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entangled heart episode 32 & 33

HEARTS ????❤️
( Stand For Love… )


By; Succie Brown.



Mr Cromwell slaps Dylan so [email protected] on the face and his mouth bleeds afterwards.

“How could you have failed the mid test at your night [email protected], it was just some simple medical test and you failed woefully. If you can fail such an easy test, then how are you going to make it to med school!!!” Mr Cromwell yells at him.

“I did my best Dad” Dylan said.

“But it wasn’t half a try Dylan, we paid a huge amount of money for your night [email protected] and you can’t bring a good result, just a simple test and you failed!! Are you doing this on purpose, huh?” Mrs Cromwell asked.

Dylan runs his hands through his hair.

“I have had it from you both, Being a doctor isn’t my calling, but you keep pushing me Into it, how can I be best at what I’m being forced to do” Dylan said and Mr Cromwell slaps him again.

“And what are you good at? Going for law school, just to become a good for nothing lawyer is that it!!” Mr Cromwell yells at Dylan.

“At least that’s what I really want to do, Why can’t I be given a chance to do what I want?”.

“Because Desmond died because of you!!!” Mrs Cromwell yells at him.

And tears slowly falls down Dylan’s eyes. His parents just reminded him the painful past he’d wish to forget.

“Desmond was the perfect son Dylan. He was intelligent and was the top one student in med school, he was the furture of our hospital, but everything crumpled because of you, if not for you, he’ll still be alive today and we won’t have forced on empty head like you to go for med school. Desmond’s dream was to become a famous doctors like I and your dad, but he couldn’t achieve that dream because of you, Desmond died because of you, it was all your fault!!!”

More tears falls down Dylan’s eyes.

“I’m sorry” He muttered crying.

“Don’t be sorry Dylan, if you want Desmond to rest in peace, you will have to be the one to achieve his dreams that was shorten all because of you, understand?” Mr Cromwell asked.

Dylan nods sniffing back his tears.

“Now go back to your room and continue studying, your going to go for med school wheather you like it or not, that’s the price you have to pay for ending the life of my favorite son” Mrs Cromwell said.

Dylan wiped the tears in his eyes and went to his room.

He enters his room and sits on the bed crying.

“Desmond I’m so sorry” He muttered crying.

Not like he actually killed his brother, but he was the cause of it.

He could vividly remember the faithful night Desmond died.

It was during the spring break and he (Dylan) had an earful from his parents.

Ever since he was little, he has always been inferior in the sight of his parents. They have always been nitpicking on him, with any given chance they got.

He didn’t have the kind of brain Desmond had, and that’s why Desmond became their favorite son, since he loves everything about the hospital, and Dylan clearly didn’t.

That faithful night Desmond died, Dylan attempted suicide. He was fed up with his parents’s naggings and the only idea that came to his mind was leaving the Earth for good.

He dashed to the busy road that faithful night, ready to be killed by a trailer.

And when he finally accepted death, Desmond pushed him away from the road and the trailer hits him instead, and that was when Dylan came back from the thought of dying.

But it was too late cuz Desmond died even before they took him to the hospital.

And after Desmond’s death, Mr and Mrs Cromwell blaming Dylan for killing their precious son, insist he achieve Desmond’s dream.

And Dylan has no choice but to, since it was his fault anyways.

More tears falls down from Dylan’s eyes remembering the faithful day Desmond died.

Though he ( Desmond) might have been the favorite son, but they were so close to each other and that’s why it’s still hurts like it happened yesterday.

“I thought I told you countless times that you are not the reason for my death, So why the tears?”

And Dylan knew instantly that it was his imagination that’s creating the image of Desmond.

That’s how it has always been ever since Desmond died.

Dylan looks at the imaginary Desmond he created and Desmond smiles at him.

“Is not your fault that I died Dylan”

“But you’ll have still been alive if you didn’t save me”

“I’m glad I was able to save my kid brother, Don’t listen to what mom and dad says, do what you really want” Desmond said smiling.

He had dimples on both sides of the cheeks just like Dylan.

“Desmond” Dylan muttered and tries to touch him, but the image of Desmond he created disappeared and more tears falls down his eyes.

“Is all my fault” He said crying hurtfully.

A call from Angelo came ringing in his phone, but he ignored it and continues crying.

