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fate episode 75

{Drunk in your ????Love}????

“Ethan…” i called out in tears as i let go of Erica.
“if anything bad should happpen to my husband you’ll pay for it,” Erica yelled at me, while Mr. Sebastian rushed to Ethan.

“Chloe…. are you sure of what you’re saying.. you’re alive? he asked while i nodded, i looked at mom in tears then hugged her [email protected]
“i miss you mother, sorry i wasn’t able to come on time, your Chloe was alive all this while,” i said in tears while she looked at me.
“so Jasmine was right… you’re alive Chloe… you’re so much alive… isn’t this a miracle, my family will be complete,” she said amidst of tears while i smiled, she hugged me so tight.
“mom am here now and no one will gonna hurt me, am not gonna leave you again,” i said.

Ethan was rushed to the hospital and the dinner night was ruined, everyone who came left, it a good thing i ruin everything.
“where’s Jasmine? i asked.
“she only came for the wedding, she’s at home with her dad,” mom said while i nodded.

“Chloe..” i heard someone called me and i turn to see aunt Cecily, i quickly hug her so tight.
“i miss you so much,” i muttered in tears.
“where have you been… how did you survive.. who was the person we buried? she asked while i looked at mom.
“i know you have lots of questions to ask, but i have to see Ethan, i hope nothing bad happens to him,” i said while we hurried to the hospital.

Ethan was still unconscious but i decided to wait for him. Mom was so happy, she told me all that happen when i was away and i couldn’t help but to cry. Ethan has suffered much, losing his mom and also me then knowing Sebastian was his biological mother. I have always knew Nicholas is up to something and i guess he’s also siding with his son Declan. I was now happy with Jasmine, she has change a lot just as mom said.

An Hour Later☪
Ethan’s POV????
I open my eyes slowly and i saw the whole room spinning, my head was badly aching.. lots of things came in a flash.. and it ended when i was hit by Declan, i quickly sat up and saw dad beside me, with Erica.
“Ethan.. Ethan are you okay.. today suppose to be our special night… today is our wedding but that girl ruin everything,” Erica said while i kept quiet. I just remembered everything… my sorrows are back and my eyes were now filled with tears.

“i want to be alone,” i said.
“Ethan.. are you okay? dad asked.
“i just want to be alone,” i yelled.
“Ethan.. am your wife now,” Erica said.
“i don’t fucking care… i just want to be alone,” i yelled loudly as i threw the small table beside my bed, Erica was shocked seeing me this way.

“you can’t keep on hurting yourself,” dad said while a wipe off the tears in my eyes, it now dawn on me that Chloe is no more, mom is gone and Sebastian has been the one taking care of me, my dad Nicholas and Declan threw away mom belongings and i the night i was hit by Declan. Erica was my bestfriend because she was the only good friend i had when i lose my memory, i still can’t believe she’s pregnant for me and we are now fucking married. Well the marriage was fake, dad suggest we fake everything until i regain my memory.

“Ethan,” a familiar voice called, i looked to her and was shocked.
“Chloe…” i muttered almost in a whisper, am i dreaming.. is this real.. maybe its one of my imagination, i don’t want to keep in imagining things.
“Ethan… please remember me,” she said softly then walk up to me and hugged me so tight.
“Chloe..” i whisper again in surprise.
“yes Ethan.. it me Chloe.. it me your love, i still have the necklace you gave me,” she said in tears while i smile sadly when i saw the necklace on her neck, same necklace given to me by my mother.

“Ethan… i should have come a long time ago.. am sorry for that. I survived everything that happen to me, i survived it for us… I was the one you all buried… am alive… someone saved me, we can still start afresh again,” she said in tears while i wrapped my arms around her back, he hug me so tight, as if i will disappear in the next second.
“i hope you’re here to stay…

to stay with me forever? i hope you’ll not gonna leave,” i asked in in tears while she nodded. I felt so happy…. so very much happy, i was able to remember anything now that Chloe is back maybe if she never returns i might never remember anything.

“am sorry Chloe.. i know you’re heart broken about what happen i just married Erica because of my baby… a really sorry Chloe… i shouldn’t have done this, i guess dad was right i was just obsessed with her because she was too close to me, everyone warn me about this marriage but i was so stubborn.. am so sorry… i still love you Chloe… i love you so very much,” i said while she smiled. I looked at Erica and saw the tears in my eyes mixed with hatred.
“you can’t do this to me Ethan… i love you and am carrying our baby,” she said almost in tears.

