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enchanted by a slave episode 58 & 59

(Trapped with the
Lords of s-ex)

BY:Anny Oluchi


CHAPTER 58&59.

★(Vixen in disguise) ★

Beauty parted the ki-ss and pecked his nose.

“I love you too” Beauty smiled and hug-ged him.

“You see it wasn’t that [email protected]” Beauty giggled and ki-ssed him again.

“Yes it was I thought I had a heart disease or something” Ruben said and she laughed.

“You are so childish, how could you think that, Well I will be the cure to your disease” She laughed.

Ruben ki-ssed her b**bs and pouted.

“Let us play for a while” Ruben said naughty.

“I am on my period” She pouted..

“Just your b**bs please” Ruben blinked.

“No” She refused and stood up from her lap..

“Why?” Ruben pouted.

“Go meet your brother and take care of him” Beauty winked and scurried out of his suite…

“Come back here!” Ruben yelled.

“This su-cks” He frowned.

Nicolas heard the footsteps following them, he pretended to be unaware about it.

They reached a bench and sat on it.

“Father has refused to call off my engagement with Fernando” Betsy pouted.

“Can I help you get him out of your way?” Nicolas asked.

Betsy was taken aback by his strange question.

“What do you mean by that?” She inquired.

“Do you want us to elope?” Betsy smiled.

“That wouldn’t be a bad idea” Nicolas smiled and caught Ronnie watching them but she quickly hid.

“Bee, I need to pee, I will be back” Nicolas smiled and walked away from there.

Besty pouted and looked up in the sky before giggling.

Nicolas walked close to tall tree and pushed Ronnie then gripped her neck.

Ronnie [email protected] in shock and the gun in her hand fell out.

“Lu…cian” Ronnie choked and held his hand in her neck.

“What were you trying to do?” Nicolas whispered angrily..

“Nothing” Ronnie choked as tears filled her eyes.

“You were trying to kill her then ruin my plans, you b*tch!” Nicolas muttered and looked at the gun.

“I am… sorry” She whimpered softly.

Nicolas couldn’t stand her tears, he released her neck and she [email protected]

Tears gushed out of her eyes holding her nrcj that still felt like he still had his grip on it.

Nicolas clenched his fists.,he unfolded them and tried touching her but she slapped his hand off her.

“Don’t touch me” She coughed.

Betsy was hearing voices from there, so she curiously got up and started walking to the place Nicolas and Ronnie were.

Gianna’s house **

Milan sat in the couch and she sat opposite him.

“Why are you so far away?” Milan asked gently.

“Just say whatever you have to say and get out of my house” Gianna sneered and folded her arms.

“I need you to support me, I want to go against Ruben and father, I want to take them both out of the picture” Milan said shocking her.

“It has always been Ruben, now it’s your father, are you crazy?” She yelled in disbelief.

“He has always been on Ruben side, I don’t care about him, I want him out of the picture!”

“So where do I come in this your absurd plan” She asked.

“support me” He replied and she rolled her eyes.

“You are such a baby” She hissed.

“I am not a baby!” He yelled.

“Yes you are, just admit it” Gianna mouthed and hissed.

Milan stood up and went to sit by her side but she shifted away from him.

“Stay away from me” Gianna glared at him.

“Anna, I miss you” He muttered and sha faced him..

“My p*ssy bores you, so forget about it!”Gianna eyes him and tried Standon up m

But he grabbed her hand and pulled him to himself.

” Don’t tell me you have stopped loving me that fast “Milan asked and clasped his hands around her waist.

” I don’t love you Milan, I will help you and work for you for the money, that is all I am after, there is no s-ex or relationship and if you want s-ex it is not for free “She smirked and yanked his hands off her waist..

She stood up and hissed.

” It is all about the money “He yelled.

” Yes bastard it is all about fuc-k ing doe and if you are not ready to pay leave my house! “She yelled and folded her hands .

