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the billionaire’s obsession episode 57 & 58

(Craving for the whole of her….)


By, [email protected] B.



That moment, Hailey couldn’t comprehend why Charles’ father would be calling her by that time of the night.

The last time she went to the house, he acted weird to her, he didn’t even reply to her greetings.

But now, he’s calling her? Could it be to apologize for the way he acted that day?

“Are you still there?” His voice brought her back to reality.

“Er, yes sir” she cleared her throat.

“Good eveni…”

“We need to talk” Mr. Monterio cuts her off.


“I need to talk to you, come to the house tomorrow by 3pm. Don’t inform Charles about this, come alone” Mr. Monterio said and ended the call.

Hailey was confused. She should come to the house? Alone?

She brought the phone to her face as her mind wandered away.

Why would Charles’ father ask her to come to the house without informing Charles?

Could something be wrong? That was why Charles asked them to leave that day?

“God, I’m really gonna die at this rate” she gro-aned.

“Hailey, is that you?” She heard Jaime’s voice. He came outside to dump a refuse in the bin.

“Why aren’t you coming inside?” He asked.

“I was about to,” she chuckled nervously.

Jaime dumped the refuse in the bin and walked to her.

“You look troubled, are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes, I am. Stressed with work I guess” Hailey muttered.

“Sorry about that, you have to be going through all this all because of me” Jaime said.

Hailey slapped his shoulder.

“C’mon, stop thinking this way. I also need to work, remember? Besides, I love my job so much” she said.

“Let’s go in” they both went inside the house.

They met Leah and Sebastian in the living room, watching TV.

“Good evening, Mom and Dad,” Hailey greeted. She walked to them and placed a ki-ss on their cheeks.

“Good evening darling. How was work?” Leah asked.

“Fine, Mom”

“You’re late today, was there traffic on the way?” Sebastian asked.

“Er… Yea, it was too heavy” Hailey said.

“You should go and take your shower then come out for dinner. I reserved yours in the kitchen” Leah said.

“I’ll [email protected], I already took something on my way” Hailey said and went to her room.

“Is she okay?” Leah wondered aloud.

“Hailey is a strong girl, you don’t need to worry, Mom,” Jaime said.

“Right” Leah smiled.

“I’ll be going to my room, Goodnight Mom, Dad” Jaime said and left.



Stephanie’s eyes were wide open as she kept staring at Alberto in shock and fear.

“What are you searching for in my drawer?” Alberto asked, his eyes going to the drawers. The last one was still locked which @ssured him his money was safe.

He took slow predatory steps towards her and Stephanie kept moving back on her b-utt till her back met with the wall.

She glanced at the wall and her mind flew to Jupiter immediately, this was a dead end for her.

She looked up at Alberto whose eyes were blazing with fire. He bent towards her and her hand grazed the cold tiles.

“Has my darling girlfriend suddenly gone deaf?” He asked calmly, but his voice had a deadly tune in it.

“For the last time, what were you searching for in my drawers?”

“I… I just… I…” Stephanie’s words caught up in her throat when a heavy slap landed on her face.

She momentarily went blind and she could swear that she was seeing stars already.

“You tried to steal money from me” Alberto completed the s£ntence for her.

“No, no” Stephanie shook her head vehemently. Her cheek stings like fu-ck.

“You thought I was asleep, didn’t you? And then you took advantage of that opportunity and tried to steal from me” he chuckled.

“Such a gut” he muttered.

He stood up and pointed at the drawer.

“Go on, continue searching,” he said.

“No please” Stephanie mumbled, holding her cheeks which were already red.

“Why? Am not stopping you, am I?”

“No Alberto, please don’t allow me” she begged, she was on the verge of tears already. She knows what Alberto can do and she was fearing for her life already.

Alberto held her by her dress and dragged her to her feet, landing another slap on her face.

Stephanie’s head to the side as the tears fell from her cheeks freely.

“You tried to steal from me and run away with another man, didn’t you? Man like Charles?”

“No, that’s not true. I was looking for a…. A…” She trailed off when couldn’t find a lie.

“Your death” he completed for her before dragging her to the bed. He threw her on it and went to the table. He brought out a long whip and went back to the bed.

Stephanie’s eyes widened and she started shedding tears. He’s gonna ruin her pretty body with that.

“No please” her pleas turned to a deaf ears as Alberto landed the whip on her skin.

