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distance but destined episode 1

????New Story Alert????

It all started with a one night stand between Sabastien Remeriz, a very rich business baron and a poor lady named Claire, which result to them having identical twins Maja and Janelle. Things fall apart when Claire dumped one of the girl at his door because he never approved of her being pregnant and she couldn’t take care of the two girls so she gave it out to him.????

▪▪▪What will happen when their fate get twisted. Janelle who grew up with her father was forced to marry a rich billionaire’s son for the sake of her father’s company but she ended up badly in a plane crash… Alvary a very young and handsome guy and also Maja’s long love- found Janelle almost dead with his friend Jason. He mistaken her for Maja and took her in.. he save her life and hide her with him since she couldn’t remember anything again… thinking fate has brought him back with Maja not knowing it was her identical twin sister

Alvary and his best friend Jason were both enjoying the weather.He was making Jason laugh out loud with his funny jokes. They’ve been best friends ever since they were kids and they loved each other. Alvary was a sad person ever since he was separated with Maja his first love, Maja has been his childhood friend and also his joy,

her mother was working at his dad’s plantation and that’s when he first meet Maja when they were still kids, he loved her so much but everything got ruined when his dad took him away from her and ever since then he never heard nor see her again- he felt so stupid because he couldn’t fight for there love!

Alvary and Jason were frightened when the heard the roaring, ear splitting sound that vibrate the ground like a threatening earthquake, the racket grew louder. They quickly stood up and looked into the sky, what they saw made them to abandon what their doing and they run for cover. They squat the moment the reach the trees on the farmland. In their different position they could see what was happening across the sky.

The left part of anterior part of the airplane appeared in the sky like a fish with fins. The half plane roared across the sky, overhead the farmland and vanished beyond trees opposite the place the terrified observers lay. They were several cracking sound as the crashing plane came in contact with the branches of tress and made a whooshing noise. The smoke diffuse away completely except for the stench of [email protected] in the air. Alvary and Jason began to walk across the farmland, they finally arrived where was tattered, they stood in shocked as they stare at it.

In what remained of a seat was trapped the battered body of a lady, Blood stream down her forehead, the clothes were covered with blood and traces of soots, the legs were twisted unnaturally, suggesting a fracture. The body look lifeless.

“OMG.. look at that Alvary,” Jason yelled then pointed at a lifeless body.
“Maja” he yelled looking so shocked, could this be his Maja… he missed her after good seven years away from her.. but she was poor and what could she be doing in a plane…?? he thought.
“she might be alive, i can’t believe its her,” he said then summoned courage and touched the bloody lifeless body. The lady mo-an-ed slightly while he [email protected].
“she’s alive..

we need to save her. Maja… Maja Marcelo.. after seven years, fate has brought her back to me this time and this way,” he said sadly as a tear escape from his eyes.
“are we doing the right thing? we should just call for help,” Jason suggested.
“we need to save her right away, we need to take her home first… my mom will treat her,” he said while Jason nodded.

????Back in Phili-ppine????.
Mr Sebastian mourn the dead of his daughter when he heard about the plane crash. Report also said that the rescue team was s£nt immediately but they found mangles bodies but no survivor which make everyone believe she’s truly dead.

▪▪▪Every mourn the death of Janelle Sebastian Remirez thinking she was actually death during the crashed. Claire was more devastated, she has hide this from Maja and everyone for so many years, so she told Maja about everything. Maja was surprise to know she has a twin sister but she’s already dead and couldn’t get to see her.. but then Claire has already planned something.. since Janelle’s body wasn’t found- it time for her poor MAJA???? to come as JANELLE????, as first the idea sound so stupid to Maja but it really worked out…

Maja was back to her dad as Janelle and she told him that she survived the planed crashed because she was saved by someone unknown. Everyone believe her because she so much look like her twin sister Janelle❣…
…????Read to find out how poor Maja will cope being rich Janelle- will anyone suspect her….. how will she cope by being forced to marry the man she never like and the man that was meant for her sister..??

▪▪▪????Will Alvary end up falling in love with Janelle still thinking it was MAJA.. his first love.
What will happen when things get more twisted and Maja being Janelle was forced to marry Alvary..

▪▪That’s when Alvary will figure out that they were two Maja and perhaps he has fallen for the wrong person…
✨Janelle has fallen so [email protected] for Alvary and has vow never to leave him..
what will happen to the two

sisters???…???????? when Janelle showed up and was madly angry at Maja for stealing and using her identity… Maja too was damn angry with her for snatching her boyfriend- Alvary..
will things get any better.. ????‍♀️ will Sebastian and Claire meet again to solve that problem between them and start afresh..??