Milan frowned and yelled” Fine! ”

” Now you are talking, so you still want to have a taste of my p*ssy? ”

Milan smirked and pulled her to himself, they slammed their li-ps on each other and started ki-ssing savagely..

” Bee “Nicolas called and faced her.

” Were you talking to someone? ”

“No, I wasn’t ” Nicolas chuckled.

Betsy looked but didn’t see anyone there.

“Were you hearing voices? ” Nicolas asked with a smile.

“Actually no” She shook her head.

Ronnie sniffed and stayed in her position hiding sideways at the back of the tree.

“Let’s go” He smiled and ki-ssed her li-ps.

They walked away and Ronnie came out of her hiding.

“fuc-k you Lucian, you will pay for this” Ronnie sobbed and touched her neck.

Stone’s mansion ***
Two weeks have pa-ssed and Ruben has never crossed a day without tasting Beauty’s honeypot, he can’t just get enough of her.

[Mature contents ahead]

“Oh sh!t” She mo-an-ed out as he pulled his s-ex from her.

He landed by her side and heaved out a de-ep breath..

Beauty smiled and wrapped her nak-ed body around his.

She touched his sweaty and hairy chest and ki-ssed it.

“I want more, let us do it again” Beauty mo-an-ed and took her hand to his still £r£¢ted d*ck.

“You are being a bad, bad doll these days” Ruben grinned and faced her.

She fondled his shaft making him [email protected], she ki-ssed him and plunged her tongue into his mouth, she savoured the sweetness from his mouth and pulled away as he was about to take over.

“Ruby” She smiled and climbed on him.

She grabbed his manh**d onto her hand and shoved out into her p*ssy.

“Uh!” He mo-an-ed and grabbed her a-ss with his hands.

She started riding his d*ck, her a-ss slamming against his balls as his d*ck went in and and slight out of her p*ssy.

“fuc-k ” He mo-an-ed gently and transferred his hands to her lap..

“Yeah…Ou…” She squealed and started riding his d*ck fast.

“Doll, fast-er” He gro-aned, enjoying it so much…

His hand started trailing on her thighs exciting her the more, she has been getting better in each and every s-ex they have.

She leaned on him, he threw her hair to the back and, ki-ssed her li-ps, she smooches his li-ps giving him short ki-sses on his upper and bottom li-ps, her li-ps trailed to his collarbone and his chest, she ki-ssed him there making, each bit of her moves made his d*ck more ere-ct that it started fattening and getting bigger in her the pressure of his his c*m.

Beauty trailed her li-ps to his n***ple and started su-cking and biting it.

“fuc-k !” He cursed under his breath and rubbed his hands excitedly around her sweaty back. She

She took her li-ps away and raised up herself, she positioned his d*ck in her p*ssy because it had wide-ned to its size.

She started fuc-k ing him again and he started gro-aning, she ki-ssed his li-ps and he switched positions.

He released all his c*m to the last drop into her, as it directly flowed into her womb..

He ki-ssed her li-ps and thru-sted out of her, he held on to her and hug-ged as he laid back on the bed.

“I love you,” Ruben muttered.

“I love you too,” Beauty smiled.

“You are so sweet” He smiled and cupped her b**b in his hand.

“Stop being a pervert” Beauty laughed..

“I won’t” Ruben chucked and placed his hand on her hip.

She quickly faced him and smiled in a way those little dimples showed again.

“Are you hungry?” She asked.

“Hungry, yes for you” He grinned.

“Not that dumbo, I mean hungry, let us go out to park and eat there!” “She smiled.

” To the park “He sighed.

” What’s wrong? “She pouted and placed her leg on his and touched his d*ck again.

” Stop that, you know that’s my weakness and you are using it to your advantage ” Ruben pouted and allowed her to ma-ssage it.

“Oh Geez! Alright I accept let’s go to the park” He giggled and laughed m

“That’s more like it, have you ever been to the park?” Beauty asked.

