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journey to the beauty land episode 43 & 44

????Journey To The
Beauty Land????
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky


Wait: What the fuc-k is his problem?

Quickly shutting the door, she went to join Luciano on the couch where he’s seated, the Tv remote in his hand with which he was currently switching the channel with.

She kept sneaking little glances at the door while trying effortlessly to stay focused on the Tv screen and Luciano. The fact that her skin was currently pricking her to stand up and go question wasn’t even the least helping her nervousness.

“Sabrina.”He called, looking away from the Tv and shifting back a little bit so he was now facing her.

She jerked her gaze away from the door, hurriedly facing him with a smug smile.

“Yes?”she mused, taking her right hand behind her back and starts to use it to fiddle with the back of her crop top. She needed to get her mind away from Seth, but why is it so difficult? Especially now that she has the idea that he’s right outside and across the road.

“It’s Saturday.”he stated rather than asked.

“And…?”she asked, nibbling frustratingly at her bottom li-p. Her right hand now rotated into a fist behind her back.

“We can go somewhere. We could use my spare and go catch up somewhere for a little fun.”he replied her, shrugging as he continued studying her face.

‘Is this his own method of asking me out on a date? Oh silly, shut up Sabrina. Even if he’s going to like someone to the point of asking that person out on a date, it can’t be you.’She thought in her head which only resulted in her gro-aning out in mock of herself.

He arched a brow at her when she made that sound. Could it be that she doesn’t want to go out with him.

“You don’t want to go?”

“Oh, no! I want too. Sorry for that, I was just a little away up my head.”she faked a smile at him, fumbling with her speech.

“Yeah, I can see that.”he mumbled more to himself than her, and though he was expecting her to hear, she gave a nod.

He reached for her hand but before he was able to, she had jumped up on her feet.

“Five minutes, Lucian. I’ll be back soon and we can go over to that place you said to have the fun you want.”She chirped too loud, and she almost palmed her face in embra-ssment of her over-excitement.

He nodded and she nodded too, nervously tucking her hair behind her ear.

She stood there at the spot for a good one minute; just flating out her cheeks and running her palms up and down them, before she finally mustered enough courage and walked to the door, pushed the door open and walked out of it, shutting the door behind her.

He straightened up on the couch, his li-ps pressed to a thin line as confusion whirled around him.

The way she had been lost in her head for a while, the sudden energetic way she’d jumped up from her seat, and how she’d waited for a good one minute just in nervousness before leaving, was enough to tell him something was wrong somewhere.

Surely, Sabrina still found his car still parked across the road. Reaching it, she knocked on the pa-ss£nger’s side window and almost immediately, the lock sounded which indicated the door has just been opened.

She fli-pped open the door and getting into the car, she didn’t even bother closing it as she faced him, anger coursing throu-ghher when she saw him already looking blankly back at her like he knew not what he had done.

“Don’t tell me you traced Luciano down here. And before you try denying, I don’t want you here, Seth. You shouldn’t even be here in the first place.”she angrily said, fli-pping off the seatbelt as it tried poking her side waist.

“But he should be here? I can’t be here but he can, huh? Is that it?”Seth said back, and as he spoke, a glimpse of hurt flashed throu-ghhis eyes while still staring so intently at her.

“Yes, Seth. He can. And don’t try throwing my own words back at me, you shouldn’t…”

“Don’t you see, Rina, I love you so much and for the first time ever in my life, am going a much longer length to date someone. If you would just give me a chance and let me show you I can be that guy who will always love and cherish you. I only want a chance, and by then, you yourself wouldn’t even want to let go.”he told her, his eyes softening and seeing she made no move, he leaned closer a bit and took one of her hand.

She hijacked her hand back from his hold like it burns.

“Just let me be, Seth. Leave and just go home. I think have said enough, I’ll be on my way now.”she almost cussed, turning and almost out of his car when he uttered something out of the blue which made her stop.

“You like him, right?”

She briefly shut her eyes as if meditating. It wasn’t until she felt his touch on her shoulder that she snapped her eyes back open.

“Just leave, Seth. Enough of the interrogation.”she jerked away from his touch and got out of his car, slamming the door shut and crossing the road.

Luciano casted the curtain back down and walked back to the couch, seating on it with tensed shoulders. His jaw clenching…

Nadia walked out of her room and shuffling down the other rooms, she came to a stop before at a door when she started hearing two different voices entirely. One was of Queen Riley and the other was unknown.

“Okay. So, to whom do I own this visit, Rose?”Queen Riley chuckled.

Rose? That seems to be the stranger’s name.

“Oh, no. I told you I don’t like the short of my name, Riley. If you want to say my name, say it in full and not shorten it.”And even though Nadia couldn’t see the stranger’s face, she knew she had just rolled her eyes.

“Rose, it fits you so perfectly.”Queen Riley remarked, not leaving the subject.

Nadia shook her head and decided to just leave since what they were saying seems to be meaningless. Until, she heard the stranger who was by the name Rose suddenly interject.

“Let’s put that aside, I have a business for you which will badge you a huge sum of money from me.”

“Lia, I should have knew me seeing you at my home all of a sudden only means you needed something.”Queen Riley said.

“Yes, whatever. I’m sure you know Luciano your step son…”the stranger said which was what spiked Nadia’s interest in the conversation.

“Yes, we live right under the roof of this palace, Lia. C’mon, stop the teasing.”

“I’m just saying because you might want to lie that you haven’t even met him from Adam.”the stranger toned back sarcastically, and a little huff from Queen Riley got to Nadia’s hearing.

“I want you to poison him and…”

Nadia almost shouted but quickly slammed her palms against her mouth to hush herself up.

“What?! Seriously, Lia?”Queen Riley seemed to be also shocked.

“It’s a poison, Riley. But not exactly a poison…”

And that was the only first nine words that got to Nadia’s hearing before she silently ran down the stairs, her body shaking and trembling as she went for her phone.

Luciano didn’t know of when he dropped his phone on the couch and rose up, his eyes lighting up when he saw Sabrina all decked up.

She was dressed in a yellow crop top with a heart ribbon and a pair of black floral jeans that was both parted with a slight cut at two sides that reached halfway her knees.

“You look so perfect, Sabrina.”he spoke out as she descended the last stair.

“Yes. All for you, Lucian.”she smiled back at him and hooking her arm with his, they both walked out of the house.

Five minutes later, Luciano’s phone lights up and starts to ring. It ended, rang again, and on and on it went. The call wasn’t picked…

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