????Episode 1????
by Tiana

My name is Claire am just twenty years and also a maid to Sebastian, one of the wealthy business man in the country. I’ve been his maid for almost a year and i think i have this feelings for him- i like him so much and it also obvious he likes me but the sad thing is that he’s already has a fiancee but i guess he’s starting to change his mind about her. The reason why i got engaged in such work was because my dad needed an urgent treatment and i know Sebastian has a key to that and that his money, am glad he was able to help and that was how he saved my dad. My dad was back to his feet and was doing so well.

Now that dad is doing so well i decide to quit the maid job and continue with my studies, Sebastian wanted to helped me out, he felt so bad about me leaving but it for the best and he also supported me in that but everything changed after our one night stand. I decided to give him all of me even thou i know it gonna be damn difficult for us to be together i still love him and want him so badly. Things get pretty worse when i announced to him about my pregnancy…

it was just once and i never thought it will lead to me getting pregnant but it did, dad was so mad at me because i couldn’t go back to school right away, i have to save myself from shame and disgrace but that’s not what bothered me the most, what hurt me so much was when Sebastian told me he wasn’t planning to have a child, he said he’s fiancee is already pregnant for him and he will push through with their wedding soon.

“i can’t be a father to your child.. how did you even let that happen? he yelled at me while i stood in tears.
“i don’t know… please Seb i love you and you have to accept this baby,” i cried.

“i can’t Claire, it Nessa i love and she’ll soon be my wife, she’s already pregnant for me and i guess she’s the right woman for me,” he said while i felt much anger boiling inside of me. I hate him now!
“were you only using me? why will you have to deceive me then.. what if i tell Nessa about our affair,” i threaten him.
“you’re just a maid and nothing more Claire, i can’t stood so low to marry you or accept your baby so get rid of it and never return to this house again,” he yelled as he dragged my hair and pushed me outside.

I thought Sebastian likes me, he looks like someone that couldn’t even hurt a fly, he said it countless time that he’ll fight for our love if only i give in to his demands that’s when he have me in his bed, i never knew he only deceiving me. I returned home in tears and cried, dad keep scolding me and i hate my life for being such a fool, i was fooled by Sebastian- he just used and dumped me…

I stood beside my window and stare at nothing in particular my eyes were filled with tears as i held my tummy, am six months pregnant already it hasn’t been easy for me. Sebastian was serious with what he said, i called his line several times but he wasn’t picking up i guess he has already mark my number to his blacklist, i visited him once but he asked his guard to chase me away and ever since then i never return to him. After all he’s a married man now and Nessa has already given birth to a baby boy, i was the one left with so much scars and pain in my heart.

I kept pushing and pushing and pushing as more tears ran down my cheeks.. i think i can’t continue with this, it already three months now and here i am stuck on this bed trying to give birth, it wasn’t as easy as i thought.
“a little more push! the nurse encourage me while i pushed again, i guess this the most painful moment of my life….

Suddenly i heard a cry of a little baby and i knew it was my baby, my very own child, am now a mother, i smiled in tears as i stare at the tiny baby..
“keep pushing Ma’am, the other one is about to come out,” the nurse said while i felt like dying.. it twins!
“Sebas…tian!!! i let out a loud scream as i hold the sheets on the bed so tightly, i heard another cry as tears slide down my cheeks, i felt so weak and my vision wa already getting blur…

I later woke up feeling so weak and pains all over my body, it wasn’t easy to be a mother after all, especially a mother of two at once.
“Claire! dad called as me held my hand and ki-ssed my forehead.
“congratulations,” he smiled while i nodded in tears.

“where are my babies? i asked then managed to stand up, i smiled when i saw my two baby in their crib, they were already cleaned up and look so beautiful as they sleep.
“it twins- baby girls,” dad said while i laughed in tears as i stare at them.
“they look like me right? i asked while dad nodded.
“you’re now a mother Claire and things might get twisted and difficult but i hope we’ll pas-sthrough this,”

I gently placed them in their crib after bathing and feeding them.
“so what are their names? dad asked while i smiled.
“Maja and Janelle,”
“what a sweet name so how about our lives now? your school? how did you intend to feed those babies, how you even intend to raise them while we have no money, i guess you should tell Sebastian,”dad said.
“i can’t do that, he warned me never to go back to his place. Sebastian and i are done for a very long time now and i will do everything to raise my daughter so well,”`i said trying to hold back my tears. Sebastian is already married, i guess i should just mind my business and focus on my kids.

Three months Later…????????????
Life became more difficult than i thought, it wasn’t easy taking care of myself, Maja, Janelle and also my dad. Things were just too much for me to handle and i have no money, i couldn’t even take care of my babies properly and the idea that came to my mind was to take one girls to Sebastian. I told dad but he was totally against it.