“I’m sorry Desmond, I’m so sorry” He said hiccuping, as headaches hits him.



The siren of the ambulance van could loudly be heard as it enters the hospital premises.

Four nurses rushed out with stretcher.

Odessa was quickly place on it as they rode her inside the hospital.

Carding was holding her hand crying, seeing his mom in a pool of blood is draining life out of him.

“Mom, please fight for your life, you can’t leave me in this world alone, I still need you more than anything in the world” Carding said crying.

He tried entering inside the ER with them, but the doctor stopped him.

“I need to be with my mom” He said as more tears falls down from his eyes.

“Just wait here kid, we’ll take it from here” The doctor said.

“Please save my mom, she’s all I have”

“I’ll” The doctor said and enters the ER.

Carding sits on the bare floor crying his eyes out.

His head was still bleeding, and the pains he was feeling didn’t even bother him, all he cared right now, was to see his mom breathing again.

She may not be the perfect mom, but he could beat his chest and say his mom really raised him well.

And there was no day that [email protected] that Odessa didn’t show him how important he was to her.

Carding crimps his hands shaking Vigorously.

“Please mom, don’t leave me, don’t die” Carding muttered crying.


Paige sighs checking her wrist watch, she has been waiting for Carding in the public playground, but there wasn’t any sign of him.

“Why is he not coming? He promised to come” Paige muttered.

She brought out her phone from her bag and dials Carding’s number.

It rang so many times, but no one was picking up.

“Maybe I should just call Dylan” She said and dials Dylan’s number.

It was ringing but Dylan wasn’t picking, cuz he was still crying over the death of Desmond.

“Angelo is my only last hope, I hope he picks” Paige said.

She crimps her l!ps before calling Angelo’s line and it took several rings before Angelo picked up.

“Hello Angelo, Is Carding with you? I’ve been trying to call him, but he’s not answering the phone, I have something really important to tell him”

“He couldn’t answer the phone cuz he left his phone at home, he’s in the hospital”

And Paige quickly spranged up on hearing the word hospital.

“Hospital? Wh.. what happened to him Angelo?” Paige asked as tears began forming itself in her eyes.

“Not him exactly, but his mom. His Dad came home and beat her up, which landed her to be in the hospital, Carding is about to go insane as we speak” Angelo said and looks at Carding who was still sitting on the floor crying.

“Where’s the hospital located?”



“Dad, Mom, you can’t withdraw your shares from the Cromwell’s hospital” Barney said crying.

“We have to Barney, Dylan isn’t doing well when it comes to medical lessons, I heard he failed woefully in the mid test, our shares is better off with someone else” Mrs Reyes said.

“No you can’t. If you do that, I won’t have anything to hold Dylan with. His parents always give in to my demands, because of the huge share you invested in their hospital, if you pull out your shares, I might not be able to be with Dylan”.

“But he doesn’t love you Barney. We agreed to your engagement with him, because you begged and cried for us to push through with it” Mr Reyes said.

“I love Dylan Dad, I love him so much and he’s the one I want to spend the rest of my life with”

“Is that the kind of life you want? To be in a toxic relationship. There’re better guys out there Barney”

“There’re many fishes in the river, but Dylan is the only one that caught my attention, I’m sure he’s going to love me if I continue trying” Barney said.

“Haven’t you been trying? Your efforts to make him love you is becoming fruitless. Maybe we should just pull out our shares and called off the engagement” Mrs Reyes said.

“No Mom, I’m going to kill myself if you both do that”

“Your jocking, right?”

“Then don’t pull out your shares or call off the engagement if you don’t want my words to become serious. I love him, so please, don’t push through with whatever you both are planning” Barney said.

“Fine, I won’t do anything if that’s going to make you happy” Mr Reyes said.

“Yes it will” Barney said squealing happily.



Paige rushed Inside the hospital, and sees Carding sitting on the bare floor crying, Angelo was beside him.

Her heart sinks seeing the state Carding was. He looked half-dead and his head was still bleeding at every given seconds.

“Carding” She calls out his name.

Carding looks at her with w€tty eyes.

“Paige” He muttered allowing his tears to floor down his cheeks.

Paige went to where he was sitting, she squats beside him and hugs him, patting him softly.