“No” He shook his head.


“Dad was a soilder and he instructed my nanny never to take me out except to school, when he died, father took me in. He fired my nanny and we never went to a park” Ruben explained and sighed

“My life kind of su-cks huh?” He sighed unhappily..

“You know, I have neve really celebrated my birthday except once when my nanny made a cake and dad forbade her from making another one. I feel pretty bad for myself. I only spent my childhood trying to please Father and did horrible things to people, ” Ruben said regrettably…

“Don’t feel bad about anything, you can start having fun, just the both of us” Beauty giggled.

Ruben faced her and ki-ssed her li-ps.

“You should leave this bed before I do more cute things to you” He winked and touched her soft a-ss.

“You are such a bad boy,” Beauty chuckled.

Emerald bay state park**

Reaching the park it is a beautiful sight to see, the beautiful large bay and the trees, the garden and people having fun with their families.

“It’s beautiful,” Ruben smiled, looking around.

“Yes it is,” Beauty smiled, she was wearing a cute pink dress,it’s her best colour, she packed her hair upwards and wore cute pink sandals on her feet .

“I want ice cream” Beauty giggled and pointed at one of the ice cream shops.

“Let’s go” Ruben held her hand and they walked to shop.

“Do you want some ice cream?”

“No” Ruben refuse

“Ugh!” Beauty rolled her eyes.

Ruben smiled and ki-ssed her li-ps.

“Hey, kids are here, you don’t have to ki-ss everywhere!” the woman yelled and covered her daughter’s eyes.

Ruben and Beauty faced her in disbelief, while being distracted the seller suddenly switched with someone else.

Beauty sighed and faced the seller and said” Give me a vanilla ice cream and put those pretty colourful powder to it ”

” Powder! “Ruben laughed.

” Shut up!”Beauty pouted

Ruben’s phone rang and he excused himself.

Beauty collected the ice cream and started lic-king it.

She felt strange, her vision started getting blurry, she blinked rapidly.

” My eyes `”She muttered uneasily and turned to find Ruben but he wasn’t there anymore.

” Ruby `”Beauty called feeling dizzy.

She walked to a spot and fainted but someone caught her before she could fall.

Foxs’ Clan**

“Let go of me!” Beauty screamed, she had already woken up but a black bag had been put on her head.

“Let go!”

It is unable to fight them because she is tied up.

They stopped dragging her and untied her hands then uncovered her face.

Beauty shook her head and opened her eyes, her eyes grew wider.

She looked around to see Madison, Theresa, and Riley there.

She faced Master Landon and stood straight like a soldier.

Master Landon is a handsome man, with a straight face and slim jaw, he has a hat on his head and is wearing grey clothes.

“Vixen Alice” He called Beauty.

“Yes, Master” She replied and lowered her gaze in respect.

Madison smirked knowing she was up for some scolding.

“Master guess where I found Alice, she was ki-ssing and cuddling with one of the Stone’s brothers” Madison laughed.

“Will you shut the fuc-k up before I knock out all your teeth, b*tch!” Beauty yelled, her eyes looked fierce right now there was no cuteness or timidity in it, it was like she changed into a different person.

Madison simply smirked.

She faced Master Landon again and swallowed [email protected].

” Alice, what were you s£nt to the Black hearts clan to do, you were s£nt there to get information about them to destroy them, bring them down, what have you been doing!” Master Landon thundered with an angry voice.

“Master, I have been doing what I can,” Beauty replied sternly.

“What can you do, really?”

“Alice, have you forgotten your purpose there, you are there because Trevor killed your parents, to wipe out their entire family of Stone’s, that’s why you are there, Alice!!!” He yelled and exhaled.

“I haven’t forgotten my mission, master and I will still destroy them” Beauty muttered with hatred.

“Alice, even the Brother you were ki-ssing” Riley asked.

“Including him and each one of the others, Master, have I failed before?” She said emotionlessly.


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