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bianca episode 22

{When two broken???? heart meets}????
EPISODE 22????
by- Tiana????

Harriet’s POV????
“am not only here for nothing but to help you find Ellen,”
“i can do that on my own,” i wipe my tears.
“but i know where she is already,” he said, i stopped on my track and turn to him.
“so you think i will just believe what you say,”

“am serious Harriet and that the reason why am so persistence to be with you again so we can fight this together, i came back from the US few weeks ago and i saw Ellen but am sure she didn’t see me. We have to have her investigated,” he said while i was surprised to hear him say that. Ellen is somewhere here- here in Ontario!!
“i need to be alone,” i said then hurried upstairs, i was surprise to hear Annie cries from the other room, i went closer and notice she was at the store room.

“Annie! i called then rushed in and discovered she was crying with the box wide open before her.
“what are you doing Annie,” i was shocked to see her in that state. How did she know about this. I squat beside her and collect the papers from her- it was her adoption papers. I should have burn this a long time ago!
“Annie… just calm i will explain,” i said trying to hug her but she quickly stood up.

“i just want to be alone,” she cried.
“look Annie you’re still my daughter. I don’t care if you’re adopted or not, it really doesn’t matter to me and that was the reason i never care to even tell you anything because in my heart you’re still my daughter,” i said.
“but you lied to me… i have been fooled for all these years,” she yelled in tears…????

???? It was a happy marriage, filled with mutual understanding, affection, forgiving and tolerance. Harriet was happily married to the love of her life -Williams Gonzalez.

They had lots of happy memories together, their love was getting stronger each day, they both promise to stick with each other until death do them part, they vow never to leave each other and most of all they were so madly in love with each other each [email protected] day of their life but as a saying say nothing good last forever* After five years of marriage Harriet has nothing to show forth.

All she wanted was to have a happy family with Williams and their children but they got non. Dr. Nigel who has been their friend and also their family doctor helped in the way he can. They were both medically fine but yet Harriet was unable to bear any child. Despite how rich and influential they are Harriet always felt so lonely, she hated herself for not being able to give Williams any child and she was very scared her marriage might crumble because of this,

Williams might choose to marry another woman or have a mistress. Harriet was so in love with him and couldn’t bear any of this but she was the one so worried about the whole thing. Williams love for her hasn’t changed and he wasn’t cheating either. He care less about having any child he always tell her- she comes first in his life so having a kids is not his problem.

“good morning sunshine,” Williams waked her up with a soft klzz.
“love,” she smiled seeing him.
“it 9am already,”
“what! i slept this much and you didn’t even wake me up,” Harriet quickly jumped from the bed.
“and you are not dressed either! have you forgotten we have meeting with our investors by 10?

“well i was waiting for you to wake up too,” he smile
“we can’t miss this meeting for anything we have to hurry up and by the way has Ellen come? she asked.
“not yet but i already made breakfast for my sunshine,” he cooed while Harriet smile.

“thanks love,” she peck him before hurrying to the bathroom.
Ellen works as a cook at Harriet house they get to know each other when Loretta, Ellen six year old daughter was diagnose with a heart disease and it requires a huge sum of money for her surgery. Ellen and her husband Jones were scared and worried because no matter what they do they can never raise such huge amount to save their only daughter so they needed help and announced it on TV. When Harriet came across that she felt so pity for the couple.

The poor couple at least have a daughter but have nothing while she had enough money but had no child, all she wanted was to help maybe the heavens will one day grant her with a child. Harriet showed up at the hospital and paid the huge sum for her surgery at once. Ellen and Jones were surprised and happy at the same time they never thought someone alone will get that soft heart to pay the whole money alone. They thanked Harriet,

Ellen was so grateful all she wanted was to show how grateful she was to Harriet she somehow wanted to pay her back for her kindness and she pleaded with her to give her a job in her house to be a cleaner or cook or whatever she want but Harriet refuse to that she helped them and doesn’t want anything in return but since Ellen insisted, that was how Harriet accepted her offer. They eventually became friends and Harriet was glad to have meet Ellen because she has a good heart. Loretta was operated and that was how she became a healthy child.

Ellen neatly set the dining table, she was done making their dinner as it was, on the food timetable.
“Ellen,” Harriet smile as she walked in, she was just coming back from work.