“Paige my Mom is unconscious, she’s not opening her eyes, she’s has blood over her Page. I.. I…I.. don’t want to loose my mom, she’s the only family I have, she’s all I have” Carding said crying in her shoulder.

Paige blinks back her tears trying not to cry, seeing Carding in a hurtful condition, is breaking her heart countlessly.

“Don’t think negatively Carding, Your Mom is going to be fine. She’s going to fight for her life, She loves you so much and can’t possibly leave you behind, just have faith that she’s going to be okay” Paige said patting him.

Carding hicups in tear, hugging her tightly.

Angelo looks at Carding and felt so pity for him.

He (Angelo) may not have good parents, but he could say they were better than Vince, Cuz his parents love each other, they’d have been the best parents if not that they were always pressuring him to do better in school, so as to keep their reputation.

Among them (CAD), Carding was the one suffering the most.

He wasn’t just born by wedlock, but has a dad who hates him so much, and a mom who doesn’t want to leave the man who keeps mistreating her, all because of her stupid love for him (Vince).

Thinking about this, Angelo felt so sorry for his best friend Carding. And he wondered if Dylan was doing okay too, cuz it was unlike him not to answer his phone.



Carding’s head was on Paige’s shoulder, crying silently.

Angelo has left to get him something to eat, and perhaps check up on Dylan too.

“Stop crying Carding” Paige said cleaning his tears.

“I can’t help it Paige, my mom has been in the ER for hours now, and the doctor is not coming out to tell me the outcome of her health, What if something bad has happened to her Paige” Carding said crying.

“Shhhh don’t cry, she’s going to be fine” Paige said @ssuring him.

“Thank you Paige” Carding said wrapping his hands around her waist, with his head still on her head.

Paige smiles and caressed his hair like a baby.

The doctor approach them, and Carding quickly spranged up, rushing to him.

“How’s my mom’s health doctor?” Carding asked, while Paige looked at the doctor.

“She fell into coma”

“What” Carding muttered, almost losing balance, but Paige was quick to hold him.

“My mom fell into coma?” Carding asked as tears didn’t hesitate to conduct its festival in his eyes.

“Yes, but she’s going to fine. Is not a 50-50 grantee, so she’s going to wake up pretty soon” The doctor said and leaves.

Carding heaves out, crying again.

“Why’re you crying Carding? The doctor said she’s going to wake up soon” Paige said.

“The thought of not seeing her eyes for a while is breaking my heart Paige. My evil dad almost killed my mom, and I can’t press charges against him because he’s the law himself, I hate my life, I f**king hate my life”.

“That’s enough Carding, Your crying too much and you might get sick”.

“I don’t want to live with that monster anymore, I don’t want to be his son, I don’t want to be in the same house with him” Carding said crying.

“You can live with us Carding”

Carding looks at her with w€tty eyes.

“You can live in my house still your mom wakes up from coma, is not big like your house but it’s comfortable, Your free to stay at my house for the meantime” Paige said and Carding looks at her.



“I’ll just get my things, and we’ll leave” Carding said.

Paige nods and Carding went to his room.

Paige sighs looking around, the door opened and Vince enters the house with a woman and anger boiled inside Paige’s body on seeing him.

“What kind of a monster are you? You beat up Carding’s mom to stupor and you even had the nerves to bring in a whore, despite the fact that she’s is in a critical condition!!!” Paige yells at him.

“Who the heck are you and what’re doing in my house?” Vince asked.

“A stupid man like you isn’t worth my introduction” Paige said.

“How dare you call my man stupid…” The lady was cut short with a slap from Paige and she used her butt to hit the floor forcefully.

“I get it that Carding wasn’t what you planned to have, but he’s still your son!! Where are your brain? Did you by chance sell it in the hospital in exchange for wealth, how can you treat Carding like a trash, you incompetent fool!!!”.

“Did you just call me a fool?” Vince as anger range in his eyes.

“I’m sure your ears aren’t clogged, your the worst dad one could ever think of having, if you were my dad, I’d trade you out for one seed of rice, your not just a fool, but an @sshole!!!” Paige yells at him.

“How dare you call me names!!” Vince shouted and tries to slap Paige, but Paige quickly took the dinning table’s knife, since she was standing close to it, and points the knife at him.

“Go ahead, try to slap me, and I won’t hesitate to pluck out your eyes!!!” Paige yells pointing the knife directly at his eyes.


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