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one brief ki-ss episode 51 & 52

ki-ss ?
( Yearning For Her… )


By, Marie G.

‼ Copy & Remain miserable ‼️


☆☙( I wanna ki-ss you )☙☆


Every phone suddenly started popping up notification

If was from the school blog


? This is cool.

? I never wanted to attend [email protected] today anyways

The Students started dispersing in groups

Violet stood up, going to meet Jeffrey with Yixuan

” Should we go home now?” He asked

” But You need to talk to your partner about studying together” he added, a hint of jealousy in his voice while Yixuan stared up at him

So he was actually into Violet?. She smiled sadly

” We should go out first… I can’t wait for him here” Violet said and Jeffrey stood up.

He interlocked their hands as they left [email protected]

Ryan’s eyes surveyed the [email protected], but she was nowhere in it

” She must have gone home. How are we supposed to study then? I don’t even have her number” he sighed even when he wasn’t comfortable with them studying together and all that

He carried his bag and left [email protected] too

He sighted her coming out of a corner with her friends and he walked up to them

” Let’s talk ” he said

” Me? ” She asked, glancing at Jeffrey and Yixuan

” If there’s anything you need to say just say it here ” Jeffrey chipped in, holding unto violet’s hands firmly while Ryan stared at their interlocked hands

” I’ll be back Jeffrey, we’re just gonna talk ” Violet said, releasing her hands from his grip

He nodded before taking few steps back, giving them some talking space

” How are we gonna do? Studying together ” he asked plainly

” Okay? What about..urmm.. she thought for a while but she still couldn’t think of anything

” Let’s make use of the school… Like after school we could stay back and study” he said

” Huh? ” She asked confused. She couldn’t fathom her reason for her confused State..

” Come with me ” he held her hands and her eyes widened

He made to pull her away but someone else held her other hand.

Violet turned to the person and It was Remy. he had an annoying smirk on as he stared at Ryan

” Let’s talk..” Remy said and she raised a brow at him

She stared at Ryan and back Remy . None of them seem to be letting her go any moment soon

? Are they fighting over her now?

? Gawd, I don’t wanna believe this.

? I wish I could just shift souls right now..

? Seriously…but too bad I’m not a soul shifter

The Students murmured and some of them were already taking pictures.

” I mustn’t see any of those pictures online ” Remy warned and immediately everyone returned their phone back to their pockets

He turned to Ryan

” Let her go, I have something important to tell her..” he said pulling Violet to himself

” Can you both just let go of my hands? It’s hurting already” she whisper-yelled

Slowly, Ryan let go of her hands and proceeded to the parking lots since he saw no need holding back

” What do you wanna talk to me about?” Violet faced Remy who was no longer holding unto her

All this while, Jeffrey was watching them with so much anger. He was jealous and he knew it

” Nevermind ” he winked at her before walking away too and she scoff.

She turned to Jeffrey and yixuan who were staring at her

” Can we go now?” She walked to them but Jeffrey didn’t say anything as they all walked out of the school premises.

Ryan’s car was about driving out of the parking lots when she stood in front of it and it immediately came to a halt

” What the f*ck do you think you’re doing? Do you have a dead wish?” He scolded

Violet walked to him and entered his car.. ignoring his question

” What are you doing?” He asked but she ignored him again and took his phone.

She saved her number on it and dropped it back

” Gimme a call anytime you want us to study. I will create time for it cause I’m a very busy person. And make sure you call me on time so I will know what to do” she said and stepped down from the car.

He didn’t bother to check her number on his phone before driving off


” Why did you do that?” Reece faced Remy

” Didn’t you guys noticed?”

” Is there someone we missed?” Justin asked

” Nevermind.. I only did that to only get on Ryan’s nerves..

” But the dude didn’t look like someone who was even concerned”.. Justin said

” If there’s one thing I so much know about him, it’s the fact that he has a very short temper… With the way he didn’t get angry earlier, I’m guessing he’s kinda working on it ” Remy smirk-ed

” He’s your brother anyway, you must know him best” Fargo said as they walked to their various cars

Ryan entered his room and locked the door behind him before leaning on it

He recall what happened earlier but he still couldn’t figure out the reason Remy had behaved that way

He sighed and brought out his phone.

He went through his contact which had only six numbers saved in it; his parents, Mr George, the director, Brown and lastly, Violet

He didn’t have Remy’s since the old one he had wasn’t going through anymore

Mr George had already s£nt him some helpful guide for the competition and he immediately forwarded it to Violet since he thought she’d be needing it most.

