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the billionaire’s obsession episode 55 & 56

(Craving for the whole of her….)


By, [email protected] B.



“Why? You won’t do that?” Robert smirk-ed. He raised his hand and trailed his f!ng£rtips on her cheek.

“Then, do you want me to do it the normal way?” He asked.

“Since my wife is depriving me of my food, why don’t I do it in the usual way?” His hand trailed to her ch-est.

“No, Roberto, next time please” Cecilia begged.

Roberto smiled and moved away from her.

“Good. It wouldn’t be nice for a husband to be ra-ping his wife all the time, right?”

“So, don’t ever think of going back if you don’t want me to ra-pe you to death” he said as his face turned to a deadly one.

“Come down for lunch” he said and went out of the room.

Cecelia fell to the floor as a tear rolled down her cheek. Here, she was stuck with a monster, a monster that makes life miserable for her every minute.

It was all her fault, if only she had spoken out to her husband, if only she hadn’t let her fear control her, this wouldn’t have happened.

She would be with her husband and children now, her Charles and Lilian.



Jaime stood still as Layla continued crying against his ch-est. The words she was mumbling in her sleep got him wondering if something was wrong with her Dad.

“Layla…” He tried to push her away so he could see her face but she refused and held him tighter.

“Don’t push me away please” she cries.

He sighed and wrapped his arms around her as he allowed her to cry her heart out.

Lilian was about to enter the [email protected] but stopped when she saw the scene in front of her. She bit her li-ps and turned her back to them, she glanced at them again before leaving there.

Maybe it’s best to give up on him, since she can’t have him as a lover, then a friend will be okay. She wouldn’t wanna lose him on both sides.


Jaime made Layla sit on a chair and he sat on the desk, facing her. Her face was still w-et with tears.

“Can you tell me what’s wrong?” He asked softly.

Layla shook her head and looked away.

Jane stretched his hand and held her cheek so she could meet his gaze.

“You’re in pain, Layla. Please share it with me” he muttered.

“Did something happen to your Dad?” He asked.

“He’s gone,” she mumbled.

Jaime was over shocked to hear that.

“He left me when I needed him the most. I was only fourteen then, I was sick and he left to buy me drugs,,, he never returned after that night” her tears came falling like a river.

“My mom blames me for his death every single day, no day goes without her showing her hatred towards me. After the day I got discharged from the hospital, her attitude towards me changed drastically. She doesn’t treat me like her daughter again, she hates me more than anything in the world” she sniffs.

“She became a drunkard who drinks anytime in the day, she beats me up at any slight chance she has. She….” Her tears couldn’t allow her to finish her words.

Jaime got down from the desk and pulled her head to his ch-est, his hand soothing her hair slowly.

“Was she the one who made you have those bruises?” He asked, trying to hide the pain laced in his voice

Layla nodded her head against his ch-est and a tear dropped down his cheek. He quickly used his hand to wipe it away.

“I killed my Dad, if only I wasn’t sick that day, if only he hadn’t gone out to buy me the drugs, he would still be alive by now” she cried.

“No, don’t say that. It wasn’t your fault, no father would watch his child dying in front of him without doing a thing. It’s not your fault, Layla” he muttered.

Layla wrapped her hands around his wai-st as she closed her eyes tightly. She had never told this to anyone, not even Wyatt. She had never shown her weakness to anyone, but he saw it all.

Strangely, she could feel a burden being lifted off her ch-est now that she shared it with someone else.

“Your mom is probably depressed that’s why she thinks that way, it ain’t your fault, Layla” Jaime said.



There was a knock on Charles’ door and Lewis entered. He bowed his head.

“The car is ready sir” he said.

Charles nodded.

“And the driver?” He asked.

“I already told him what you said. He’ll be returning to work tomorrow” Lewis answered.

“Good. And I have a job for you” Charles said. He signaled Lewis to come closer which he did.

“I want you to guard Hailey in secret, I feel like Monterio won’t just sit still” he said, referring to his Dad.

“Report her every movement to me, make sure she’s in no danger. If you see any strange person around her, don’t hesitate to inform me. Lastly, don’t allow her to be aware of your pres£nce”

“You mean I should protect her in secret?” Lewis asked.

“Yes. I trust you the most out of my men that’s why I’m @ssigning this job to you”

“Don’t worry Boss, I’ll never disappoint you. I’ll make sure your girlfriend will be in no danger” Lewis said.

Charles raised his brow.

“I know everything, you’ve never treated a lady the way you do to her. It’s very obvious that you both are in love with each other” Lewis smiled.

Charles placed his elbow on the table as he joined his palms together.

“I’ve been lenient on you, right? I’ve been too easy on you till the extent that you now have the time to pry into my private life, isn’t it?” He asked.

Lewis’s eyes widened.

“No, Boss. Not at all, pardon me if I’m being too nosy” he quickly bowed his head.

