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journey to the beauty land finale

????Journey To The
Beauty Land????
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Authoress Nikky


Anita’s room…

Sofia came back into the room with two cups of coffees to meet Anita on a call.

“I just told you, Austen. Make your sister accept that she’s going to leave Luciano alone for me and you can have the s. £x tape of us deleted forever.”Anita said to the call’s receiver.

Sofia quickly dropped the two cups of coffees on by the side lamp table and stood upright, fisting her arms behind her chest and continued watching Anita with a big frown on her face.

“When you’re less busy, then.”Anita scowled and was frightened at how quick Austen had hanged up on her.

Turning around as she shook her head, she was speechless finding Sofia right there all the while.

“Tell me you weren’t listening on my conversation?”Anita asked, smirking down at Sofia while going past her and grabbing a cup of coffee from the table.

“No, you tell me why you’re bent on blackmailing the poor guy when you were the one who forced yourself on him. You don’t have the tape anymore but yet you’re still going further with this… I’m so disappointed in you, Anita.”Sofia replied, giving her the bad look.

Hearing this, Anita dropped back the coffee just as she was about taking a sip. She moved towards her and only stopped till they were now standing face-to-face.

“Don’t you get it, Sofia? I want to have Lucian to myself but his sister happened to be the one coming my way… What else do you want me to do, huh?”she asked, raising towards her an inquisitive brow.

“If the Prince had loved you back, I know you won’t have the cause to go this length. But now that he doesn’t, you have to let go of him and let him be with the one who he truly wants. You’re going to stop with this blackmailing plan of yours if you truly love Lucian and want him to be happy.”Sofia replied, manoeuvring over to grab her handbag from the big sized bed.

Anita watched on as she opened the door.

“You can have your coffee to yourself. I’m only going to be back if you’re willing to let go…”Saying this, Sofia flashed her a little smile before walking out of the door.

Anita fell down to the floor, tears escaping her eyes.


Austen finally pulled to a halt at the hospital just as Anita hanged up the call. it has clocked midnight and he still managed to reach the hospital.

Parking his motorbike, he started walking into the hospital building.

His phone rang again and he cussed right under his breath, stopping before a nurse.

“One of the prince’s had just brou-ght in someone, I’m her brother and would like to know which of the wards she currently is.”He told the nurse.

“Just coming out of there… Keep going straight until you get to room 13B.”the nurse replied and after getting a nod from. him, she walked away.

Gripping hand on his phone, he finally brou-ght it up his face and huffing at the caller’s ID, he slides to the receiver while walking straight into the hallway, his eyes running around the room numbers as he pa-ssed.

Sobs came from the background…

“Austen, sorry for ever bothering you but the tape no longer exist. You can live your life now, I won’t interfere.”Anita said, almost shuttering as she spoke into the phone.

Her outburst made him to stop on the spot, feebly resting his back against the hospital wall as he found himself relaxing against it.

“Okay…”he simply said and was on hanging up the phone when she spoke again.

“In addition, don’t tell Sabrina anything again. She should have her life together with Lucian, and that would be enough to light up a smile on my face again. Inasmuch as she’s going to make him happy.”she added, and came therafter was a silent chuckle before the line went dead.

Pocketing his phone, Austen sighed as he moved away from the wall.

“Finally! I’m once again a free bird.”he muttered to himself, relieved.

Nadia watched till the three men were gone before placing a call to her mother. It was supposed to be tonight she’s going to get back to the palace after the long trip but decided to stay over at a lounge since it was already late at night.

Pacing back and forth the room, she dabbed her sweaty face with her other hand as she waited for the call to be picked.

And when it finally was…

*Mom, I can no longer find my brother in his room. I saw three men escaping throu-ghhis window and since it’s dark, I couldn’t see if they had my brother bundled up in a sack bag with them or anywhere else.”she hurriedly smashed and jumbled her words together, panic coursing throu-ghher.

One hour later… Nadia was done showing her mother the palace CCTV footage. The Queen burned with fury and rising up from her seat, she stormed off to the King’s room since it’s night time and he was surely home.

“I hope she’s brutally punished… Queen Riley sure has an hand in this.”Nadia mumbled lowly to herself, peeking out at her mother’s back figure.

The beauty Land★★

Luciano went into his chamber and by the snap of a f!ng£r, a huge mirror came into view. He grabbed the dagger on the King sized bed and closing his eyes, he struck it into his chest and ripped it into halves.

Agony washed over his face as his teeth became grounded against each other.

Pains shoot throu-ghhis half opened chest and deciding to su-ckit up and do what had to get done.

He’s a King and the most powerful of them all. He wasn’t going to die just by the ripping of his chest but he was only going to be feeling the pains if he lets it open.

All at once, he jerked his right hand into his chest and watched from the reflection in the mirror as he located the silver band.

It the one that would always have him connected with the beauty land. This Kingdom was one that has might powers that once they have their King, they put the silver band right inside his chest once he was born. That was to make sure their King lives for decades before dying.

