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journey to the beauty land episode 49 & 50

????Journey To The
Beauty Land????
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Authoress Nikky


The beauty land★

The old sorceress face drooped as the scene clears off from her head. With a small snicker on her wrinkled face, she scanned her eyes throu-ghthe elders at pres£nt. She shook her head twice and sighed, adding to the worries of the men.

“Talk to us, sorceress. You’re getting all of us all worked up.”one of the elders rose up from his seat and said, bags of impatience been placed upon his shoulders.

“There’s only a little chance that we’ll be getting the King back to our world. He now has his powers and even if we were to force him over here, the power with him now was enough to cast our own aside.”she chortled as she said.

The elders were immediately agitated.

“That’s not possible, sorceress. He owns our world and him alone can rule us all.”the eldest of the elders blatantly refused, pushing back his chair and walking out on the sorceress.

The rest followed, leaving the old sorceress on the stand.

The last elder stopped by the door, looking back at her, a frown draped on his face.

“What you just said is definitely nothing but a joke. No way are you having that excuse you’re feeding us with. How can we suddenly lose our King… Sorry but the vision you had just saw was probably unrealistic.”he bu-ttressed and stormed out, joining the rest.

Roselia looked down at the tunnel with displea-sure. It’s high time she goes back home. There’s a limit of days and hours she can spend on the earth.

Sighing out, she steps into it and bids good-bye to the world here. For the first time, a tear came in contact with her face.

Him. She was going to miss him because it’s hell living without the person who had captured her heart with the littlest try.

Luciano shut his door right after Nadia had left and went into the bathroom. A sort of pain has been coursing throu-ghhis chest for the past thirty minutes. He held the hem of his shirt and facing the mirror fixed by the wall, he started tugging up at it.

Looking at the reflection at the mirror, his eyes darkened to another degree when he saw a sudden tattoo on his left abs. It was the drawing of a fire. He was sure it just appeared there recently and knew it could be none other handiwork than from the strange world.

“What was it with that world and me? I have to find out. I can’t just get a tattoo without me knowing its source.”he thought.

Hearing a knock on his door, he quickly let back down his shirt and walked out of the bathroom. Reaching the door, he was surprised to see Sabrina.

“Hey, miss me that much?”he teased her, opening the door wider and allowing her inside his room.

“You kind of forgot your phone at my place.”

She walked in, shuffling on her two legs as she looked here and there how huge heavenly room. It was painted with the colour purple and yellow. His king sized was looking well laid, his duvet black with dots small whites.

He made to speak when a knock came on the door again.

“Come in.”he called out but instead of the door opening, a white handkerchief was been slide beneath the small space of door and pushed me.

He dashed to the door and jerked it opened but no one was at sight.

*Maybe it’s your mother, Seth or…”she was suggesting but stopped when she saw him all focused on the white handkerchief on the floor.

Luciano crouched forward and gazing at the handkerchief so intently, something told him it was there for a reason.

Picking it up, the other day’s scenerio happened again. Slowly, fire started emitting from his palms, actually burning this time.

Sabrina snapped up her feet, her heart thumping against her ribcage.

“Lucian, drop the damn handkerchief!”she yelled exasperatedly on top of her voice, her hold on his phone that was in his hand starting to turn into a [email protected] grip.

He shook his head. He really has to do this.

The fire rippled up his arm and he gr-unt bitterly, feeling then pain.

“I have to Sabrina, I’ll be back.”he growled, the fire having finished burned throu-ghhis shirt and now leaving his muscularly built-up chest into the clear view.

She fell onto her knees, rolls of tears falling limply down her eyes. A certain pain could be felt throu-ghthe path to her health and she knows she might fall into unconsciousness anytime soon.

“No, Lucian. You can’t leave, you…”she shuttered in between chokes of sobs but it could stop nothing.

“Sabrina..!.”he feebly went rigid, his throat betraying him and downing the rest of his words back to his mouth.

“Lucian.”she answered, falling on her stomach and reaching up to him from the air. In the process, her stomach jabbed back into the floor and her eyes shut down on her immediately, whilst she made sure to hear him out before fully giving into unconsciousness

He vanished into the thick air just after thundering out with remaining ounce of making a speech left in him.

“I love you…”

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