“Erica am really sorry. Chloe is back and am ready to make it up to her for all the years we’ve not been together. I still like you and i will like to have my child when you finally give birth,” i said while she stood up in anger.
“but why? what about our marriage….? remember we are already married today,” she said.
“yes… but it fake…” i said while she [email protected]

“yes Erica, the marriage was all fake because we never like it not because we don’t love you but because we want Ethan to regain his full memory before this,” Dad said while more tears flowed down her eyes.
“how does it feels now Erica.. how does it feels to loose everything and mind you, you will have to pack out from our house and go back to the street where you belong to,” Chloe said while i was surprise to hear her say that. The Chloe i once knew was soft, kind and has always loved Erica.

“.. this whole marriage was fake? she asked in tears.
“yes.. and that’s what a murderer like you deserve,” Chloe said.
“a lot of things has happen and Erica was behind everything,” Chloe said while i was shocked to hear that.

“yes… she was behind all that happen to me all because she was jealous of us. She was the main person behind my miscarriage and not Jasmine because she was the one that put abortion pills in my coffee that day and i guess she also bribe the doctor to say all sort of nons£nse, it was just a coincidence, she use Jasmine to cover up for her sins,” Chloe said while i was surprise, i looked at Erica.
“that’s not true.. you’re such a big liar Chloe… i can’t do that to you, you don’t even have prove,” Erica yelled.

“it was also her men who shoot you and kidnapped me that night, i guess that why she force herself to klzz you on my birthday so i can get jealous and reject your proposal,” Chloe continued.
“you did all that? dad asked Erica.
“liar…. Chloe.. stop telling them lies about me,” she yelled in anger.
“yes.. she also shot me on my leg and left without thinking twice, she was so heartless to leave her own sister whom she grew up with to died in that building, that was when i knew Erica has no heart, what if i died…

what if no one was able to save me,” she said in tears while i hugged her tight then looked at Erica with so much hatred. Chloe can never tell lies about this horrible things on Erica, she must have know all this. I know Chloe is telling the truth. So Erica was behind her miscarriage …. if not the baby she’s carrying is mine i would have do something bad to her and make her abort the goddamn child, i was so foolish to have even let her be my friend in the first place.

“Erica.. just leave,” i yelled.
“what Chloe is saying are all lies but i won’t stop until i get what belongs to me, i love you Ethan and you have to be their for me atleast for the sake of our baby.. and you Chloe you’ll regret all this,” she said then walked out in anger.

” i need to see Camille,” dad said as he stood up then walked out. I heaved a sighed of relief. So Erica was the deveil afterall.
“i know no one will believe me,” she said while i held her hands.
“i do believe you Chloe and am sorry for everything,” i said while she smile sadly.
“now am here for you and i promise you this, we’ll never be apart again because i love you so much,” i said then seal our promise with a [email protected] klzz.

Erica’s POV????
I walked out in tears, i can’t believe everything i have worked [email protected] for is just ruined all because Chloe is back.. how did she survive.?. who saved her?. But her burnt body was found and i know no one was left in the building, so who was the person buried???.
“Erica,” mom called while i looked at her in tears.
“aren’t you happy Chloe is alive and back to us? she asked while i cried the more.

“did you believe what she said about me? i asked while she held my hand.
“i really don’t know… i know Chloe will never lie but i still find it difficult to believe what she said, your her sister and also part of this family,” she said.
“but you heard her right? she said am not her sister… she said am just an orphan you picked. I knew all this will happen someday if only i have my real parents with me,” i cried while mom hugged me so tight.

“look Erica, i trusted Catherine and i still trust you as her daughter, you’re still my daughter and am sure i didn’t raise you the bad way,” she said, now i have to make sure she believe me.
“thank you so much mom.. but it still saddens my heart to know Ethan still love Chloe now that he regain his memory, he no longer love me or maybe he just fooled me and toy with my feelings, why i can’t i get someone who will love me unconditionally,”

“it okay Erica… what important now is that your sister is still alive and i know Ethan will not abandon you because of his baby,” mom said while i nodded.
“i need to go home,” i said then walked out in tears. I know no one will believe Chloe but Ehan might believe her and he might hate me for good, i did that all because of love, all because i love him so much… why will he have to regain his memory.. not now… not today we’ve not even enjoyed our marriage and everything is ruined by that bitch Chloe.