But right now, he wasn’t after a long life but rather a love life. He wouldn’t be in peace if he stays over here and governs the creatures when he knows fully well he has the love of his life- Sabrina- to her back to.

Finally locating the silver band, he brou-ght it out of his chest just as the door opened and Roselia entered.

“Hey, Lucian… My King, I…*

He thew the silver band at her before she could make up a full statement. She [email protected], moving back as she slammed her hands unto her mouth watched as the silver band dropped to the floor.

“What’s this you’ve done?”she snapped her eyes back at him and asked, horrified.

“Quit the questions, Roselia. This simply means am out of your Kingdom and no longer could you guys be able to force me back here.”he spat bluntly, scoffing as he saw her face plastered up with ‘panic’

Briefly closing his eyes, he got his chest forced back together and feeling they were no longer in halves, he let open his eyes and walked past her.

Roselia fell to the floor just as he left…

“I’m doomed… No longer can I have a person to be called my ‘hubby’ any more.”it was with huge streaming tears in her eyes that she wept. She wept and wept…

Nervethless, Luciano still has his powers. Since he was birthed with it, there was no way he could get rid of it.

Creating a tunnel, he went into it and soon found himself back on earth.

“Finally, now I only have to meet her at the hospital.”he said, casting away the tunnel.

The Palace★★

Queen Riley jerked up from the bed when two mighty arms grabbed her and forced her out of her room.

“Where the hell are you taking me?”she shouted, trying to rip her hands out of the men’s grip but all her efforts were futile.

“I’m going to report you two to the King and trust me, he’s not going to tamper justice with mercy on you both.”she angrily yelled at them as they forced her away.

Nadia and her mother stood by the stairs and waited until Riley was dragged before them.

Queen Riley glared hatefully at the duo, her eyes reacting with fury.

The second Queen, Luciano and Nadia’s mother gave the men an affirmative nod and shifted back with her daughter as the men took Riley away.

“I said where on earth are you taking me?!”That doesn’t stop Riley from shouting furthermore.

“To the dungeon!*the second Queen bit back and Nadia smiled proudly.


Seth watched Sabrina’s face as it stayed closed. The doctor had said it was going to take few days or more for her to wake up. The situation she currently was is quite dangerous.

Austen sat down beside her sickbed, finally taking his seat after an hour of standing.

He casted a dubious look at Seth.

“Who are you anyways? Don’t get me wrong, I know you’re one our Kingdom’s Princes but I don’t approve of anyone being with sister other than Prince Lucian.”Austen spoke up, and that was when Seth finally gave him the attention.

“Lucian has your approval already?”he asked and when Austen replied back with a nod, he knew they was a little chance he was going to have a chance with Sabrina.

The door suddenly opened and Luciano walked in with the majestic aura following him. He gave no one a glance but only head straight for Sabrina’s sickbed.

Austen jumped up from the way and moved away from him while Seth sighed out, creasing his forehead while trying to stay put.

Austen smiled heartily as Luciano laid a palm upon Sabrina’s forehead.

Immediately, her eyes flic-kered open. All fatigue that was operating in her body that made her long in her slumber were now gone all of a sudden.

She made to seat up when she saw those enchanting brow eyes staring down at her.

“Lucian…”she cooed and jumped on him, giggles escaping her mouth as he embraced her back.

Seth blankly forced his eyes away from them and rose up his feet.

“Guess I no longer have a chance with her.”saying to himself, he walked out of the door while Austen snickered at him.

Pulling out of the hug, Austen moved over to her and patted her head.

“What a fast recovery, baby sister. I can’t believe you’re been drowned in the sea of love this much…”he teased her and she chuckled.

No sooner had he said that did the two love birds turned their gaze back at each other.

“Sorry, I just had to go and clear up things.”he said and she nodded, leaning her face towards his and rubbing noses with him.

Stylishly, knowing her brother was watching, she ki-ssed him on the li-ps and he reciprocated, ki-ssing her back sweetly.

“Ptcheew… Guess that’s my clue to leave.”Austen squirled and hastily walked out of the hospital room.

He took his phone out of his pocket and placed a call to Aria… It was high time he stops giving the girl a [email protected] time and since he was already starting to like her, he has to make sure that soon enough, he’s going to love her just the way she’s loved him.

“Hey Aria, I know it’s just 1AM at midnight but I need you to go out on a date with me once it’s daybreak.”he said into the phone as soon as she picked up.

Sabrina was the first person to stop the ki-ss. But only to look back into his eyes, it was so enchanting and lovely.

“About what you told me before you had to leave… I love you too, Lucian.”she confessed and not giving him the chance to say it back, she glanced back at his now red li-ps and claimed it again.

“I love you more, Rina.”he said back in between the ki-ss.

*Mine Lucian. You’re mine now, Luciano Myers Pavarotti!”she mumbled lowly against his li-ps.

They ki-ssed on, with interruption from anyone. Now, it was them against the world.


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