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PISTOLE E SESSO episode 37


[ Guns and se-x]

# 4 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

✍️ By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogance ,Hot , £r0ti¢ billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

©️ Copyright [ Do not copy or Repost without permission from me the writer or else …You’d not like my actions ]







” I’ve not forgiven you Sergio ” I said breaking the ki-ss and he frowned immediately.

” But ….” He trailed and one glare from me shut him up .

” Floor ? That’s almost an abomination to the Husbands @ssociation …baby …you have to rethink this Decision I can do anything please …” He said holding my hand lovingly.

” Sergio ” i scolded .

” I have to cuddle you to bed ,I have to fold your soft BUtts and bo-obs ” He said and my cheeks heated in a blush .

” You’re insane ” I said softly and buried my face in his ch-est ,I always knew he talked without filter but Everytime he still managed to shock me .

” I’m sorry Mia Cara ..I should have been honest with you from the moment I found out ” he said and I smiled.

” You hurt me Gio ,I thought we said no secrets after our last fight ” I said and he ki-ssed my li-ps Softly.

” It won’t happen again , now C’mon let’s go check how Padre is doing ” i said and we both strolled inside .

” It’s all your fault that something this terrible happened to Padre and you ain’t feeling even a bit remorseful…” Cardo bursted Angrily as tears rolled outta his eyes.

” So you want me to start feeling remorseful for a man that never loved me ? He knew my heart belonged to someone else from the onset ! She fired at him Angrily.

” Well you’re an Ungrateful and a spiteful B!tch Ilaria because for-ced or arranged marriage whatever Bases this marriage was formed in it helped you from that slumps you used to stay before my brother picked you ! ” Eros bursted Angrily.

” I’ve had enough of you behaving like you did him a favor Ilaria … ” He bursted and she flinched .

” Uncle Eros is right mother I’m so disapointed in you ” Cardo said the last part in hurt .

” You can all go to hell for all I care I’m leaving that mansion ! She bursted Angrily

” If you decide to leave Ilaria make sure you never come back to Padres life ” i said Angrily and she laughed.

” Awwwwwwwwn says the Daughter …you’re nothing Andrea if I want to come back to his life you have no right to stop me ” she said and I made to attack her but Sergio pulled me back immediately.

” Calm down my love …” He said pulling me into his embrace.

” You’d regret doing this to Padre ilaria I swear ” I screamed angrily .

My f!ng£rs raked my hair as Different thoughts filled my head how could she be so cruel ? What exactly had Padre done to deserve something like that from her ?

I know he had not been a good man in the past especially with cheating on her and having kids under sick circu-mstances but that make her any better when she herself has been fvcking around with Mr Vito Armani.

The whole place became Quiet when Ilaria matched out of the Hospital Angrily.

Uncle Eros Sat alone ,Cardo on the other hand just sat down as his body shook with Different emotions .

Pain hurt , Disgust and of course [email protected]

I didn’t blame him though it’s not everyday you get news that the woman you’ve been trying to kill yourself to be with happens to be your own sister .

” Hey … Please take care of yourself , Aldo and Axel need my help at home already and the Don too needs me to do something for him … please don’t stress too much he’ll be fine ” The Donna said as she said to leave and I gave a nod .

” I understand thank you so much ” I said as I sniffed back tears she ki-ssed my forehead tiredly.

” Take care of her Sergio ” Fred said and he gave a nod while sitted next to me .

” I will bro just inform the Don about what’s going on ” he said and I leaned my head on his ch-est sadly as they left .

We waited for hours but there was still no news yet ,which only intensified my worries.

” Baby it’s getting late and the doctors have been in there for hours you need to eat something ” Sergio said and I sniffed back tears .

” I’m not hungry …I just want pa to be okay I can’t loose him Gio I just can’t ‘ I said as fresh tears rolled out of my eyes .

” He’s gonna be fine …” Sergio said and in that minute the Doctors came out .

” Valentino’s …” He said and we all stood up immediately .

” Family members ” he said and uncle Eros beat all of us to it .

” We’re all members of his family ,just tell us what is going on with my brother ” he said and the fear was very evident in his voice .

” Mr Valentino is suffering from Heart failure and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened …it is Quite evidence that he has been managing it for Quiet sometime now ” the doctor said and I [email protected] in shock everyone seem to be mirroring my expression.

” What ? I asked while trying to get over the shock I couldn’t help but imagine how many more dirty secrets Padre was hiding from us .

How could he hide the fact that he was sick . Different thoughts filled my mind as uncle Eros talked to the Doctor about Padre’s condition .

” I always thought I knew father …it just so happened that I never knew him ” Enrico said and rubbed his eyes .

” Everything would be alright ” uncle Eros said and hug-ged Enrico close to his body .

