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love over blood 2 episode 75

©Sir Zach


It was too early for him to wake up but he needs to fulfill his promise.

Later that night, Ethan received a message from the number that mr. Kersey used to call him. It contains the time and location of the meet-up. He didn’t bother to tell Aisha about the matter since he doesn’t want to worry her. Anyway, he can handle it, that’s for sure.

After ordering the men to watch over Aisha and Mira, Max drove the car to where the private jet was. After a few minutes, the jet landed on the Island. And alone, he went directly to the location that was provided. And from a distance, Ethan saw the couples sitting on a wooden porch.

However, something seems off. They’re a bit anxious and looks like they are… afraid! But he gradually walks to where they are. His eyes were silently @ssessing the surrounding.

” Sir Ethan, y-you’re here.” The old man faked a smile. ” Please come in.”

” good morning Mr and Mrs Kersey.” He was smiling wide as if he hadn’t felt any discrepancies around. ”The outside view is very beautiful to behold. If we may, can we talk here instead?”

” E-eh?” The old man was caught off guard, therefore, he stared at his wife who seems to be sweating profusely. ”T-that’s fine with me, S-sir. please take a seat then.” He offered.

” I’ll just prepare the coffee.” Mrs Kersey excused herself and went inside.

” Mr. Kersey, please call me Ethan.” He begged.

” B-but…”

” Please…” he pleaded.

”Okay, Ethan.” He smiled.

” That’s better, thank you.” Then his gaze suddenly landed on the wooden house’ window. Did he caught a shadow? Or was it just his imagination? The old man must have s£nse his eyes so he asked him.

” What is it? Is there any problem?” He inquired.

” Mr Kersey, are there any other person in the house aside from us?”

The old man suddenly jolted in dread but after a few seconds, he tried to calm himself.

”T-there’s no one else beside us.” He faked a smile. ” You must have seen my wife’s shadow.” He chuckled lightly.

” Oh, yeah… I guess.” He faked a smile.

” Ah, mr kersey, you said something about Alex yesterday. What is it that you want to tell me?”

”T-that?” He lowered his head. ” Everything is a lie… ” he muttered lightly.

” W-what? What’s a lie?” Ethan got curious all of a sudden..

” Everything I told you… it was all a lie.”

” Everything about Alex?”

He shook his head. ” It’s not Alex, definitely not her cause everything about her is true. But everything about Clement is not.”

”What do you mean?”

” C-clement… he knew everything about the woman.”

” What?!” Ethan was dumbfounded.

” He knew about the woman… her past… her history… where he came from and who she really is.” He stared at the man sternly. ” I’m very sorry, Ethan. I didn’t mean to keep everything from you…. it’s just that…”

” Clement told you not to, is that correct? he gave you another story; a lie to make the woman believed that Clement saved her unintentionally, Am I right?”

”That’s right.” He replied.

” Tsk! That bastard!” Ethan scoffed upsettingly.

” Bastard?” They heard a familiar voice from somewhere. And quickly, Ethan search for the man who just spoke.

There! Clement! He was slowly walking towards them, grinning evilly.

” It was all because of you, Ethan Saphiro Williams! It was all your fault. If only you didn’t show up… if you didn’t chase the woman that I love, then probably, Alex and I should be engage right now.” He snorted.

” Clement, Is it true that you already know who she is even before that day?” He asked.

” Well, let me think of a reason why I should answer you.” He was tracing his jaw with his f!ng£r.

Ethan raised his brow sarcastically. This man is definitely provoking him, but he’s not going to let his guard down. Not now.

”Just who are you exactly?” Ethan furthered.

” Well, I’ll treat this as your last wish, so let me answer that question for you.” He sat in between them. The old man was just listening silently, not daring to speak anything that could provoke Clement.

” The old man is right, I lied about how I saved the woman. But it will never change the fact that I still saved her.” Clement proudly stated.

” But still, you lied to her.”

” for her own sake!”

” for her own sake? Or yours?” Ethan emphasized. ”When you found her, why didn’t you inform us? You knew who she really was, but why did you chose to lie?”

” Because I love her. And she’s safer with me.” Clement interjected. ” I was too late to save her three years ago; the time that she was already at the end of the cliff. I know I couldn’t make it up on time so I prepared my stuff down that rocky cliff. Though I was ready to accept the fact that the baby in her may not make it, but I was ready to save that woman by any chance.” A sincere smile formed on his face.

Ethan was silently listening to every words he was saying. He wanted to know the truth…

” I saw her body fell on the ocean… it was exactly right in front of me. And I was quick to save her.” Then he smiled when he remember something on that day. “There was a secret cave under that same cliff, and there we hid. And I did my best to treat her there.”

” But we had never stopped searching that Island for how many months… how did you get out? Don’t tell me you stayed there for more than six months?” Ethan probed.

The man smirked. ” If we did then she should have died that year. Cause I’m certain that she won’t even last a month in that cave. Good thing that I almost grew up on that Island. Guess you can say born and raise… therefore, I know every part of it, even the secret [email protected]

” You said you almost grew up on that Island.. so that means you know Silver, is that correct?”

” Oh that sneaky old man? Of course, my father is one of his trusted doctor in that Island. He even encouraged me to take this proffession just so I could serve him.”

” So I bet you became his personal doctor then…” Ethan inquired.

” Well, you can say that. And one of Sherry’s doctor too.” He laughed crazily.

” What?!” Ethan’s eyes widened. So would that also mean there is a possibility that Aisha must have been drugged to prevent her from remembering her past?

