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forever love episode 23

Season 2?
by Japhy

we are sorry she’s dead,” the doctor,” said.
“no doctor, don’t take my Delphine anywhere, she can’t leave me, she promise not to leave me. She’s still alive,” Clark said in tears.
“Delphine you can’t leave us, not when you’ve found your family,” said Morgan. The room was in total silence, David wasn’t saying anything only tears were seen streaming down his face. While Clark held Delphine and refuse to let go of her.

“just tell me she’s still alive, i need someone to @ssure me that. Delphine don’t you love me again, don’t you want us to share this love we have for each other forever till the rest of our lives, you have to wake up, not now Delphine,” he said in tears, he felt like a part of him is gone, his total body was weak and he felt their’s no need for him to leave without a father and now without his Delphine.

⏭️I don’t know where i am, but i kept walking until i saw a familiar man. Who could that be? i asked myself then walked up to him. OMG Jason. Why is he here all alone. Won’t he go back to Clark.
“Delphine,” he said while i moved closer to him.

“you need to go back,” he said.
“but am already death,” i said.
“you can’t leave your family and also Clark now, they all need you now. You know i gave up so you can be with Clark because you are destined for each other, and your mom to be with your dad who has now realise his mistake am sure your family is happy again, but they can’t be happy without you and beside you’ll still have a lot to do,” he said while i just looked at him.

“going back simply means been in pains again i couldn’t survived it, how will i still cope, i know my family is still in tears because of me moreover Clark, i don’t want to see him sad for the rest of his life,” i said.
“then go back before it too late for you and him,” he said aloud, he’s voice was echoing.

“go back..!!! the voice kept echoing and i quickly wake up from the bed and saw my family in tears, although they all looked shocked seeing me awake.
“was that a dream, a dream about Jason s£nding me to back here. Does that means i died? i was so confused and don’t know what else to call what happen to me, a dream? a vision or what else.
“Delphine,” Clark called out holding my hands he looks so happy, my mom was smiling as she moved closer to me with dad and David.

“i knew you’ll come back to us, thank you Delphine,” Clark said smiling. I really don’t know what just happen to me but i really thank God am not death and i could no longer feel any pain.
“mom, am back for all of you again,” i said in tears, they all moved closer to me for warm hug.

? After few weeks in the hospital i was discharged back home and i have fully recuperate, no more pains. I arrived back home, it so good to be home.
*HOME TWEET HOME* Was boldly written at the door before you go in, i walked in and it was indeed a pleasant surprise. The large sitting room was decorated so beautiful and same thing with my room. Everyone was happy and i felt so good, this the happy family i have always asked for. I have once a happy family but it was ruined the day Maria arrived to Ontario and took away dad from mom. But now it over and i really like it this way.
Later in the evening we had dinner together with Clark and his mom, it was such a wonderful reunion and a wonder evening to remember.

?Clark’s POV?
I really don’t know what else i would have done without Delphine. My life would have been a total mess, i would have ended up like my father been single person for the rest of my life because i can never love any other woman in my life aside from Delphine. She’s so unique, the only one i have ever loved and will always love forever, well am planing to surprise her during her birthday because she told me her dad will gonna throw a grand birthday party for her. I was still lost in my thought when my mom walked in.
“Clark, am happy you’ve found true love in Delphine and am glad nothing bad happen to both of you,” she said while i smiled.

“Mom, with the little time i have get to know, i know you’ve always wanted the best for me and i love you for that, thank you for always been their ever since dad is not around i said then hug her.
“i know i haven’t been a good mother to your sister Nicole, but now it a promise i’ll do everything to be a good mother to you,” she said while i smiled.

?Delphine’s POV?
I sat down at the veranda thinking about my life, and i wonder why somethings have to happen, well i do believe everything happen for a reason. Things don’t always go the way we plan and i felt so happy being with my complete family again. It a good thing mom and dad has promise to throw a grand birthday party for me, i’ll be turning twenty three and i felt so happy.