Cardo was being Akwared the entire time .

” You both need to go home Rea I will inform you when Padre is up tommorow morning” Enrico said and I couldn’t help but give a nod .

Sergio has been with me throughout the day and it would be too cruel of me if I Decide to keep him here with me the entire night .

” Let’s spend the night at my penthouse ” i said and Sergio gave a nod .

We walked out of the Hospital together and the Ride to my Place was Quiet .

The guards let us in and Sergio s£nt his hand to my wai-st as we strolled in together .

” My love ” he called and I stared into his eyes .

” Everything is gonna be alright ” he said and I gave a nod .

I was hurting inside but what he had just told me seem to calm me down immediately .

” I love you Gio ” I said and he chuckled.

” I love you more baby …now we need to feed your stomach ” he said and I laughed for the first time that day .

We took a shower and the old maid served us Delicious Dinner .

” This is so tasty” Sergio said in between .

” Slow down Gio ” I scolded while eating from his plate .

” Why are you eating from my plate ? He teased.

” Yours is always more Delicious” I said and he laughed as he tried to steal from my plate I slapped his hand off and his jaws dropped.

” This is pure cheating …” He said and I laughed.

After Dinner I received a text .

*How’s he Babe…I’m just coming back from work *

Bella ?

*Grace told me everything be strong okay he’d be fine *

Aria ?

*You better eat something before going to bed although I know Gio wouldn’t even let you sleep like that *

Grace ?

*Sweet dreams girl just grab on Gio’s di-ck it’ll help you sleep just fine *

Yvonne ?

Reading the last text had me laughing out loud .

Yvonne will always be Yvonne.

” I don’t think the last one is a bad idea though ” Gio said and I chuckled.

” It’s definitely a bad idea ” i said and he laughed .

” And why aren’t you wearing boxers Gio ” I said blushing Red .

” Seriously I want us to sleep na-ked tonight take off your clothes let’s cuddle” he grinned.

” How can you be so shameless ? I asked shyly.

” Shameless ? What’s there to be shameless about ? We already seen everything needed to be seen I’ve fvcked you from back and front ….” He said the last part huskily.

” It’s okay no need to be transperant anymore ,I can’t sleep like that Gio ,you know you wouldn’t be able to control yourself ” I said gesturing towards him na-ked on the bed .

” Don’t you trust me ? He asked playfully.

” Of course I trust you my peace , it’s your di-ck I don’t trust

” Oh c’mon I won’t do anything not with what happened today we can do something tommorow ” he said and I joined him in bed.

” I know when to initiate something s-exual ” he whispered and I blushed red .

That night we slept in each other’s arms sweetly.

” Good morning ” I heard and mo-aned in my sleep as he ki-ssed my ne-ck

” Good morning ” I said and chuckled softly.

” Wakey wakey sweetheart ,I need to drop you off at the hospital then go to my company there’s something I need the check out ” he said getting down from the bed .

” I thought you work from home ” i said and he chuckled.

” Yup but I have a cover up company
” He said and I gave a nod after all that’s what most mafia men do

” I brought you breakfast in bed ” he said and I pulled him .

” Don’t be in such a hurry join me ” i said and he sat next to me on the bed .

” Right now I’d rather have another breakfast…he said and I blushed pink .

” We can’t do it for sometime I’m close to my cricle already” i said and he frowned.

” What circle ? He asked.

” Stop teasing me ” I said and when he still stared at me cluelessly I burst into fits of laughter.

” I’m not supposed to have s-ex before my monthly flow or some days after my monthly flow because I’m in my most fertile time and that’s the most Vunerable time for a woman any slight Opportunity and I can get pregnant.

” That sounds interesting” he said and I pushed his face .

” You don’t mean that ” i said glaring at him playfully.

” I mean it , haven’t you wondered what having little Sergio or little Neomi would feel like ? He asked Sweetly.

” I….I don’t know ” I muttered under my breath.

” You don’t know ? ” He asked eyebrows raised .

” Are we ready ready to become parents Gio ? I had such a terrible childhood even the thought of being called a mother scares me …” I said and he stared at me Quietly.

” No one is ever fully ready to be a parent ….no one , you’re never going to be a bad mother because you don’t have it in you to a sick person like your mother was “he said and tears rolled outta my eyes .

” How can you be so sure that …” I trailed .

” Ssssshhhhhh that’s Enough… We’d cross that bridge when we get there okay” he said and ki-ssed my forehead.

” I love you ”

” Love you too”

His phone rang again and he cursed under his breath ,I looked at him curiously wondering who he was talking to .

” Is everything okay Sergio ? I asked and he stared at me .

” Ya … everything is fine ” he said and I smiled .

I knew he was hiding something ,the Question is what exactly is he hiding ?


Things are gonna get bl**dy from the next episode.

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