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she’s a demigod episode 39 & 40

She Is A Demigod ??
(She’s a half witch, half vampire )??

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Werewolf/Vampire/ suspense?✨

? Chapter Thirty Nine ?


Kylie went out of her room and saw Jasper standing by the door.
“Good morning” she ki-ssed him and went out.

“Wow” he [email protected] and followed her out with his school bag.

He locked the door behind and drove off with her.
The whole students were all chatting with each other. They were happy that to see each other once again.

A stylish car suddenly pulled over in front of the school. It caught everyone’s attention.

Jasper grabbed Kylie’s hand.
“You can do this” he said.

She nodded and opened the door.
They both alight from the car and slammed the door [email protected]

Kylie could see the surprise on their faces.
They were giving her a wow look.

Jasper walked to her and held her hand.
“Let’s go in” he said.

She smiled and walked with him into the school.
“Wow, isn’t that Kylie?”

“Who is that guy, he is so cute!”

“Has she broken up with Jackson? Ah!”

She could listen to their gossip from afar.
She smirk-ed and walked [email protected] the entrance.

Jasper went to fill some form in the principal’s office. He was a new student.
Kylie arranged her locker and pushed her school bag into it.

As she locked the door, she saw Lilly and Cindy, standing beside her.

“Hey girls” she greeted without smiling.

“Oh my gosh, I never believed it was you till I heard your voice. What happened to your hair and damn… You are so hot!” Lilly said.

She chuckled silently and diverted her gaze from them.

“I wanted to speak to you Kylie” Cindy said.

“I know it’s about your brother. There’s nothing to talk about with her” she said and left her friends.

“Wow, Kylie has changed totally” Lilly said. She was the most surprised of all.

Cindy heard that she has changed from Madison so she isn’t much surprised.

“Just can’t wait for her to meet Jackson in the [email protected]s. Come on, let’s go” she said and Lilly followed her.
As Kylie got into the [email protected], her [email protected] diverted their gaze to her.

“Is that Kylie?”

“What the…”

She walked to a seat faraway from Jackson’s.
She met a girl sitting at the back seat.

“Hey [email protected], do you want to sit with Jackson?” She asked.

[email protected] nodded.
“Fine then, my seat is yours”

The girl stood up and grabbed her bag. She ran and sat beside Jackson.

Kylie turned and saw the look in Jackson’s eyes.
She smirk-ed and sat on the chair.
The teacher suddenly walked into the [email protected]
“Let the [email protected] begin!”
Everyone brought out their notebook and the [email protected] commenced.
When the bell was rung for break, Kylie heard screams outside the [email protected] She stared at the door and saw Jasper standing by the door.

“Sorry for the intrusion, I’m looking for Kylie” he said jokingly.
He has found her before asking the question.

Kylie stood up and took her notebook.
“She is missing” she said, smiling.

“Come on, let’s go” he said and walked out of the [email protected] with her.
“I still can’t believe it, she has broken up with Jackson and went on with that cute s£nior”

“It’s so painful, her mother’s dead. She’s now alone”

Jackson listened to their gossip. He quickly sprung up and left the [email protected]

“Let’s go with him, I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid” Cindy said to Lilly and they both left the [email protected]
Jackson went into the bathroom and splashed some water on his face.
He was really angry to the extent that he broke the tap.

“Arghhh!” He gro-aned.

Cindy heard his voice.
“Wait here Lilly” she said and entered into the male toilet.


“Leave from here!” He said calmly but with an angry tone.


“I said leave!” He yelled this time and shot a [email protected] glare at his sister.
His eyes were red. She could see the anger in his face.

“You can’t scare me with that you know. I’m your sister. I understand what you are going through. Please for a second, think about Kylie and her reason for dumping you”

“It’s because of that son of a bitc-h!”

“What if he is not the reason? What if it’s because of some other thing that she doesn’t want to talk to you about”

Jackson slowly breath. There was some s£nse in what she was saying.


“No but Jackson. You are also part of the reason she left you. You didn’t sympathize with her when you heard about her mother’s death. And you want to be her so called boyfriend. That’s very bad. This is your mess, so fix it” she said and left.

