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baby JJ my sunshine episode

???? BABY JJ



???? CHAPTER 57&58????


I opened my eyes and it met the wall ,where is this place I thought ,I look around and sigh ,I try to stand up but ,it feels like something is holding me back .what the hell is that or perhaps I’m I dead and was lock in the bit of hell I thought ,as tears gathered around my eyes.

I look down and realize that it is someone’s hand ,huh ? who could that be ,I thought .

but then my mind flashback and I remembered everything ,I look closely and realized that is Alex I smile

I gently rub his hand because it seems very obvious that he is sleeping ,

suddenly I felt him move his f!ng£rs and I quickly try to remember my hand in other not for him to catch me , because if I could remember vividly he was still angry at me ,but he took my hands

what ,I thought isn’t he sleeping I thought ,I gently and struggle sit up on the bed and look closely ,I realized he is sleeping ,I sigh

I raised my hand to his hairs and touch them gently rubbing it slowly .

Alex why can’t you just forgive me I am a changed person right now ,ever since the day you talk the truth out of me I change I swear I did ,I muttered sadly and I saw how my tears we-t down his face ,

please Alex forgive me I promise ,I will never act that way to commoners ,I would never treat you as nothing or yell back at you ,I really do care about you ,you know I changed back then all because of you ,I searched everywhere for you ,but you just disappeared ,I am really very sorry please ,I muttered sadly .

I drop his head gently trying to dis£ngage our hand and stand up but he held it

sharon ,he suddenly call and I flinched

Alex ,I mumbled hiding my face but he hold it gently with his palms

I have forgive you I heard everything you said and how you cry on me and I feel guilty ,I suppose to be apolozing you were shot because of me ,he said rubbing my cheeks while I try my possible best to avoid his eyes .

Alex ,I want to use the bathroom I lied “Because I suddenly feel shy ,

but what he did next shocked me

he slowly layed me on the bed and caged my hands

Alex I muttered breathlessly as I feel bu-tterflies in stomach .

He ki-ssed me gently and I feel shiver run down my spine ,he caressed my cheeks gently ,do you know I have always got a crush on you ,he ask

immediately he said that my heart beat fast-er ,

Alex I muttered breathlessly ,

shuuuh ,he said and ki-ss my li-ps before slowly raising up and start staring de-eply into my eyes and place a peck in my forehead .

???? BABY JJ




????CHAPTER 59&60????



Thank you very much , for forgiving me I really appreciate that alot I said referring to Alex who was just nodding ,

and about the ki-ss I’m sorry I understand you have a girlfriend now ,so I …..

but he interupted ,where did you hear that from ,he questioned ”

you said it yourself I heard it from you ,I replied ,I already know the truth I just want to hear it from him thou I thought ”

yeah I have a girlfriend ,he said with a smirk ,

and my heart saddened what if ,that girl lied to me or maybe he has another girlfriend in Australia I thought

okay I muttered” closing my eyes while resting my head on the pillow .

common Why resting now I’m still feeding you , he said ,

don’t worry I’m full but should incase I suddenly want to eat I will let you know I said , closing my eyes

after some minutes of silence there was a knock on the door ,

come in ! he yelled ”

and the door opened ,

brother ! I heard
and that made me to open my eyes immediately just to confirm something and is true ,I gently close it so no one would notice .

brother why is she still not waking up ,the girl ask touching my hands ,

she woke up but suddenly feel like sleeping ,just now .Alex answered ”


hey man go and take your bath and come back ,let us stay here and wait for you we will take care of her , Angelo said ”

really are you sure ,Alex ask

yes we are sure ,baby answered

Alex stood up and left the ward quietly .

immediately he left there was a knock in the door ,

come in , Angelo said

And I decided to open my eyes then ,…

you are awake ,the girl ask while I nodded ,

sister ! someone called

bob ,I said looking up with a smile

I heard you got shot , and I came with dad and carter he answered “with worried face .

I’m fine now kiddo I muttered rubbing his hair

child ,how are you doing . daddy ask

I’m better atleast I mumbled

I brou-ght you something ,they chroused and smile at each other’s before dropping there gifts

and before I forgot you got yourself a dozen of gifts from your fans and your colleagues are also coming as they said ,they are all wishing you a quick recovery ,alot of them fullied here yesterday but was chased out by security men .

while I smile and nodded ,

here take some chocolate,the girl said

what’s your name I ask

baby j she answered with a smile ,

now I see they have a striking resemblance .

thank you I muttered and collected it

carter what about doris and why are you quiet ,I ask staring at him something seem so odd

emm …..I don’t know ..I mean we don’t live together he answered ” with a stammer”

Hmmm okay I see ,

sharon ,dad called

yes dad

I have already involve the police to know who dares shot at my favourite girl ,so you don’t have to worry , and get ready to be moving around with guards ,he said

while I nodded

I will be right back ,he said and left , while I sigh

Sharon ,hope you are not feeling any pain , Angelo ask

I sit up before staring at him with a nod and flash him a smile

Angelo I’m fine ,am strong I muttered raising my hand bone

while they all bursted inti laughter *

what ! I glared

nothing they shrugged ”

okay I see ,Bob ! I called while he smile

you look more handsome today I said ,knownly to annoy him

instead him smiled

I caught you I’m not in for jokes he muttered ,

While we all laughed at his funny expression.


sawyer and kylan were seen walk to the clas-s,when eddy and bethel block them

finally I found you guys , searching for two dumb people is really very [email protected] eddy scoff ,

what !! sawyer and kylan glared

while bethel just stand still without any expression on her face .

I came to ask you something ,eddy said

what could that be dumbas-s,sawyer ask

immediately eddy wants to reply , vanessa walk up to them

hey klyan she called with a smile hugging him ,

hey you look amazing ,kylan complimented , while sawyer scoff ,

thank you ,I’m glad I look nice to you ,she answered ”

hi guys , Vanessa wave to eddy and bethel , while they wave back

what do you want to ask ,sawyer ask rudely , referring to eddy

hey calm down okay ,we aren’t fighting I just want to know,if baby and Angelo tell you where they have been to ,I haven’t seen him since yesterday or something he said “.

I don’t know about there whereabout

hey guys ,you people aren’t even discussing about the main ,gist in town ,goddamt vanessa scoff

meaning ! sawyer glared ”

but she ignores her and face the others , guys have you heard ,

heard what , kylan ask

that Sharon ,the school queen and an actress was shot on her way back home and luckily she was with the popular and handsome actor Alex j ,she explained ”

what ! sawyer and kylan chroused

what !! eddy and bethel ask

that Alex j is baby brother that means they went to the hospital ,kylan said

really ,I see and It seems Angelo went with her because they are engaged ,eddy blurted ” and quickly tap his mouth

engaged ,they all chroused except bethel ofcourse

no no no I didn’t say that ,it was a mistake .he muttered

lie ,I see that’s why baby wasn’t at home that day she was with Angelo and she forgot to tell us maybe is an emergency ,sawyer said ”

yes you are right” kylan nodded

let’s go guys ,let’s go to the hospital but who knows the name ,or it’s location ,Eddy ask raising his brows

I do , vanessa said

must you know ,sawyer scoff

yes ofcourse why not make use of your smart phone and also learn how to control your wide mouth , Vanessa yelled back , and March away while they follow

sawyer was so shocked to talk ,but she followed them .


So they are not even in a relationship self ,????

what about the ki-ss na ????

why is Alex still lying about having a girlfriend ????

bob is funny .

sawyer is so jealous and troublesome.

vanessa fired back right timing .

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