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living with the bad boy episode 1

BAD BOY ????
( Hearts Collision… )

By, Ca-ssie B.

Genre: College Romance

Tags: College, Roommates, Bad boy, S€x, Best friends, Love triangle, Betrayal, Love, Secrets.


“Why are you so innocent?” He whispered, moving closer to her till her back met with the wall.

“Stay away from me,” she warned in a shaky voice, avoiding his eyes.

“I can’t, Mel. I’m gonna die if I do so” he raised her chin with his f!ng£rs, staring into those cute eyes he loves.

“I love you” he whispered, his li-ps smashing on hers at once.
Moving into a new house was what Melanie Brown ever wished for, but getting a guy as a roommate is a big surprise. Especially if he was a student in her school!

Melanie Brown, a Linguistics Student at Monash University.

She’s not the hot type, neither the nerdy type.

She’s a freshman student who just entered Monash University, a school of the rich boys and girls.

A school where bad boys and girls are mainly found.

Melanie hated the idea of living in the hostel, rather she preferred living in her own apartment.

Her wish was granted by her parents but then… Her roommate was a bad boy!
Axel Braun, the school bad boy, the hottest and popular guy in Monash University.

He’s a complete bad boy. He smokes, drinks and mostly fuc-k girls anyhow.

Girls flock around him like bees swarming around honey. He’s a complete player who doesn’t believe in the shit love, just like his three friends.

Due to some issues with his parents, he left the hostel and rented a house outside the school.

There he met her….

Now that two people are living together, can a good girl and bad boy live together peacefully?

Not just any bad boy but the school’s biggest player.

Curious to know how their relationship turned out?

Find out….✍️


BAD BOY ????
( Hearts Collision… )


By, Ca-ssie B.



A car stopped just in front of a house, out of it came a pair of slim legs putting on flat shoes.

“Finally,” Melanie smiled, inhaling the sweet scent of the environment.

She faced the cab man who was patiently waiting for her.

She dipped her hand into her handbag and brou-ght out some cash, she counted it before paying the cab man.

She brou-ght out her big bag from the car and the car drove off afterwards.

Melanie’s eyes scanned the building in front of her and a smile left her li-ps.

“Love this” she mumbled.

She dragged her traveling bag and walked towards the gate. She pushed it gently and luckily for her, it opened.

“Wow!” She exclaimed, making her way into the building.

“I’m sure I won’t regret my stay here” she grinned to herself, admiring the building.

It was simple yet it was really beautiful.

She got to the door and knocked it gently. The door opened, revealing an elderly woman.

“Oh, here you are. I’ve been expecting you” the elderly woman smiled.

“I’m sorry, ma’am”

“It’s nothing. Come in” the woman made way for her to enter the house.

Melanie walked into the house slowly, admiring the interior designs.

“Do you like it?” The woman asked behind her.

“Like is an understatement, I love it” Melanie smiled.

“I’m glad you do. Your room has been prepared already, would you like to check it out?” The woman asked.

“Yes, Mrs. Meyer,” Melanie said.

She actually saw the house online, its simplicity attracted her, she couldn’t afford letting it go. So, she decided to move into the house.

“This way” Mrs. Meyer led her to a door.

They entered the room and a sweet [email protected] left Melanie’s room. This was exactly the way she saw the room online, nothing was different from it.

“This is perfect,” she smiled.

Mrs. Meyer smiled.

“Everything is intact, nothing is left out. I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy your stay here”

“I know, right?”

Melanie walked to the bed and sat on it gently, she faced Mrs. Meyer with a smile on her li-ps.

“I really love this, I’m glad I chose this room” she said.

“The other rooms are not bad too”

Melanie nodded, checking the room out.


“Thanks Mrs. Meyer, I really do appreciate you” Melanie said to Mrs. Meyer as they came out of the room.

“It’s nothing, just call me if you need anything,” Mrs. Meyer said.

Melanie nodded with a smile.