“Let’s go Lilly” Cindy walked out of the bathroom and went to the canteen with Lilly.

They sat few distance away from Kylie and Jasper.

Jasper looked round and brought out a book and a pen.

He scribbled something in it and [email protected] it to Kylie.

“There are a lot of vampires here, I can feel it” she read it in her inner mind.

Kylie nodded her head and [email protected] the paper to him.
He scribbled another one and [email protected] it to her.

“We should be careful of what we say because they can hear from afar” she read it again.

She nodded again and [email protected] it to him.

“Let’s eat already, I’m starving” he said.

“You aren’t supposed to be here, you know that. This canteen is for the juniors” she said and started eating her spaghetti.

He laughed.
“I just want to be with you,huh!”

Kylie smirk-ed and watched his as he ate.
“They are just talking about random things” Cindy said.

“How do you know about that?” Lilly furrowed her eyebrows.

“I… I studied li-p movement” she quickly lied.

“Oh, that’s good” Lilly said.

Jackson suddenly walk towards them and sat in their midst.

“Oh look, here’s my handsome brother”

Jackson ignored her and started eating.

“I’m sorry Jackson. I think they are pretty close to each other. He is so cute” Lilly blushed.

Cindy rolled her eyes and it met with a girl sitting alone. She was eating silently. She looked quiet and innocent.

“I have an idea. Kylie’s doing all this to make Jackson jealous. He should also do the same thing” she said.

They both diverted their gaze to Cindy, giving her a what the f*ck look.

“Uh uh, not a good idea” Lilly shook her head.

Jackson seemed interested in it.
“Would I get her back?” He asked.

“Sure. You see that new girl over there, she’s our new [email protected] Try flirting with her to make Kylie jealous” she said slowly.

He nodded and stared at her.
“What’s her name?” He asked.

“No idea” she replied.

“It’s Riya” Lilly said and folded her arms.

“Fine. Why don’t you check her out”

Jackson turned and saw Kylie laughing with Jasper.
He stood up and walked towards Riya.

He sat opposite her and smiled weirdly.

Riya raised her head and stared at him.
“Oh hi” she replied and stared back at her food.

“Riya right?” He asked.


“Well, I’m…”

“Jackson. I know that” Riya said.

Jackson smiled.
“How do you know my name?”

“Everyone has been talking about you and how your girlfriend dumped you” she said and stared at Kylie.

Jackson lowered his gaze and blushed.
“I guess it obvious then. Nice to meet you, welcome to our school”

“Thank you” she said.

Jackson stood up and walked back to the table.
“How was it?”

“She knows that I was dumped by Kylie. If I try to date her, she will know that I’m trying to use her” he said.

“Why not Madison?”

“Lilly… Madison is not his type”

“Fine, I need to see the principal. See you in [email protected]” Lilly said and walked away.

Cindy quickly turned and stared at him.
“Where is Madison?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen her since for a long time” he said.

“All I know is that she’s working for Bob. She’s helping him to make more of our kinds” she rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. I think I have to talk to Kylie myself” he said.

“Hmm, right. Just make sure that cute pumpkin isn’t with her” she said.

“But, I’ll need your help” he said.

“Sure, I’ll do anything for you just to get back with her” she said and stood up.
She took her bottle water and left.
Jackson turned his head and stared at Kylie again. She was really having fun with Jasper.

“I need to do something…”

He watched as they stood up and walked out of the canteen together, holding their hands, smiling at each other.

“Very fast..”

She Is A Demigod ??
(She’s a half witch, half vampire )??

By: Authoress Popcorn❤️

Genre: Werewolf/Vampire/ suspense?✨

? Chapter Fourty ?


After the school bell was rung, everyone packed their books and started moving out of the [email protected] They can’t wait to go back home.

Kylie took her bag from her locker and arranged her books.
Jasper walked to her and ki-ssed her.

Cindy watched from distance.
Jackson walked towards them and opened his locker which was beside Kylie’s.

They both turned and stare at Jackson.

