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enchanted by an immortal episode 1 & 2

????Enchanted By
An Immortal ????
{ A Tender Cure }

GENRE : Supernatural, highschool rom-ance

Tags: Supernatural, Highschool, rivals, heartbreak, Love triangle, suspense, se-x, jealousy, secrets, bullying, powers.

By Melody.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Have you heard about Immortals and how strange they relate with humans??

Yes, they are completely different from humans and they stay on earth only if they’re given a mission to do.

But what kind of mission??

However, Everyone talks about heaven Brooke, the crazy Daddy girl.

She is a sweet seventeen year old, coming from a mid clas-sfamily, who is living with her paralysed dad.

Tho, he worked as a cashier in a restaurant and was still able to provide for heaven.

She also lost her mom before she could have her first breath into this world.

Aside all this, heaven was a girl with dreams, always achieving her best, living a carefree, clumsy life.

She was also elegantly beautiful just as ‘heaven’ itself and but her life was slowly tearing apart.

Her greatest fear when she wakes up every morning was to get bullied at school and every chance to escape it was being ‘furtile’.

Just before everything could get much more worse, things turned around for her in a more mysterious way, adding a weird spice to her life.

What’s it all about?.

How did she cope with it? And how did it became a Tender Cure to her lonely life??

Find out on Entangled To An Immortal. Grab your popcorn cos You wouldn’t dare miss out!.

????Enchanted By
An Immortal ????
{ A Tender Cure }


By Melody.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Heaven got down the stairs hastily, carrying up her school bag with her.

” Good morning nanny!” She greeted, wearing up her flat shoes forcefully.

” Good morning, Heaven. Aren’t you eating breakfast?” The nanny asked coming out of the kitchen.

” Nop, I’m super late!” She said and ran to the center table and picked her lunch pack.

She stopped halfway and dropped it back cos she remembered something.

True and Eden, two of her cla-ssmate, embarra-ssed her at school the previous day cos she brou-ght a lunch pack to school.

They mocked her, calling her ‘Daddy’s girl, mommy’s baby’

She sighed hotly and faced the nanny.

” I’ll buy food at school”

” Why?. You don’t like my food? ”

” I’m seventeen now. I think I should act more mature now. when my dad wakes up, tell him I already left” She said.

” Okay dear” She sighed and heaven left the house quickly.



It was past eight am and the girls at school were expecting the LENGENDS to arrive at school.

Soon, a short and chubby girl came running into the s£nior cla-ss.

” Everyone. They are here!!!!” She screamed her voice out and everyone understood quickly.

The girls and boys left whatever they were doing at that instant and they started running out of the cla-ss.

Heaven picked out her flower from her purse and followed them out of the clas-sas well.

They all got to the corridor and watched the LENGENDS walk in.

Their smile, their smell, their vibes, was making some girls get lovesick.

Some of them started throwing praises at them as they both matched in charmingly.

???? Cupcake!!

???? Our future Prince!!

???? Be mine, Lake sunshine!

???? I Fuc-k’in love you Dove Perkins!!

???? Please notice us, we’re dying to meet you!!

Dove met a tall girl with long slim legs, swerving her sparkling hair as she smiled at him.

He walked up to her and smooched her li-p.

” Let’s meet after we close, At my car.”

” Sure” She bit her li-ps se-xily before watching him go away.

Some junior girls were already gathering the hall too and many of them had started to drop dead at that spot.

Heaven managed to get a spot where she could have a good glance at them.

She was not really tall and that’s why she managed to cut throu-ghlines to stand at the front line.

She bit her li-ps playfully and stared at her flower as her eyes glittered.

” My flower is flunked already. Is Lake really going to like it?” She thought to herself sadly.

She heaved a heavy sigh and looked up, stretching her arm forward.

” Lake. I have a flower for you!!!” She yelled, her tiny voice surpa-ssing other voices.

Soon, Lake stopped and looked behind at the tiny creature who called his name .

Everyone went silent immediately.

” Oh no” Her heart began to pounce in her chest heavily, but she kept her cool.

Lake walked up to her slowly and it made her legs weak, her chest couldn’t stop beating madly.

He got to her and stared at the flower.

” Um…sorry.’s kinda flunked” She stuttered fearfully.

” I like flowers, I don’t mind” He smirked and a huge proud smile was on her cheeks.

He took the flowers from her hand and inhaled it before coughing out mockingly.

” Where did you brou-ght this out from? It smells like your underwear” He smirked and everyone took it very funny.

Heaven looked down shyly. Soon, he threw the flowers and smashed it with his feet.