⏭️⏭️Maria was still at the prison starving all day, she felt so rejected no one was on her side among the prisioners she was all alone and she dare not talk back at them any how, they snatched away her food and beat her up this time she try to fight them back but was seriously wounded, she had a cardiac aattack and slump. The police confirm their was a fight, Maria has already collasped and was taken to the hospital to ER but before the even placed her on the operating table she was already death. On the other hand Milton and Sarah were also in the cell suffering for the evil they did. Sarah realise her mistake and wish she could turn back the hand of time to set things right, but then it too late because she’s imprison for life. Not everyone has a second chance to make up for the wrong he did.

⏭️ The perfect day has come and i was dressed in a glamorous red velvet strapless bodycon midi dress which accentuate my curves, with a red heels matching to it, my hair was in a french plait leaving just few strands of my hair down my face. I was glad Amy arrived because she wasn’t here for the main time, she was glad to have know i and Clark survived after everything, and she have promise to make me look good on my birthday.

“perfect one,” Amy said smiling after the light make up she applied to my face. I looked at myself in a huge mirror hand on the hall and smile.
“Clark, will gonna like this, he gave me this dress to wear,” i said smiling.
“wow, he did. It so beautiful,” she said smiling.
“thanks,” i replied.
“are you done Delphine? Mom asked as she walked in and smile when she saw me.
“oh my baby, you looked so sweet,” my mom said then hug me.

“your dad and David are waiting for you downstairs,” she said while i smiled.
“you also looked good mom,” i said smiling cos she was dressed in a long pretty gown. I turn to Amy then smile at her.
“thank you Amy,” i said.
“always welcome,” she smiled then picked up her purse and we went downstairs.
“my princess looks so good,” dad said as i walked downstairs and meet him with David.
“thanks daddy,” i smiled then hug him.

⏭️In few minutes time we arrived at the large hall, it was beautifully decorated and looks so good, i was also hoping to see Clark, that will make me much happier, i guess mom amd dad has spend a lot in this.

“Sweet,” i heard someone call my name, then held me by the waist.
“Clark,” i smiled then turn to him.
“you look beautiful,” he said smiling. i felt so good seeing him smile after a long time.
“you always know the best thing for me,” i smiled.
The birthday party immediately started and David was my escort, it such a great day, having my family by my side, i really thank God for saving my family from death although the journey wasn’t an easy one.

The party was going on good and it was actually dancing time, i and Clark went on stage, he held me by the waist and i felt like an electric spark roar through my veins, his touch was always different it’s my weak point. I place one of my hand on his shoulder and he held my other hand we kept dancing, staring deep at each others eyes. Words were not neccesary, but we communicate in an unspoken language of love.

“you look so pretty tonight,” he said smiling while i just smile back.
“thank you so much Clark, am so happy everything is over,” i said.
“and am so glad when i heard about Maria’s death, they’ll pay for everything,” he said.
“sure, you know i really wish Sarah wouldn’t turn out to be evil that way,” i said.

“yeah, let them pay for everything,” he said then stared at me smiling.
“Delphine! he called me in a small voice and i looked at him with a smile.
“can i ask you something? he said.
“sure anything,” i said while he smile.
“attention please!! i want to make this day memorable for the woman i have always loved and for everyone that’s has come to celebrate my queen’s birthday,” he said while everyone attention was on us right at the stage. Clark knelt before me then removed a small red box wrapped with a white ribbon. He opened it and i was surprise to see a diamond ring, it so beautiful.

“On every walls of my beating heart are the pcitures of you, of your love and of your soul. I love you and i promise to love you for the rest of my life

Delphine. Make me the happiest man by saying yes to my proposal. Will you marry me? will you be my wife Delphine Murphy? he asked while the hall was very quiet, i turn to look at Amy who was smiling and same thing from my mom, dad and David. I then looked at Clark who was still kneeling down, he look so worried i guess he think am gonna turn him down. I love him so much so why should i say no. I want to spent the rest of my life with him.

“say something Delphine, will you marry me? he asked again straight to my eyes.
“yes… yes! yes Clark, i’ll marry you, i do love you so much,” i said smiling with teary eyes, their was a thunderous clap in the hall as Clark put on the ring on my f!ng£r then stood up and klzzed me [email protected], i felt so happy, more happy and fulfil..

To be conituned⏭️

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