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journey to the beauty land episode 51 & 52

????Journey To The
Beauty Land????
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Authoress Nikky


The beauty Land★

Rumbles, echoes, cracks thundering throu-ghthe caves, birds wobbling on the trees and flapping off into the air for escape from the vuriously b!0wing wind.

Both old and young, even with their horror striking beauties, for the first time ever, they had to run into their homes for shelters from the unusual atmospheric pressure.

It reached the elders, all of them running frantic eyes throu-ghthe weirdly b!0wing air. It wasn’t so long when all the elders in the land jumbled everything aside and went straight to the palace.

No doubt, something was wrong somewhere.

This had only happened once; which was when their King was birthed.

The sorceress sighed out, finally having the peace of mind. The elders were starting to lose the belief in her which made her take up the steps to forcefully enchant the King back home.

Luciano made an appearance. Clothed in a very bloody red colour worn by royals and most especially the King, he flapped the door to the palace opened, whipping off the palace guards at the door with only the hems of his sleeves.

They weren’t trying to stop his entry but wanted to confirm if truly it was their King, and now that they only encountered his furiousness, the laid here and there on the floor gro-aning in profuse pains.

Riley’s mother has a scroll in a hand with which she was making up her letter with the ink. Her gaze went higher from the scroll when she heard the clic-king of heels against the wooden flooring.

“Roselia… Finally! You’re back. I was just about s£nding a message to you.”her mother smiled up at her, putting aside the scroll and rising up her feet, her white dress that reached the floor flowing up all of a sudden.

Hurriedly, she slammed her hands on both sides of her and fisted the heavy clothes in her palms, just as the door was kicked opened. Roselia immediately began to feel his aura…

The door almost left its sprunt but as soon as Roselia casted her eyes on it, the door stood back in position.

Roselia’s mother also waited no time to turn around to see who had caused the uproar.

The air tensed and still, none of them was able to see whoever is surely binding the air.

“Whoever that is, make an appearance… I know it’s you, and I don’t mind if you were planning it out as a surprise but I want to see your face already.”Roselia almost whined, a smile enclosing her words.

“I also think it’s him, daughter. I can feel it’s none other than him. It’s Luciano.”moving closer to Roselia, her mother whispered into her air before looking back at the entrance, excitement bubbling inside of her just as it was also dancing inside her daughter.

Luciano casted out the binds and let down two feets from the air and unto the floor.

The elders stood rooted on their spot from the entrance, their beautiful faces embedded with glowing happiness.

Luciano’s eyes flared red as he manouvered his way further into the chamber and approached his throne, lights shinning all over him.

He plopped his mighty body into the gleaming throne chair and smiled heartily. What a long it has been…

The elders, Roselia and then her mother all fell down on their feets and let down their palms against the floor. Their heads touching the ground as they bent over and bowed.

“Welcome… King of us!!”They all chorused at once.

Seth didn’t bother knocking, he opened the door to Luciano’s room and stepped in, not bothering to close the door behind him.

“Lucian, I need to have a word with you.”it was with every ounce of patience in him that he used to tone out those words. In reality, he felt like cursing out on him.

He stopped his walk when he felt something on the way. Looking down at his feet, his eyes bulged. Horrified, he crouched over to look at her.

“Rina, what on earth did he do to you!”He shouted, taking her head in his arms and feel her pulse. He gritted his teeth as he felt her pulse. Thank God she was still breathing, else, even Luciano wouldn’t imagine what he was going to do to him.

Quickly, he carried her unconscious body in a bridal style into his arms and began walking towards the door with her.

“Hang on, Rina. I’m taking you over to the hospital right away.”he kept chanting, walking out of the already opened door with her.

He saw one of the drivers walking aimlessly up and down the hallway.

“Go open the damned car and start the car!”he yelled at him, stalking down the stairs with Sabrina’s body still in his arms.

“Yes, Prince.”the driver freaked out, jogging past him in no time and running out and straight to the parking lot.

“Just you wait, Lucian. Let anything happen to my girl and you shall see just how I would be more than willing to chop your head off.”he muttered under his breath, anger coursing throu-ghhis veins hazardously.

Austen returned home, totally exhausted. He knew their mother wouldn’t be back until two days time so he didn’t bother calling out to her.

“Sabrina, I’m home…”he shouted, taking the Tv remote from beside him on the couch and switching on the Tv.

Hearing nothing for about two minutes, he left the living room and went into the kitchen, and then straight to her room but only to meet nothing.

It’s 11:56 PM and almost 12 as he looked at the wall clock.. Wasting no time, he got the keys of his motorbike from his trouser back pocket and ran outside her room.

Getting to his motorbike, he drove down the road even though he knew not where she could have gone.

He started thinking… reminiscing on the few days he’d asked about how her day had been.

‘Just coming back from the palace. You know, at Lucian’s.’

‘Oh, our prince. No need to tell but I have the idea you have a crush on him.”

‘Arrgh, stop with the teasing… Austen!”

He quickly reversed and drove straight to the palace. It wasn’t that far away and he hopes to get there just in time.

Getting down from his motorbike thirty minutes later, he knocked on the palace gate.

After two to three knocks, the security guard opened up and looked back at him.

“Yes, how may I help you?”the security asked, looking rather bored.

“I’m Sabrina’s brother, she often comes here to… uhm- to meet up with the Prince and geez, nevermind. Is she in?”he said, messing up with his words as he ends his statement looking as furious as ever.

The security looked around, sighing as the dark night stared right back at him. It was late already.

“Yes, she was here but an hour ago, Prince Seth had rushed her away to the hospital.”the security guard answered him.

Austen’s face glowered with anger. He ran his hand throu-ghhis air and puffed out a breath, before looking back at the guard.

“Which one exactly?”he asked impatiently.

“ThyGreen hospital, I think. Since it’s near and…”

Austen turned away from the guard, no longer interested in staying longer to hear the rest of the guard’s unnecessary speech. He’d rather not wait his time.

He got back on his motorbike and ignited its engine, reversing so hastily.

“Don’t you think it’s late already?”the guard asked, speaking louder. He clamped his mouth shut when he saw Austen shot him a burning glare.

“It’s never too late for my sister.”he muttered back before speeding off.

Three men with their faces covered up with black masks shuffled around the room, discarding his and everywhere. They were furious they couldn’t see their target.

“We choosed this time of the night and yet, our efforts are as good as nothing.”A low gr-unt came from one of them.

“As per indicated, this is his room. It couldn’t be that we are at the wrong room. It’s just take we missed the target.”the other spoke, letting back open the window.

“It’s too dangerous in here. It would be a disaster if we happened to be caught. We had better get out of here.”the third man who looked the biggest of all said with his gruffy voice.

Now in accordance, one after the door, they would hold onto the tightly tied piece of clothing and climb it down the palace wall. Till, they were finally down on the ground.

Again, one after the other, they jumped the fence and crossed over, falling down on the other side of the fence. That they did till they were all out of the palace premises. Quickly, they made their escape.

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