” You don’t want to be mashed like the flower right?.Then keep a distance from me. Daddy’s girl” He hissed and walked away.

Heaven picked her flower up and looked at his retreating backs.

” I like you, Lake. No matter what you said I won’t stop loving you!. You are my crush, I’ve been dying to tell you since grade 1″ She said boldly.

” Oh really?” He smirked, turning to face her.

” Yes. I know I’m not the most prettiest girl with the best curves, but my love for you is a hundred percent!”

” Oh, why isn’t it a one hundred and one percent?” He asked mockingly.

” Cos…” She bit her li-ps again as her forehead creased up.

He brou-ght out his red board maker and draw a warning signal post on her forehead.

” Girls like you are banned from breathing the same air that I do. I’d rather eat my dogs poo than to tell you the ‘I love you’ word” He sneered and walked out of her.

The girls began to laugh and heaven found herself walking away stupidly.



Heaven got to clas-sand exchanged glances with Lake for a long minute before walking in.

” Heaven!” The Math teacher, Master Wang, called and she turned around slowly, staring at him.

” Yes, teacher”

” Where are you coming from, lesson started minutes ago” He said.

” I was at the library, sweeping the entire dorm” She said.

” Return to your seat and let’s continue the cla-ss. Anymore distraction from you, you’ll have to mop the whole school barefooted” He said and She walked up to her seat.

She sat down randomly and buried her face on her book.

Suddenly, her bu-tt felt sticky and she tried moving it around but it was stuck.

She held the table and tried standing up but the chair glued to her skirt that it would rise with her.

She looked confused and stared at the teacher, she didn’t want to cause any distraction yet or she’d get to mop the entire school barefooted.

She pressed her li-p tight, holding her arm chair as she tried so [email protected] to stand up again.

She pulled har-der and har-der and har-der until a loud fart left her bu-tt.

” Who just did that?” Master wang turned around and the clas-slaughed turning to look towards heaven direction.

” Heaven!”

” Sir, I’m very sorry sir. My seat is stuck to my bu-tt.” She complained

” How come your seat is stuck to your a-ss?” He

” I have no idea how the glue got to my seat” She said and True, her cla-ssmate, stood up.

” I’ll help” She said.

Heaven stood up and held the table, allowing her to pull out the chair from her bu-tt forcefully.

They struggled for many minutes until the chair wiped out the backside of her skirt from her body.

” My skirt!!” Heaven screamed, palming her bu-tt shamefully and she quickly tied her cardigan to her waist.

” Oh my God!” True exclaimed, covering her li-ps as she giggled loudly.

The rest of the cla-ssmate made fun of her as well.

Heaven looked at Lake and Dove, they were laughing at her as well. She felt so stupid, wishing the ground could swallow her.

She bit her li-ps before running out of the clas-stowards the toilet.

Master wang closed the textbook and faced them.

” We’ll continue the clas-sanother time. None of you are serious with your life” He said and left immediately.

True sat back on her chair and turned to her friend, Eden. They shared a seat.

” We finally succeeded in humiliating her, part five” True smiled.

” She deserves it. Next time, she should find some other Guy to call her crush, Not lake” Eden scoffed and looked away.



Heaven got to the restroom and sat on the toilet seat, burying her face on her lap as she cried.

She had never cried much like this before, perhaps cos she felt completely humiliated.

” First it was my bag they used as a mop, then my hair comb was melted in a school practical, now my skirt was being placed on glue. Why does it have to be me all the time!!” She sobbed.

” How am I supposed to walk around with a ripped skirt. I Fuc-k’in hate my life, I hate this school so Fuc-k’in much. !” She said and hug-ged her legs.

” I’ll just stay here till school is over” She said to herself.

Soon, a loud knock was heard at the door and she got scared.

” Heaven!” Megan shouted from outside. Megan was her school buddy, her very best friend. She was a big nerd.

” Megan!. Is that you!?”

” Yes, it’s me. Open the damn door quickly” She said and heaven immediately turned out the lock.

” Why did you come?” She asked as Megan stepped in, bringing out an extra skirt from her cross bag.

” This is one of my skirt I brou-ght”

” You actually have two of this?”

” i overheard True and Eden talking about the prank yesterday at school, they caught me eavesdropping and swore to kill me If I told you. So instead, I got extra prepared and brou-ght this” She smiled.

” Oh geez, you are an angel in disguise!. I almost gave up, wanting to sit all day in the toilet” She said.

” Quickly, put on the skirt let’s go back to cla-ss. I don’t want anyone to catch us” She said and Heaven wore it on herself quickly.

