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pregnant for the enemy episode 89 & 90






?Pinky Preshy Chioma ?

? Episode 89?

Patrick’s Pov:

I hung up immediately after speaking with Arya.

I can’t disclose to her who i am so that she won’t start feeling awkward.

As we all know am not even in good terms with her so she might end up screaming at me if she finds out am the one.

I just want to know if she’s well again and from the tune of her voice she sounds really ok.

What’s important now is that she’s safe and sound.

“Patrick!” That was my mom’s voice.

I quickly dropped my cell phone on the table as I sat heavily on the bed.

“Do come in” I said as she swing the door open and walked in.

“How about the girl you told me you were defending?” She asked.

Talk of the devil…

Like she knew that I was talking to her few minutes ago.

“She’s fine Mom and she has been discharged” I said as she smiled.

“You know your school will be resuming on Monday right?” She asked as I nodded my head.

“Yes I know Mom” I replied.

“I just want you to stay out of trouble.. I don’t want you to get yourself in any form of mess cos your dad will get so mad at you if you do” she said as I gulped [email protected] nodding my head in agreement with what she was saying.

Martin’s Pov:

“She? What she are you talking about?” I pretended like I wasn’t getting her.

“You know exactly what am talking about Martin! You should know am no longer a baby I have brains” She said.

“I don’t know why I don’t und-erstand what you are driving confused” I said as she snorted.

“That’s what you will say but I know there is someone behind this so much happiness” She said.

“I don’t know what you are saying and I don’t also want any form of disturbance” I said trying to discharge her.

“Fine whatever you say! I still don’t believe you but I will leave you to go ahead and do what you are doing” She said as she turned to leave.

Just then, she stepped on a paper and picked it up.

“Arya?” She said as I quickly turned to her on hearing her say Arya.

“Where did you see her?” I quickly asked as she burst into laughter.

“So her name is Arya?” She laughed as I saw the paper in her possession.

I quickly snatched the paper from her and she continued laughing hysterically.

“What now? Are you going to leave this room or not?” I asked feeling defeated as she continued laughing.

“I knew it and I said am going to find out who she is and I did” She continued making mockery of me.

“She’s not anyone! Is just my… My imagination or something” I tried to lie to her.

“Come on Martin! It won’t do you any bad if you tell the truth huh.. if she really is your imagination then why did you ask me if she’s here and where I saw her?” She asked as I scratched my head trying to find another lie.

“I was really hoping to see my imagination like I want to… (Breaths heavily) whatever!” I ended up saying and she burst into laughter the more.

“You are not a good lie brother and that’s one thing am sure of” She said.

“Whatever! Yes she’s Arya and she’s my [email protected] nothing more” I exhaled de-eply.

“Is there really nothing more huh? Or is that what you want to believe that there is nothing more you feel apart from the fact that she’s your [email protected]?” She asked.

“You do know that I and Kimberly are together right?” I started.

“Yes I know you both are dating” She replied softly.

“And you know Mom and Dad are friends and partners with her Mom right?” I said.

“Of course am more than aware of these things you are telling me” She snorted.

“They are all looking up to me to end up with Kim and it will be really difficult to get myself out of this since the family is involved” I sighed.

“Now let me ask you Martin, do you love Kimberly?” She asked as I scratched my head and breathed heavily.

“I don’t.. I really don’t love her! I like her as a person but the love is not there with her” I explained.

“What about the Arya girl? Do you love her or you also like her as a person too just like Kimberly?” She asked sitting on my bed edge.

“You want the truth?” I asked as she nodded her head in agreement.

“The truth and nothing else but the truth” She snapped.

“The truth is that am so in love with the Arya girl” I said [email protected]

Alma took a de-ep breath and cleared her throat before speaking again.

“I know this might be [email protected] but I want you to know that I will always advise you to go for the lady you really and truly love” She said as I turned to her in surprise.

“Are you saying you support me to go for her? You want me to go for Arya the is I love?” I asked anxiously.

“Of course I support that! Or do you want a family like ours? Do you want a family where people outside thinks is a very beautiful one but on coming in you will find out that it’s hell?” Alma asked as I shook my head.

“I will never want such a family for myself.. mom and dad [email protected] sees each other even if we live in the same roof! I can’t remember the last time I saw them smile at each other” I continued saying.

“That’s the more reason why you shouldn’t let such a mistake repeat itself again just because we are friends with Kimberly’s Mom” She said.

“Thank you so much for your support Alma! I don’t know what I would have done without you my darling sister’ I said with smiles all over my face.

“I just want the best for you and mere looking at things I can tell you really love this Arya and I don’t want you to ever make the mistake of letting her go no matter what the situation might be” She said.

Smiles escaped my li-ps as I hug-ged her tightly……






?Pinky Preshy Chioma ?

? Episode 90?

