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baby JJ my sunshine episode 47 & 48

???? BABY JJ




???? CHAPTER 47&48????


Alex came down from his car and walk fastly inorder not to meet any fans but that is impossible because they were already around there waiting patiently for him ,

Omg God who the hell told them he would be there , immediately he turn to hide but unfortunately one of the bloggers sighted him ,

hey Look over there that’s Alex j

And with that the crowd turn and start yelling and hyping him ,

He has no other options but to quietly walk back ,but the crowd is too much

Alex j I love you ????

he is so handsome ????

take klzzes Alex ????

we love you ????

you are Always the best ????

Alex j you are my crush ????

I sneaked out of school to come here ????

Alex j marry be please ????

let me be your girlfriend please ????

Alex j is it true you have a girlfriend ? someone suddenly ask and there was silence , luckily the bodyguards rush to him and help him out of the crowd ,as he entered inside he was breathing heavily , why the crowd continue yelling outside .

Welcome back Alex j is good to see you ,the director of the movie said coming close to him , and they both shake hands with smiles on their faces ,

You are so handsome ,I see why girls fall crazily in love with you ,he said making Alex to smile ,

welcome back home Alex ,his other colleagues greeted ,

uuuh someone suddenly said rushing to Alex ,hi is really you Alex gosh you are so handsome and you look sexy and breathtaking I must confess she said and laugh crazily ,

thank you , he replied ”

My name is Agnes ,I’m an actress and also the daughter of one of the richest man in America she said laughing ”

while Alex nodded gently and walk away ,he walked majestically into one of the quiet room and sit on the couch ,

Alex someone called him and he turn.

Here is the script please check it out’ the female lead is not around but I promise she would be here soon

he said ” while Alex nodded and collected the script ,

he checked the Title and scoff ,what the hell is this he yell ”

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier but please you don’t have to leave ,i know you prefer acting actions movies more than that of the Romance but please ,there is not even much romantic scenes in the play ,the director said , looking so scared what if he refused he thought ”

And so what ! I thought you know my best and what I prefer , maybe I should have rejected the contract then me being here and ranting wouldn’t have been a problem he shouted looking away .

common Alex , listen ,this movie script was written by CHIdume joy

please Alex .this is a fantasy okay ,but it Has I bit touch of romantic scenes inside ,

really ,it was written by my favorite writer ,Alex muttered and smile ,

okay then am doing this because of her ,I love her so much she is a good writer he said , and took the script ,
the name is not that bad ,The hidden flower ,he murmured and start reading .

???? SHARON ????
I could you !? I yell ,why !!! you didn’t tell me that I have a movie shoot with Alex j how could you ! when you clearly know how I wish to act A movie with him ,I yelled at my P .A

I rushed to the car and enter hey ! I called my drive , drive fastly but slowly to the down street penthouse ,I said while he nodded ,

now ,woman I shouted facing my p.a

how dare you ,see look at the time am now late ,what if he leaves ,get angrily , I Will fire you ,it is all because of your lakadastical Actitude , you unfortunate thing I cursed ”

I’m sorry ma’am she murmured bowing her head ,

ooh please , don’t tell me that , you should be sorry for yourself you miserable thing ,I cursed again with a glare ,while she bow down and shiver ,

“I turn and face the driver ,how many minutes , would it take for us to be there I ask ”

like 30mintues ma’am ,he said ”

okay ,I really need to see him ,his the reason why I changed .


so that Is it ,but baby do you always feel like that , whenever you feel something wrong , angelo ask ”

while baby nodded and pouted ,I try to be free with her but I kept on feeling insecure and fear of Unknown ,to me she is naturally good but something about her isn’t right ,baby said putting her hands on her waist ,

that’s really crazy baby ,but you have to be careful okay don’t worry I always got your back nobody is going to hurt you he smiled and she returned his smiles back .

thanks Angie .a I appreciate that caring words alot ,she said and stare at her watch.

shit gelo ,we missed a [email protected] ,she said pulling him , and they both run to [email protected] ,.

30mintues later ★

sharon came down from the car and rush inside the building ,she catwalked fastly that she unknownly bumped into the director who was just coming out of the quiet room ,Alex is in ,

I’m so sorry sir .she apologized” immediately , Making the director to look up and was stunned ” the Sharon she knows wouldn’t dare say sorry ,what happened he thought ,

sir I am really sorry for coming late it wasn’t intentionally ,she pleaded ,

is alright ,is fine , meanwhile since you are here come with me Alex is inside ,he said , and they walk to the door ,he opened it and she entered first ,I forget to compliment dear ,the director said making sharon to face him ,

Any problem !?, she ask ”

I mean you look beautiful , and sexy composed like the woman of greatness you are he said ,

making sharon to flash him a nervous smile ,gosh I didn’t even check how I look on the mirror before coming she thought , and bite her l!ps ,

here is your script ,read it ,he said,while she collected it and nodded thank you ,

she said ,

I would be outside ,he said and left , while sharon sigh as look around ,

I thought he said he is here ,she muttered and stare at the script , THE HIDDEN FLOWER ,wow by my favourite writer she said ,

she is also from my favourite script writer ,a voice interupted , making her to look up , and [email protected]

Alex j ,she called , making Alex who was just coming out of the bathroom to look up ,

you !? he said , popping his eyes

while Sharon bow her head .


Alex was truly loved by all .

sharon take it easy ooh on your p.a .

it seems like this sharon knows how to speak English very well !

Baby is feeling insecure towards someone ,who ??

director was surprised ,woops !

sharon really change guys

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