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journey to the beauty land episode 37 & 38

????Journey To The
Beauty Land????
(Once upon a kingdom…)


By: Tofunmi Nikky



Roselia fell on the floor in pain, and with a satisfied scoff, Sabrina turned around and stormed out of the scene.

In panic, Aria jumped up on her feet and ran after Sabrina for the fear of being left alone with the venomous being.

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Roselia’s face ticked with dread, her hands curling up into fists beside her as she looked down at herself on the floor. Her anger ris£ned when her gaze shifted down to her dirty boot.

“How dare…!”she had started cussing when the door made to open. Her eyes went wide with so much shock that she immediately used her power to slam the door on that person’s face, not caring about whosoever happened to be behind the door.

Have you visited PIZARENA today?

She hastily got up from the floor taking a glance back down at her boot, she made it clean again.

She straightened her posture and stared before her with a blank look.

“She wants to be the Samaritan, isn’t it? I’m going to show her how it’s done. Sabrina, I’ll make sure you regret what you had just done.”she muttered, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear, her patience running thin.

She turned around and staring at the door, it opened and it seems whoever wanted to come out through it back then was gone to take another door. Less concerned, she stepped foot into the party, keeping an revengeful mental note to herself.

“No way in hell am I sparing you.”

Sabrina felt nauseated immediately she pushed her body into the huge crowd of bodies with Aria behind her back.

Heavy music was playing in the background. The air smelled like sweat. it was mixed with pheromones coming from the dancing teenagers, all of whom were drunk out of their minds. It clung to the air, sneaking into nostrils. Making you either want to join them in their sloppy grinding in the middle of the cleared out living room, or vomit.

Infact, Sabrina wanted to gag. She should go home. She should have never been here. She wish she was anywhere but here.

“Why are you here?”Sabrina held unto Aria’s hand and asked as they pushed their way through to get to the kitchen.

“Same reason why you’re here.”Aria replied just as they stepped foot into the kitchen.

“I’m here because I was bored. All my @ssignments are done. I also couldn’t find sleep.”Sabrina said, stretching out her l!ps a little as she looked around the kitchen for what they could drink.

Aria looked down at her feet, quite nervous.

“What’s it with you?”Sabrina looked back at her confusingly, arching one of her brow slightly as she has no idea why she was suddenly looking uneased.

“I guess we’re not here for same reasons.”It was with a guilty voice that Aria spoke, seeing it the time to look back at her face.

“Ok, so what reason?”Sabrina slightly smiled, leaning a little against the counter interestingly.

“I’m here because I know Austen will also be here. I’m not here because I was bored or…”Aria paused when Sabrina brought forth her index f!ng£r before her, signalling for her to stop.

“Austen?”Sabrina asked with a hint of uncertainty peering through her voice. Aria nodded in affirmation.

“I know I might sound delusional or something for coming to a party just because of a random guy, I just can’t help it.”Aria said, rubbing her nape shyly.

“Hey there, for starters… Don’t call my brother ‘a random guy’ and secondly…”Aria had hee jaw dropping when she heard Sabrina saying, causing her to awkwardly shift back away from her.

“He’s your brother?”Aria asked within the space of a second, her words rushed out as the pit of her stomach started calling on her for them to crawl into the ground and hid there in shame for eternity.

“Yes, he’s proudly my brother.”Sabrina stated, giving her a wink as manoeuvres her way to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of soda drink.

Sabrina pulled off its cap, throwing it aside after successfully opening it.

Aria shut her eyes in guilt, nibbling on her lower l!p in frustration,”I guess am sorry for that then. I didn’t even mean to call him that but since I had, it doesn’t mean I take him to be someone random, instead, he’d captured my heart without even trying.”

“Wh..what?”Sabrina almost choked on her Soda drink, her head snapping towards her instantly, her face filled with horror.

