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psycho beauty episode 29 & 30

( Be Careful With My Heart… )


By, Marie G

‼️Copy and Remain miserable ‼️




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“What did Mary say?”Vespertine asked as they left the hospital

” Nothing much..” Godiva replied

Have you visited PIZARENA today?

” Nothing? Then why did she ask us to leave the ward?” Alora turned to Vespertine who shrugged

” Diva, you’ll tell me right? Alora pouted as she held her hands but Godiva just smirked untill they got into the car and drove home



Raphael sat down on the sofa, his back against the wall. His mind was occupied and he was confused.

” Raphael..” Zach, his boss called walking to him . ” Is something wrong?”He asked

” Is there something you want to ask me?” Raphael asked back and Zach sigh

“Not really, you don’t feel good today so I was concerned”

” Thanks for getting concerned, I should be home now.. ” he said and stood up. He didn’t bother to tell pepper he was leaving

” Rude as always” .. Zach laughed staring at him as he left the club


Godiva laid on her bed as she thought about what happened in the forest and what Mary told her..

Was she gonna employ him? Will the guy even accept her offer? She wondered

” I don’t even know his name or his place…. ah, Mola club”

“Should I go talk to him tomorrow?” She sigh closing her eyes

“Can’t believe I almost kill myself. You must be crazy Godiva ” she yawned, drifting to sleep



Vespertine drove into the school premises and alighted his car. That moment, Jerry drove in too and they glared at each other

” Why does this àsshole always comes to school exact time as me?” Vespertine wondered, tearing is gaze off and heading to [email protected]

? I wonder what happened to him.. he hasn’t been in school for days now

? I heard the news. Godiva Moreno who happens to be his sister jumped into the water

? Was she trying to kîll herself?.

Student murmur as they watch him entered the [email protected]

” When did the fóol become quiet?”Jerry wondered, heading to [email protected] too.

He sat down staring at Vespertine who looks real calm. Soon after, Mr Harmsburg walked in with a new student

Jerry eyes went wide and his mouth dropped opened at her beauty. She was damn beautiful.

Vespertine just stared at her briefly before looking elsewhere

” Hi, I’m Gift herris. Nice to meet you all ” The girl did a little bow

” Take a seat” Mr Harmsburg said and she walked towards Vespertine.. There was an empty seat in front of his

Hannah and Trisha just watched to know his reaction toward the girl but he looked calmed

The girl sat down and turned to him

” Hi.. “she said

” Hmm.. ” Vespertine hummed a reply, his gaze on his phone..

The girl just shrugged and faced front without saying anything else

A lecturer walked in and [email protected] began at once
It was lunch time and everyone went out for lunch apart from a few students and Vespertine who doesn’t like eating food unless it was from his home or his sister’s.

” Hey..” Jerry smiled at the new girl

” It’s Gift. I already introduced myself earlier ” gift said

“I’m sorry about that..” Jerry let out a charming smile and she chuckled.

” Mind going to the cafeteria with me? “He asked but she shook her head in denial..

” I’m fine, I will just stay here..” She said

Jerry’s gaze met with Vespertine’s who was now staring back at him.

” If you insist, then I’m gonna just stay.. ” Jerry smiled and walked to his seat

“Hey, can you see me off to somewhere? I need some ice cream..” Gift turned to Vespertine

He stood up and placed his phone in his pocket

” You can ask someone who is interested instead, I’m not” he said and with that, he walked out of [email protected]

” What’s wrong with him? ” She muttered

“Should we?” Came Jerry’s voice and she nodded, leaving the [email protected] with him afterwards

? Jerry won the new girl’s heart?

? The beef between Jerry and Vespertine is gonna reduce since Jerry got the girl’s attention..

? I know right

The Student murmured as they watch gift and Jerry entered Jerry’s car and drove out of school



Godiva’s gaze remained fixed on the desktop infront of her but her mind was far away

She has been thinking about what Mary told her and the incident that happened in the woods

The more she thinks about it, the more it doesn’t make s£nse to her

” How come I was fine?” She wondered and a knock came in, jolting her outta her thoughts

” Come in..” she said and Gianna walked into the office then bow

” Is something wrong?” She asked

” Not really but Mr Ajay came by. He said….

” Tell him I’m not in the mood for partnership, tell him to come back some other day” She cut in and Gianna bowed before leaving

” Maybe I should go see him.. ” she thought before standing on her feet.

She took her nose mask and left her office

She met Ajay and Gianna talking and stopped beside them

” I will be out for a bit, I might likely go home from there. So take care of things over here and make sure y’all go home early”

” Miss Mo…. Mr. Ajay trailed off when he realized she was no longer there

” You should come back some other time..” Gianna said and walked away too

” Why do they seem to have same personality?” Mr. Ajay wondered, staring at Gianna untill she was no more.