“I’ll go get my bag” he said.

“I’ll wait in the car” she said in a low and s-exy voice.

He smiled and touched her nose.
“Sure baby” he said and left.

She closed her locker and walked out on Jackson without sparing him a glare.

He turned and signalled Cindy to talk to Kylie while he holds Jasper for some few minutes.

She nodded and went after Kylie.
“Kylie! Kylie!” She called out as she ran after Kylie.

Kylie stopped and turned to stare at her.
“Oh hey Cindy”she said, smiling weirdly.
She knew why she was here already.

“Hi, I want to…”

“Talk about your brother. I know that already” Kylie interrupted her.

Cindy lowered her gaze and cleared her throat.
“He wants you back Kylie”

Kylie closed her mouth not wanting to laugh out but she couldn’t help it.
She laughed loudly to the extent that everyone started staring at her.

“What’s funny Kylie?” Cindy slowly asked.

“I’m sorry. Everything is funny, really. Your brother wants me back after dumping me, huh! Or wait… I was the one who dumped him, silly me” she said and folded her arms.

“Please, just give him another chance. He said it’s because you overheard our discussion the other day and you found out about our secret. But we are friends, you should listen to me”

“Cindy. You are my closest friend. Jackson was something to me but not anymore. Look, he didn’t even came to sympathize with me, how pathetic. I can’t get back with him, you guys just remind me of my mom”

“How’s that? We don’t have anything to do with your mom’s death” she said.

“You don’t know anything Cindy. Just tell your brother to stay away from me and Jasper” she warned and left.

Cindy furrowed her eyebrows.
What she could remember in her head was Kylie telling her that they reminded her of her mom.

She shook the thought off her head and stared as she entered into Jasper’s car.
“You haven’t answered my question Jasper!” Jackson yelled at Jasper as he walked out on him.

He stopped and stared at Jackson.
“Kylie is waiting for me, I don’t have time for that”

“About Kylie. I thought you said, you both were just friends” he said.

He smiled at Jackson and suc-ked his lower li-ps.
“That was weeks ago. Things change as time [email protected] Jackson. I bet you know that”

“I can’t believe you. Kylie loves me and I love her too” he grinned his teeth.

“I don’t have time to spend here, Kylie’s waiting” he replied and walked out of the school.

Jasper walked [email protected] Cindy and went into his car.
He fastened his seatbelt and drove off.

Jackson met Cindy outside the school and grabbed her arm.

“What did she say?”

She lowered her gaze and shook her head in disappointment.
“I’m sorry. She refused” she said and walked out on Jackson.

“I think I have to do this myself. I want Kylie back and have to take Jasper out first” he murmured and walked away.
Kylie got into the house and dropped her school bag.
“Oh my gosh, I’m so tired!” She gro-aned in pain.

Jasper appeared in front of her with a cup of water.

She collected it from him with an awkward smile.
“Thanks” she said.

Jasper sat beside her and also gulped down his water.
“I met with your boyfriend”

“Ex boyfriend, Jasper” she said.

“Yeah, sorry. Ex boyfriend. He wants me to leave you alone”

“Funny how they think we’re dating” she said, playing with her f!ng£r.

“What happened yesterday was…”

“That’s all in the past now. Let’s just forget about everything” she smiled and left with her school bag.

Jasper gave a quick smile and sipped from his water again.
Cindy laid on the bed, thinking about what kylie said earlier.

“How are the cause of her mother’s death? How did her mother die?” She murmured.

Suddenly, the door flung open as Jackson walked into her room.

“I should have known. You know nothing about the meeting huh! We have to meet Bob”

“Oh really? I didn’t know. I’ll get ready immediately” she stood up and grabbed her jacket.
Dylan stated at Cindy’s reflection on the mirror as they drove into the woods.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” He asked Cindy.

“Nothing father, I’m fine. Just thinking about school” she lied.

“Don’t think too much. If you don’t want to go to school anymore, then stop. You’ve gone more than enough”

“It’s boring staying at home anyway” she rolled her eyes.