He dropped his phone minutes later and laid on his bed, trying to free his head from unnecessary thoughts


” This isn’t what I ask him ” Violet scoffed staring at her phone

Her grandma wasn’t at home so it was just her

She shook her head, leaving her room to the kitchen to prepare something for herself and her grandma

She was done minutes later and settled down on the dining table

” No work today, I will be less busy. Let’s just take all our time to study the guidelines he s£nt okay?” She said to herself, saving his contact on her phone



” How come you got 10?” Mara asked Claire

” I dunno either, maybe luck” Claire shrugged her attention on the movie she was watching

” But seriously, Don’t you think that girl Violet is very intelligent? It’s rare to see beautiful people with brain” Claire added

” I guess that’s why your brain capacity is limited” Mara rolled her eyes

” I’m very much happy with my limited capacity brain, at least it’s better than your brainless skull. Have you ever wondered why your skull shines under the sun? It’s because it radiates solar energy instead since you have no brain” Claire replied

” Did you just call me brainless?”

” Did I? I don’t remember mentioning your name ” Claire replied, plugging her earpiece into her ears to avoid further talk from her friend

” Birds of same feathers they say, flock together. You’re just as brainless as me” Mara rolled her eyes



Ryan walked out of the house and down the street while Brown followed behind

” Young master, we should have taken the car instead… you’ve never gone out without your car. Is something the matter?” Brown asked and Ryan immediately stopped on his track and turned to him

” Did I over step my boundaries again young master?”

” Do that again and you won’t followed me back to the mansion”. Ryan threatened but Brown didn’t seems to understand what he meant

” What do you mean? Will I be sleeping outside?” He asked

” Sure, cos you might have lost your job” Ryan replied and continued his walk.

That was the very first time he will be leaving the house like that ever since Remy left.

He decided to give it a try again not because the house felt suffocating but because he wanted to feel that happiness he always felt when him and his bros always sneaked out of the house

He kept waking till he sighted a bench somewhere close to a field and he went for it

” Young master, is the something bothering you?” Brown asked standing beside him.

” Sit ” he tapped at the space next to him but Brown hesitated

” Stop taking your job seriously, moreover Li Xue isn’t here” he said again and Brown did a little bow before sitting close to him.

He looked at Brown and sighed

” You can tell me anything young master, I’ll give you the best advice” Brown smiled and he grimaced

” Smile like that one more time and your job is gone” He threatened and Brown’s smile suddenly turned to a serious frown.

He cleared his throat trying [email protected] not to laugh at Brown’s expression

” Brown.. he trailed off

” I have this friend.. he trailed off again trying to figure how he could place his words

” But you have no friends..” Brown replied

” Can you just keep quiet and hear me out first? And who told you I don’t have friends?” He snapped with widened eyes

” I’m sorry young master” Brown apologized

” So what about that friend of yours?” He asked and Ryan clear his throat again staring at the ground

” The thing is… He tried saving this girl from falling but they both ended up falling and they.. he paused then used his hand to complete the rest

” But it wasn’t intentional though ” he added quickly

” What wasn’t intentional? and What’s this?” Brown asked cluelessly, doing the same thing Ryan just did with his hands since he didn’t understand what he meant

” Are you always this d.umb?”.. Ryan scoff

” I mean something like… He pouted his li-ps trying to describe whatever he meant since he didn’t want to say the words out loud

” Is everything okay young master? Is something wrong with your li-ps? Let me see.. Brown said and made to touch his li-ps but he slapped his hands off

” You wanna touch my li-ps? Are you tired of your job?”

“Sorry, You were saying something earlier..” Brown said

” They ended up ki.. he trailed off still using his hands to demonstrate while Brown just stared at him cluelessly

” I mean ki-ss, you [email protected] ” he suddenly shouted and those [email protected] by gave them strange looks

? Is he asking the guy to ki-ss him?

? They’re lovers?

? OMG, he’s just too cute to be g-ay

? Gawd, I can’t watch this!!

The people around started dispersing while staring at them disgustingly

” F*ck ” Ryan bent his head

” Wh.. what? I should ki-ss you? I can’t do that young master” Brown said covering his mouth with his hand while Ryan snapped his head up and threw him a deadly glare

” Why would you ki-ss me? are you crazy? I was talking about my friend, he ki-ssed a girl!!! ” He snapped

” Oh, is that so?” Brown asked and he rolled his eyes

” At first, I thought you were talking about yourself but now, I really believe you made a new friend cause you’ll never save someone talk more of ki-ssing a girl.. young master is too pure” Brown laughed

” I know right?”

” So how was their ki-ss?”