“Leave” Charles said.

Lewis bowed his head again and quickly left the office.

Charles grinned. He wasn’t wrong after all, he has never treated any lady the way he does to Hailey.

“Cara Mia” he mumbled to himself.

He stood up and picked up his phone, after making sure he forgot nothing, he left the office.

He saw Hailey sitting on her chair, rolling a pen in between her hands. In as much as that act of hers looks so innocent and cute, to him, it was the most beautiful scene he has ever seen.

“Is the work too much for you?” He asked as he approached her.

Hailey snapped her head towards his direction and smiled when he got to her.

“No,” she said.

“Huhuh, I don’t believe you”

“Then don’t” she mumbled.

Charles poked her forehead with his f!ng£r.

“You don’t talk to your baby that way” he reprimanded.

“Tch!” Hailey grinned.

“Are you ready? It’s time for us to leave” he said.

“Well yeah, let me just round this up” she muttered.

She quickly did a few things on her computer before shutting it down.

“All done,” she smiled.

“Why are you looking so beautiful right now? Making me wanna do some Nau-ghty things to you” Charles suddenly said.

Hailey [email protected]

“Don’t you think you’re being a pervert now?” She asked, clearing her throat.

“I wouldn’t mind if it’s just for you” he winked.

Hailey shook her head while laughing. She picked her handbag and they both went to take the lift.

They both came out of the elevator and Hailey walked ahead of Charles till they got outside.

“Did you really have to act that way?” Charles scoffed when they got to the car.

Lewis opened the car door for them and they both entered the car.

Just as they settled in the car, Charles’ phone rang. Charles brought out his phone and on seeing his Dad’s name on his screen, he dropped the phone.

“Why aren’t you picking his call?” Hailey asked.

“Nothing” the call ended and almost immediately, it started ringing again.

“Pick the call, it might be important,” Hailey said.

“I don’t want any disturbance whenever I’m with you” Charles smiled. He asked knew why his Dad was calling and he’s never gonna pick the call.


“No buts, Cara Mia” he said.

“You’re so stubborn,” she mumbled.

Charles pretended like he didn’t hear her.

“Come here” he pulled her to his lap-s.

“Where do you want us to go?” He asked as he played with her hair, placing his arms around her wai-st.

“Where do you think?” She asked.

“How about lunch first?”

“That’s not a bad idea,” she smiled.



Mr. Monterio stared at his phone angrily, he could s£nse that Charles was ignoring his call and that made him infuriated the more.

“How could he date his secretary of all people? A girl from Kelso? That poor neighborhood?”

He loved Hailey but after discovering her poor background, he suddenly developed a hatred for her.

The pain his ex-wife left was still fresh in his mind. How he kept begging her not to abandon him and the children. Charles was just 11 years old while Lilian was a year old.

She left their little daughter when she was so young, till now, Lilian doesn’t even have an idea of what her mother looks like.

He was once a poor man who got married to the love of his life, Cecilia. It wasn’t easy for them to fend for themselves and after she left, things suddenly went worse for him.

How could he cater for his two children when he was nothing but a poor man?

Mr. Monterio closed his eyes tightly as the memories filled his head.

This was why he’s never supporting the relationship between Charles and Hailey.

His ex-wife abandoned him and their children, while Charles’ first love aborted his baby, leaving a very fresh wound in Charles’ heart.

And Hailey? What if she does something worse than that? He would never allow that.

He faced the guy in front of him.

“Get me her number. It’s time for me to act before it becomes too late” he said.



The car stopped in front of a restaurant and both Hailey and Charles alighted from the car.

“Where’s this place?” Hailey asked, staring at the restaurant.

“This is Estuary DC, haven’t heard of it before?” Charles asked.

“No” Hailey shook her head.

“Don’t worry Cara, I’m going to explore the whole world with you” he smiled.

He turned to Lewis.

“Stay out here and watch out for any suspicious moves” he mouthed to him.

Lewis nodded and bowed his head.

Charles placed his hand on Hailey’s wai-st and they both walked into the restaurant.

“Welcome, Mr. Monterio” a female attendant said to them when they entered. They were led to a table.

Hailey looked around the restaurant and wondered why everywhere was so silent. She once worked at a restaurant before, and during the noon, a lot of people do come out for lunch. But, this was odd to her.

“Charles, why’s everywhere so silent? No single soul is here, are you sure this place is safe?” She whispered.

Charles chuckled.

“Of course Cara, this is the best restaurant in Washington DC, trust me you’re going to love their food” he winked.

Hailey frowned.

“You talk like you’ve been here to this place before, how many ladies have you brought here?” She asked in deep jealousy.

“Ladies? You’re the first girl, Cara” Charles said.

“Then, how do you know their food is the best?” Hailey asked, still not believing him.