“and how sure are you Sebastian is willing to take this kids… how could you even think of that! dad yelled at me.

“this the only think i could think of father, i want my children to have a good life and i know only Sebastian can give them that. Am not giving out one of my daughter to any man in the street but to their father. Please dad allow me do this- with this i can be @ssured that one of them is doing well and one of them will have a brighter future, it for the best,” i said while he sighed.

“i don’t want the twins to get separated, they deserves to be together as sisters and what about Sebastian wife what will she say, she already has a son for him,”
“i know that too dad but Sebastian won’t reject his own daughter, i just want the best for the girls,” i said trying to convinced my dad.

????Two weeks later… I stared at my babies and cried, it 6pm already and am taking Janelle to her father, it for the best, she will have a good life anyone can ever wished for and for Maja i will do everything i can to give her everything she want, i hope Janelle will one day forgive me for this but keeping them to myself is not the best thing, i don’t have anything, nothing to take care of them and i hate to see them suffer, they’re just to young for all these. I snapped my two girls some pictures and dad also snapped me with Janelle, i don’t want to do this but i might end up raising my daughter so bad, am afraid we’ll be this poor for the rest of our lives, i can’t give them anything not even a good feeding and clothing, i just have to give out one to her father.

. I hailed a cab and it took me to Sebastian’s mansion, it took me a lot to convince the guards to let me in. I missed this house and i can’t believe this the same place i meet Sebastian and fell in love with but he broke me completely.

Why am i even doing this, he don’t deserves to be with the girl he rejected but i have no option. I gently keep little Janelle close to the door, she was wrapped in her blanket and on the blanket i stitch “JANELLE” boldly on it, i also left a letter for him to read. I press the door bell and quickly walked out of the house, i sadly return back home that evening, i meet Maja who was crying so badly. Her twin sister is taken away from her why wouldn’t she cry after all.

“i just want the best for you baby.. i want your sister to have a good life and i promise to also give you that good life,” i said to little Maja who was busy crying. I felt like a part of me is gone and i felt like i did the worse thing ever. How could a mother give out her baby to the man that once reject her- what if he maltreat my daughter knowing the baby was from me. My fears kept surfacing and i couldn’t help but to cry, now i regret what i just did.
“it okay Claire, you only did what was right,” dad comforted me but i hate myself for doing that to Janelle..

Sebastian’s POV❣
Kenny our little son was already asleep while Nessa was taking her bath i was at the sitting room busy with my phone, i heard the doorbell rang then followed by a cry of a baby, at first i thought it was Kenny that was awake but i was surprise to see him sleeping peacefully in his crib.

I open the door and was shocked by what i saw- a baby, a little baby. Who heck brought her here, i called my guards and they told me a woman begged them to come inside and her name is Claire. It now dawn on me that this might be Claire’s baby!
“okay, you don’t have to tell my wife about this,” i told them while they nodded before leaving.

I quickly carry the baby girl in my arms and she stopped crying, a letter fall from her blanket and i quickly picked it up and put it in my trouser pocket when i heard Nessa’s voice.
“honey.. who’s this? she asked as she walked up to me, then stare at the baby in my arms.
“who’s this? she asked looking so shocked.

“uhmmm.. i don’t know i just found her here, someone kept her right on this door step,” i stuttered while she suspiciously looked at me.
“what! then you should dumped her in the street,” Nessa yelled.
“but she’s just a baby.. i will just report this to the police tomorrow,” i said while she sighed.

“i don’t want to see this thing here by tomorrow and who has the gut to bring this thing to our house. This not an orphanage neither is it a charity home, please honey just take her to the orphanage or somewhere else,” she said while i nodded then took the baby girl to my room. I gently kept her on the bed and i quickly carry the letter i found in her blanket which reads:
“To Sebastian….

This our child Janelle, born on 25th July! life has become so unbearable for the both of us and i know only you can give her that good life every child will ever desire.

I will never forgive you for what you did to me and they only reason i brought Janelle here was because i wanted the best for her and i know i couldn’t take care of her. Please do that for me, for our baby because you might never get to see me again,”
I read the letter again and again and stared as Janelle as she named her. She’s also my daughter, now i feel for bad for what i did to Claire. Kenny will now have a sister but how will i explain this to Nessa she will so mad at me…

The next morning.. Nessa insisted i take Janelle to the orphanage or report to the police but i told her i was planning to adopt the girl.
“is this some part of your plan? who is she Seb.. tell me the truth? Nessa questioned but i still insisted i don’t know the girl.