“I’m sorry, I-I should have never said that. I-I didn’t even want to tell you, I promise. It just came out of my mouth before I could try stopping it.”Aria kept blabbering, feeling her feets turning jelly as she fidgets. She so much want to slap her mouth for going against her but that had only cause her more [email protected]

Sabrina burst into laughter immediately, her palm hysterically slamming against the countertop as she laughed on, a little bit of tear almost dropping from her eye, which she wiped off with the back of her hand as she laughs.

Aria fidgets with her f!ng£rs, not knowing the next step to take. Maybe she should just run away.

Sabrina soon stopped laughing and raised up her face to look at Aria’s horrified face, a teasing smile on her face as Aria gave her an apologetical look.

“C’mon, drink this.”Sabrina brought up the soda towards Aria’s mouth.

“It’s yours…”before Aria could finish, Sabrina had put the Soda on Aria’s mouth and forced it down her throat while Aria had no choice than to keep chunking on it.

When Aria was finished, Sabrina thew aside the Soda’s and pulled her into a hug.

“Congrats darling, I’m so happy for you!”Aria was surprised when Sabrina exclaimed happily therafter. She just wasn’t expecting this, she’d thought she was about going wild on her. In addition, it was Sabrina- the school’s beauty hugging her right now.

Aria grinned, feeling so happy as she wasted no time in embracing her back.

“Take this.”Sofia pushed the shot [email protected] towards Anita’s mouth, grabbing her jaw with her other hand and pulling it open. She pushed the shot [email protected] over, the brown liquid falling into Anita’s taste buds making them squeal with pleasure. Whisky?

Anita made to speak…

“Yeah, yeah. It’s whisky; Yes, I know. I need you to scatter that dance floor, you know.”Sofia cut her off, quickly admitting while sipping from her own cup of shot.

“Whatever. I prefer…”

“Heck- Look at her!”Taylor elbowed Anita as she was speaking, tilting her head to the direction where Roselia was, drinking herself to stupor, many [email protected] of shots at her front.

“Yes? How’s her stupid ways one of my businesses?”Anita asked, smirking as she turned her back on the view, snatching the shot from Sofia and sipping from it.

“I thought you’ll care.”Taylor replied as she then gave a nonchalant shrug, also looking away from Roselia.

“Okay, I have something else for you. Look back behind you and follow my eyes.”Alicia cooed, whispering softly so only them could hear.

Anita turned around, looked straight at where Alicia’s eyes were. Her face brightened as soon as it dropped down on Luciano and his two friends. Can he be any less cuter? He looks so ravishing.

“Axel, drop my f**king pizza before I will be forced to cut off your head!”Damian half yelled, feigning anger after he’d just watched Axel stole a pizza from his plate.

“Well, sorry but it’s too late for that.”Axel said, already chewing on the pizza as he sipped from his twentieth [email protected] of wine since the party had started.

“You’re so dumb, do you know that?”Damian asked him.

“You can’t scare me, do you know that?”Axel bit back, tucking his tongue out at Damian in mock.

Luciano looked anywhere but them, not even the least concerned about their ongoing yells. After all, the loud bangs coming from the playing music was enough to cover their yells.

Luciano opened his second pack of popcorn and starts to eat from it. Axel is throwing a party but he wasn’t going to be wasted. So, instead of drinking himself off he chooses to go with popcorns, while his friends eats alongside drink as they all sat on a couch in the living room, watching the party play still going on.

His mind immediately wandered off to Sabrina, he was sure she wasn’t going to show up and neither could she be here.

“Pal, there’s a question we’ve been wanting to ask you though.”Axel spoke up.

“Let me rephrase that for you, ‘There’s a question you’ve been willing to ask him’. Don’t add me to the issue, Axel.”Damian cuts in.

“Oh, for real… You want me to die alone then? Luciano might decide to wipe me from the face of this earth therafter, and I’d rather let it be the two of us.”Axel countered.

“You two had better start talking now. You speak or not, you both are getting wiped off the surface of this earth by me before you obstructs my hearing with your constants yells. OK? Now you’d better go ahead and speak.”Luciano said, smirking when he saw the looks on their faces.