” According to him, It was brief ” Ryan replied

” So what has been this your friend’s reaction after the ki-ss?” Brown asked

” He always wants to see her face and he’s always thinking about the ki-ss”

” There’s only one thing to called those feelings…..

” What’s it ” he asked curiously

” It’s love young master, your friend is in love”

” That’s ridiculous” he snapped standing on his friend

” Why are you getting angry young master?” Brown asked confused

” How can you say I’m in love, are you high?”

” But you said it was your friend”

” You’re fired” Ryan said

” What?!! But Why?”

” For giving me and my friend wrong advice!!!”

” Huh?” Brown exclaimed

” You heard me” Ryan said and began to walk away while Brown followed behind already shedding tears

Ryan scoff as he walked back towards the mansion.

” Love? Joke!!” He scoffed again entering the mansion while Brown stood outside

He suddenly opened the door and peep out

” Stop standing there if you really wanna keep your job” he said and shut the door again

” Thank you young master ” Brown said

” Gosh That was scary, he’s scary” he said, going to his own apartment

Ryan fell heavily on his bed and recalled Brown’s words earlier

” Love?” He laughed. ” Brown is definitely high… love is just a mere fantasy… I’m sure of that” he @ssured himself.

He took off his hoodie and got into the bathroom

” Should I just stay at school until the competition is over?” He wondered as the water pour down on him

He descended the stairs, looking all refreshed and handsome as ever

” My baby ” Leyan went to him, caressing his hair

” Hi Mom, and you too Dad” he greeted his dad who was busy on his PC

” how are you son? Is there something you wanna say?” Xue asked his attention still on his PC

” About the competition… I’ll need to spend two days at school so I can read with my colleague” he said

” It’s fine, the key to your private hostel is with you, So you can spend as long as you want there untill the competition comes to an end” Li Xue replied

” Good night then ” Ryan bowed before heading to his room again


∆ Next day, Evergreen college

The day went by in a blur till it was closing hours

” So Did you find a place already? And thanks for the guidelines. It really helped me last night.. ” Violet said sitting next to Ryan

He stood up and pulled her up too

” Come with me ” he said, interlocking their hands and pulling her out of [email protected]

Mara balled her fist as she stared at their interlocked hands. She felt her blood drying up in anger

” Gosh, they’re cute together don’t you agree?” Claire laughed but her statement only got Jeffrey mad

Ryan entered the room with Violet and a ‘wow’ escaped her mouth

” This is my hostel and this is where we are gonna be using” he said, putting his hands in his [email protected] pocket

” He looks so cool right now” she muttered s£nselessly

” What?”

” Huh? I mean the room is beautiful ” she said and he nodded

” Don’t be late then ” he said and left the room while she followed behind

” What’s wrong with you Violet?” She scolded herself


∆ Evening

” Does that mean you won’t be coming home tonight?” Granny Pamela asked after Violet had explained things to her

” I don’t know yet, that’s why I took some clothes in case” she said

” Be careful”

” I will be careful grandma and don’t worry too much” she ki-ssed her grandmother goodbye before leaving the house


Ryan had change into something comfy and big. He got into his library and got the books he’ll be needing before going back to the sitting room

Yes his hostel had a library… it was just like every normal mansion but it was at the extreme end of the school

He placed the books on the table and opened his laptop

He would be spending the night at school but Mara had no idea else she’d had been bugging him

He was still going through his books when he heard a knock.

Knowing who was at the door, he opened it and there she stood looking beautiful as ever

He opened the door wide and she got in

” Hey.. she waved at him but he didn’t reply

She stared at his books on the reading table and smiled.

She sat down and started going through his books while he sat at the space next to her

” Let’s start ” he said

” Alright then, let’s follow the guidelines ” she smiled but he didn’t return it

” So I made a summary of everything we will be working on ” she said stretching her book towards him and he collected it

” Explain everything you summarized in here” he said and she nodded

” here I wrote the likely……

Suddenly he wasn’t paying attention to the rest of her words as his eyes stayed glued on her li-ps

For some strange reasons He could feel his heart race

She paused and took in her lower li-ps before resuming what she was explaining. Her li-ps were now very red and w-et which seemed to be distracting him

” I’m loosing my mind.. he muttered still staring at her

” What did you say? You Didn’t get my explanation?” She asked, her li-ps pouting slightly

” I wanna ki-ss you ” he muttered abs£ntmindedly while staring directly into her eyes

She was lost too, her gaze not leaving his. She didn’t even hear what he said, all she could hear right now is how fast her heart was beating

Before she could read meaning into what he said, he suddenly held her to himself, crashing his li-ps on hers



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