“you are done already,” Harriet smile
“yeah but i will be leaving soon,”
“okay… so how is Jones and Loretta?
“they are both doing fine, Loretta wanted to come with me because she wanted to see you but i told her till tomorrow so we can spent some time here,” Ellen smiled.
“sure, please come along with her. Thank you so much Ellen but i think you should stop doing this i have maid who can handle this house and also the cooking,”

“Harriet please allow me do this,” Ellen said as she reach for her hand and held it.
“i insist i want to help you too, i know i don’t have anything but i just want to repay you for your kindness if not for you i don’t think anyone would be able to pay such a huge amount for Loretta bills so thank you so much again,” she said while Harriet hugged her.

“you don’t have to do anything to show me how grateful you are, anyway i have no choice since you insist on doing that. It getting late already just go home and say hi to Loretta for me,”
“sure,” Ellen smiled before walking out.
Harriet walked to the dining and smile seeing how Ellen has arranged the whole place, the food was so tempting but she went to take a shower first then wait for Williams.

???? It getting to 11pm already Williams slightly open his eyes to see to see Harriet who was busy with the laptop in front of her.
“no work at home remember,” he said.
“this has nothing to do with work am just reading something,” Harriet said scrolling down, she continue reading on the screen. Williams sat up and glance at what she was reading in her laptop.
“is there anything i should know? he asked.

“hmmm…. it still the same thing Williams but this time i have a solution,” Harriet smiled.
“solution to what?
“we can still have babies,”
“Sunshine… what the heck are you talking about? he asked knowing it still about the same issue, he wished he could just make Harriet understand he love her this way even without having any child with her but she won’t just listen to that.

“i have talk to Dr. Nigel and he will guide us in this, it about having a surrogate mother who will carry our child,”
“is that really necessary Harriet.. can’t we just live our happy lives just the two of us or we can adopt if you want to,” he said.

“i don’t want any adoption love, i want a child i will call my own. I want to be the mother of your children, i want to complete you Williams,” she said looking so worried.
“Sunshine.. i still love you just the way you are. No one it at fault in this let just adopt,”

“let just give it a try, we have the money for that love, all we need now is a surrogate mother. We the intended parents create embryos through in vitro fertilization and one or more of these embryos is implanted in a surrogate who carries the child but has no genetic relationship with them. In vitro fertilization makes it possible to gather eggs from the mother, fertilize them with sperm from the father and place the embryo into the uterus of a gestational surrogate, the surrogate then carries the baby until birth,” Harriet try to explain to Williams in a way he will understand.

“i have already talked to Nigel and he said we can meet him in his office tomorrow to discuss about it. Please Williams we have to do this,” she pleaded.

“what if it doesn’t work out Harriet? you’ll be disappointed again, you’ll be so heartbroken and who will we even get as a surrogate mother? he asked while Harriet was quiet.
“you don’t have to worry about this Harriet we don’t have to go through all these stress we are not the first couple not to have children let just be contend this way,”

“i know Williams but i can’t keep quiet on this, i want to be a mother, i want to have my own child,” Harriet half yelled trying to hold back her tears, she dropped the laptop on the table beside the bed.
“i know that too,”
“i guess you failed to understand me in this, you are not even bothered about this whole thing,”
“of course i am! but theirs nothing i can do.

“don’t y
Lou sometimes feel tempted to get married elsewhere, don’t you sometimes get tired of this fruitless marriage, don’t you get tired of seeing a woman who can’t give you a child,” Harriet yelled in tears.
“is that what you think of this marriage? a fruitless marriage you just say? lots of couple got divorce because of this same issue but we still choose to stick to each other because we are both medically okay and somehow one day we’ll have our own child.

Harriet you should be grateful this way and not be too desperate in having a child,” he said sounding so pissed, he pulled the blanket and turn to the left side leaving her to cry. He felt so angry with what she said- is that what she term their marriage as a fruitless marriage, isn’t their love for each other enough to keep them moving..

Williams woke up early that morning and remembering about last night he felt so sad, he fully understand Harriet all she wanted was to be a mother but she doesn’t want to adopt she want her own child, her fears were Williams might wake up one day and leave her and she couldn’t bare the pain. Williams stare into her face, she looks so beautiful even when asleep, he loved Harriet and till now he has never regret loving her, he wished she will just understand he will always be by her side forever.
“good morning sunshine,” he klzzed her forehead when she opened her eyes.
“love.. ” she smile

“am sorry ..about last night,” she muttered feeling so guilty about what happen last night.
“you’re right i should be contended, i guess i was just too desperate for all this,” she said sadly as she stood up to leave but Williams pulled her back.
“i understand you so well Harriet. I’ve always promise to support you in whatever you’ll do so am ready to support you in this,” she was surprise to hear that from him..

