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high school episode 99

(My Mr Handsome ?)

? Episode 99? (semi final…….)

By Anita Jerry ✍️

“Asian Tado High School”. Belinda said to the driver who just noded without saying a word.

“I guess you’re taking the wrong way, don’t you know the way to the school?”. Belinda questioned the driver after few minutes, but he didn’t give any response.

“Mister are you listening to me?”. She asked tapping the driver.

“This is the reason why I have always said that you’re foolish, how doesse this looks like a cab to you?”. A familiar voice questioned making Belinda frown.

“Hey? Who are you?”. She rudely questioned.

“You’re Belinda”. Came his response causing Belinda to stare in shock.

“How do you know my name?”. Belinda questioned trying to get a glimpse of the driver’s face, she was already getting scared.

“Let me save you the stress, I am…. ….

“Alvin !”. She interrupted.

“So smart, I’m impressed”. He said with a smile

“Let me out you stupid boy”. She cursed as he smiled even more.

“You really did a nice job with your friend, you didn’t come up with that plan alone I know Diego is involved”. Alvin said with no care in the world, because he knew he was already busted.

Belinda’s eyes widened in the fear, she quickly took out her phone and dialed Diego’s number, Alvin kept watching her but he didn’t bother to take her phone away.

“Hello wife, how’s it going?”. Diego cutely asked.

“Diego Alvin is driving the cab I’m in, I don’t know where he’s taking me to”. Belinda anxiously said.

“Christ! Babe where are you now?”. Diego quickly asked trying to hide the fear in his voice.

“I don’t really know!!!”. She cried in frustration.

“Just calm down and place the phone on loud speaker”. Diego instructed and Belinda Immediately obeyed.

“Listen to me you fool, I will make your death easier if you drop her at the school right now”. Diego said with his voice soaked in anger.

“Diego you’re still sounding rude, I thought you’ll already be pleading”. Alvin teased.

“Shut up!”. Diego thundered with his voice that could scare you through the phone.

“Alvin you bastard, you and your step dad has gone too far this time, I’ll crush all of you without any trace trust me”. Diego said still boiling in anger.

He statement scared Alvin but he pretended not to be scared.

Alvin quickly stepped on the break and turned to Belinda who was sitting behind. He stretched to Belinda and tried collecting the phone from her but she struggled with him and slapped him anytime he came close.

Alvin who was already angry because of the serval slap-s he received from Belinda, he raised his hand to her ne-ck and choked her causing Belinda to struggle for air.

Diego on the hand was still listening to what was going on because the call was still connected. At this moment he couldn’t explain how angry he was.

He yelled Alvin’s name countless times before Alvin hanged up the call.

“Shit!”. He yelled throwing his phone on the ground.

Mr Ryan kept staring at Diego who was behaving as if he was about to run mad.

“What’s the problem?”. He questioned.

“It’s him, it’s Mr Zack, he killed my father and now he has Belinda”. Diego said almost in tears.

Alicia walked back to the car. “Let’s go”. She said when she noticed that Belinda was no longer in the car.

“Alicia when did you learn to be this wicked? I thought you were still a kid”. The driver said causing Alicia to stare at him.

“What are you talking about?”. She asked pretending to be ignorant.

“Don’t you want to know where your friend went?”. The driver asked as sweats formed on her forehead.

“Which direction did they go?”. Alicia asked feeling guilt…

“You should ask your partner, didn’t you know what the goal was before joining in the plan?”. The man questioned, causing her to feel more guilt.

“He told me he just wanted to ask her out”. Alicia explained out of guilt.

“Is that the best way to ask someone out? Kidnapping her?”. He continued.

“You were easily fooled”. The driver added, making Alicia to realize that she was just blinded by hatred and jealousy.

“Drive me to the school”. Alicia said having no where else to go, and the driver obliged.

“What was he going to do to her?”. Alicia asked herself sitting at the back seat.

