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my heart 2 episode 12

Season 2?
story by Japhy

⏭️Russell’s POV⏭️
“doctor, is he still alive,” i asked in tears but no one said a word to me, they quickly rushed him to the operation room for urgent treatment.
“is he alive? i asked one of the nurse [email protected] by.
“he has lose so much blood and was badly injured, sorry ma’am i don’t think he’ll survive,” the nurse said then walked away.

“he going to be fine aunt Russell, i don’t know why things are getting touger at the same time like this,” Greg said holding her shoulders.
“all my life has been a mess, i have always been in tears,” Russell said wiping away her tears.
“this is getting out of hand,” Brown said with a sad expression.
“what about my two daughters now, what about Wilson too,” i said then sat on the floor and cried out my eyes.

⏭️Tracy’s POV⏭️
I arrived home and meet Wilson mother pacing up and down at the sitting room.
“where’s Courtney? and Loren? she asked.

“where could Loren be,” I said then my phone rang, i checked the caller and notice it Jeff, he’s so stupid, is he trying to expose me again, i looked at Wilson’s mother then excuse myself to answer the call.
“Jeff, it all because of you Wilson is death,” i yelled into the phone.
“it time for you to suffer Tracy, The girl your husband once picked from the street was his real daughter, Courtney is his biological child cos Russell was never death,”

he said while i was shocked to hear that and i also wonder how he knows that.
“your time is up already, Loren is already in jail,” he said.
“shut up Jeff, i regretted ever having a child with you,

Loren will never love you as daughter should be to father, you’re such a devil s£nt,” i yelled then threw my phone on the floor and breathe heavily, i shouldn’t have let Wilson die in the first place but from the look of things it still good because he will never be with his real family, but what about Russell is she truly alive. I turn to leave when i suddenly saw Wilson’s mom behind, he looked so shocked.
“so Loren wasn’t my real grandchild? she asked while i nodded.

“and my son is death, oh no Wilson,” she said then quickly ran but i ran after her to kill her completely, she might tell someone this, i mistakly fall to the ground but before i could up to my feet the old woman has already ran away, she’s such a bi-tch , i winced in pains then stood up to, i need to get my daughter out of the prison but first i need to teach Jeff a lesson of his life.

⏭️Wilson’s mother POV⏭️
I quickly ran outside because the way Tracy looked at me was different i know something was wrong, i can’t belive Russell is still alive,

but if she’s still alive then where could she be? can Wilson ever forgive me? is he truly death? where could my son be? lots of thought keep running through my mind and i let out my tears, i was such a fool; to have treated Russell badly at the first place, i never liked her as a mother in law should do instead i bring in Tracy anmd destroy my own son’s marriage, will he ever forgive me, a seperate family is like a shattered family, we shouldn’t have sparated his family in the first place. I guess am the worse and horrible mother ever, i wish i could to see my son.

⏭️Russell’s POV⏭️
It almost an hour, am ready to give out my heat to my daughter even thou am not happy to leave them, i wish they all survive including Wilson. The doctor came out in a rush.
“doctor, what about Courtney? i asked in tears.
“no need to worry ma’am, we’ve got a donor and the sugery wil start now,” he said while i [email protected]

“who is the donor? i asked
“who could that be doctor? are you sure Courtney will be fine? cos am, ready to give anything it takes to keep her alive just for her to be happy again especially now that her lost family is found,” Brown said in a cracking voice.
“the person said we can’t tell his or her name until after the sugery,” the doctor replied then rushed back, my heart was beating faster, WHO COULD BE THAT PERSON.

⏭️Tracy arrived at the station to check on her daughter Loren and to also confirm if what Jeff told her was right. She arrived their and was shocked when saw her daughter in tears.
“mom,” Loren said in tears then landed a heavy slap on her face.
“what.. how dare you slap your mother? she asked so angry.

“because my life has being full of lies, that man came and told me everything but is it true my father is truly death? she asked in tears.
“did you care that much about him? Loren all what he said is right, you’re not Wilson child and he already knows about that, i also can’t believe what he told me Russell is still alive and Courtney and Brittney turn out to be his daughters, it just so confusing. Wilson will never accept us again, cos we’re not his family” i said in tears but Loren glare at me.

“it all your fault mother why didn’t you kill that real bastard father of mine, he can’t be my real father, i don’t like him, he’s not my [email protected] and we doesn’t even look alike. You’re such a wh-ore to have do this mother, tell me am my father’s daughter, Wilson is my father,” Loren yelled so angry with Tracy.

“enough of this, everything is out, i just need to get you out of here so we can ruin Russell and her daughters, Wilson is already death we can have part of his property and run away, far away out of this country to enjoy our lives again, this the only solution,” Tracy said while Loren nodded in disagreement.
“just go, just go away you liar, you’re such a wh-ore, i won’t believe you ever again,” Loren yelled while the policemen took her back to cell and Tracy left in tears.

“Russell is back and everything is ruined, let see if you’ll survive this time,” Tracy said to herself then hurried to the hospital Jeff told her about, she was also planing to getting rid of Jeff and she hated him so much, she rushed to the hospital. She quickly rushed to Doctor Steve office, she was glad she knows him already.
“i need your help and it urgent,” she said with a smirk.
“you again Tracy, what? he asked then stood up.

“what about Courtney Kento, what about her condition? she asked.
“she’s undergoing a surgery right now, and it a heart transplant,” he said while she was shocked to hear that.
“and Brittney? she asked.
“she’s still alive but with the help of a life supporting machine, she might die anytime from now,” he said while she smiled.

“i want the two daughters death,” she said with a smirk but froze when the door went open and someone familiar called her name.
Tracy slowly turned and was shocked by who she saw…Russell.. she said called in whisper..

what did u think will happen?
who could the donor be??

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