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PISTOLE E SESSO episode 34


[ Guns and se-x]

# 4 in the DE LUCA SERIES

✍️ By authoress lenity Faithful


Tags ☠️: Mafia , love , arrogance ,Hot , £r0ti¢ billionaires , Ruthless , Genius, forbidden.

©️ Copyright [ Do not copy or Repost without permission from me the writer or else …You’d not like my actions ]

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He helped me shower and made promises to me telling me Cardo and his madness wasn’t worth my tears .

Sergio is just the best thing that happened to me because he has a way of making me forget all my worries .

” You need to eat something ” Sergio said after we walked out of the bathroom together.

” My peace I’m not hungry ” i said with a small smile .

” You will be when i feed you from my hands” he said and I raised an eyebrow.

” Seriosely ? What am I five ? I asked Amused .

” Not exactly Baby But you see … You’re a child when it comes to Romance you always Blush Red even when I touch you …. You’re only that strong Andrea out there ” he said and ki-ssed the top of my nose.

” Stop saying sweet things to make me cry ” i said while sniffing back the hot tears that threatened to Escape.

” I don’t want to see you cry Neomi …” He said and pulled me into his eyes .

We walked out together after changing into Matching Nightwears which Sergio had ordered in his free time .

” Sergio I can walk. .” I said and he rolled his eyes as he joined our hands together while leading me towards the large kitchen.

When we got in Kris and Bella where also around Having fun with a Bowl of ice cream as Bella laughed after putting Cream on Kristov’s nose.

” Hey Bro ” Sergio greeted as he walked towards the large cupboards to bring out Packets of Instant Noodles.

” Hey Kris heard what happened …hope you fvcked him up ? He asked and Bella looked at her husband in suprise .

” Rea did it even before I had to ” he said smirking proudly.

” Ah yes I can imagine if she could easily stab you ….talk more Cardo ” he said laughing.

I suc-ked on my lower li-p Badly .

I can’t believe I stabbed Gio in the past and didn’t even pause to check if he was Dead or alife ….

Right now the thought of loosing him hurt my heart immediately

I stared at him and he cluelessly flashed me a grin .

I never even thought to apologise .

” This would be over real quick ” he said and pulled me into his arms as I blushed red .

” My peace your brother and his wife ….” I trailed

” So ? He asked grinning.

” What do you mean by so ? Don’t you have the word shame in your Dictionary Mr De Luca ? I teased .

” It does not exist ….it can never Exist in front of my wife ” he said ki-ssing my li-ps softly as I blushed red .

” Awwwwwwwwn ” I heard Bella tease and the blush increased.

” I can’t sleep I’m starving ” The Don said walking into the kitchen with his wife in his arms they paused when they saw us in the kitchen.

” Guess we’re not the only ones Bambi” he said and Grace blushed Red .

Oh so Sergio is not the only Sweet tongued De Luca ,I can’t believe the Ruthless [email protected] De Luca calls his woman Bambi .

This was even the first time I’m seeing him on A plain T shirt and Shorts anyways.

” I’m not a nagging Husband you should seriously stop calling me a nagging Husband i am only being romantic. …read my li-ps Lily … RO….MAN…TIC ” we heard Frederico’s voice as he walked in with his wife not far behind.

” Romantic ? You need to und-erstand that I’m tired sometimes Sweetie ..” she stopped talking and blushed pink when they noticed we where also in the kitchen.

” What are you guys cooking ? Rico asked Excitedly and we couldn’t help but chuckle

He and Aria where also in matching outfits.

” When did you suddenly turn like this ? You used to be so soft spoken ” the Don said and Rico grinned while I stared on in Amusement.

” Oh please I married a woman that Doesn’t speak much it’s gonna be so boring….if I decide to be like her ” he said smirking.

” Rico you Naug-hty ” she said glaring at him .

” Lily … s-exy wife …the sugar in my tea ….the ” Rico trailed .

” Stop right there Mr Deluca I can’t imagine ” Aria said suprised.

” Hahahahaha did I just hear you call her the sugar in your tea that’s so Naug-hty ” Kristov said smirking.

” Back to the noodles ” Rico grinned.

” Not my noodles ” Sergio said as he served them .

” Fine go away greedy man ,” he said as he walked towards the Cupboard to bring out Two packs .

Grace chuckled and I noticed the Don was whispering something sweetly in her ears she blushed pink and slapped his ch-est .

” You guys should go ahead and make yours my wife and I have somewhere to be ” Sergio said placing our stuff in the kitchen trolley.