Bella came down from the cab trying to hold back her tears, she paid the cab driver and walked into the school compound.

Almost immediately Alicia’s car drove in, Alicia quickly came down about to walk away but was stopped by Bella.

“Where’s Belinda?”. Came Bella’s first question causing Alicia’s eyes to grow wide, Bella was hurting so much and she wanted to explain things to her.

“I guess she’ll be somewhere in the school”. Alicia replied praying that Alvin brought her to school.

“Let’s go look for her”. Bella said pulling Alicia along.

They searched everywhere around the school but couldn’t find neither Alvin or Belinda.

“Her school bag is still in school meaning she hasn’t gone home, where the hell is she? I really need to talk her, Alvin is definitely up to something”. Bella ranted.

“What do you mean?”. Alicia questioned.

“Wait a minute, I thought you were just coming in, so how come will Belinda be in school? Didn’t you guys go out together?”. Came Bella’s question.

“Alicia!”. Bella yelled when scratched her back ne-ck speechlessly.

“I also went to the bank, she couldn’t wait for me so she took a cab and left”. Alicia explained while Bella just stared at her.

“Diego calm down, I just called the police”. Michael tried to calm him down along with Mr Ryan.

But Mr Diego wasn’t taking any of it, he wore a sleeve shirt to cover his injured arm and walked out of the house in haste.

Bobby and Micheal quickly followed after him while Mr Ryan could just stare sitting on his wheelchair.

“So it was Zack , Zack did this”. He murmured watching the boys.

“Bobby drive faster, drive to the school”. Diego yelled.

“I don’t understand why Alvin will do something like this, what does he stand to gain?”. Micheal asked but got no response.

Getting to the school Diego hurried to open the door but was restricted by the pains from his hands. “Ahh”. He winced in pain.

“Careful”. Micheal said opening the door for him.

Diego quickly stepped down staring at everywhere with his sharp eyes.

“Diego!”. Megien called rushing up to him and holding his arm.

“Get out”. Diego rashly said walking into Belinda’s [email protected] where he found just few students because school just dismissed.

Alicia and Bella stood up to their feet immediately they saw Diego.

“Diego”. Came their murmurs

“Which of you were here when Alvin took Belinda away?”. He questioned with a loud voice.

“Alvin took Belinda away! When, how?”. Bella asked herself in confusion.

“Diego I don’t think Alvin took her away from school, we went out together and I entered the Bank on our way returning, she couldn’t wait so she entered a cab”. Alicia replied without being asked..

“And no one knew where he could have taken her to?”. Michael questioned while Diego just roughed his hair in frustration.

“I once placed his phone on location so I could monitor him if he was going to a boy or a girls” Bella said causing Diego’s eyes to brighten up.

“Really?”. He questioned Bella who just noded.

“Let’s go”. Diego said to Bella not wanting to waste more time.

Bella nodded,she willingly wanted to catch Alvin.

“I want to go too”. Came Alicia’s voice.

Diego turned around about to decline but Micheal touched him on his shoulders.

“It’s fine”. He whispered.

They all entered the car driving with the direction of Bella’s phone.. “stop!”. Came Diego’s voice.

He stared at the environment before stepping down with sweat forming on his forehead.

Micheal and Bobby got down along with him telling the girls to wait behind.

“Bobby [email protected] me the gun”. Diego said looking serious.

“Young master but…

[email protected] me the gun”. He yelled interrupting Bobby.

Bobby quietly pulled the gun out of his pocket and handed it to Diego.

“What were you thinking bringing her here? Why didn’t you waste her on the way?”. Mr Zack scolded the speechless Alvin.

“I have always said it, you’re a foolish boy”. Mr Zack cursed taking the gun from him and pointed it at Belinda who was struggling on the chair with her both hands and leg tied.

“Dad!”. Alvin yelled getting a glare from his father.