Just then, the room opposite hers opened, revealing a guy dressed in all black. He was putting on a black top and pan-ts, with a black jacket to match with. His hair was covered with a face cap and he was putting on a mask.

“Axel, glad you came out on time. This is your roommate, the one I told you about” Mrs. Meyer said.

Axel stopped walking, his attention going towards Melanie.

“She’s beautiful, right?” Mrs. Meyer asked.

“No” he replied bluntly and left the house.

Melanie squinted her eyes before scoffing out loud.

“Who’s that jerk?”

“Didn’t you hear what I said earlier? Your roommate” Mrs. Meyers replied.

“Roommate? That guy that looks like an a-ssa-ssin?!” Melanie asked with wide-ned eyes.

“Yes, he’s actually a nice guy. You guys will get along” Mrs. Meyers smiled.

“I actually doubt that,” Melanie mumbled.

“I should get going, like I said, if you need anything, just let me know” Mrs. Meyer said.

“Huh? Okay” Melanie smiled shortly.

Mrs. Meyers left the house.

“Gosh, how do I live knowing I have a guy as a roommate? Not just a guy but an a-ssa-ssin?” Melanie asked no one in particular.

“Just avoid him, yes that’ll do. We’ll be total strangers, I won’t even talk to him” she smiled to herself.

“Let’s get acquainted with our new house” she squealed loudly and went to her room.



“He’s here!” Aaron screamed when Axel entered the house.

Axel removed the mask off his face and sat on a chair, releasing a loud breath.

“Are you seriously going to live this way forever? Going around with a mask on your face?” Ace asked.

“Do I have a choice?” Axel asked back, bringing a cigarette from his pocket.

“I really missed your pres£nce here, don’t you think you should talk to your Mom?” Aiden asked.

“Don’t even go there, just don’t let her know where I stay for now” Axel muttered, puffing out smoke from his mouth.

“You can always count on us,” Aaron smiled.

A knock was heard and a girl entered. She smiled widely when she sighted Axel in the room.

“Axel!” She screamed.

“I missed you. I’ve been parading this place for hours, I couldn’t even concentrate in cla-ss” she pouts, positioning herself on his laps.

“You miss me or my dic-k ?” Axel smirked, resting his eyes on her exposed b**bs.

“I miss you but I miss your dic-k more” she smiled, trailing her hands to his dic-k .

“bit-ch” Aaron mumbled beneath his breath.

Axel stared at the lady before him and smiled naughtily.

He puffed out smoke on her face and she giggled noisily.

“Meet me in my room” he muttered and stood up, walking to his room.

Audrey stood too and adjusted her dress, she glanced at the remaining boys.

“Enjoy yourself” she winked and walked away.

“Sounds of mo-ans will be heard right now,” Aaron said.

“Shouldn’t we get ourselves some girls too?” Aiden asked.

“Should we?” Aaron smiled.

Ace was about to say something when his phone rang. A smile left his li-ps when he saw the caller ID.

“Who’s that?” Aaron tried to peek at his phone but Ace quickly poke his head.

“Mind your business” he muttered.

“I already know who’s calling, you don’t have to be rude” Aaron scoffed.

He faced Aiden.

“Let’s go, I can’t be oppressed right now” he said, walking out of the house.

Aiden laughed and went after him.

After they were gone, Ace smiled and picked the call.

“Hey baby”

“Right now?”


“Oh my Gaawd!”

“fast-er Axel! Go fast-er!”

“Yes, that’s the spot! Hit it dee-per, shift my womb!”

Audrey mo-an-ed crazily as Axel drilled her from behind. They were both drowned in sweats right now, but they weren’t stopping any moment from now.

“Axel, you’re the deal! fuc-k !” She mo-an-ed again when his hand captured her br*east. He squee-zed a n*pple and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

“I love you!”

After what felt like hours, Axel pulled out of her and made her face him.

She held his dic-k in her palm and stared su-cking him, lic-king him like a lolli-pop till he ejaculated into her mouth.