Arya’s Pov:

I couldn’t help but dance up and down in so much excitement.

So finally after such a long time am going to celebrate my birthday in a big way?

I have always wanted that but my Mom never does that for me.

I can’t wait to inform everyone that I will be having a very big party.

My Mom is finally going to throw me a very big party.

This means that sixteen is going to be so lovely..

I quickly made for my cell phone.

Who else do I know that I can share my joy with if not my best friend Sofia.

I dialed her number and the phone was ringing but she didn’t pick up.

“Pick your fvcking call Sofia” I almost cried.

I dialed the number again and this time she picked the call up.

Smiles escaped my li-ps immediately she picked up the call.

“Hey Sofy! Where the fvck did you drop your cell phone? Why did you miss my call?” I asked anxiously.

“Sorry about that! My cell phone was on silent… What’s up?” She asked.

I couldn’t help but smile stupidly.

“Well the thing is that I have good news for you and trust me you are gonna love what am gonna tell you” I said jumping up in happiness.

“Good news? What good news are you talking about?” She asked anxiously.

“Guess what it is” I said as she breathed heavily.

“You of all people should know am not good in guessing huh.. tell me what is it?” She asked.

“Just guess.. say anything” I replied.

“You are finally liking Martin?” She said as I scoffed.

“What? Why would you even guess that? Who the hell told you having feelings for that jerk will make me so excited?” I sneered.

“You said I should guess and that’s what am doing” She laughed.

“You are silly huh.. anyways the thing is that my Mom will be throwing me an ultimate birthday party” I announced with so much happiness.

“Oh my goodness! Are you for real?” she screamed in delight.

“Yes.. she told me this by herself! Like I didn’t even remember that my birthday is already close but she told me” I said as she jumped squealing in happiness.

“Trust me this is so going to be hot and fun” She said.

“I can’t wait.. so when are you coming over to the house like you promised me?” I asked.

“Uhmm.. very soon! I just need to put some things in order before coming over to see you” She explained.

“Alright then! I couldn’t wait for you to come so that I can tell you.. I was so happy and couldn’t hold it back” I said as we shared a laugh.

“Am happy as well.. I have to go now! I’ll see you later” She said before I hung up.

I smiled in fulfilment..

Finally I will celebrating my birthday with a big party for the very first time in my entire life.

This is going to be super unique and lovely.

Mrs Roselyn’s Pov:

I have never been so fulfilled and happy in my life.

I knew it!

My daughter can’t be dead like they told me.

They wanted to make me believe that my Aliyah is dead and I know within myself that,, that isn’t true.

I filled my [email protected] with the non alcoholic red wine and drank.

This is my little way of celebrating.

I can’t wait to get the message like my spy told me that I will told if they find out the actual place Aliyah moved to with her daughter.

Once I see them, I won’t hesitate to live with them or better still take them along with me.

Nothing will ever keep me apart from my daughter.

I won’t let her ever be away from me not after such a long time.

I can’t wait to hug her again after such a long time.

Kim’s Pov:

“Kim am so happy to see you again Hale and hearty” Anita smiled as they rushed into our mansion.

I only smiled broadly as I picked up the packet of crunchy cookies.

Took out of the packet from cookies and ate still smiling.

“I can’t wait to go back to school so that I will put that girl in her place” I gritted my teeth.

“Which girl is that?” Anita asked.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know who Kim is talking about?” Olivia snorted.

“I don’t! Which girl is it that made Kim so angry?” Anita replied.

“Who else if not that girl that is flirting with her Martin” Olivia explained.

“You mean Arya?” Anita laughed.

“What’s funny that should make you laugh?” I turned to her in anger.

“Am sorry Kim! I didn’t mean to laugh.. I was just caught by surprise” She said as I sighed loudly.

“I don’t care whatever it is that made you show that stupid teeth of yours but trust me I don’t want to see that teeth of yours again” I warned her strictly.

“Am so sorry once again Kim” She apologized.

“Sorry for your self” I snorted as I rolled my eyes.

I can’t wait to get back at that stupid girl Arya.

Next time when she hears my name she will run and run and run for her dear life.

She doesn’t know who she is messing with and I guess she doesn’t know I don’t play with that which is mine.

And Martin is mine and mine alone..

I won’t let any loser or low life steal him away from me no matter the circu-mstance.

I have to fight for that which is truly mine and Martin is truly mine.

I have to put her in her place.

I smir-ked mischieviously.

Aliyah’s Pov:

I scratched my head as I wrote down somethings in the paper.

“You know you should be helping out with this Dora” I broke the silence.

Dora laughed so loud before speaking.

“Why should I? She’s your daughter and you promised to throw her a party so what now?” She said.

“You made me tell her I will celebrate her birthday so you have to help me plan the birthday” I said as we laughed together…..


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