“Someone in my school already knows that I’m with her, infact Diego knows, if you should kill her I’ll have to hide for the rest of my life”. Alvin tried to reason with his father.

“Alvin I knew, I knew you wouldn’t do a clean job, so I already arranged your paper, you’re leaving the country”. He said surprising Alvin.

“Dad please have a rethink”. Alvin pleaded.

“Alvin we have gone too far to chicken away”. Mr Zack yelled at Alvin about to pull the trigger.

Immediately Alvin held his dad by the hand and tried to drag the gun away from him causing Mr Zack to miss his target.

“Ahhhh!!!”. Belinda yelled in pain when the bullets landed on her shoulder.

The pain was killing, how could Alicia do this to her, . She thought as tears rolled down her eyes.

“Alvin! You bastard move away”. Mr Zack yelled and his men quickly came and dragged Alvin away from him holding him by his both arms.

“Dad please don’t do this, let’s hand ourselves to the police, we are going to be caught after all father!”. He pleaded to the man who paid deaf ears.

This girl here was the reason he was almost caught by the Dubae’s, he’ll make she dies today.

“Diego you can’t go, they are four and we’re just three”. Michael said trying to hold Diego back in the hiding place.

“Should I wait until she gets killed”. Diego angrily said pushing them away.

Belinda was losing so much blood and it was because of him.

“Mr Zack you ingrate”. Diego yelled walking up to him.
Mr Zack who was about to shoot another bullet paused when he heard the voice behind him.

Mr Zack turned around and was surprised by who he saw.

“Alvin did you do this?”. He questioned glaring at him. But Alvin shooked his head in response, also surprised by Diego’s response.

“I didn’t”. He muttered.

“I swear on my life, if you make another move on that innocent girl I can’t promise you your life”. Diego threatened making Mr Zack .

“Young master Dubae, you were not being praised by others for nothing, you really got guts”. He said while Diego glared at him with no even think fear in his eyes.

“Mr Zack aren’t you a fool, I was thinking by the time I arrive, this place will be surrounded by your boys, but it’s just few of you. You call yourself a retired @[email protected] but you’re wasting time in killing a little girl”. Diego cursed.

“Watch your tongue, I’m just being merciful”. Mr Zack said trying to hide how foolish he began to feel

“And that mercy will lead you to hell”. Diego said as Mr Zack pointed his gun at him and Diego did same.

Diego stared at him and anger boiled inside him, this man killed hi father, he wanted to kill him a thousand times.

In anger Diego cracked his gun.

The boys holding Alvin were about to leave him and come after Diego.

But Mr Zack used his hands to order them to keep holding him.

Mr Zack quietly moved back and pointed his gun at the dizzy Belinda’s head.

Bobby immediately ran out from his hiding place and pointed his gun at the men distracting them.

Giving Diego the opportunity to point his gun at Alvin’s head.

” Shoot them”. Mr Zack yelled, and the men pointed their guns at Bobby and Diego.

“, Don’t make any move, you have been surrounded by police”
Micheal said walking in with two police men.

“Alvin I can’t believe this”. Michael said walking.

“Who did you work with?”. Diego asked pressing his ne-ck.

“Alicia,”. Alvin confessed since he was already caught.

Mr Zack raised his gun up which was previously pointed at Belinda.

The police collected his gun and took him away.

“This man must die, he killed my dad”. Diego informed the police men.

“Diego i don’t have a hand in your father’s death”. Alvin yelled to Diego who paid him a deaf ear.

“Belinda”. He called as he untied her

“D.. Diego”. She struggled to call.

“It’s okay you’ll be fine”. Diego @ssured carrying to his car.

“Get out!”.:. He yelled at Alicia carrying the unconscious Belinda in his hand.

“Take her along”. He said to one of the police men who quickly dragged Alicia’s hand.

“Diego he for-ced me”. She pleaded but Diego wasn’t ready to listen.

TBC ??

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