” You… did you also d—”

” Drugged her?” He interjected. ” Well, I don’t need to do that since her brain will never recover from that trauma from three years ago.” Then he laughed.

” What does that mean?”

” she had shut her own memory.” Clement confidently uttered. ”Basically, medical fields couldn’t explain how this phenomenom occurs to someone but I guess its something a person could do once he or she is in between a life and death scenario. Guess she was trying to get rid of a memory or information that she doesn’t want to have before she fell right off the ocean.”

Ethan suddenly went silent. He is in deep thought. A memory she wanted to forget? What could that be?

” Well I hope I have already answered all your questions. So I think we should start the real deal here.”

Ethan instantly looked at the smirking man.

” Guess you already know what’s coming, huh.” Clement’s l!p twitched and did a hand signal. After some seconds, armed men started to show up everywhere and now they are being surrounded.

” I’m sorry Ethan but I can’t leave you alone after learning about the whole truth, I can’t let you leave this Island alive… including this oldies!” He scoffed. The old man shuddered after seeing his wife tied up and was held captive by a big man.

” Clement! Please, don’t do this!” The old man pleaded.

” Let them go, Clement. You only want me after all, right?” Ethan fearlessly spoke.

Dang! Why is he still unmoved? Clement couldn’t see any trace of fear in his eyes. But why?! Isn’t he not afraid to die?

” Unfortunately, I can’t.” The man answered. ” I don’t need them anymore, so why keep such a nuisance couple if I could just dispatch them?”

” Clement…” Ethan was about to say something but he suddenly fell on the ground when Clement’s fist landed on his face. He spit some blood.

” I will never let you have my woman! And I rather kill you than see her with somebody else!” He snorted then kick the man on his stomach. Ethan silently in pain.

The man seemed uncontented therefore, he kept kicking the man everywhere! However, the man is still alive,so he asked his men to lift him and hold him carefully. As soon as his men executed his order, he begun to punching him.

The man is now breathing weakly from the man’s beating. And blood was all over his face!

But Clement couldn’t get enough. It annoys him to hear nothing from Ethan. Why isn’t he fighting back? Why isn’t he groa-ning in pain? Why isn’t he pleading for his life?! Clement was more mad than ever.

” You! Why aren’t you fighting back, huh?! Damn! This is so boring!” Clement yelled harshy as he land one [email protected] b!0w at Ethan’s stomach.

” Ahhhhhh!” Clement screamed like a mad man. Then he pulled one of his men’s gun and pointed it out to Ethan.

” You have aggravated me that much, therefore, let me just end your miseries right now, right here!” Clement cursed within him. ” Goodbye, hole!”


A loud gunshot was heard in the Island. Then blood gushed out on the ground.

Blood… Blood is everywhere!

He couldn’t say a word. Everything happened too fast.

He was shot in the hand and he didn’t know where the bullet came from.

Ahhhhh!!!! The people heard him screamed. Pain was painted all over his face.

He didn’t want to, but he instantly dropped the gun and fell on his knees. While his men tried to look around in search of the culprit.

Clement was shot in the hand! The hand that held the gun. He was about to pull the trigger but then a bullet strikes his hand faster than his reflexes. Dang! It hurts.

“Damn it! Who is it? Who shoot me?!” He yelled angrily as he look around. Clearly, It was not from his men.

His men were looking everywhere but then, another man got shot in the head. Then another one… Then another… The shooter is taking them down one after the other. Who is it? Who could it be?

The remaining men quivered in fear, two of them fled from the scene then the other three followed when they saw one more companion that got shot.

“Hey! Where are you going?!” Clement shouted at the retreating men

“Cowards! Damn it!” He cursed when everyone left him. Even the man who was holding the old lady was quivering in fear so he pushed her and run away with the others.

He tried to stand up but another shot was fired at his feet. He in pain. Ethan who had witnessed everything, slowly stood up and walk towards the suffering man.

“You!” He glared at the weak Ethan. “Was it you? Did you cause this?!” He yelled.

“Did you really think that I will come unprepared? handed?” He scoffed. “Clement, I know you are planning something, but I never thought that you would go this far.”

“Tsk!” Clement annoyingly scowled. “And you want me to believe that? Could it be that you were also planning to kill me?”

“I have never planned to go that far. And I’m sure Aisha doesn’t want that to happen either.”

“Aisha? Tsk!” He derided. “That ungrateful woman!”

“Clement, she loves you… But not to the extent of marrying you. You should know how she really cares about you… but only as her friend. She had and have been carrying the burden of owing her life to you. But you should understand that one has the freedom to choose who she/he wants to be with. That’s not something you can force.”

“But we love each other! Until that day you came and ruin everything!”

“That’s not love Clement! And if it is, then that is a one-sided love which is not supposed to be!”

“Shut up! You don’t know what you’re saying!”.

“And what you want is not love, it’s possession Clement! That’s not love, that’s selfishness. If she had chos£n you that time, then I should have withdrawn away… But she didn’t!”

“Because you had blinded her with your money, your fame and your power!”

“She is not that kind of woman and you know it. And you should accept her decision as well.” He spoke with understanding.

After a minute or two, he did a hand signal. Then men in every corner came out from their hiding. Police? How come? And since when did they arrived? Clement was puzzled.

“Clement, I’m sorry but it’s time to end this madness.” Ethan voiced then the police officers came and arrested the man.

“Mr. Ethan Williams, thank you for notifying us. Don’t worry, we will take it from here.” The police in charge uttered in respect.


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