A loud shrieking cry left her li-ps and she found her skin peeling off her body.

“Next time you won’t think of leaving me” Alberto growled and started hitting her with the whip.

Stephanie’s screams of agony filled the whole room.




Hailey came out of the shower in a towel, she walked to the bed and took her nightie before putting it on.

She laid down on the bed and sighed loudly. She dra-ped the quilt over her body and hug-ged the pillow tightly.

Her mind traveled back to the call she had with Mr. Monterio. What did he want to tell her that he sounded so serious over the phone?

“My mind is getting messed up,” she mumbled.

She shook all thoughts to the back of her mind and closed her eyes.

Tomorrow will tell itself.



“Hey Jaime, slow down” Sebastian cautioned as Jaime kept rushing his food.

“I’m late, but I don’t wanna starve to death” Jaime said as he scooped a mouthful of rice into his mouth.

“That’s why you should have woken up late,” Leah scolded.

“I’m done” he gulped down the water and carried his backpack. He was about to rush away when Hailey stopped him.

“Are you going to leave your plate here?” Hailey asked.

“I’m late already sis, you can do that for me” Jaime gro-aned.

“Jaime….” Sebastian called.

Jaime pouts and carries his plate to the kitchen. He returned back to the living room.

“Here, get yourself something good in school” Hailey handed some money to him.

Jaime smiled sheepishly and counted the money.

“Hailey you’re the best, I love you” he ki-ssed her cheek before running out of the house.

“Tsk Tsk, that spoilt brat” Sebastian muttered.

Hailey smiled. To her, she could see that Jaime is changing for good.

After they were done eating, she packed the plates and washed them before leaving for work.


She arrived at the company and almost immediately she started her work.

She was still working when Sunny appeared.

“Good morning” Sunny greeted.

“Good morning, how can I help you?” Hailey asked.

“Here, I’m here to submit my work. The CEO asked me to work on it again” Sunny muttered and placed the files on the table.

“Oh… I’ll deliver it to him when he’s back” Hailey smiled at her.

“Okay thanks” Sunny said and walked away.

Hailey continued her work.



“Hey” Jaime wrapped his hands around Lilian’s ne-ck. He was on his way to the [email protected] when he saw her.

“Jaime!” Lilian smiled surprisingly.

“Finally, you remembered me,” she muttered.

“Sorry, I just thought it was cool to give you a little space but damn, I missed you” Jaime said.

“Me too. Mickey has been complaining non-stop that you’ve been neglecting him”

“Mickey? I guess I still have a long way to go” Jaime muttered.

“Hey you two! Stop over there!” They heard a voice.

They turned their heads to find Mickey behind them.

“Hey buddy,” Jaime smiled.

Mickey ignored him and stared at Lilian.

“Hey, how are you doing?” He asked.

“Are you ignoring me now?” Jaime frowned.

“Don’t tell me you’re mad about it, well that’s how I felt too” Mickey said.

“I’m sorry for neglecting you, I didn’t mean to” Jaime apologized.

“I understand your feelings towards Layla, but you shouldn’t neglect your friends, it’s not done that way” Mickey said.

“Yes Boss!”

They all laughed. Mickey went to Jaime and pulled him to a hug.

“I miss you dude,” he said.

“I miss you too ugly head,” Jaime smiled.

“That’s enough” Lilian pulled them away from each other.

“Wait… Are you jealous? Okay, come here, let me hug you” Mickey tried to hug her but she went to the other side.

“Come here, I don’t want you to die of jealousy,” Mickey said as he continued trying to hug Lilian.



Charles was in his office working on his computer when Hailey entered the office.

“You need to have a look at this, Charles” she dropped some papers on the table.

Charles took his gaze from the screen and glanced at the papers.

“What is this?” Charles asked.

“I received a report that Rosa’s enterprises are framing us for bribery,” Hailey said.


“It’s all over here sir” she pointed at the papers.

Charles stared at the papers and anger surged through his veins. Here, there are reports of him going to other companies, bribing them so they could work with him.

“And…. Some of the investors are backing out now”

“How in hell did this happen?” Charles roared. He rubbed his face before standing up.

“Alberto” he gritted. This was his doing and he knows that.

“I’ll never forgive you for this” he clenched his fist.

Hailey went behind him and wrapped her arms around him, resting her head on his back.

“Charles, you need to take it easy. I’m here for you, I’ll help you in any way I can, but don’t hurt yourself please” she said.

