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high school finale

(My Mr Handsome ?)

? Episode 100? final episode ?

By Anita Jerry ✍️?

The news about Alvin and his step dad spread round the state like wide fire.

Diego’s mom was really shocked by the news, she never expected this from a family like the kemetko’s, she was sure going to make that evil man route in jail.

“How are you doing now?”. Mrs Dubae asked her son who just returned home yesterday.

“I’m fine Mom”. He casually answered.

“What of your friend you’ve been taking care of at hospital?”. She questioned wanting Diego to remind her that she wasn’t just his friend but his future wife.

Mrs Dubae always likes it when he says that, it gives her butterflies , she didn’t really know why but she likes Belinda allot. …

“Mom!”. Diego tiredly called turning water for himself.

“Okay it’s fine, I get it *future wife* I know”. She mimicked causing Diego to chuckle.

“I’ll be going to Belinda’s house now, I will like to say hi to her and maybe meet with my in-laws”. She teased and Diego just nodded.

“Take care of your younger brother”. She said walking out.

“I hope that doesn’t include me bathing him?”. Diego grumpily asked.

On hearing this Mrs Dubae smiled, she knew how much he hated to bathe his younger brother and she also knew that Williams hated it when the Nanny bathes him.

“I’ve already done that for sure”. She said and Diego breathed a sign of relief.

One month later ???️

Alvin couldn’t even partake in the exams because he was held hostage in prison, Alicia was just tutored for just few days and was later released by her parents.

Alvin lived his days in the prison regretting why he ever listened to his step father who was already dead.

His mom was a big mess the last time he saw her, the whole town gossiped and disliked her, he wished he could turn back the hands of time and right his wrongs, but he knew that it was already late.


Almost all the students [email protected] the final exams, it was rumored that this year’s exams were really easier than the others.

“Congratulations”. Belinda congratulated Bella smiling.

“Oh thanks dear, Today I’m going to spoil, I’ll spoil you the way Diego have never done before, because I’m Really! Really! Excited”. Bella yelled in happiness causing Belinda to laugh.

They both walked into a nearby restaurant and took a table, Bella called the waiter and they gave their orders.

Alicia walked into the restaurant looking pitiful as she walked towards them.

“I think we should leave”. Bella said picking up her bag in annoyance.

“Bella that’s enough”. Belinda said to Bella who glared at Alicia before sitting back on her seat.

“Be fast with whatever you have to say because Belinda has an appointment with Diego”. She said to anger Alicia but Alicia cared less.

After all she has been through she must be really stupid to still be thinking of Diego.

“I won’t waste your time”. She calmly said.

“Go ahead”. Belinda said staring intensely at her.

“How is your shoulder injury?”. Alicia started.

“It’s fine”. Came Belinda’s quick reply.

“I’m really sorry Bel, please forgive me”. Alicia cried falling to her knees

“No, no stop please”. Belinda said getting her up to her feet causing Bella to roll her eyes.

“Pretender”. She muttered.

Belinda has already forgiven her even before she came begging, this was her best friend and she couldn’t stay angry at her for too long…

“He told me that he has feelings for you, he said he wanted to talk to you in private”. Alicia said with a teary voice.

“It’s okay, I understand why you did that and I forgive you”. Belinda calmly said.

“Really?”. Alicia questioned.

“Yes, only if you promise that it won’t happen again”. Belinda said wiping her tears.

“Never! Never ever!”. She yelled as they both embraced each other.

“You don’t deserve my forgiveness, I mean you lied to me, apologize right now!”. Bella said and Alicia knelt down again.

“I’m sorry my queen, please forgive me”. Alicia said.

“Forgiveness granted my subject”. Bella said causing everyone to laugh really [email protected]

It was Sunday and Belinda got ready to go to Diego’s house as planned.

She was tired of hearing all Andrea’s noise, she couldn’t stop singing about her results.

“Your boyfriend can’t do better”. So she told Belinda… phew it was so annoying.

“Good morning ma”. She greeted Diego’s mom who was the first person she saw.

“Don’t you think it’s high time you start calling me mom”. She said smiling at her.

“Diego is inside, I’m going out with Williams to go get things in preparation for his school”. She explained to Belinda who just noded.

“Okay have a great time”. She said walking out.

“Byeee”. Williams waved at her.

“,Bye dear”. Belinda waved at Williams who winked at her.

“Let this be the last time you’re calling me”. Diego rudely said hanging up.

“Who’s that?”. Belinda’s voice surprised him.

“Bea? You scared me”. Diego said turning to her.

“I’m sorry, I just came in”. Belinda explained.

“it’s fine, that was Megien I think she can’t get it into her head that it’s over”. Diego said while Belinda just smiled.

“So how have you been doing?”. Diego asked.

“Fine, I heard you’re going to the university in China”. Belinda said dropping her bag.

“Is that a real congratulations because it looks like you want to beat me up”. Diego said with a smirk.

“It’s not like that, it’s just that I’m going to miss you”. Belinda said pushing her li-ps.

“Me too my baby”. Diego said ru-bbing his thumb on her cheek.

“Why do you have to go that far, why didn’t you attend one in our country so I’ll be able to visit you”. Belinda said as a tear fell off her eyes.

“It’s just for the sake of my dad’s company, that’s why mom wants me to get the best and fastest education”. Diego explained wiping her tears.

“When you take your final exams why don’t you come and join me there”. Diego suggested.

“I’m not sure if my dad will agree to it”. Belinda replied

“Why not? If it’s because of the fees I’ll @ssist him”. Diego said causing Belinda to laugh.

“Uhmm before I forget, I wanted you to come with me to Alicia’s surprise birthday party that Sam planned for her, will you come?”. Belinda asked.

“Yeah only after I’m done with you”. Diego said throwing her on the bed.

“Diego!”. She yelled.

“You can’t control me today wifey”. He said before ki-ssing her li-ps in hunger.

“Just wait a little for me, I’ll be back that’s a promise”. He said ki-ssing her ne-ck while Belinda could just nod.


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