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high school episode 98

(My Mr Handsome ?)

? Episode 98?

By Anita Jerry ✍️

“Bella I don’t understand you”. Alvin said staring at her with questioning eyes.

He didn’t understand why she will ask him to leave the school all because of shopping, he knew something was off but he couldn’t just place his hands on it, he couldn’t tell what she was up to.

But whatever it was he knew he couldn’t reject it, to prevent suspicions from her, but whatever he was doing he knew he needed to careful.

“Let’s go”. Alicia said to Belinda immediately she heard the sound of the bell.

Belinda didn’t want to leave with her, but trouble was something she really wanted to avoid especially on Alicia’s side.

The walked to the garage, the entered Alicia’s car and the driver zoomed off…

“How are you doing?”. Micheal asked running into the room.

There was a bandage around his arm, he face looked sick and his eyes had dark circles around them, as if he haven’t dared to close his them since last night.

He knew that he was going through allot and he couldn’t help but pity his friend.

“Hope you didn’t tell anyone about this?”. Diego asked as Micheal kept staring at him as if he will die soon.

“No I didn’t but your mom is expecting you tonight, I’m sure you don’t want to home to her like this, or else you’re planning on giving her a heart attack.

“What’s wrong with me ?”. Diego asked frowning.

“Common man, it’s visible you’ve bar-ely slept”. Michael said while Diego just waved his hand indicating that it was enough of his talk.

“I need to use the restroom”. Alicia said to Belinda who was busy smiling and playing the games.

“Okay”. Belinda replied still focused on her game.

Alicia was getting impatient as she waited for Alvin’s text. Alicia walked into the restroom and dialed Alvin number, she has already texted him few minutes ago. “We are already at the amusement park, what next?”.

And she didn’t get a reply and it bothered her allot.


“Bella when will all this be done?”. Alvin tiredly asked.

“Babe just calm down let’s take enough pictures, I want us to be all over the internet”. Bella said smiling at Alvin who just for-ced a smile back at her.

“Okay then, but can I have my phone?”. Alvin said, he wasn’t communicating with Alicia since her first text, he wouldn’t have agreed to Bella’s request if he knew that Alicia would be executing the plan within school hours.

“Why? What do you need a phone for? I don’t want you to be distracted while we take the pictures”. Bella said pushing her li-ps.

“But I have important shit to do”. He yelled making Bella shiver with the sudden change of mood.

“You’re shouting at me”. She said tearing up.

“No, you need to calm down, I’m sorry”. Alvin apologized, the only reason why he was still doing this is because he feels that she will soon be of good use.

Alicia came out of the restroom looking frustrated, this was the fifth time she had called but still got no reply.

She really felt stupid for wasting her time speaking to Belinda.

“Oh here you’re, I was about to go to restroom and search for you, I think we should go, we already had enough fun right?” Belinda to angry Alicia who just managed to nod.

“Just wait a few minutes, I want to get something for my mom”. Alicia said still hoping that Alvin will return her call.

“Okay then, be quick”. Belinda said sitting back on the chair she just stood up from, while Alicia walked away.

“Just try this out”. Bella said handing him a face cap.

“”I’m sorry Bella, but I have to go”. Alvin said about to walk away, but Bella held his hand.

“Please just this one last one”. She pleaded holding his arm which irritated him.

He was about to reject before the camera man chipped in. “Just take this last one, the custom is really nice, even if it’s just one”.

Alvin glared at him before bouncing towards the dressing room.

“Take this one”. Bella said handing him a face mask.

“What’s the meaning of this?”. Alvin asked frowning.

“Alvin please just put it on, I saw a couple dressed like this on Instagram, it was really nice I swear”. Bella pleaded.

“That’s the reason we have to dress like thief’s?”. Alvin asked before taking the mask from her for-cefully.

“This will prove to Belinda how much his into me”. Bella said inwadly.

Bella was completely dressed when she heard her phone vibrate, she turned around to be sure that Alvin wasn’t around before taking out her phone.