Charles held her hand which was on his stomach, ru-bbing it gently.

“It’s a little thing to me, Hailey, don’t worry about it” he said.

“I love you, okay?” She muttered.

“I love you more, Cara,” he replied.

Hailey tightened her hand around his stomach and closed her eyes. She wanted to inform him about the call she received from his Dad the previous night, but with the news on the ground, she couldn’t. She didn’t want to worry him any more.

She should just do as his Dad says.



Alberto’s laughter filled the whole office as his secretary just brought the news of Charles’ looming downfall to him.

“He thought he’s wise, huh? I’m wiser” he grinned.

“So, how’s it?” He asked his secretary.

“Everything is going as you want sir, the investors are already withdrawing from his company, and are coming to invest with us. With the way things are going, Charles Monterio will be going bankrupt soon” the secretary said.

“Good, just how I want it to be. You can go” he dismissed his secretary.

“Charles, I told you I won’t give up, right? You can never be higher than me, never!” He grinned evilly.



Hailey glanced at her wristwatch and heaved a sigh. She was asked to come to the house by 3pm and it’s just 30 minutes left.

“I should leave now so I can be back soon” she mumbled to herself. She stood up and made her way to Charles’ office.

“Charles, can I step out for a minute?” She asked after she entered his office.

“Are you going somewhere?” Charles asked.

“Er yes, I need to have my lunch” she lied.

“Do you want me to come along?”

“No, you have a lot to do, I’ll be back soon” she said.

“Okay… Come closer” he motioned her to move closer to him.

She went closer to him and he pulled her to him by the wai-st before resting his head on her ch-est.

Hailey’s breath caught up in her throat as she stared at his head.

“I just need this for a while,” he muttered.

She raised her hand and touched his hair, she started ru-bbing it slowly.

After a while, Charles pulled away and smiled at her.

“You can go now,” he said.

Hailey pulled his head back to her, she bent her head and crashed her li-ps on his, ki-ssing him softly.

Charles got to his feet and carried her in his arms, ki-ssing her more deeply. His hands went to her a*s and he pressed it gently.

Hailey mo-aned into the ki-ss and they kept ki-ssing each other hotly.


Hailey came outside the company and flagged down a taxi.

“Where to, Miss?” The taxi man asked.

“Eastwell estate please” Hailey said.

“Okay” the car drove out of the company.

Lewis stared at the car for a while before entering Charles’ car, he also drove out of the company, trailing the car behind.



Charles was preparing to leave his office when his phone rang. On seeing it was Lewis calling, he wasted no time in clic-king the green icon. What if Hailey was in danger?

“What happened? Where’s Hailey?” He quickly asked.

“She’s here at the family house”


“I followed her immediately. She took a cab from the company and I saw her going into the house” Lewis said.

“Stay right there, Lewis. Don’t move an inch, I’ll be right there soon” Charles said and ended the call immediately.

No one needs to tell him it was his father’s doing. He needs to get there before anything.



Hailey was led to the study room by the maid where Mr. Monterio was waiting patiently for her.

The maid bowed her head before leaving the room leaving Hailey and Mr. Monterio alone.

“Good after sir, you called for me” She greeted politely.

Mr. Monterio carried a bag from the ground and placed it on the table.

“Open it,” he said.

Hailey stared at him for a second before zi-pping the bag open.

Her eyes widened when she saw the bag filled with money. She looked at Mr. Monterio in confusion.

“Take this money and leave my son” he dropped the bombshell.


“This is a lifetime opportunity for you, take this money and stay away from my son. That’s why you’re with him anyway” Mr. Monterio said emotionlessly. He was sure she was going to refuse that huge money.

Hailey chuckled in disbelief, still staring at him. Was he paying her off or something?

“I think you’re mistaken here sir, I’m not dating Charles because of his money, but because I love him” Hailey said.

“Love?” Mr. Monterio laughed.

“You poor folks are nothing but goldiggers, looking for a rich man to prey on but not my Charles! I’ll never allow you to use my son”

Hailey was over shocked. Did he just call her a golddigger?

“If you still refuse to take this money, then your family is going to pay for it. I’ll make you lose your job and will make sure no company is ever going to employ you. You and your poor family are going to suffer till the end of your life….”

“For the last time, take this money and leave my son’s life” Mr. Monterio said, staring at her in nothing but deep hatred.


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