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PISTOLE E SESSO episode 36


[ Guns and se-x]

# 4 in the DE LUCA SERIES]

✍️By authoress lenity


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogance ,Hot , £r0ti¢ billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

©️ Copyright [ Do not copy or Repost without permission from me the writer or else …You’d not like my actions ]






” She’d come around babe sometimes… people are just scared to trust someone ” I smiled and Grace gave a nod in agreement.

” Like you too ,you used to love your own space but look at you now your enjoying our company ” she grinned.

” I never really had female figure in my life until I married Sergio so ….” I trailed and she chuckled.

” Speaking about Sergio. ..” I trailed and my phone rang .

I frowned as I picked it up it was Enrico but the call ended immediately.

What’s going on I wondered .

Then a text came in .

*Sergio is about to kill Cardo* I read and Pannicked straightaway.

” I gotta go ” I said and stood up immediately .

” What’s wrong ? Aria asked in concern.

” Sergio is about to commit murder at the Valentino Estate ” I said and Grace walked with me .

” Chill you shouldn’t be driving at this point let me drive you ” Grace offered and I couldn’t even argue .

I was so Anxious already because I knew what my husband was Capable of doing when he gets angry .

When we got to the Estate the guards let us drive inside and I ran towards the entrance immediately Grace packed the Car and she was hot on pursuit too.

Immediately we got inside I heard the noises .

” F*ck that’s enough Sergio ! I heard Fred scold Sergio .

” Keep my woman’s name out of your fvcking li-ps Valentino ” Sergio snarled.

” You’re a mad man Sergio ! He said and i froze as Gio pointed his gun at cardo immediately.

” Sergio ! ” Everyone screamed as Rico took the Gun from him immediately.

” Wow so this is the plan Dominico ? You finally brought your son-in-law to get rid of our son huh ! Ilaria screamed Angrily and Padre rubbed his .

” Things wouldn’t have gotten to this point if you didn’t encourage our sons madness you need to stop Ilaria ” he said and she Glared Daggers my way.

” Look who decided to grace us with her pres£nce Dominico our very own Andrea ! Ilaria mocked and Immediately Gio turned around and our eyes met I walked towards him .

” Bellisima ” he said ki-ssing my forehead and Ilaria’s glare was digging holes into my head.

” What are you doing here Gio ? You said you had work to take care of ? I asked not loud enough for others to hear .

” I’d explain everything immediately we get home ” he said as if hiding something and that only made me more curious as to what he was trying to keep me away from .

” How about you tell your precious Daughter everything that has been going on ? Ilaria taunted.

” What is she talking about Padre ? You’re sick you shouldn’t be getting into Arguments ” I scolded ignoring Ilaria and her madness .

” Oh really would you still care about his health after finding out every single thing he has done in his dirty past ” Ilaria fired.

” Mom that’s enough you can’t talk to Padre like that ” Cardo fired Angrily.

” Really Ricardo ? This man has done nothing but become a stumbling block in my happiness he never loved me from the onset so why should I care about him and his dirty past huh ? Ilaria asked Angrily.

” That doesn’t change the fact that he is your husband and Deserves some ounce of Respect ” i said Angrily.

” It’s how you Defend your father so well Andrea …” She trailed .

” I will never turn my back on my Padre he has never and will never hurt me ‘ I said and Sergio suddenly seemed anxious.

” Baby let’s go ” he whispered to me Softly

” Oh c’mon Mr De Luca don’t you think y’all should tell our lovely Andrea what you’ve been busy with ? You think I don’t know your trip to Dragons territory ? She mocked .

” What’s she talking about Sergio ? Andrea Asked confused as she stared into my eyes looking for Answers.

” Baby it’s not what you think ” he said and I turned to Padre who wasn’t even looking our way .

“What where you doing at Dragons Territory ? Are you doing Business with that man ? I asked in fear.

” No. ..of course not Mia Cara …” He said immediately.

” Wait did you dig into my past without permission ? She asked hurt.

” Andrea ….” He trailed and I looked away as my eyes stungged .

Didn’t he trust me ? Did he think I’d betray him one day why would he dig into my past when he could just ask me everything he wanted to know.

” Andrea dear ” Padre trailed and coughed .

” What’s going on father ? I asked and my heart hurt when I saw how broken he was.

” Tell your daughter Dominico tell her how you’ve known who her Biological father was from the moment you adopted her ! Ilaria raised her voice Angrily.

” Stop right there Ilaria …Padre wouldn’t do something like that ,he picked in my lowest moment and made me who I am today he ….” I trailed not wanting to believe anything my ears just heard .

” Oh please Andrea your so called Padre R*ped your wh*ring mother and you and your Precious sister are a result of that night , right Dominico ? she asked mockingly and I froze .





” THIS CANT BE THROUGH ! Right Padre this can’t be possible my Padre wouldn’t do something like that he …he …” I said as my heart beat crazily unable to believe the painful rush of emotions that stormed my heart at once .

It was too much just too much to bear at that point.