“That’s because I do order my lunch and sometimes dinner from here, can’t believe you’re jealous right now” he muttered.

“You can’t blame me,” she mumbled.

The attendant appeared with three men behind her. She stepped aside and they placed the various dishes on the table which led Hailey in astonishment.

“We haven’t ordered anything yet,” she said. She couldn’t remember them bringing the menu.

“Sir Monterio has everything in order,” the attendant said.

Hailey stared at Charles.

“He booked the whole restaurant” the attendant said and Charles frowned. Didn’t he warn her to expose the truth?

“What?” Hailey [email protected]

The men placed the foods on the table and disappeared, leaving the two alone.

“Isn’t this too much? This is too much money” Hailey muttered, staring at Charles in awe.

“You just love wasting money, don’t you?”

“I already told you I’m ready to spend my whole money on you Cara, besides this is nothing to what I’m still gonna do in the future”Charles said.

“Let’s eat Cara, we still have some places to go,” he said.

Hailey stared at the food, she’s never had things like this in her life.

She picked the cutlery and ate a bite from the sandwich. Her eyes widened.

“Wow!” She exclaimed.

“I told you” Charles grinned.

Hailey smiled as she quickly dug in the food.

Charles watched her with a smile on his face. He has come to love this woman in front of him and he will never allow anything to come between them.



“Is Jaime being fair? He’s always around Layla and that hurts. He’s suddenly tossing us aside” Mickey complained to Lilian on their way home.

“I can’t blame him, he needs to be around the person he loves. This is a chance for him” Lilian said.

“Why are you suddenly talking like you’re in love?… Wait, are you in love? With who?” Mickey asked.

“No one” Lilian cleared her throat.

A bike came speeding towards them, Mickey pulled Lilian to him and the bike drove past them.

“Are you alright?” Mickey asked Lilian whose hand was on his ch-est.

“Yea…” She cleared her throat and quickly moved away from him.

“I’m fine,” she muttered.

Mickey stared at the bike which was already out of sight.

“Who allowed a lunatic to drive during the day?” He asked aloud.

“Let’s go” he said and they continued their journey.


“Are you ready?” Jaime asked Layla who was packing her books. He just finished teaching her some math problems.

“Yes, I am” she smiled as she carried her back.

He stretched his hand towards her.

“Let’s go,” he said.

She smiled and placed her hand on his own, they turned and was about to take a move when they saw Wyatt staring at them angrily.

“How dare you try to touch her?” He yelled.

“How has that got to do with you?” Jaime asked.

“Stay away from her” Wyatt gritted

“And why should I do that?”

“You already lost her the day you toyed with her feelings” Jaime said and walked away.

Wyatt held Layla’s hand such that she was caught between the both of them.

“Don’t go with him please, I’m sorry” he begged, glaring at Jaime angrily.

Layla removed her hand from his and held unto Jaime tightly.

“Let’s go,” she smiled at him.

Jaime stared at Wyatt for a while before leaving the [email protected] with Layla.

“I lost her,” Wyatt mumbled sadly.



Alberto was already asleep when Stephanie entered the room. She walked towards the bed and stared at his sleeping figure.

After making sure he was deep asleep, she moved away from the bed and walked to his drawers. She saw him putting some bundles of money in there. This is the right opportunity for her.

Steadily, she opened the drawer and checked it to find it empty. She started checking all the drawers and just when she got to the last one….

“What are you doing?” She heard his voice.

She turned and was surprised to find him behind her, looking awake already.

“Aaaaaaahhh!!” She screamed and fell on her b-utt, staring at him in shock.

Wasn’t he asleep before?


The car stopped when they arrived at the house, Hailey alighted from the car and Charles did too.

“Thanks for today, I really enjoyed myself,” Hailey smiled.

After they left the restaurant, they went to watch a comedy show, of course Charles booked the whole place.

Afterwards, they went to a Spa where they had a really good time [email protected] their body. They were also given some body treatments. They went to some places she couldn’t remember and in short, she really enjoyed herself.

“It’s nothing, Cara Mia. As long as it’s you, then I’m willing to do more” Charles said.

Hailey hug-ged him, resting her head on his ch-est.

“I love you, Charles,” she whispered.

“I love you more and more, Bella Mia. Promise never to leave me please” he muttered.

“I will never leave you Charles, I promise” she said.

Charles smiled happily and hug-ged her tighter.

They broke the hug and shared a deep ki-ss before pulling away.

“Go in, I’ll be watching you,” he said.

Hailey shook her head.

“No, you go first. I’ll enter afterwards”

“You first”

“No, you first”

After a lot of persuasion, Charles entered the car and the car drove off.

Hailey turned to enter the house and at that time, her phone rang.

She brought out her phone to find an unknown number calling her. She picked it.

“Hello, who’s this?” She asked slowly.

“It’s me, Andrius Monterio…. Charles’ father”

Hailey [email protected]


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