“am willing to adopt her Nessa, it not a bad thing,” i said trying to convinced but yet she refuse threatening me that she’ll have to leave with Kenny if i didn’t take Janelle away. After much argument i later agreed to that and took Janelle to the orphanage Claire was so stupid to have bring her here at first! Just two months later… something tragic happen which make me the saddest person. Nessa got into an accident with Kenny and they both died. That was the saddest moment of my life and i felt all hope was gone,

no wife nor any child, i thought i couldn’t survive this heart break but i re-think about my life and remembered how i maltreated Claire, i was even stupid to have take my own daughter to the orphanage. I quickly bring Janelle back from the orphanage and conduct a DNA test, she was truly my daughter because it turn out positive! i did everything i can to look for Claire but she was nowhere to be found, i couldn’t find her again and wonder where she might be..

I guess this the consequences of my actions, Nessa and Kenny left me behind and i was all alone if not for Janelle, i badly want to see Claire but i just couldn’t find her again nor her father. I just want to plead for her forgiveness and to tell her i have accepted Janelle as my daughter she’s back to me now. Janelle is the only one i have left and wish Claire is here as well.

✨**Ten years Later**????
At San Francisco..▪▪

Maja keep insisting to follow her mom to the plantation where she works, Claire was fed up with her constant begging so she took her their, she know she only want to see her friend Alvary and no one else.
“you know he’s father get mad whenever he sees you two,” Claire said to her as she held her little hands on their way to the plantation.
“is it bad to make friends mom? she asked
“it not bad but am sure you don’t want to offend my boss, he don’t like poor kids around his son,”

“but am not poor,” Maja cut in..
“uhmm.. yes but am his worker, let me put it this way he don’t want his son to be friends with his workers kids, am sure you don’t want to get on Mr. Lewis bad side,” she said while Maja smiled.
“i don’t care, i only want to see Alvary and on one can stop him from being my friend not even his father,” Maja said so confident of her word while Claire shook her head.
They arrived at the plantation, it was a beautiful sight to behold and Claire always loved working there.
“Alvary… Maja yelled his name while Alvary ran to her.

“i thought you’ll not gonna come,” he said.
“i have to force my mom so i could follow her,” Maja smiled revealing her one sided dimple.
“you’re sure a problem in the as-sfor your mom,” Avlary said while Maja burst out laughing.
“she’s the best mom and she do all i says,”
“uhmm, don’t be too excited Maja, your grandfather is coming to take you home right away,” Claire said while Maja face turn to a frown.

“i don’t want to..” she pout..
“and i don’t care,” Claire teased while Maja held Alvary’s hand.
“let go and play and where’s your sister? she asked.
“Jordan is with dad,” Alvary replied.
“you again,” Jordan cussed when she saw Maja, then walked up to them. She’s just same age as Maja but she bully’s her a lot.
“are you here to see my brother? Jordan asked rudely.

“yes,” Maja said slowly knowing that Jordan will hit if she tries to talked back at her.
“Jordan, i guess mom need you at home, just go and leave me with my friend,” Alvary said trying to defend Maja.
“am telling dad right away,” Jordan yelled at them as she ran out. Claire watch the kids with a frown. Jordan is a big problem to them.

“you’re going home now Maja.. i don’t want Jordan to report you to Mr. Lewis he might sacked me all because of your stupid friendship with Alvary his son,” Claire said as she dragged Maja with her.
“but please Ma’am.. Maja is just here to play with me,” Alvary said.
“there are many kids she can play with,” Claire scoffed as she dragged Maja along with her..

At Manila….✨
Janelle smiled as she get to meet her new friends, her dad threw a very grand pool party for her at home to celebrate her success for being the first position last session at school, Sebastian was so proud of her and think of her as a blessing.
“Sally,” Janelle smiled when she saw her best friend.

“am just so happy you came,” she giggle.
“i couldn’t miss this Janelle, your dad is damn rich you know,” Sally smiled.
“you’re just so lucky,” Clive chipped in while Janelle smiled. The kids enjoyed the rest of their day…
…The pool party ended so well and Janelle was so happy, she’s everyone’s favorite, loved by all,

even her teachers at schooled were amazed with her performance, she so intelligent, well mannered and perhaps the most beautiful girl anyone has ever seen!
“just sing until i fall asleep,” she tells her nanny, the one who raise her and has being like a mother to her.
“as you wish my dear,” Mrs Loren smiled.
“Janelle! Sebastian called as he walked in.
“dad! Janelle quickly stood up seeing her dad.

“hope you’ve enjoyed the party?
“sure dad, thank you,” she smiled.
“i have something to show you,” Sebastian smiled while Janelle giggle, it must be something so special.
“just come with me,” he said while Mrs. Loren held her hand as they followed Sebastian behind….▪▪▪▪

what did you think about the two sisters???❤

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