” Padre …it’s a lie right ? say something you can’t just keep Quiet to such Allegations against you , how can you do something like that ? Your a man of Dignity and you always stand by what is right ? How ….how could you do something like that ? I asked as my throat began to burn hot tears ran down my eyes from his eyes.

” I’m sorry dear I’m so sorry ” he mumbled and I moved back .

” You knew I was your daughter ? You Bought my freedom and made me poison knowing I was your flesh and bl**d Padre ? I asked and Sergio rubbed my arms .

” Baby calm down please I’m sure there is more to what meets the Eyes please ” he said and I stared at him .

” You knew right ? You knew I was his Biological Daughter right ? I asked and he opened his mouth to talk but nothing seemed to be coming out .

” Sergio ” I mumbled in hurt .

” Baby wait please let me explain” he said as I stormed out of the place .

Grace tried to come after me as my whole body shook with hurt ..

I got into my car and drove off the Valentino Estate as tears rolled out of my eyes I cried like a baby as memories of past came flooding.

How could he hide something so important from me then claim to love me ? He never told me I was his Biological Daughter and the thought just makes me feel so much hurt .

Both the men I trusted with everything in my life lied to me

My Padre

And my very own Husband

My phone rang and it was Sergio I stared at the screen as it rang and stopped .

It rang Again and Again but I just packed the car and cried bitterly.

*Please pick up mia Cara *

*Don’t do anything stupid Please let me explain *

*My love I’m sorry* another read and I hug-ged my feet and cried bitterly.

My whole life had been a lie …a blatant lie ,I always thought I had been fortunate to have been bought from Dragon and given freedom by my kind and generous foster father …when in reality he only bought my freedom knowing I’m his Daughter.


♣️ SERGIO ♣️

” We are getting a Divorce Ilaria … because I refuse to stay in a marriage with someone unfaithful and Cruel as you are ! Dominico screamed Angrily immediately My wife left .

I should have gone with her but knowing Neomi she wouldn’t stop the car so I s£nt my securities to keep an eye on her for me .

She’d come around because that’s how much she loves her father .

” Don’t you dare talk about my unfaithfulness Dominico because you cheated on me first you had a child outside our marriage with your wh-ore …” She fired at him.

” Is that the reason for your bitterness ? I knew you always prefferd that Armani Ilaria but Doing something like this to ruin me is what I can’t wrap my head around ” he fired Angrily.

” You mean. …..Andrea is your biological Daughter which means ….we ….. we’re siblings ” Cardo asked and I couldn’t help but feel bad for him because he looked like he’s just been told the most humiliating news to have ever existed .

” And you knew mother ? How could you ! He fired at Ilaria in hurt.

” You wanted her ” she said shrugging.

” Wanted her ? I can’t fvcking want her she’s my sister for fvck sake ” Cardo bursted as he rubbed his face tears rolled out of his eyes.

” Fvck all you ! I hate y’all for doing this to us ” he said pointing at both Dominico and Ilaria .

” Cardo …Cardo don’t do this ” Ilaria cried and as he turned to leave.

” Aahhjjjt” Dominico yelped in pain.

” Sh!t padre ! ” Enrico screamed as he fell to the floor.

” Dad ” Cardo screamed in fear as everyone ran towards his lifeless body

” Get away from him ” Cardo screamed Angrily as I picked him up .

” You’d be a complete fool if you prefer arguing with me instead of taking your Dad to the hospital ! I mocked and walked out of their mansion.

Ilaria sat at the far end With her hands on her cheeks. Probably waiting to hear that he had [email protected] on .

How could she be so cruel to man she claimed to love for all these years .

I tried to call Neomi again and she picked.

” Mia Cara ” i said softly and heard her sniffing on the other hand.

” I’m sorry baby I know I should have told you ,I even tried to tell you this morning I swear I just felt it wasn’t in my place to tell ,I’m so worried about you please come back ” I said softly

” …… ” She didn’t say a word but I knew she was crying and it made my heart squeeze in pain .

” Your Padre has been hospitalized” I said and she [email protected] .

” What happened to him ? Is he okay Sergio ? She asked and I fought the urge to smile she was so angry at him yet still cared .

” Gio ”

” He’s at Hearties ” I said and She ended the call .

I waited outside the hospital for my wife and smiled when her car pulled over .

She ran towards the doors and I Caught hold of her .

” Baby ”

” Sergio where’s my dad ? She asked her cheeks red and eyes puffy from crying.

” He’s currently undergoing treatments the Doctors haven’t said anything yet ” I said and she Cried .

” He was sick I shouldn’t have said those t…
” She trailed.

” Hey look at me Tesoro it’s not your fault , you have every right to be angry ” i said and ki-ssed her li-ps Softly.

” I’ve not forgiven you Sergio ” she said breaking the ki-ss.

” But ….” I trailed and one glare shut me up .

” You’d be sleeping on the floor until I forgive you ” she said and I froze immediately.

” Floor ? That’s almost an abomination to Husbands @ssociation …baby …you have to rethink this Decision I can do anything please …”

” Sergio ” she scolded .

” I have to cuddle you to bed ,I have to fold your soft BUtts and bo-obs ” I said and she blushed red .

” You’re insane ” she said softly.


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