” Wife huh ? Dylan Asked coming in .

” Says the man who wanted to get married at 50 hehehehe ” Rico grinned and sergio blushed red .

Dylan on the other hand took something from the big Fridge in the kitchen which I noticed was some strawberries in a [email protected] bowl.

” You said that ? I asked trying to stop myself from laughing at the top of my voice .

” I …..I…” Sergio trailed .

” He said and I Quote ..” the girl that would tame me has not yet been born ” the Don said and everyone burst into laughter.

” Don’t listen to them ” Sergio whispered as he gestured me to start walking.

” Oh please what does she gain if she doesn’t listen to us ? Rico said loudly as we left the Kitchen and I laughed crazily.

” What’s funny ? He asked frowning.

” Nothing Absolutely nothing ” i said trying to his the fact that I was smiling crazily.

” But you’re smiling ” he said and I chuckled .

” I’m not smiling ” I said and helped him push the trolley into our room .

” But it’s Quite obvious that you where laughing” he said pouting.

” You’re so cute baby …” I said pulling his cheeks and making baby noises

” I’m not cute how can you call a full grown man cute it’s supposed to be a crime punishable by law ”

” Hahahahaha ” i said laughing and he walked towards the Dinning in our room .

” So you won’t talk to me anymore ? I asked smiling

” I’ve told you not to call me that haven’t I? He asked frowning.

” But I can’t help it when you look cute I end up saying it ” I said and Sat with him .

” If you are angry and don’t want me to feed you anymore it’s totally fine ” I said and his jaws literally just dropped immediately.

” What ? Mia Cara I’m cute. ..infact I’m as cute as a Six month old baby ” he said and I threw my head backwards as I laughed crazily.

Sergio always has a way of making me smile I swear .

” So you agree that you’re as cute as a baby ? I asked and he gave a nod.

I sat close to him and as I fed him I blushed red especially when he fed me too .

After we finished eating we Retired to bed and Sergio Switched on the TV.

” Movie again ? I asked as he walked towards the snacks basket in front and brought it close to us.

” We always slept through half of the movie ” I said and he laughed.


♣️ SERGIO ♣️

” I thought girls love Movies ? I asked teasingly and she blushed Red .

” I never really had time to watch movies. …I had a Serious huh … childhood ” she said staring at her hands .


She was always the strong Seriose Neomi but when it comes to my matter she turns to a normal girl and I can’t believe it .

” I …. know I was actually suprised when we did it for the first time I was suprised you’re still so pure so innocent” I said proudly.

” Sergio ” she said trying to change the topic.

” Remember the time when you told me you will only agree to help with Rico if I agreed to be your boyfriend.” I asked.

” I only wanted to play you Sergio and break your heart at the end ,you where the schools sweetheart going around ripping girls hearts in pieces I wanted to be your downfall ” she said and I stared at her shocked .

” Should I be scared ? I asked and she chuckled.

” No I later dropped the idea though” she grinned.

” And that day you Walked na-ked in front of me when I came over to your …” I trailed .

” I wasn’t exactly na-ked Mr De Luca “she cut me short immediately as I laughed.

” Bellisima” I called .

” Hmmmnn” she said staring into my eyes.

” Have you huh tried looking for your sister ? I asked and her smile faded immediately.

” I’m sorry I ….” I trailed and she placed her hands are mine .

” It’s okay ….” She said rubb-ing her arms .

” I haven’t seen Harmony for years ….I tried looking for her but mom seemed to have moved away and maybe she took Harmony With her ” she said as tears rolled outta her eyes.

” Hey ….calm down ” i said ki-ssing her forehead.

” I don’t want to talk about it ” she said and I gave a nod.

” It’s ok baby I promise everything is going to be just fine ” I promised and she ki-ssed my li-ps softly.

I smiled into the ki-ss as this was the first time she was initiating anything intimate between us .

But a lot has happened today I didn’t want to stress her body further.

” My love c’mon it’s time to go to bed ” I said and pulled her into my arms.

” I love you Neomi ” I whispered softly.

” Love you too Gio I love you so much…I trust you and I know you’d never hurt me ‘ she said and I knew right there and then that I was wrong by hiding things from her .

I should probably tell her I’m digging about her past ,I don’t want anything to become a problem between us .

” Bellisima I have something to tell you about…I…” I trailed and stopped talking when I felt her soft snores.

” Good night Beautiful ” I said and she snuggled Into me .

I will tell her everything tommorow , I can’t continue to hide things between us I don’t want that to be the reasons we end up having another brutal fight .


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