Alora’s car drove out of the place when Godiva’s car drove in..

The two girls didn’t see each other.

Diva alighted from her car and looked around

” I can’t believe I’m doing this..” she muttered then wore her nose mask before finding her way into the club

Smell of cigarettes and alcohol lingered in the air which made her cringe

” He works here?” She wondered looking around and Arnold was the first to see her

” How can we help you miss?” He asked

” I can’t hear you..” Godiva said loudly because of the music

Arnold grabbed her hands and started pulling her out of the club

” What are you doing? Stop touching me ” She yanked his hands off when they got out of the club there she met Raphael parking some goods into the store house

She glared at Arnold before turning to Raphael

” Hey..” she said but he didn’t reply or even spare her a glance

” Pretty girls have been looking for you a lot lately. First it was Alora now this one, though she looks rude..” Arnold whispered to Raphael and he scoffed

He was done arranging the goods into the store and made to walk out but Godiva held him back

” Are you seriously ignoring me?” She scoff loudly

” I really hate your guts…” She grimaced

” And I hate seeing a face as ugly as yours ” he released his hands and made to leave but she still held him back

” I’m really here for business and nothing more, I’m gonna pay you millions of dollars if you agree.” She said

He released his hands from her grip and made to leave again but this time, Arnold was the one who held him back

” It’s millions of dollars stupid. Where do you think you are heading to? You know you never had the chance to finish college nor take care of your grandparents. This is an opportunity dude”.. Arnold said

” I don’t want to have anything to do with her Arnold. You just don’t know how much of an ingrate she is ” Raphael said and walked out on them

” If he doesn’t want the job, can’t I take it in his place? He’s quite stubborn yunno” Arnold said

” No thanks.. he’s the one I want for the job..” Godiva said

She was damned angry already but she was trying her best to act cool

” Alright, if you insist. I’ll just talk to him then.. ” Arnold replied and she flashed him a fake smile before going back to her car

” Bye.. ” Arnold waved and Godiva just forced a smile before driving out of the place


Godiva stomped into the house looking furious

Alora greeted her but she wasn’t even listening as she walked into her room

” Is something wrong with her?” Alora wondered settling on the couch

” How dare he turn me down? Is he out of his mind? After telling him I’m gonna pay him millions of dollars?”

” He must be crazy, real crazy ” she ranted before sitting on her bed.

The door burst open seconds later and Vespertine walked in

” Is something wrong? Why are you home? It’s still early. Did a teacher bully you?” Godiva asked

” No one dares, I just felt like coming home..” he replied, walking into her room fully.

” You don’t look good either, is something bothering you?” Vespertine asked sitting next to her on the bed.

He was now use to her snake bedspread

Godiva exhaled before explaining things to her brother

” Really? ” Vesper asked, surprised while she nodded

” Then why don’t you do as Mary suggested ” he asked

” The guy is playing [email protected] to get. Can’t believe he rejected my offer of paying him millions of dollars..”

” He did what?” Vespertine exclaimed. ” Where is his place? ” He asked

” Why? ” Godiva asked back

” Nothing, just feel like making new friends..” he replied

” He works at Mola bar ”

” What’s his name? ”

” Are you interrogating me right now? If yes, I don’t know his name ” Godiva shrugged

” It’s fine then ” vespertine stood up from her bed and headed for the door

” You should eat more, you look so skinny.. Larina won’t be happy ” Godiva and he chuckled before leaving to his room

He met Alora in the sitting room, engrossed in the series she was watching that she didn’t even noticed his pres£nce



Vespertine dressed and left his room only to meet Alora on the couch

” You slept here?” He asked and she nodded

” When did you come back? I didn’t see you enter the house yesterday ” she yawned

” I came but didn’t want to disturb you from what you were watching.. anyway bye, I’ll head out first ” he said and with that, he left the house to the parking lots..


Arnold and Raphael were cleaning the Club cos they couldn’t do it the previous night since they were tired.

Arnold had tried talking to Raphael about the offer but he always avoided the conversation

They kept cleaning quietly and Cerlia walked in

Raphael looked away when he realized it was her and resumed cleaning like she wasn’t even there

” Pepper, can you please talk to him?” Cerlia said in tears and Arnold exhaled

” You should go home Cerlia, Raphael isn’t in his right state of mind cos I’ve been trying to convince him to accept an offer but he’s been refusing, maybe next time..” he told her

” Raphael..” Cerlia Called but he ignored her totally

Vespertine entered that moment and started looking around the place

” Who are you and what are you looking for?” Arnold asked

” One question at a time. I’m vespertine Moreno, the cutest dude on Earth and I’m looking for the ugly m*therfvcker who rejected a million dollar offer..” Vespertine replied and they all looked at him like he was insane

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