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pregnant for the enemy episode 94






?Pinky Preshy Chioma ?

? Episode 94?

Kim’s Pov:

“Ahhhhh… Ahhhh” I screamed as I kicked the table and desks in annoyance and continued crying bitterly.

“Kim get a grip of yourself girlfriend! What you are doing right now won’t and will never help you” Anita said as she tried touching me but I pushed her hand away.

“Don’t you dare tell me to get a grip of myself.. didn’t you see what happened earlier? Didn’t you see it? Answer me” I shouted in tears.

“To be honest girls am still surprised and shocked to the bones! I can’t believe that Martin could speak to Kim in that manner in the defence of that girl” Olivia scoffed.

“I wish this is a dream and believe me I wanna wake up from this dream as soon as possible because I can’t take it” I sulked.

“Do you think what those girls told us was true? I mean do you think.. errm.. your boyfriend is now dating Arya?” Anita asked as I burst into fresh tears.

“That cannot happen not when I still have breath in me” I gritted my teeth.

“You have to calm down girlfriend! Things are not done the way you think of it” Olivia said.

“What do you know Olivia? No tell me what do you know huh? What do you think of yourself? You think you know everything?” I shouted again and again.

“So what then? What do you plan to do Kim? Cos that’s the most important as we speak” Anita snapped.

“I will surely teach that girl a lesson that she will never forget in her whole life” I growled.

“Just a piece of advice my dear girlfriend! I really wouldn’t want you to regret your actions but you have thread carefully so that you won’t end up spoiling things for yourself” Olivia said as I rolled my eyes.

“Martin? Gosh.. did you hear what he said to me? He said he wouldn’t be so nice again if I call them things.. the Martin I’ve been dating for closely two years can never have the guts to speak to me in such a tune talk more of giving me warnings and threatening me” I continued crying.

“You know you should calm down and think of what next to do! Crying won’t solve your problem neither will it help Martin come back to you” Anita chipped in.

“I can’t let this happen! I will become a laughing stock in school.. how do I show my face again if everyone finds out that Martin left me for that thinh, that piece of trash that calls herself Arya?” I bit my lower li-ps.

“That’s the more reason why you should draft whatever it is you want to do to her properly so that way you won’t drag yourself into more trouble” Olivia said as I smirk-ed.

“Martin cannot run away from me! He should be mine and mine shall he remain.. no one not even that worthless girl Arya can change that” I smirk-ed mischieviously.

“That’s my girl! This is what I expect you to do.. you should be strong and not let that girl trample on you” Olivia laughed.

“So what’s the next plan?” Anita asked.

“I want her to be expelled from this school cos once she leaves I can have back everything she is stealing from me” I said catwalking proudly.

“But how will you go about that? I mean that won’t be easy for you Kim and you know it” Olivia breathed heavily.

“Don’t you trust me anymore guys? Don’t you know what your friend is capable of?” I snorted.

“Of course we do! And we will always trust you Kim so tell us what is your plan?” Anita asked.

“Like I said Arya’s time have fast elap-sed and in no time I will make sure she becomes an object of ridicule even Martin cannot save her then” I said as we high five.

Idris’s Pov:

“You know you surprised me today Martin! I mean I was stunned” I said happily.

“And why were you stunned?” He asked anxiously as he drank from his can of energy drink.

“How you stood up against that scheming witch that calls herself Kimberly” I said.

“Well someone has to stop her from insulting my friends! I mean that was not nice and you know it! Can you imagine how rudely she was speaking to Arya? Is that even fair?” Martin snorted.

“I love the new you Martin! You should always go for what you want..don’t let them dictate your life for you” I said as he smiled.

“I couldn’t take it! I can’t help it when I saw how hurt Arya was.. that was why I spoke up immediately” He confessed.

“I know you love her so much and trust me I am by your side on this.. strongly behind you and I trust you will do the right thing” I said as he smiled.

“Thank you so much Idris! Am happy you are right behind me on this even if Lucas is not that doesn’t matter right? What matters is that I go for what makes me really happy” He said as we shook each other’s hands.

“What am I hearing Idris and Martin?” That was Lucas I could even tell it’s him even with my eyes closed.

I took a deep breath and shook my head.

“I wonder the charm that rude girl is using on my friend” I thought inwardly.

“Oh Lucas! Where have you been?” Martin asked him as he rolled his eyes.

“Can someone tell me what it is am hearing huh?” Lucas snorted.

“Is that how you greet your friends whom you haven’t seen since morning?” I sharply said.

“I wasn’t talking to you Idris! This question is meant for Martin” He said.

“What exactly were you hearing and who exactly told you and on what occasion were you told whatever it is you heard?” Martin snapped.

“Martin how could you do that Kim?” He asked anxiously.