She quickly read Belinda’s text. “How is it going? Hope it’s going well”.

Bella smiled before she began typing back her reply. Her phone almost left her hands and fell to the ground when she heard Alvin’s voice.

“So you have your phone?”. He asked Bella who was just staring at her with wide eyes, she knew she was doomed.

“No,no I just took it now, I needed to talk to my mom”. Bella tried to lie but Alvin wasn’t taking any of it.

“You’re fooling me right? What are your plans? Who’s with you?”. He questioned.

“You took my phone away but you still have yours, you really played your part of the plan nicely”. Alvin said with anger visible in his eyes.

“Hand me your phone, I want to see who you were speaking to just now?”. Alvin said stretching his hands to Bella.

Bella hesitated and placed the phone behind her back causing Alvin to grow angrier.

“Give it to me now”. He yelled slapping her [email protected] across her face causing her to fall to the floor.

“You fool”. He cursed taking the phone from her hand by for-ce, Bella who was on the floor stared at him in surprise with her hand on her cheek.

She couldn’t believe that Alvin who always behaved so nice could be this brutal.

He took her phone and read through the messages Belinda just s£nt.

“You did this together with that bastard”. He yelled slapping her again.

It pained him that Belinda almost fooled him.

“Ahh let go of me”. She yelled as Alvin kept hitting her across the face.

He kept hitting her carelessly, he slapped her on her face, li-p, eye and every other part of her body.

Hearing the young girl scream, the photographer rushed into the huge dressing room, he was surprised to find the couple he was taking pictures few hours ago in violence.

“That’s enough, why will you beat up a lady in that manner?”. Yelled pulling Alvin away from Bella.

Alvin angrily took off the face mask and cap he was putting on , he collected his phone from the lady Bella gave it to and walked away angrily.

His anger knew no bound when he saw the miss calls from Alicia. “Belinda how dare you, just wait for me”. He said as he texted Alicia.

“Where are you right now?”. He entered his car putting on his face cap and mask on he took off.

Alicia was angry she had already began to speak rudely to Belinda before Alvin’s text came in.

She read the message with wide eyes before looking at Belinda who was looking outside.

“Close to the bank”. She replied.

She was about to keep the phone and speak to Belinda before Alvin’s text came in again.

“I don’t care how you do it but just stop at the building after the bank, I’m on my way”. Alicia read.

“Where have you been? I’ve been calling you”. She questioned.

“Alicia just do as I say, I’m on the stirring”. Came his text.

Alicia dropped her phone turned to Belinda. “I just remembered that I have to do something for my mom at the bank, I’m lucky that we haven’t driven [email protected]

“Must you do it now, can’t you wait till you get home?”. Belinda asked frowning.

“No Bell, my house is really far from here”. She replied.

“And so? Must it be this exact bank?”. Belinda questioned.

“Bell one of my uncle’s works here”. Alicia tried to explain..

“Okay, since it’s so important you can go I’ll take a cab home”. She said causing Alicia’s eyes to grow wide.

“Don’t be like that, I won’t be long I promise, hey stop”. She pleaded stoping the driver at the same time.

The driver stopped exactly at the front of the house close to the bank.

“I’ll be back soon”. She said coming down from the car and immediately ran towards the bank.

“I think miss Alicia is lying, none of her uncle’s works at the bank”. The driver said immediately Alicia climbed down the car.

“Really?”. Belinda questioned frowning.

“Yes, I think you should get a cab and leave”. He added.

Belinda believed the driver because Alicia has been acting really strange.

“Are you sure?”. Belinda questioned.

“I have been her mom’s driver even before she was born”. He continued
“My boss will never s£nd her under age daughter to the bank”. He said bringing Belinda to realization that Alicia has being lying all along.

“Thanks Mister”. She said coming down and waving to the cab that was coming her way, it immediately stopped and she got in.

TBC ??

Is Belinda safe?????????

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