“Chloe enjoy yourself with Ethan for now, am willing to step back for you but am gonna strike again, i won’t let you ruin my reputation or take what belongs to me again. I arrived home and took my bath… i was so devastated… this marriage was all fake! i was a fool afterall…. i won’t let this happen. I picked up my phone to call Declan, he need to know about this… he need to act fast, afterall she has no evidence against us and no one will believe her

????Camille’s POV????
I was so much happy to know Chloe is alive, that was a miracle but then she didn’t even tell us how she survived or who saved her, i already called Jasmine to come right away, am sure she’ll be happy. I was about to go and check on her when Sebastian walked up to me.
“isn’t this a miracle.. Ethan regain his memory.. he now knows everything that happen to him and Chloe is now back,” he said while i smiled.

“yes.. i always have this feeling, if Chloe was here earlier he would have regain back his memory on time and all this wouldn’t have happen.. ” i said sadly.
“what important now is that their are together,” he said.
“but i still don’t want to believe what Chloe said… she said Erica was behind everything that happen to her.. Erica knew everything,” i said.
“it just unfortunate..

i still don’t want to believe it.. i have always known Erica to be a good person and i don’t want to judge her immediately, well time would tell,” he said while i nodded sadly, i hope Chloe is lying because i don’t know what i will do if what she said was right about Erica. I promise Catherine to take good care fo her daughter.. that will make me a bad mother, i have tried all i can to raise her in the good way i can. I know Erica isn’t that heartless to do that, she acted all nice and was even happy when Chloe was pregnant so how on earth will be the cause of her misccarriage! and also her kidnapped.

“mom,” someone called my name and i turn to see Jasmine with Anton behind her.
“what the surprise.. in the hospital! did something bad happen to anyone? she asked rushing her words.
“no, everyone is fine,” i said with a smile.

“mom” Chloe walked up to us and i could see the shocked look on Jasmine and Anton faces.
“Chloe… maybe it truly her,” Jasmine said.
“of course it me, i was the one you saw in the morning at the church premises… am Chloe your sister, am not dead i survived it,” she said then moved closer to her.

“i said it dad.. isn’t it surprising? Jasmine asked looking at Anton who was speechless.
“am really sorry Chloe,” she said in tears then hug her.

“am sorry for everthing that happen, i know i wasn’t a good sister,” she said.
“that was all in the past. When i was kidnapped and almost got killed i thought i will never get to see my family again…

i thought i would never have the chance to be a sister to you and also to know my biological father,” she said then turned to Anton, she walked closer to him and before he could say anything she hugged him so tight.
“mom told me everything… you don’t have to plead for my forgiveness because i have already forgiven you…

no one knows tomorrow and we can’t predict the future, i thought i was going to died without knowing you as my father but now that i have got a second chance am ready to forgive and live a peaceful and happy life, am willing to let go and also willing to forgive Erica if only she’s willing to change for the better,” she while Anton eyes were filled up with tears.

“am sorry Chloe.. am so sorry… when we all thought you were dead i cursed myself, i thought i will never get the chance to be a father to you or ask for your forgiveness, i thought it was all too late for me but God save you and gave you a second chance so we could be family again.. i love you so much Chloe… i do but i was so foolish back then to have chase you out, [email protected] forgive me,” he cried.

“it okay dad, whatever it is… that was all in the past,” she said, i can’t believe Chloe forgive him this easily, not after what we [email protected] through, she even called him dad.
“did i just hear you call me dad? he asked while she nodded.
“yes, afterall you’re my father and i can’t reject you,” she said while he smile.

“am so happy now, it a dream come true our family can be complete again, right mother? Jasmine asked looking at me.
“not the way you expect, i have you and Chloe and that makes my family complete,” i said while she just nodded.
“dad, i know you’re happy, atleast destiny has brought my sister back to us, i also wish Sean will come back too, i wish he will come back someday, just the same way Chloe came back to us… i can’t wait for that day to come when Sean will also come back to us like this,” Jasmine said in tears while Anton hug her.

“i wish so Jasmine…it really [email protected] to live apart from the one you so much love, but sometimes something are just meant to happen, having Chloe back to me and also accepting me is more than enough… i can’t ask for anything else except for God to protect this wonderful family of mine and i hope you’ll always be together while am i away,” he said…

Chloe is back but then.. too bad someone have to die for real.????


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