“Yeah, right.”Damian nervously said.

“Do you perhaps like Sabrina?”Axel maned up and asked, hurriedly looking away from Luciano’s face.

“Why the f**king question?”Luciano asked back.

“We just want to know if you feel the same way because just take a look before you and see how she’s staring at you.”Damian responded, smiling sheepishly.

Luciano did as they said and right as his gaze connected with Sabrina’s, she looked away and walked into the kitchen.

He looked back at his friends who grinned back at him.

“You guys are going nuts. Infact, you two are crazy already.”he chuckled, emptying the bag of popcorn on their heads.

Sabrina grabbed a can of coke from the counter, not worrying who’s it was as she drank from it quickly. Once she felt satisfied, she leaned back against the counter.

She’s forced Aria to go over and find Austen whom she was here for, leaving her alone in the kitchen.

She watched the people who were here. The girls grouped together in duets and trios, pretending not to notice the way the boys stared at them. The boys, on the other hand, were not pretending for a second that they didn’t have their eyes focused on the girls.


As if on impulse, Aria ran into the kitchen.

“Let’s join, Sabrina. I came to fetch you.”She said, grabbing her hand and immediately dragging her gently to the garden of the Westley’s mansion before she could even protest.

Aria sat her down into the circle before also sitting down beside her excitedly. Sabrina took it the time to look around her. Without even going, it’s up to forty of them in the circle, the rest probably still inside partying.

Her lashes flapped disbelievingly when she saw Anita, Taylor, Alicia, Sofia, Axel, Damian, and even the prince, Luciano, among the [email protected] And worst of all, Roselia!

“Damn, I might develop the asthma I don’t even have it I don’t find a way to get out of here.”she thought inwardly to herself.

She was still contemplating on the idea when the game started. A jock she doesn’t even know of his name was the one sitting in the middle rolling an hempty bottle of whiskey.

The bottle’s top was pointed at Damian and the bottom at a certain female who was a brunette. Sabrina rolled her eyes, she doesn’t seems to have come across her.

“Truth or dare?”Damian who was positioned with Luciano by his left side and Axel by his right asked her, a cunny smile displaying on his face.

“Truth.”the brunette responded.

“When I picked you up that day, a c*ndom pack had dropped from your back, yes or no?”Damian asked her.

The brunette was hesitant.

“Yes.”she yelled out her answer and then ran out of the circle, away to where no one knows. It seems she drunk but she’s doing great to still be able to locate the way.

Few students in the circle laughed in jest, Damian included. While Sabrina just shook her head, Aria only chuckling.

The game continued and Sabrina was soon lost in her head, no longer listening. Until, Aria nudged her aside with her elbow.


“You’re next.”Aria smiled back at her and looking through the circle, Axel raised up his hand at her, indicating he was the one to ask the question.

Sabrina simply nodded, playing with the tul!p flower beside her.

“Truth or dare, beautiful.”Axel asked sweetly.

Almost lost again, shakes slightly, blurting before she knew it,”Dare.”

She facepalmed herself immediately. She knew she’d just put herself in trouble as per the way Axel and Damian were looking mischievously at each other.

“Well, Honey. I dare you to come right here and klzz my dear Prince of a friend, Luciano Myers.”Axel spoke out, and bringing up her face, Sabrina’s heart skipped a beat. Especially now, that she can feel Luciano’s deep gaze on her.

Maybe she’s just going to do it and then run away like the brunette earlier… Yes, that’s what she’s going to do.

Sabrina rose up, walled towards Luciano as she felt various eyes glaring daggers behind her head. Sabrina stopped before him, knelt down on both knees while Luciano shifted back. Axel chuckled at Luciano, and also as the scene played before his very eyes.

Sabrina didn’t allow Luciano to move any further though. She stretched forth her hands and cupping his enchanting face between her palms, she leaned towards him and closing her eyes, she gently slammed her l!ps on his; quickly claiming it.

The moment Luciano klzzed her back, her heartbeat stopped just as the clock ticked…

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