“fuc-k , that was good” she grinned, lic-king her li-ps.

Axel walked to the bathroom nak-ed ly and returned to find her in his room.

“Why are you still here?” He asked, dressing up.

“I need more,” she said.

“What about your other friend?” He asked.

Audrey frowned.


“Freya,” he replied.

“What about Freya? Why do you care about her?” Audrey asked, raising her voice a bit.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Axel scoffed.

“Don’t tell me…”

“Were you expecting me to fuc-k your p*ssy alone?” Axel asked, his face void of emotion.

“Axel!” Audrey screamed.

“When you’re done, get out of my room” Axel said and left, leaving the furious Audrey all alone in the room.


Aaron and Aiden returned to the house and at that time, Axel also came out out of the room.

He was dressed in his clothes, a mask on his face. The only parts that were visible were his eyes.

“Are you leaving?” Aiden asked.

Ace was abs£nt from the room.


“Till when then?” Aaron asked.

“In school maybe” Axel muttered.

“See you guys later” He left the room.

“Don’t you think we should help in talking to his Mom?” Aaron asked.

“Don’t even go there, Axel will skin you alive” Aiden muttered, plopping himself on a chair.


“We shouldn’t meddle in this,” Aiden said, closing his eyes.

Aaron sighed.



“Mom, I already told you I’m fine here” Melanie came out of the kitchen, holding a bowl of popcorn in her hand. She was on the phone.

“Are you sure? You can still go back to the hostel, you know?” Mrs. Brown said over the phone.

“I’m fine here, trust me. The house is really cool and perfect” Melanie smiled.

“I’ll believe you then. Call me if you need anything,okay?”

“Yes, Mom. I love you”

“I love you too, darling” the call ended.

Melanie switched on the television in the living room and sat on the couch.

Her eyes were fixed on the television as she ate her popcorn. She brou-ght her phone to her face and sighed sadly when there wasn’t any message.

She placed the popcorn to the side and clic-ked on the message box.

★ Hey baby, you aren’t replying to my messages, neither are you picking my calls. Is everything okay? ★ She s£nt.

She sighed and dropped her phone to the side.

Soon, her phone rang and she quickly picked it up.

“Baby! Are you okay? You haven’t been picking my calls, I was so worried” she pouts.

“I’m sorry, love” Ace apologized.

“Apology accepted. Where are you?” She asked.

“At a friend’s. And you, are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes. I just moved in to my new house, you didn’t even bothered to ask about it”

“I’m sorry, I just had a lot on my mind,” Ace said.

“It’s fine, I have no choice but to forgive you anyway” she muttered.

“When are you coming by?” She asked.

“Tomorrow, I don’t think I can make it today. I’m sorry, Melanie”

Melanie countenance fell but she quickly covered it with a smile.

“It’s okay, I’ll just see you tomorrow” she mumbled.


“I’m fine Ace, let’s talk later” she muttered and hung up.

“Cheer up Mel, tomorrow is almost here” she mumbled to herself.

She dropped her phone and resumed eating her popcorn.

The sound of the gate opening was suddenly heard. She [email protected] and quickly placed the bowl of popcorn on the chair, causing some to spill on the floor.

She darted into her room, forgetting to pick her phone on the chair.

“fuc-k , that was close” she breathed, holding her chest.

“Let’s just keep avoiding him, yes that’ll do”.


Axel entered the house and the first thing his eyes fell on was the bowl of popcorn and the phone on the chair.

His eyes went to the door which was slightly opened and he smirked.

He walked to his door and opened it before shutting it back.

Melanie breathed out loudly when she heard the door closing.

She opened the door fully and was about to take a move when her eyes landed on him, the a-ssa-ssin.

His arms were crossed on his chest and his eyes were fixed on her.

“Aaaaaaahhh!!!!” She screamed in fright.

In an attempt to rush back to her room, her head hit the door [email protected] and she fell on her b*tt.

She quickly buried her face to the ground in embarra-ssment.


How’s this for a start?

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