got to where the person was and discovered that it was a guy.

“Erm… Hi” she mumbled.

Axel turned his eyes to her.

“Actually, I’m alone here and…”


“Axel, glad you came out on time. This is your roommate, the one I told you about” Mrs. Meyer said.

Axel stopped walking, his attention going towards Melanie.

“She’s beautiful, right?” Mrs. Meyer asked.

“No” he replied bluntly and left the house.


Axel remembered her to be the roommate Mrs. Meyer introduced him to.

“Can I stay here with you for a bit till the rain stops?” Melanie completed.

“Not like I own this place anyways” he muttered, looking away from her.

Melanie smiled. She walked to the wall and rested her back on it.

Her gaze went to him and she wouldn’t lie that she found him handsome, smoking hot!

“But not like Ace” she mumbled, taking her gaze away. Even though that was a lie, but she wouldn’t admit she found another guy handsome other than her boyfriend.

“Erm… Do you stay around here?” Melanie asked after a while.

Axel took his eyes from his eyes from his phone , staring at her.


“I just moved in here and I don’t know anywhere, I can’t seem to find my way home” she explained.

“How did you end up here?” He asked, taking his attention back to his phone.

“Actually, I was with my boyfriend and…”

“He dumped you here?” He cuts her off, staring at her.

“No. He needed to attend to something so…”

“He left you here. What’s the difference?” He muttered.

Melanie bit her li-ps.

“So dumb” he brou-ght out a cigarette from his pocket.

“By the way, you’re beautiful” he put the stick in his mouth, staring at her chest.

Melanie followed his gaze and her eyes went wide when she saw him staring at her chest.

She raised her head to find him smirking at her.

Who the hell is this dude?


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