“Do what exactly huh? I don’t understand you Lucas so make me understand” Martin continued sipping from his can of energy drink.

“I heard you have been mingling with that new girl again and..” He started.

“She has a name Lucas and her name is Arya so fell free to call her that instead of always referring to her as the new girl” Martin cut in.

“I don’t care to know what her name is cos that’s fvcking none of my business right now” Lucas sneered.

“And that’s also how it’s none of your business to poke nose into my and Kim’s affairs.. you should know your limit dude and stay in your limit don’t cross it” Martin tapped his shoulder before walking away.

Lucas was too gobsmacked to talk so he stood still looking at Martin as he walked away.

“The earlier you open your eyes the better for you” I said as I walked away from him too.

Sofia’s Pov:

I shrieked in excitement while Arya rolled her eyes as she sat on the desk at the other side.

“You know I have never been so shocked girlfriend” I started.

“What’s so shocking? What are you talking about?” Arya asked.

“Did you see how he spoke to her? Martin stood up against his girlfriend for your sake” I [email protected]

“Who said it was for my sake Sofia? Why are exaggerating? He did it for each and everyone of us so why are saying it’s for me like he did it because it was me?” Arya scoffed.

“Arya are you blind or you are just pretending to be dumb? You and I saw how he looked at you while taking to that witch he calls a girlfriend” Sofia said.

“Sofia I don’t know what you are talking about and trust me I don’t wanna know it” Arya shrugged.

“You know Arya you are so lucky! Martin is every girl’s dream boyfriend here in the whole school and he has always been Kim’s pride all these while and now he has fallen out of love with her and that’s the best thing that has ever happened in the school” Sofia said.

“You know Sofia! Am really hungry and I need to get some snacks for myself cos [email protected] is in ten minutes so suit yourself” Arya said as she walked away while I ran after.

“Hey! Will you wait up?” I [email protected] running after her
“Here is your money Sir! Thanks for the popcorn” Arya said as she paid the seller and we walked down to the [email protected]

“Uhmm Arya I think I remembered someone who you should thank” I said eating the popcorn.

“Who I should thank? What are you talking about? I hope this isn’t about Martin or whatever cos Sofia I am not interested” Arya rolled her eyes.

“Of course not! There is this guy that followed me to the hospital sometime ago whern you were still hospitalized” I said.

“Really? Does he school here too? Have you seen him around or anything?” She asked anxiously.

“Yeah he schools here and yes I think he is at the other corner so why not go talk to him” I said as she nodded her head.

“Alright then.. please take me to him so I can sure my gratitude to him” she said as we walked to the other end.

The guy was sitting on a desk backing us.

“That’s him Arya” I pointed as she nodded.

Arya walked forward and tapped his shoulder softly.

” Hi ” Arya said as he turned around.

“You?” Arya freaked out on seeing his face.

Patrick’s Pov:

Teachers can be so lazy, we’ve been waiting for them to come in but there was no sign of him.

So I walked out for some fresh air.. i was seated on a desk when suddenly someone tapped me and with a tiny voice said hi to me.

I quickly turned around as I widened my eyes in shock.

“You?” We said in unison.

“You know each other?” The other girl asked as I smiled at her a little.

“Sofia are you sure this is the guy who you said visited in the hospital when I was hospitalized?” Arya asked.

“Yes he is the guy.. why? What happened? Do you guys know each other?” The girl asked.

“We’ll miss you don’t have to be surprised.. and yes I came to see you at the hospital when you were hospitalized” I answered as she [email protected]

“What? I can’t believe this! Why would you do that? I thought you hated me so much?” She asked.

“Of course I hate you but am still kind-hearted” I said as she gro-aned.

“I really find this funny! I mean who would have thought you would look out for me and come to see me at the hospital when I wasn’t ok” She smiled.

“Really? Thanks for the compliment” I managed to say.

“Uhmm.. am really sorry about how i always talk to you rudely please you have to forgive me” She said as we shared a laugh.

“It’s alright! me too am sorry for being grumpy as well” I said as we shook hands.

“So friends?” She asked with a wide smile.

“Why not? Of course we are friends now” I said as she hug-ged me a little.

“You know you guys are really confusing me and I don’t like that” Sofia rolled her eyes as we shared a laugh.

“Would you want some popcorn?” I asked as he nodded.

“I wouldn’t mind if you would give me” I said.

“Of course I will.. am not stingy” She said as she gave me some.

She’s not that bad of a person anyways.

I didn’t know she’s this kind but I know she wasn’t a bad person just that we didn’t really get on the right foot then.

I don’t regret what I did to that grumpy girl that destroyed her face

The bell rang loudly.

“Time for [email protected] everyone” We said as we walked into [email protected] together….


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