“you will?
“anything for my sunshine. I want to be a father too,” he smile. Harriet hugged him so tight and give him random klzzes.
“thank you so much my love,”

@ Alcatraz Hospital…????
Williams and Harriet were already at the hospital. Nigel explained to them everything they need to know about the surrogacy.
“the embryo is created by in vitro fertilization technology and is implanted in a surrogate, the embryo is created using the intended mother’s egg and the sperm from the father to transferred to a surrogate,” he explained.
“but Nigel what about the surrogate mother, how can we get one? Harriet asked so worried.

“there are lots of factors that affect this and it usually takes like four to six month to locate a qualified surrogate, you cannot become a surrogate without a previous pregnancy, any safe and secure surrogacy journey requires certain things of both parties. For surrogates this is to proof they can carry a pregnancy safely and successfully to term and give birth to a healthy child,” he explained while Harriet seems lost in thought.
“do you have any surrogate in mind? Williams asked.

“i only have one person in mind and she can be of help to us, she can be the gestational carrier to carry our baby Williams,” Harriet said.
“and who is that?

“Ellen? but she has a family already,”
“it doesn’t matter Williams once she’s qualified to be a surrogate then she can help you out if she want to,” Nigel said.

“do you trust that woman this much, it not been long you even know her,” Williams asked to Harriet.
“it doesn’t matter William. I know Ellen will like to help me in this,”
“okay Nigel this whole thing is so crazy to me but what did you think can disqualify someone from being a surrogate? Williams asked.
“well lots of things like placenta previa, miscarriage, preterm labor and others like medical intervention health problem. The surrogate have to go through series of test,” he expounded.
“do you think Ellen will agree to all this? he asked Harriet.

“i don’t know Williams but am sure she will help, i will have to ask her first,”
“am sure you know the average cost of surrogacy, it can range from $90,000 to $130,000 but depending on the individual arrangement,” Nigel said.
“thanks a lot Doc, that won’t be a problem,” said Williams.

???? Williams asked Harriet if she still want to push through with all that and she said yes, all she wanted was to talk to Ellen first and explain everything to her- how everything will be done, she just hoped Ellen will agree to help her because she is the only woman she trust and feel secured with, she knew Ellen won’t disappoint her..

????”so that it is Ellen, once the contracts have been signed it time to begin the medical procedures to prepare for the embryo transfer. The intended mother that’s me will be given medication to help me develop eggs and will undergo an egg retrieval procedure. The eggs are then fertilized in the laboratory to create an embryo which will be transferred to the surrogate- which is you. You’ll also undergo a fertility treatment prior to the embryo transfer and during the pregnancy.

So once a healthy pregnancy is confirmed in you and the baby’s heartbeat is heard you’ll receive payments for base compensation and monthly allowance, you’ll also receive prenatal care which will continue throughout the pregnancy,” Harriet explained while Ellen was shocked hearing that from her, her eyes were wide open as she explain all these to her.

“what! is this real, does it even works at all because i have never heard of that before,”
“this is 21st century Ellen. Please i need your help,”
“you want me to carry your baby? Ellen asked again.

“sure.. it’s just like a contract, you’ll be receiving your pay,”
Ellen was quiet for some time, she wish she could help Harriet. When she first knew Harriet doesn’t have any child she felt so sad for her. Harriet has been her savior, she liked her since they day she choose to help Loretta, she wished she can help with this.

But will Jones ever agree to something like this, she has a family already but helping Harriet won’t be a bad thing, she saved her daughter and if she can be the only one to make Harriet a mother then she’s willing to help her carry their baby.
“but Harriet how am i going to do during the pregnancy?

“You don’t have to be scared Ellen according to Nigel the transfer procedure is relatively quick and also painless, it does not require medication or anesthesia and beside once you’re pregnant you’ll stay here with us so we could take good care of you and our baby,”

“i really wish i could help but i have to talk to my husband first,” said Ellen.
“it’s okay Ellen, you’re the only one am counting on to help me this time please,”
“i will do my best Harriet,”

And that was it… that was where the whole story began… Ellen talked to her husband, Jones wasn’t comfortable with such thing when Ellen told him but considering the fact that Harriet helped them so much and if not for her help Loretta might be dead, she agreed to that and also considering the fact that Ellen will be paid handsomely each month until she delivers and hand the baby to the them. That money will be of great help to them…


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