“Then, get a job. Get married”

“What?!” Jackson and Cindy yelled.
Cindy didn’t pay attention to what Bob announced. She was just concerned about what kylie said.

“What if Kylie’s mother is the woman Bob killed, the witch!” She thought and shot her eyes wide open.

After everything, she walked to Bob and bowed.
“Congratulations to you master on getting your enemy”

“Don’t congratulate me yet Cindy. I need to find the final enemy. The demigod”

Cindy nodded.
“Umm, I heard you killed her mother, the witch”

“Yes, I did. She was lucky not to be home on that fateful day” he said proudly.

Cindy secretly rolled her eyes.
“That was the same day Kylie’s mother died”

“I wish I could help but can I get more information about what you know about this demigod”

He furrowed his eyebrows and gazed at Cindy.
“Are you sure you want to help me?”

“Yes, of course. Just tell me everything that you know”

“Sure. I don’t know much but her mother’s name was Sarah” he stopped.

“That’s all?” She frowned.

“Yes, that’s all. I don’t know much about her” he said and signalled her to leave.

“Sure. I’ll try my best in finding her master” she bowed and left.

As she walked towards the exit, Bob remembered something.

“Ahh yes, the day I knew her house, her grandmother called her…. Kylie!”

Cindy stopped and started breathing [email protected]
She was dumbstruck. She turned to make sure she heard the right name.

“Did you say kylie?” She asked.

“Yes, do you know anyone bearing that name?”

“Oh no. I guess I have to start looking for the girl named kylie” she said and left.
“Oh no no no…. Kylie can’t be the demigod. She can’t be the demigod!” She yelled and threw her pillow to the floor.

She stumped on it number of times and kept on scattering her room.
“I should find it out first before accusing her of something she’s not capable of” she gro-aned in pain.
“I’m leaving kylie!” Jasper yelled.

“I’ll be down in a sec!” She yelled and ran downstairs with her bag.

Jasper stared at her and smirk-ed.
“Cool jacket” he said.

“Thanks” she said and left.
They both left the house and drove off to school.
“See you later then” Jasper said and stopped in front of Kylie’s locker.

“Sure, bye” she said and opened her locker.
Jasper walked to his locker and tried to open it.

He felt someone pull him and swayed him to the other side.

“What the…”

A punch landed on his face, making him fall on the floor.
He raised his head and saw that it was Jackson.

“I should have known it was you” he murmured and spat out blood.

“Stay away from kylie!” He said and pulled him and hit him against his locker.

Everyone gathered to stare at what was happening.

He punched him on the face as he counted the number and threw him to the floor.

“I don’t want to kill you Jasper so do as I say and stay away from her” he muttered to him.

As Kylie walked back to her [email protected], she saw the crowd that was gathered.

“What’s that?” She asked and strained her ears, trying to pick up anyone’s voice.

“Stay away from Kylie! She’s mine!”
She [email protected] and ran towards the scene angrily. She knew it was Jackson, bullying Jasper again.

“I won’t take it easy with him this time!” She gro-aned and increased her pace.
Cindy saw Kylie as she walked towards the commotion. She followed her behind.
Kylie got there and pulled Jackson away from Jasper.

“Are you alright?” She asked Jasper.

He started coughing. Kylie saw the bruise on his mouth and his swollen face.
She turned angrily and walked towards him.

“I warned you to stay away from him!!!” She said and grabbed his ne-ck.

She flung him to the locker and he fell.
Jackson sat up, groa-ning in pain.
“What the… How can she?” He murmured as he watched her walking towards him.

She squatted in front of him.
“For the last time Jackson, stay away from Jasper. Don’t let me kill you” she said in a low voice and showed him her red eyes.

Jackson shot his eyes wide open and started breathing [email protected] He could hear his heart beating fast.

“What’s going on here!” The principal rushed in.

“That boy over there bullied this new comer” Kylie said, pointing at Jackson.

He was surprised but that didn’t bother him. He could see her red eyes in his mind.
He kept on seeing the image, all over and over again.

“Jackson! Detention, now!!” He yelled and walked away.

Kylie smirk-ed and helped Jasper to the school nurse.

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