” It’s really tight”

” Huh?”

” You know I’m fatter than you” She said and they both laughed.

” On the count of three, we drag up the skirt in one go. Ready, Now One, Two..

” Three!” Heaven screamed and they both used their super strength to pull the skirt into her wa-istquickly.

” Yeahyy!!” Heaven clapped and wore her knitted sweater over it as well.

” I hope you’re comfortable” Megan asked.

” Not really. But I can manage for today. Thanks megan, you are truly a good friend” She smiled and they hug-ged eachother.

The bell rung and they dis£ngaged from the tight hug.

” We are having History cla-ss. Let’s move to clas-sbefore she tells us to hold our ears and hop!” She said and pulled heaven away quickly.



Ms patt was still teaching when the principal walked in with a tall, good-looking boy.

He wasn’t smiling but he was still damn gorgeous as hell.

” Good morning cla-ss” The principal greeted with a smile

” Good morning principal” The clas-sall responded, but everyone gaze was at the new boy.

” This is Elvis mackwin. He’s a transfer student from MINIONS highschool. Elvis, would you like to give an introduction?”

” Not really” He said.

Some girls [email protected], he had such an mesmerising de-ep voice.

” Okay, Welcome to your new cla-ss. I hope the students makes you COMfortable.” She scoffed, glaring at the student cos she knew what they were capable of doing.

” Okay ma’am” He nodded and began to walk in

Lake smirked and turned to his friend, Dove.

” He’s already stealing all the girl’s heart. We shouldn’t make him last” He scoffed.

” He can’t cos we still remain the legendary here” He smiled.

Lake met Elvis walking towards him and he immediately set out his feet in order for Elvis to fall over and so he’d mock him.

Elvis suddenly stopped in his track and met Lake feet slightly pulled outside.

He smirked and stepped on it [email protected] before walking away.

” Dude. Are you…

” I’m not blind” Elvis quickly said, turning to him

” How did you know that was what I planned to say next?” He shrugged.

” Cos I’m not a fool” Elvis grinned and started to walk away.

???? WoooooH!

The student [email protected] as the two hotties was challenging eachother.

Lake turned around and glared at nothing in particular.

” Can’t believe this guy is strangling me silently. I can’t let him rule me this way, I fu-cking have to do something!” He grinned.

Elvis got to a seat at the back next to heaven before sitting down with a loud sigh.

The clas-scontinued afterwards and after cla-ss, True stood up and went to heaven.

” Hey, leave this seat” She glared at her.

” Why?” Heaven spat.

” Cos I want to sit next to him” She nudged her head.

” No. I can’t let you take my seat. Go look for someone else!” Heaven spat back.

” Don’t let me do my worst, Daddy’s girl” True smiled.

” Do your worst!” Heaven said boldly.

True smiled at her and heaven stood up, picking her bags before leaving the seat nonchalantly.

She sighed and took over heaven sit before turning to Elvis who was sitting in the next seat.

” Hi Elvis!” She waved.

Elvis looked up and stared at her boringly before looking away.

” I can help with your notes. I’m sure you are super hooked up” She said.

” No thanks, I’m done, I don’t need your help”

” Don’t tell me you’ve covered all the topic for..

” Yes, I did.” He said and left his seat.

” What!” She screamed in shock as she watched his retreating back.

However, Heaven got outside the cla-ss, carrying her bags and books on her head and quickly halted in her steps.

” Huh?. How did I get here?” She asked turning around, looking super confused.

” I…wait…what’s happening to my s£nses this days?” She said and began to walk back to clas-sannoyed.



Lake stepped out of the school and turned to look at Dove.

” He’s already leaving” He said looking at Elvis.

” Yea, What happened?”

” I just hate that dude so much. Don’t you see he’s stealing all our glory. Even true and Eden is after him” He said.

” Elvis!!” Lake looked and saw heaven at the school balcony.

” Oh good, Now the girl who says I’m her crush likes him too” He snarled.

” Be cool. He won’t last here” Dove smile at him.

” Elvis wait!” Heaven yelled.

She began to trip down the stairs hastily and Eden glared at her, loosing her guard.

Soon, Heaven was halfway down but she missed her steps and came falling down the stairs.

Elvis noticed the danger behind him and he immediately turned around, catching her in the process.

He stared at her eyes but it was only glittering with something he couldn’t imagine.

” Why did you shout my name?” He said.

” I just wanted to tell you that you are now officially my new crush!!!” She smiled jokingly and Elvis [email protected], his jaw dropping.

So he saved her cos of this?!.


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